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This website has NOTHING to do with neo-Nazi White Supremacist filth

Firstly, I vehemently state that my White Equality stance has NOTHING to do with the plethora of racist neo-Nazi groups that use such terms as "White Pride" as a vehicle to spew their hateful disgusting garbage. Most of my family were victims of the Nazis before and during World War Two, so I certainly would never associate with the modern-day supporters of this filth. I wouldn't degrade myself by being in the same room as any of those racist neo-Nazi scumbags.

Having said that, I am NOT advocating White Power and nor am I pushing a white supremacist agenda, simply because I do not believe in discrimination of any sort against anybody on the basis of their race or skin colour. I do not consider white people to be better or worse than non-whites and I accept people of every race without exception. I stand for equality without reservation for all races, therefore I demand the same respect for white Caucasians. I am proud to be white, just as people of other races are proud to be of their colour.


Obviously logic dictates that nobody can change their genetic makeup, so it is really stupid to be racist. By the way, don't ever labour under the delusion that religion is connected with race because it is not. Religion is a state of mind only, merely a set of beliefs in some imaginary friend, so to dislike a religion and discriminate against people who follow this mind-numbing garbage is certainly not racism. Some people try to assert that hating somebody because of their religious beliefs is racist, but obviously that is illogical, stupid, but most importantly, completely false. I have nothing but contempt for gullible fools who believe in imaginary friends, however that does not make me a racist.


But the issue that really sticks in my craw is that in a predominantly white Caucasian nation such as Australia, government institutionalised reverse racism is rampant. For a nation that prides itself on egalitarianism and the "fair go", the real situation is exactly the reverse - legalised racism and endemic discrimination against white people. For instance, the NSW Department of Education and Training application form has the following:


Priority for employment is given to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants if they are residents of NSW. An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, who identifies as such and is accepted as such by the community with which he or she lives.

In fact it is easy to see that the white majority is constantly being discriminated against by none other than its own government and various politically correct organisations that are supposedly there to prevent racism and discrimination, but actually encourage it. This has to stop. The whole system has to change so that all people, no matter what race or colour they are, have exactly the same opportunities, are covered by the same laws WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS and are considered to be not white, black, yellow, Aboriginal, Asian, Pacific Islander, not different, but just Australians. Until this happens, Australia is living under a system of institutionalised Apartheid.


The following is an extract from the Victorian Department of Justice website:

The Koori Court is a division of the Magistratesí Court of Victoria that sentences Indigenous defendants. All offences that can be heard in the Magistratesí Court, except family violence and sexual offences, can be heard in the Koori Court.

In contrast to the mainstream system, the Koori Court provides a less formal atmosphere that allows greater participation by the Aboriginal (Koori) community in the court process. The magistrate sits at a table with the participants at the court hearing, not at the bench, and discusses the matter in plain English, not in technical legal language. Koori Court Elders and/or Respected Persons, a Koori Court Officer, the defendant, and their family can all contribute to the discussions during the court hearing.

This Koori Court process aims to reduce perceptions of cultural alienation, ensure sentencing orders are appropriate to the cultural needs of Koori offenders, and assist them to address issues relating to their offending behaviour.

In other words, Aborigines who commit crimes are treated differently and usually more leniently than non-indigenous people purely on the basis of their race. There is only one word to describe this and that word is - RACISM. By establishing a court system that treats people of one race better than people of other races is nothing more than Apartheid. The Victorian government is guilty of a continuing course of Apartheid and racism by operating these Koori courts and that utterly imbecilic politically-correct loony Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) that routinely makes the most racist, divisive and discriminatory rulings imaginable.


For instance a good example of the lunacy of VCAT is its ruling in June 2011 to allow a convicted child molester to work with children. VCAT stated that it was in the public interest that this paedophile be allowed to work with education providers. He applied to the Victorian State Government for a certificate to work with children, however the government rejected his application. VCAT vice-president Judge Sandra Davis excused this pervert's abhorrent behaviour by stating that he was depressed at the time, withdrawn and isolated and suffering after the break-up of his first homosexual relationship.

If this paedophile had been arrested today, he would have been jailed and placed on the Sex Offenders Register. Judge Davis also pointed to psychologist reports that found the offence happened because of his low self-esteem and his inner conflict about his own sexuality and was a low-risk of re-offending. So is this some sort of excuse, that because this person had low self-esteem and an inner conflict about being a homosexual, that the crime of child molestation is somehow not as bad as if this pervert had committed this crime when feeling terrific?

This is so pathetic that it defies belief. So notwithstanding the racist and discriminatory rulings already made by VCAT, this cockamamy bunch of politically correct buffoons have now mandated that a convicted paedophile must be permitted to work with children. It is no wonder that the ordinary sensible person would look upon VCAT and its rulings with complete contempt.

The actions of state governments, especially in Victoria, prove that equality is a complete myth. All state governments have institutionalised a course of racism and discrimination by pretending that they are addressing specific needs, whereas all they are doing is enshrining a legal system of Apartheid that disadvantages and discriminates against only one group - mainstream white heterosexual Australians.


After seeing such travesties as the race-based employment policies of the federal, NSW and Victorian state government and their Apartheid policies, loony racially-discriminatory rulings from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and racist policies of some Aboriginal organisations, every non-indigenous person should impose the same sort of policy against indigenous people by doing the same. Using the pretext of disadvantage should never permit the practice of racism in any form, so non-indigenous people using this tactic will expose the utter stupidity of this practice.

By the way, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is the same bunch of cretinous tree-huggers that prosecuted a hotel for ejecting a lesbian couple who were kissing and making a spectacle of themselves, offending other patrons, yet ruled that a gay bar had the right to refuse entry to heterosexuals. That's the sort of moronic institution that the people of NSW have to rely upon to prevent discrimination on racial and sexual grounds, yet it does exactly the opposite. The same happened in Victoria in June 2011, when VCAT enshrined discrimination on the grounds of sexuality by ruling that a gay bar in Collingwood could exclude women.

So every person that comes to a white person for a job or business contract should be informed from the outset that priority will be given to white Caucasians over Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. After all, if governments give indigenous people priority in employment, legal matters and other benefits not available to non-indigenous people, especially taxpayer who fund these services, then non-indigenous people should redress this imbalance by giving white people priority over indigenous people in their dealings.

If somebody complains about this, people who are dragged in front of one of those politically correct organisations such as the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or VCAT can tear into them and expose to the world what a pack of racist bastards they are, with their granting of exemptions so that every race and creed can legally practice racism and discrimination - everybody except mainstream white heterosexuals.

A person who is accused of racism and discrimination by any of these idiotic tribunals run by the Human Rights Commission or any of the state anti-discrimination authorities could face these fools and quote a mountain of documented examples of government-authorised racism and discrimination and demand that if a government can be racist and discriminatory, then that person has the same right.


There is a rugby team called the Indigenous All-Stars, whose members obviously must be Aboriginal or part-Aboriginal. Obviously this excludes full Caucasians from joining this team. Have any of the politically correct Thought Police such as the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) done anything about this blatant display of racism? The answer is a resounding NO!

But imagine the fury and outcry from Aborigines if a White All-Stars rugby team was formed that excluded Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders? There would be howls of racism from them, as well as action from the ADB, because I know that there is one thing for certain - that only white people can be racist. Aborigines and other non-white people can do whatever they want in regard to forming groups based upon their race, but as soon as a group of white people do the same, they are hauled before some politically correct tribunal and prosecuted.

Every year, telecommunications company Telstra presents the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award to an indigenous artist. Is there anything more blatantly racist than singling out people for awards based on their race? Imagine if a company established an award called the White Australian Art Award. There would be outrage and of course that company would be prosecuted for racial discrimination.


It is quite all right to call an American a Yank, a British person a Brit and an Australian an Aussie, so why is it considered a racial slur to call a Pakistani a Paki or an Aborigine an Abo? In fact research shows that Aborigines called each other Abos until the 1950s, when in a bout of massive hypocrisy, they suddenly took umbrage at anybody else calling them Abos.

Go to the USA and hang around areas settled by blacks and you will hear them constantly calling each other Niggers. Many US late-night comedy shows feature black comedians constantly using the word Nigger. But woe betide any non-black person who dares use that word. In a display of unmitigated hypocrisy, he will be castigated severely by the same blacks. The word "Nigger" is merely a corruption of the word "Negro" only because uneducated Americans could not pronounce it properly, just as they could not pronounce the word "Vermin" so the term "Varmint" entered their vernacular.

It's simply beyond belief, but in Australia and the USA, the word Nigger is considered to be a racial slur, when it is nothing more than a mispronunciation of the word "Negro" and it is considered insulting by black people if white people use it, but quite acceptable when black people call each other Niggers.

Here is a short video compilation of four well-known black comedians freely using the Nigger word. Black actor and stand-up comedian Chris Rock has no problem using the Nigger word. Neither do black comedians Julian Curry, Kevin Barnett or Reginald Hunter. If somebody called any of these people Niggers, they would be screaming racism and discrimination, but they call each other Niggers as a matter of course.

Well-known black comedians using the Nigger word

Another example comes from black American pastor Dr James D Manning of Harlem in New York, who has no trouble whatsoever in referring to US President Barack Obama as a Nigger. I wonder what he would say if a white person called him a Nigger. He would most probably feel outraged and complain to the cops about racial hatred. But he seems to think that because he is black, he is free to use the Nigger word.

Dr James Manning using the Nigger word.

Then there's this gem from a US rapper called Fredo Santana who said this on Instagram in January 2018, just before he died:

So this black American had no issues about calling himself a "nigga", yet if a white person called him a "nigger", he and all the other black Americans would be outraged and scream about white people being a pack of racists. The way that black people happily denigrate themselves by calling themselves "niggers", "coons" and other similar descriptions, yet complain if white people call them niggers and coons, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

As far as I am concerned, if they can call each other Niggers and use that word in their comedy routines and their political speeches and sermons, then I and anybody else can use the word Nigger and if they don't like it, they can stick their complaints of racism up their black arses.

Italians don't have paroxysms of rage if they are called Eyeties. Most French people don't mind being called Frogs and they have their own expression for the English - Rosbif (roast beef) and literally nobody objects to this. But somewhere, somehow, some anally retentive politically correct dickhead has ruled that certain abbreviations and terms are racist or ethnic slurs, yet others of the same kind are quite acceptable and this is really stupid and unfair. So this part of the Act is ridiculous and any competent legal mind can tear any accusations of racism on this basis apart instantly.


Institutionalised racism is enshrined in Australia and there is no better example than that of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), that has a program called Jumbunna - Indigenous House Of Learning. According to its website, Jumbunna provides indigenous student services, in other words, services on the basis of race. These are some of Jumbunna's racially-based services listed on its website:

The Jumbunna program also seems to offer a racially-based quick and free ride into university, something that is not generally available to non-indigenous applicants. This is on the Jumbunna website:

If UTS established an organisation that offered special services only to Caucasians and excluded Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, it would find itself being prosecuted in a millisecond by every politically correct tribunal under every politically correct discrimination law. Yet universities and other taxpayer-maintained establishments can freely set up services that are blatantly racist and get away with it, because the anti-discrimination laws only discriminate against white heterosexuals.


If any groups or associations were formed only for white people in the same way as the following Aboriginal organisations, they would be in serious trouble with the politically-correct brigade and most possibly prosecuted for being racist, but these outfits happily go about their business by racially discriminating against white people.

Then there are the racist Asian and other organisations.based on racism

These groups are just a very small example of the sort of anti-white racism practised in Australia. Imagine the howls and screams from the politically correct tree-huggers if somebody formed the Australian White Peoples Art Trade Association or opened up the Clontarf Caucasian College. But of course we all know that in Australia, only whites can be racist.


Just to show that racism and complete stupidity is not just vested in those politically correct institutions in Australia, in October 2008 in Britain, the Black Police Association (BPA) urged a recruitment boycott of the Metropolitan Police claiming that despite its new leadership, the force was marked by a hostile atmosphere where racism was allowed to spread. The BPA attacked both the senior management of the Metropolitan Police and the Metropolitan Police Association for not doing enough to stop racism and for not protecting its members.

Think about this. Here is an organisation, whose membership criteria is based ENTIRELY on being of non-white races, complaining about racism. These illogical imbeciles cannot see that they have no moral ground to complain about racism, when their organisation is blatantly racist itself. Just look at the name - Black Police Association - is that racist or not?

Imagine the reaction of the BPA if a White Police Association was formed that only allowed white Caucasians to be members. The BPA would be screaming and complaining that Caucasian people were racist. It is unfortunate that to cretins like the BPA, only white people can be racist, but never anybody else. And check out Black History Month. Maybe it's time that there was a White History Month to commemorate the achievements of Caucasian people, who were building modern civilisations when all of those black folk were still living in caves or swinging through the trees.

People do have the human right of freedom of association, therefore they can choose to associate with people based on race and any other criteria, but this kind of endemic institutionalised racism by governments should never be accepted.

Then there are incidents such as the strident complaints by a bunch of black women in the USA, who claimed that they were thrown off a wine tour in California's Napa Valley because they were black. The 11 women were members of a black women's book club called Sisters on the Reading Edge.

They were on an annual trip aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train that passes through a famous stretch of vineyards as passengers enjoy tasting sessions. Lisa Johnson, 47, a member of the book club, said that the women had been rambunctious and laughing loudly but were not drunk when they were ejected from the train. She stated, "It was humiliating. I'm really offended to be quite honest. I felt like it was a racist attack on us. I feel like we were being singled out." She posted photographs of the incident on social media under the heading #LaughingWhileBlack.

Here is yet another example of the pot calling the kettle black, a very intended pun. This is a classic example of a member of a racist organisation, a black women's book club, complaining about racism. Of all people, Lisa Johnson had absolutely no grounds to bitch about racism when she was practising this vile trait herself by being a card-carrying member of a racist club. But this sort of unjustified nonsense is committed almost exclusively by black people, who prove by their own acts that they are far more racist than whites.


In Australia there are people who call themselves Kiwi Australians, Lebanese Australians, Asian Australians, Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders, Arab Australians and there are many illegal immigrants of many races and colours.

And then there are just Australians. Some happen to be white Australians. Ordinary Australians who love their country. Australians who don't really care about the skin colour of others until they find themselves on the wrong end of abuse and discrimination because they are white Australians.


I have travelled the world for decades and have been racially abused by many non-whites for no reason whatsoever, but when I complained, I was called a racist, spat upon, ejected from premises and denied service. Here are some of my the experiences.

For instance, in Cairns there are stores specifically targeting Asian tourists and actively discouraging Australians from entering and shopping in those stores. Anecdotal evidence has shown that many Asian stores in Sydney have actually refused to sell goods to non-Asian customers. Not one of them has been prosecuted for racial discrimination, even when complaints were made to authorities.

If a business denied a black or Asian person any services in Australia on the same basis as Australians have been denied service in many other nations and even in Australia because they were white, those businesses would find themselves before some politically correct tribunal such as the Anti-Discrimination Board, that would never dream of taking action against a black or Asian person in Australia who discriminated against white Australians. Hotheads has yet to hear of one case where a non-white person in Australia has been prosecuted for racial discrimination against a white person.

The message here is that I would NEVER racially slur anybody and I am NOT RACIST, but a very proud Australian who just happens to be white. If you don't like the fact that I am proud of my heritage and ancestry and not afraid to express it, it's just too bad.


Australia has the most diversified population of any nation, yet it is occasionally claimed that we are the most racist. Of course this slanderous claim is not true.


Australia is one of the few places where people can still walk the streets in relative safety. It is a place where hard work can and will be rewarded. It is a place where you can follow your beliefs openly, as long as you do not interfere with your neighbour.

The white people of Australia have every reason to be very proud for developing a pluralistic, free and tolerant society. If you don't understand that or love this great nation the way it is, buy a cheap airfare back to where you feel comfortable. If you are unhappy with Australia the way it is, then PISS OFF.


Aborigines are always screaming about the racist white man and his discrimination against them, yet they practise racism more so than any other group in Australia. Even worse is that they are aided and abetted by both federal and state governments that have passed legislation giving Aborigines many privileges that are merely based on race. One of those acts was to recognise and endorse the very racist Aboriginal flag. This discriminatory banner has literally been used at every occasion where Aborigines flaunt their racist acts against the broader Australian community.

Racist flags
The Aboriginal flag and the South African White Supremacist flag - both racist

How would Aborigines feel if a white athlete, having won a gold medal at the Olympics, ran around carrying a White Equality banner or the South African White Supremacist flag? Such an act would provoke howls of protest, but the very same act by Cathy Freeman and her Aboriginal flag at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 not only did not even raise an eyebrow, but was officially encouraged.

By allowing Freeman to carry a political and racist banner, the International Olympic Committee broke a long-standing and important rule, one that was designed to keep politics and racism out of the Olympics. A precedent has now been set, where white athletes could quite rightly insist that if Freeman was permitted to carry a political and racist banner, then they must have an equal right to do so too. This is highly unlikely to happen, as these days it seems that only non-white people can express views that would have any white person immediately pilloried for doing the same. But of course, it seems that only white people can be racist.

Racist flags
Cathy Freeman carrying her racist flag and a South African kid carrying his racist flag. What's the difference?

If it is good enough for Aborigines to have their own racially based flag, then for the sake of equity and fairness, it is good enough for white Australians to have their own racially based flag. Surely nobody could complain about this, as what is good for the goose is good for the gander. A green and gold background with a white map of Australia would have enough symbolism for the message to really get across.

I have designed a White Australian flag and I reserve the right to display it anywhere I choose, as a symbol of Caucasian pride, just as Aborigines are allowed to display their own flag as a symbol of their Aboriginality. Caucasian Australians are welcome to put this image onto their websites or to use it in any other way to show their White Equality, as long as they acknowledge my copyright to the design.

Flag for Caucasian Australians
White Australian Flag for Caucasian Australians - © 2011


White people have the right to express pride in their race at any time and in any place. In the interests of equality and fairness, white people should be able to do exactly what Aborigines do. For instance:

And if somebody does not like this, then they can try and take me before one of those politically correct tribunals, where I will proceed to publicly expose the farce of the institutionalised racism and Apartheid that is endemic in Australia for the world to see.