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Instead of minding its own business, the USA has made literally every issue in foreign nations its business. Not just illegally interfering in the internal affairs of nations, the Americans resort to blackmail and coercion using their massive military and economic power in order to blackmail and bully nations to bend to American foreign policy.


Whenever the USA does not like something that another nation is doing, even when that nation is well within its rights, the Americans will use their economic position to pressure those nations by the use of broad or targeted sanctions, including the freezing of the assets of that victim nation and some of its citizens. Of course the Americans are absolute hypocrites, because they freely commit the travesties that they accuse other nations of committing, yet try and blackmail those nations with sanctions and asset freezes if those nations do the same.

There are many nations around the world that have been the targets of such blackmail. Here is a short list of the many nations under sanction by the USA in 2014.

As well as these nations being blackmailed by economic sanctions and freezing of their assets in the USA, the Americans have also targeted individuals in foreign nations, freezing their assets and trying to prevent them travelling by conspiring with their NATO and EU crony nations. These are acts of war, nothing less.


The obvious way to avoid US sanctions is to not have anything to do with the USA. To completely stymie the possibility of USA blackmailing your nation, this is what needs to happen.


There are many very feasible ways to ensure that your nation is not subject to US coercion and blackmail. The main way is to stop using any American services and material, stop using the US dollar, only conduct trade and business with the Americans if they pay in gold or other hard assets and lots of other good measures. The important thing is to ensure that your nation is not attacked by the USA for taking such measures, as Iraq was attacked and invaded for selling oil to the Europeans for Euro.

This means that your nation has to develop credible deterrents to attack by the USA. Those deterrents are nuclear and chemical weapons that will stop the Americans in their tracks from even trying to attack your nation. If this requires the withdrawal from international arms treaties, so be it. If it means withdrawal from the United Nations, so be it. The UN is a joke anyway, with the USA and a few other nations having veto over otherwise democratic voting. So it's not worth being a member of this US-controlled organisation anyway or paying any heed to its often very unfair resolutions.

Nations that do not take these measures will always be vulnerable to blackmail, coercions, sanctions and military attack. These can all be negated by nations taking the measures described here.