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A couple of thousand years ago, a married woman and her husband travelled around the countryside, sleeping in barns and stables. Being married, the couple did what comes naturally and they conceived a child. At the time the child was born, a supernova appeared, which looked like a very bright star overhead.

Three guys who saw the bright light of the supernova took it as a sign from the heavens because they were ignorant and superstitious, as people were in that era and there was no science to speak of. They stumbled across the barn with the newborn child and the married couple and gave them gifts because they took the fact that the supernova appeared as a sign that this child was special, even though the supernova just happened anyway.

The kid grew up and for the first 30-odd years, nothing was heard of him. He was busy working as a carpenter. All of a sudden, the Romans who were running the nation, found this guy stirring up the people and telling everybody that he was the Messiah. He was doing magic tricks and a bit of mass hypnotism to gather followers, sort of like Sun Myng Moon and the Moonies, or L Ron Hubbard and his Scientologists. Thereís always guys running around telling everybody they are the Messiah and doing great party tricks. That doesnít make them anything but scam artists.

Anyway, the Romans got very annoyed with this rabble-rouser and did to him what they did to all troublemakers - they nailed him to a cross, just like they did to thieves and other criminals. But he didnít die - he was cut down from the execution equipment and taken to a cave and a big rock placed over the entrance and a guard was put at the entrance.

His friends bribed the guard and crept into the cave and tended to his wounds. Once this rabble-rouser was able to move, he and his friends sneaked away. The Romans came along a couple of days later, rolled aside the rock - SHOCK HORROR - nobody was in there. The guard looked at them in feigned amazement and said, "Shit, Iíve been here for all this time and NOBODY came in or out - I know NOTHINGÖ. NOTHING" (Sgt Schultz Defence) as he walked off with pieces of silver jangling in his pocket.

Soon after, the rabble-rouser reappeared and convinced the dumb followers who were not in on the scam that he miraculously was brought back to life. He did a few more few magic tricks and retired from show business after collecting enough loot from those dumb saps to buy him a villa on the Red Sea and a few other investments to keep him going. The guy eventually grew old and died in obscurity.

Meanwhile, his dumb followers who swallowed his baloney about coming back from the dead, started a cult, just like most cults start - with a good magic trick. And the cult grew and all the con-men who could see an easy ride jumped on the bandwagon, put on fancy robes and pointy hats and went into the business of pushing this pile of crap because there would always be plenty of people who would part with their money for a good story.


The New Testament of the Christian Bible.