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On 13 March 2017, Twitter decided to suspend the Hotheads account for a yet undisclosed reason, allegedly for violating the Twitter Rules, but without giving any details. Of course Twitter is a private entity and does not have to give any reasons for anything it does, but in the interest of justice and equity, I would have thought that the Twitter administrators who took this action against Hotheads would have at least had the courtesy to tell me what I had allegedly done wrong and which Twitter Rules I had violated.

As far as I am aware, I have done two things on Twitter - expressed my honest and heartfelt opinions on many topics and of course, stating the bleeding obvious about Islam and Muslims. My personal opinions have been formulated from a long lifetime of observation, reading daily news reports from all over the world and basing my comments on them. What could possibly be wrong with that?

As for Islam, there is no question whatsoever that Islam is a virulent and violent death cult. Even a cursory reading of the Koran will reveal incitements to slaughter Christians and Jews and not just in one place. The Koran is filled, literally cover to cover with such instructions to Muslims. And that is what Muslims do all over the world - commit acts of terrorism that kill innocent Christians and Jews.

The Hotheads website has a mountain of proof about this and it is probably the reason why neither the Human Rights Commission or the various Anti-Discrimination Tribunals in all states have dared to prosecute me. They know that if they try to do so, I will use Islam's most holy scriptures and subpoenaed testimony from Islam's most senior clerics and many credible witnesses to prove what a repugnant piece of crap Islam is and the sort of vermin who follow this death cult and its genocidal slave-keeping paedophile founder.

In regard to that repulsive lunatic that founded Islam, the alleged Prophet Mohammed. I have described this monster as a genocidal mass-murdering paedophile. But is this not the absolute truth? How else could a person describe somebody who slaughtered nearly 1000 Quraizi Jews in just one day for merely refusing to convert to Islam? How else could this maniac Mohammed be described, when it is written in one of Islam's most holy scriptures, Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari, that he forcibly married a 6 year old girl called Aisha and then raped her when she was just 9 years old? The extensive list of Mohammed's crimes against humanity are all over the Internet and they are horrifying.

I referred to followers of Islam as Muslim vermin. Well, is that not true? People who take the genocidal exhortations of the Koran literally - as they are required to do - and worship Mohammed as the perfect man, despite the fact that the most holy Islamic scriptures describe him as a genocidal paedophile - well, what sort of people are they? The word "vermin" is not strong enough to describe a person who worships a mass-murdering slave-keeping paedophile and who believes that he has to kill Christians and Jews.


I refused to apologise for telling the unvarnished truth about Islam and its demented followers - Muslim VERMIN. But Twitter eventually got back to me and told me that my access would be reinstated if I deleted the alleged "offensive" postings. So I had a look at them and they were just about Muslim vermin. So I didn't care and I did delete them and I found myself back on Twitter. But it won't stop me from calling out Muslim vermin.

What is interesting is that telling the unvarnished truth about retarded inbred Muslims could result in those retarded inbred Muslims complaining about it. Think about it.

Every person who calls himself a Muslim believes that the Koran is the word of Allah and that the alleged "Prophet" Mohammed is the Perfect Man. Therefore, every person who calls himself a Muslim worships a genocidal, mass-murdering, slave-keeping paedophile called Mohammed, demands death for any person who abandons Islam and other repugnant beliefs. So what sort of person is that? Obviously nobody on earth could describe such a person as being normal by any standards.

Therefore I am well within my rights to tell the truth about such people and that is all that I have done on Twitter and on the Hotheads website. Even though our moronic political leaders try and whitewash Islam and Muslims and their genocidal jihadist terrorist ways, the truth about these bastards is there for the world to see. So I will keep telling the truth and I defy anybody to prove that what I am saying is wrong. But what is really wrong are the attempts of mainstream media and social media to stifle me from telling the truth. However, the truth will always win out in the end.