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Let's dispel one current politically correct myth. There is no such thing as "transgender". This notion that people can choose their gender is beyond nonsensical. Gender is a hard scientific biological fact, determined only by chromosomes. A male is born with XY chromosomes and a female is born with XX chromosomes. So far, humans are incapable of changing their chromosomal makeup, therefore they cannot change their biological gender, just the same as they cannot change their race.

People can certainly undergo surgery to remove and replace genitalia to a certain degree. They can take hormones. They can have breasts enhanced or removed. They can dress and act as people of the opposite sex of their birth gender. But none of this is "transgender" because all they are really doing is playing "Dress-Up".

It doesn't matter whether somebody wants to role-play a person of his opposite biological gender, because it is a harmless pastime. But for a government to persecute somebody for merely stating hard facts about gender and even worse, to pass laws making it a crime to refuse to pander to people for playing "Dress-Up" is a preposterous misuse of power and a complete denial of hard indisputable biological fact. It's like the government punishing people for stating that black people are actually black.


Here is a classic case of a respected British medical practitioner who lost his job because he refused to exist in a state of idiotic denial of hard biological fact. Dr David Mackereth was sacked for refusing to refer to transgender people by their preferred gender pronoun. Mackereth's contract as a medical assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was terminated on the grounds that his refusal to use transgender pronouns could be considered harassment under the 2010 Equality Act. He stated that his refusal to comply with the edict from the DWP had effectively ended his career, as he would never be hired for another government or National Health Service job again.

He stated that there was a climate of fear emerging among doctors about the new protocols, with staff trained to inform on one another for breaching discrimination laws. "There is very little talk between staff these days because none of us knows what the rules are," he said. "We are trained to inform on another doctor if they are unfit to practise and no one wants to get reported. There is a belief we cannot say what we think in case we get accused of harassment. Nurses coming across patients with male genitalia on female wards have whispered to me that the situation is wrong. Some of my colleagues, senior doctors, are fired up by what happened to me, but what am I supposed to say to them?"

In 2016, Canadian psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson shot to fame over his opposition to anti-discrimination legislation which made it illegal to refuse to refer to a transgender person by their preferred gender pronoun. Dr Peterson, author of the best-selling book "12 Rules For Life", has aggressively campaigned against so-called "compelled speech" - being forced by law to say something you don't believe. "It's a demand that the population uses a certain kind of linguistic approach," he said on a tour of Australia earlier this year. "It's an appropriation of speech. There's no excuse for that. That never has happened once in the history of English common law. It's a barrier that we do not cross."


In the above example, Dr David Mackereth lost his job because he decided to make a stand against this insane political correctness that was trying to force him to deny hard biological fact and pander to the requirements of lunatics who exist in a world of reality denial. Not only that, he was working in an environment where other staff were trained to act as informants, not a lot different from the situation in Stalinist USSR or communist East Germany. This sort of toxic workplace does not belong in any democratic nation.

There is nothing wrong with people playing "Dress-Up" and pretending to be of the opposite sex and even living their entire lives in that manner. It doesn't hurt anybody. But what does hurt people is when these crazies demand that other people be forced by coercion and even jail to deny hard biological facts and be treated in a way that flies in the face of reality. It's really no different than Muslims forcing people to convert to Islam at the point of a gun. Yes, they can make people say "There is no god but Allah" or be killed, but that will never mean that those people will actually believe that there is an Allah or any other fictional Skydaddy.


The western world is degenerating into a place where fiction takes the place of fact and that is very concerning in the modern era, where science and reality should rule. This planet has been in the grip of idiocy for far too long, with most of the population believing in fictional Skydaddies, an afterlife, heaven, hell, angels and demons, miracles and other nonsensical and completely unsubstantiated crap. One would think that in the current Space Age, the human race would have thrown off the shackles of religious nonsense. The sad truth is that the human race is still under the thrall of utter crap, where people prefer to believe in ridiculous garbage instead of facing reality.

Even worse that the stupidity of religion is this insane push of political correctness, where stating hard immutable fact and wishing to live in a state of scientific reality can get a person fired and even jailed for stating the bleeding obvious and refusing to kowtow to stupidity. Under the insane politically correct laws, such as the British Equality Act 2010, people who refuse to acknowledge that there are multiple genders - even if this is complete rubbish - can be dragged before courts and prosecuted.

The sensible people of the world need to make a stand against this insane politically correct stupidity even at the risk of losing jobs and being prosecuted. We don't care if people play "Dress-Up" because doing just that is harmless. What we object to is being forced to deny facts and being persecuted by governments and employers for wanting to exist in the real world where there really are only two biological genders and anything else is sheer fiction.

Sure, let the idiots take you to court and then demand that they prove beyond doubt that there are more than two genders - male and female. Demand that they show the court how chopping off the penis of a male and building him a vagina changes his chromosomal makeup. Demand that they show how a male putting on a frock and getting a boob job makes him a female.

The reality is that these idiotic laws crumble under a challenge that demands the production of hard immutable scientific fact. If enough people merely refuse to knuckle under political correctness, this insanity can be eradicated. When enough people stare down these lunatics and tell them that they will NOT recognise Islam as a race because it's just a stupid religion and when they unequivocally tell these nut-bags that there are only two genders that are not able to be changed by choice or lifestyle, then this insane political correctness will be defeated.