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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death


In this nation, women and girls cannot vote, date, marry for love, use contraceptives, ride bicycles, drive cars, talk to men on the phone or sing and dance in public. Unless they are chaperoned by a male guardian, females cannot go anywhere outside of their homes. Females going out of their homes are forced to wear complete body garments that cover everything except their eyes. They are carted around in vehicles with tinted windows to special women-only gyms, shops, schools and restaurants, where they are made to eat in segregated sections away from the company of males.

The religious police in this nation fine and imprison dissenters, as well as beat them with whips in the streets, even for daring to show an ankle. Female victims of violence and rape are punished with whippings and isolation instead of being protected. Women who are raped are accused of adultery and stoned to death while their rapists go free. It is as if this society is split between two different species, not males and females of the same species. In this nation, 96% of suicides are committed by females.

WHICH NATION IS THIS? It's not Russia, China, Burma or North Korea. No - it is SAUDI ARABIA.

What's more, virtually the entire the western world has full diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and does not criticise it, apart from issuing a few useless token statements. The western world does not impose sanctions on it for its complete and utter repression of all other religions except for Islam. Saudi Arabia has never been punished for repressing and criminalising all other religions. But even worse, in one of the best examples of collective insanity, the United Nations appointed this gross violator of human rights as the UN Human Rights Commissioner - literally putting the fox in charge of the hen-house.

The one glaring fact that emerges from Saudi Arabia is that this nation will never have a problem with creeping Christianity or Judaism or any other religion because of its complete eradication of any aspect of those religions. Saudi Arabia will never be at risk of another religion or culture subverting it.

This is why all secular nations, especially Australia, need to learn from the example of Saudi Arabia in regard to religion and do exactly the same to Islam. I have formulated a plan called The Islamic Interdiction that if implemented, will completely eradicate the filthy creeping death cult of Islam from any secular nation that adopts it. Nobody should complain about this plan or condemn it unless they are prepared to also condemn and complain about Saudi Arabia and act to stop the Saudis from persecuting and repressing people of religions other than Islam.


This is probably coming to a city near you and chances are that it is even going to be seen where you live. In fact, mass praying in the streets by Muslims is already a common sight in the suburb of Lakemba in Sydney. But do you know which city this is?

Marseille invaded by Muslims

Are these photos from a city in a third-world Islamic shit-hole like Yemen, Sudan, Somalia or Bangladesh? They certainly look like it, but if you agreed, you would be wrong. In fact, these photos were taken in the second-largest city in France - Marseille. Hordes of Muslims routinely block the streets with prayers and sermons, preventing people from using them. Muslims set up filthy stalls in streets and trade merchandise, again blocking people from using them. Muslim-occupied housing looks like something out of a nightmare, with clothing hanging from balconies and unhygienic filth and garbage everywhere.

The Islamic invasion of Marseille has reached the extent that Muslims now comprise nearly 40% of the population. In fact, French is now the second language spoken in Marseille. Arabic is now the first language in this city. It is quite common for French people to be abused and attacked by Muslims for doing nothing more than sunbaking in bikinis or having glasses of wine. In certain areas, French people are attacked for daring to eat in public during the Muslim period of Ramadan, even though there is no law in allegedly secular France for doing so. In other words, Muslims in France are imposing their vile religion onto non-Muslims by intimidation, coercion, fear and terrorism.


Here is a list compiled in 2014 of European cities that are suffering under an ever-increasing Muslim invasion and the problems that these bastards bring. The authorities in every single one of these cities has reported a massive increase in crime, violence and social unrest because of the creeping Islamic invasion.

US journalist Janet Levy wrote an excellent exposé of this insidious invasion. The Hijra should be required reading for anybody who doubts that their nation is immune to this invasion. It is available on the Downloads page.


The people of secular nations who are suffering under the creeping Islamic invasion are like the famous parable of the frog in the pot. This is how it works.

This is how the Islamic invasion by stealth works. Muslims slowly invade secular nations and pretend to be peaceful and benign, just asking to be tolerated. As their numbers grow, they stop asking politely for concessions and start demanding that those nations accommodate their so-called religious requirements and impose some of those requirements onto non-Muslims, such as Halal food, Sharia courts, demands that the Holocaust not be taught in schools and attempts to stop Christmas and Easter from being celebrated. These bastards have even had the temerity to complain that flags of certain host nations not be displayed because they are allegedly anti-Muslim and have crosses on them, such as the Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian flags.

Most secular nations seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are being slowly invaded and conquered and they increasingly accommodate Muslim demands, while imagining that they are just being tolerant. But by the time the Muslims have reached a large enough percentage of the populations of those secular nations, they enforce their demands with riots, terrorism and violence, while increasing areas of those nations, sometimes literally whole cities, are turned into no-go zones for non-Muslims. This is already very apparent in Europe such as in Paris and Marseille in France and Malmø in Sweden.

In some areas, Muslims have even demanded the right to to form breakaway Islamic nations within their secular host nations, This was seen in Norway in 2014, when Muslim terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna threatened that if a section of the nation's capital Oslo was not transformed into a Sharia-compliant Muslim nation, an attack rivalling the US World Trade Centre atrocity would be launched upon Norway. In fact the USA stupidly aided and abetted the takeover of the Serbian province of Kosovo by the Islamic terrorist group Kosovo Liberation Army, thus assisting Muslims to annex a province that was Serbian territory for over 400 years.Yet the USA fought a deadly civil war to prevent a number of southern states from seceding from the USA, proving that the Americans are blatant hypocrites.

It has been shown in many nations that when Muslim numbers reach around 25% of a secular nation's population, the frog is well and truly cooked. At that point, those nations cannot remove or deport the Muslims, who then have the numbers and enough political power, backed by even more violence and terror, to impose their demands, keep outbreeding the non-Muslims and eventually subjugate those nations to Sharia.

The people of secular nations are the frog in the pot. Their complacency, blind misplaced tolerance and misguided goodwill is allowing the Islamic invasion to proceed apace until it will be far too late to deal with this problem successfully. If the frog is to survive, it has to jump out of the pot long before it gets cooked to death and the same applies to the people of secular nations. They have to stop the creeping Islamic invasion now, by taking measures to completely eradicate this threat and not stupidly wait until it is too late.


Another famous parable demonstrates very aptly the mindset of Muslims and why they can never be trusted, even when they come with open arms and claim that they are peaceful. Anybody who believes that is a stupid fool, just as the frog paid for its ignorance and stupidity in the following story.

That is the nature of Muslims too. Both the so-called moderate Muslims and the most extreme terrorist Muslim jihadists read from the same instruction manual of death called the Koran, worship and revere a mass-murdering serial paedophile called Mohammed and believe that they have to either convert non-Muslims to Islam or kill them if they refuse. Muslims use a number of techniques to try and allay fear in non-Muslims, such as the following:

So through the principle of Hijra (Muslim immigration), the early-arriving Muslims are a "red herring" or a Trojan Horse. The "Kafir" or "Kuffar" community gets the false sense that the early immigrants are not a threat, at least until the Muslim community has gained strength.

The fact that Muslims even have specific terms for these disgracefully deceitful acts just proves that they will engage in the most repugnant dishonesty in order to facilitate the conquest of secular nations by Islam. This is why nobody should ever believe anything that Muslims say, whether they claim that they are peaceful or moderate, or that they will integrate and assimilate. They are all complete and utter lies, evidenced by what Muslims do in secular nations.


When asked about Muslims, a Texan explained it best. This is what he said.

That Texan was correct. We know what Muslims are all about. There is no reasoning with them - it won't help. There is no appeasing them - it won't help. So the only thing that WILL help is to get rid of the bastards out of your nation, just as that Texan got rid of the rattlesnakes on his property. That is the only solution in dealing with these Muslim vermin - treat them as such.


The unlamented Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya said the following:

Gaddafi was right on the money with his observations. Muslims are flooding into secular European nations and also outbreeding non-Muslims by a huge factor, literally always paid for by the generous welfare systems of those secular nations. This is exactly what is happening in Australia, with many Muslim families having 8 to 12 children each, all funded by social service payments. Classic examples of this are Sydney Muslim rioter Mohammed Issai Issaka, who is in his early 40s and already has 8 children and convicted Melbourne terrorist Nacer Benbrika, who had never worked for one day since he arrived in Australia, but raised 7 children by leeching on Australia's welfare system. At the same time, the birth rate for non-Muslims is around 2 children per family, if that.


Despite all those politically correct and idiotic racial and anti-discrimination laws in Australia, many well-intentioned people who understand the menace of this creeping Islamic invasion have formed anti-Islamic groups and have joined anti-Islamic political parties that have held rallies, protests and demonstrations against this problem. These people are doing their best to make Australians aware of the danger of this subversive conquest of Australia to Islamic Sharia law, but all the rallies and protests in the world will not solve the problem.

The two significant factors are that Muslims are being allowed to immigrate to Australia and those that live here are outbreeding non-Muslims. Until Muslims can be stopped from coming to Australia and having multitudes of children, especially those paid for by Australia's generous welfare system, then these bastards will continue to have hordes of kids who will grow up to outnumber Australian non-Muslims. Then they will eventually have the numbers to influence the political structure of this nation and elect enough Muslims to vote for the imposition of Islamic Sharia law and there will be very little, short of civil war that will stop this.

In a way, this situation has already been seen in Fiji, where the ethnic Indian Fijians have outbred the native Fijians to the extent that the Indian Fijians now outnumber the native Fijians. This led to the election of Timoci Bavadra, Fiji's first ethnic Indian Fijian prime minister, which sparked two military coups led by native Fijian Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka and the deposing of the elected Bavadra government.

Ever since that time, Fiji has not had a legitimate democratic civilian government, despite some whitewashing by military strongman Voreque (Frank) Bainimarama, who engineered his election as prime minister and then handed power to one of his cronies, Laisenia Qarase. Eventually Bainimarama overthrew Qarase and anointed himself as president. Fiji has never been the same since and all this happened because the native Fijians allowed themselves to be outnumbered and outbred by a foreign entity.


It has to be understood from the outset that Australia is at war with Islam because Islam is at war with every non-Islamic nation. According to Muslims, the world is divided into Dar al Islam, the House of Islam and Dar al Harb, the House of War. Australia is Dar al Harb and under Muslim doctrine, Islam is at war with Australia until such time when Australia is conquered and becomes Dar al Islam. It doesn't get much simpler to understand than the fact that Australia is at war with a very insidious enemy who is already within the gates and working to subjugate the nation to Islam.

It must also be understood that every Muslim is a foot soldier of this death cult, therefore they need to be dealt with accordingly. There are no "moderate" Muslims - just Muslims and every last one of them will support the takeover of Australia by Islam. These are the measures that Australia has to take to implement rid itself of the dangerous menace of Islam and its soldiers.

After all, if most nations of the world consider that it is quite acceptable for Saudi Arabia to take such measures against people of religions other than Islam, then it must be perfectly acceptable for all other secular nations to take similar measures against Muslims and the creeping cancer of Islam.


As for the issue of cancellation of nationality or citizenship to people who engage in treason or sedition against Australia, this should be mandatory. In January 2015, the government of Bahrain revoked the nationality of 83 citizens on grounds of damaging national security. The measures were implemented in part to preserve security and stability and fight the danger of terrorist threats. It was the largest number of Bahrainis to be stripped of their nationality since 2013.

The point is that Bahrain doesn’t give a damn about the opinions of human rights groups or the United Nations in regard to stripping its own citizens of their citizenship and nationality, whether it be for perceived terrorism or political reasons. But we Australians suffer seditious and treasonous bastards like the members of Hizb-ut Tahrir, who openly call for the overthrow of our democratic system and the forcible imposition of Sharia. We suffer illegal immigrants who have been granted the gift of citizenship, then set about plotting terrorist acts. Some have been convicted of serious crimes, ranging from murder to rape and other sexual assault crimes and travelling to the Middle East to fight with terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

These Australian Muslims should have their citizenships stripped from them. Like Bahrain, we should stop worrying about what loony left-wing human rights groups have to say, or what the UN thinks about it. We should be firstly concerned about the safety of this nation and its people. If Australia is a party to any UN treaties that prevent this nation from stripping citizenship from traitors and jihadists, then those treaties need to be scrapped and if this cannot be done, Australia should withdraw from the UN entirely. Australia does not need a bunch of foreigners telling it what it should do on its own soil for the security of its people.

Those Muslims who decide to travel overseas should be permitted to go, however their passports should be seized and replaced with a one-way travel document to allow them to leave. At the same time, their citizenships should be revoked and their biometric data kept on file to ensure that they are never permitted to return to Australia under any circumstances.

If Bahrain, an Islamic nation, can do this to protect its nation, then Australia and every other secular nation should do the same. Citizenship is a gift, not an absolute right. If people abuse their citizenship by acting against their own nation, then they should be stripped of this privilege and interned as stateless persons or given a one-way pass out of Australia and never be permitted to return.


Islamic jihadists and Muslims who commit acts of sedition and treason should be immediately dealt with in the harshest possible way, because it is a proven fact that these bastards are an existential danger to the Australian community. The government ought to pass laws that the United Nations and other do-gooder bodies may not like, but it is far more important to protect the Australian people than to pander to such organisations. These laws should allow the cancellation of citizenship, removal of passports and indefinite internment of people found to be acting against Australia and its people. Muslims convicted of treason or sedition should face a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

Once these laws are passed, the government should identify all people who are likely to commit such acts and send them a notification such as this:

Dear Sir,

It has come to the attention of the Australian government that you may be likely to commit serious offences, such as sedition, treason, terrorism or assisting others in planning or committing such offences. We will now warn you of the consequences of such acts and you are required to sign the attached affidavit and have it witnessed by an authorised person. Therefore you will have absolutely no excuse to plead ignorance.

If you commit acts such as proposing the overthrow of the Australian democratic system, desecrating the Australian flag, denigrating the Australian armed forces for their deployment in overseas posts such as the Middle East, or any acts considered to be terrorism or assisting others to plan or commit acts of terrorism, whether in Australia or anywhere else in the world, these are the guaranteed consequences, as follows: You have now been warned of the consequences if you commit acts of treason, sedition or terrorism. Being a person of interest in regard to these matters, you will be kept under surveillance for the rest of your life in Australia and arrested and dealt with at the first instance of any transgressions. Of course you have the freedom to emigrate to another nation, but understand that if you leave Australia, you will never be permitted to return under any circumstances.

Saudi Arabia has massive restrictions on other religions and in fact all religions in that nation are illegal. Yet very little is said about the way the Saudis treat people of other religions, but Israel is constantly pilloried by many nations, even when Israel is one of the most free and democratic nations in the world and people of all religions are treated equally. The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has many Druze, Maronite Christians and Muslims in it, yet Saudi Arabia will not even let one Jew into its nation. So it's time for Israel to ignore the complaints coming from the United Nations and anti-Semitic critics and just do exactly what Saudi Arabia does. How could any of those complainants bitch about Israel doing the same as one of the most repressive nations in the world? This is what Israel should do.

Example: Saudi Arabia does not allow Jews to enter.
Solution: Israel will round up and expel every Muslim and ban their entry until Saudi Arabia allows the free entry of Jews to all parts of the nation, including Mecca.

Example: Saudi Arabia bans all synagogues.
Solution: Israel will demolish all mosques, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque and only allow the reconstruction of mosques when Saudi Arabia allows synagogues to be built in that nation, including on top of mosques.

Example: Saudi Arabia bans the Torah.
Solution: Israel will ban the Koran and destroy every copy of it. This document will only be made legal again in Israel when Saudi Arabia allows the free sale and dissemination of the Torah and all other Jewish books.

Example: Saudi Arabia bans Jewish religious garb.
Solution: Israel will ban every form of Muslim garb, including the niqab, burqa and even male Muslim apparel until Jews are permitted to freely walk around in Saudi Arabia wearing yarmulkes and Stars of David.

There is only way to cure any cancer and that is to exterminate it completely and keep it out of the body forever. Even if one single cancer cell is left in the body, the cancer will eventually proliferate and kill the person who has been infected with it.

Islam is a creeping cancer on the world. If it is not completely and permanently exterminated by removing all traces of it from secular societies, then those societies will eventually succumb to Islam and will be enslaved by Sharia.

The world is already seeing the effect of the Islamic creeping cancer on many European nations, where there are Islamic-imposed no-go zones, Sharia courts, terrorism, rape, paedophilia, crime, rioting and intimidation and it is getting worse every day. All secular nations need to take active measures NOW to eliminate this threat to their very existence.


The problem with secular nations is that they recognise Islam as a religion and allow Muslims to immigrate and live in those nations, despite the fact that Muslims have openly boasted that the reason why they infiltrate those nations is to eventually outbreed the non-Muslim populations and take over those nations and subvert them to Sharia.

It is truly insane that the citizens of those secular nations all know the intentions of Muslims, yet do virtually nothing to stop this invasion and ultimate conquest by Islam, losing their freedoms and ways of life. Muslims in those secular nations are outbreeding the non-Muslims by a factor of three or four, ensuring that Muslims will eventually swamp those nations and subjugate them to Islam. But nothing is being done about it. Brave people such as Dutch politician Geert Wilders and Australian politician Pauline Hanson have tried to bring the world's attention to this Islamic invasion of secular nations and for this service, they have been persecuted and pilloried by their own people and also endured threats and attempts on their lives by fanatical Muslims.

This is why there is only one way to prevent this creeping Islamic invasion and that is to implement the measures listed in The Islamic Interdiction. As long as Muslims are allowed to outbreed non-Muslims, having declared their intentions to take over secular nations by sheer weight of numbers, then the only answer is to make the death cult of Islam illegal, suppress and ban all Islamic activity, prevent them from outbreeding non-Muslims and make it so bad for citizen Muslims that they will not want to live in those nations and hopefully will immigrate to somewhere else.

That's what the Saudis do to non-Muslims and it works. Nothing else will solve the problem, but if anybody thinks that they have a different solution that will stop Muslims from eventually outbreeding non-Muslims in secular nations and taking them over, I would like to hear about it.


Why the hell are Australians so worried about insulting Muslims by stopping them from imposing their filthy death cult on us? Why are Australians so reticent in doing exactly the same as Saudi Arabia to protect the freedom of Australians and the Australian way of life? Why are we so damn unwilling to deal harshly with people who have every intention of destroying what we cherish? Why should Australians be concerned about doing the same to Muslims as these bastards do to us?

The sad truth is that Australians are stupid and gutless. Australians will pay the price as the creeping Islamisation of Australia proceeds, just as it is doing so in Europe. Until Australia stops caring about the opinions of others, withdraws from all those insane UN treaties that allow Muslims to infiltrate Australia and use its generous social security to outbreed and eventually outnumber non-Muslims, Australia is doomed.

Is there one single politician of any party who is willing to advocate these measures? No there is not. This is why Australia will eventually be conquered by Islam and there is not a damn thing that I or anybody else can do about it.