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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death


Radio announcer and former Australian politician David Oldfield published the following very true and completely verifiable statement of fact on his website: "NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS, BUT NEARLY ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS".

Oldfield was dragged before that bastion of political correctness, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) by Muslim lawyer Hisam Sidaoui, who claimed that the website breached Victorian racial vilification laws. Amazingly enough, this tribunal put enough pressure on Oldfield to force him to alter this and other statements, even though they were blatant truths.

NOTE: The statement "NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS, BUT NEARLY ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS" is repeated on every page regarding Islam on this website, simply because it is true. Many Muslims may not like hearing the truth, but any action by them or anybody else, including threats of lawsuits or anti-discrimination tribunal procedures will not deter me from making a statement that is true and backed up by hard facts. This statement is also made under the auspices of the UN Charter of Human Rights that guarantees freedom of speech and expression and to which Australia is a signatory. Hotheads will defend any legal action regarding this statement by requiring prosecutors or plaintiffs to prove that this statement is incorrect. Nobody has the right to not be offended by the truth.

The most stupid aspect of this affair was that Oldfield's statement had nothing whatsoever to do with race, merely with the followers of the religion of Islam, who could be of any race on the planet. This fact alone should have seen this matter thrown out completely.

Of course there are non-Islamic terror groups, such as ETA in Spain, FARC in Colombia and Shining Path in Peru, but Islamic terrorists in the world outnumber them by a massive margin. The copious mountain of evidence, news articles and reports from all over the world prove beyond a shadow of doubt that nearly all terrorists are indeed Muslims.

Current research has found that 98% of all the terrorists in the world are Muslims, therefore it was a travesty of justice that the VCAT matter against Oldfield was even allowed to proceed, when Oldfield's website merely stated the facts. The Hotheads website states the obvious truth without fear - nearly all terrorists are Muslims and at the time of writing, every person convicted of terrorist offences in Australia is a Muslim.


A number of Muslims in Australia have been arrested and charged with terrorism offences and many have been convicted. These bastards conspired to massacre Australians in the name of their death cult, even though Australia gave them a new home and refuge from the deprivations of those third-world hell-holes from whence they fled. In the history of Australia, no other nationality, religious or cultural group has ever done anything like this against their fellow citizens.


Here is a very incomplete list of Muslims convicted or before the courts on terrorism offences in Australia in the past 30 years, compared to non-Muslim terrorists as of March 2018.

As of March 2018, the following people are being held in custody on terrorism charges

This data clearly shows that ONLY Muslims and converts to Islam pose an existential terrorist threat to the people of Australia. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and other religious groups have not been arrested for terrorist acts. The very fact that literally every person convicted or before the courts on terrorism charges is Muslim speaks volumes about the menace of Muslims and the same sort of statistics appear in most western nations, such as Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Germany, France and many other nations. All the political correctness in the world or the posturing of racist and discriminatory tribunals such as VCAT cannot make these facts disappear.

In fact the only recorded case of non-Muslim religion-based terrorism in Australia was the 1978 bombing of the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, which was blamed on the Ananda Marga sect, however this was never proven. But apart from this one isolated incident, literally every terrorism suspect arrested or convicted has been Muslim. Even a rigorous search of the Internet has not managed to unearth any other another non-Muslim terrorist incident or attacker.

The hard evidence, plentifully available from world events and court cases, should dispel any myth that Islam is benign and that its followers who follow Islamic doctrine and teaching should be permitted to live in a modern pluralistic and tolerant society. The truth is that Islam is a lethal menace and many Muslims are quite prepared to commit atrocities against non-Muslims, even their own fellow citizens, in the name of this death cult.


Anybody who states unequivocally that Muslims are terrorists and is dragged before some politically correct tribunal for religious vilification would easily prove that virtually all the Muslims convicted in Australia on terrorism charges were not radical jihadists infiltrated into Australia to commit their atrocities, but just average Muslims, Australian citizens or legal residents living in the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

Muslims don't need to be vilified by anybody else - they do an excellent job of vilifying themselves and telling the truth about them is not a crime, unless one of those idiotic politically-correct and very discriminatory anti-discrimination tribunals decides to persecute somebody for being honest and truthful. But anybody accused of vilifying Islam or Muslims would have no trouble beating such preposterous charges when the facts and hard evidence about this death cult and its followers is so blatantly obvious. In fact, any people who are accused of such things are welcome to use the information on this website for their defence.


It was not surprising to see that many of the Muslims convicted of terrorism crimes in Sydney and Melbourne were born in Australia, just like many of the Islamic suicide bombers in London and Madrid were born in Britain and Spain respectively. That shows that Islamic terror does not need to be imported, but all Muslims in secular Western nations have to be considered as either terrorists or supporters of terrorism. Most people saw the news reports of Muslims joyfully dancing in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne when the World Trade Centre was destroyed allegedly by Muslim terrorists on 11 September 2001, resulting in the murder of over 3000 innocent people. If this does not indicate to Australians the mindset of the Muslim population here, then we are blind to the real danger of all Muslims living in this nation.


The website The Religion Of Peace catalogues the latest atrocities committed by Muslim extremists, so a visit there ever few days will drive home the message that Islam is certainly not the religion of peace, but an immense danger to the civilised world. If anybody ever tries to assert that Islam is benign, just direct them to this website to completely refute their position.

Of course if anybody ever decides to be so foolish as to lay a complaint with one of those politically correct tribunals such as the VCAT against somebody for pointing out that Islam is a menace, Muslims are an extreme danger to the civilised world and the Koran is riddled with hatred, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic diatribes and commands for Muslims to slaughter non-Muslims everywhere, then there is copious evidence to prove the truth of all of that. The Religion Of Peace website is a good place to start, apart from the information on Hotheads and many other very informative anti-Islamic websites.


So much evidence has emerged about mosques and Islamic prayer halls being used to plot or foment terrorist plots and anti-Australian sentiment, that these places should not be allowed to exist. It is only the preposterous notion of freedom of religion that allows Muslim terrorists to use these places as their headquarters and for Muslim imams to preach their hate-filled diatribes against Australians.

Freedom to practice religion does not encompass allowing a death cult masquerading under the guise of a religion to plot acts of terror against Australians. Islam is not a religion - it is a political system that has the aim of subjugating all non-Muslims and those that do not submit will be killed. It's all there in the Koran and Muslims believe that the Koran is the word of god and must be obeyed to the letter without question.

Therefore Australians have to come to the realisation that Islamic terrorism will be an existential threat to the nation, as long as Islam is allowed to operate in the sort of freedom it enjoys now by being treated as a religion with all the tax breaks that genuine religious organisations get, instead of being banned as a radical death cult.

The people of Australia must understand that they are at war with Islam and the enemy lives right here and is operating to destroy the Australian way of life. Until Australians start acting against this threat, compounded by home-grown and imported Muslim terrorists, Australia will go the way of Britain, Denmark, France and Sweden, which are all suffering horrendous problems with their ever-increasing Muslim populations and the terrorist problems that they bring.