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One in seven Australians has a tattoo, according to a 2012 study from the National Health and Medical Research Council. More than a third of Australians regret getting inked and one in seven of this group are considering removal. What might be considered trendy when people are 18 years old and under peer pressure to get a tramp stamp like their stupid friends will certainly look like garbage by the time they are 40 years old.

The truth is that most people change shape as they get older and thus the tattoos will do the same. What may have been a trendy tattoo in one's teens will become an ugly disfigurement when that once-slim person develops into an overweight slob 20 years down the track.


With a very tiny number of exceptions, the more elite and higher paying the profession, the less acceptable are tattoos. A person with tattoos on their neck or hands will never be accepted by an employer in a profession such as financial analyst, airline pilot, doctor, scientist, engineer, architect and many other high-paying jobs, but of course people who are intelligent enough to qualify for those professions are not so stupid as to get tattoos in the first place.

There are some high-paying lines of work where tattoos do not matter, such as on boxers, football players, wrestlers and pop entertainers, but in most regular mainstream professions, tattoos are completely unacceptable, so essentially people with tattoos, especially visible ones, will find themselves consigned to menial jobs for life. You can see this by walking into a stockbroker's office where you will never see a tattoo and then walking into a pub where blue-collar workers hang out and see almost everybody with ink on them.


Those folks who were stupid enough to get tattoos and regret it will find that it is not so easy to get rid of them. Even the latest laser tattoo removal will not get rid of them completely and will leave some scarring or disfiguring marks. In many cases, the laser tattoo removal does not work as desired and the tattooed person will have to undergo plastic surgery or skin grafts to eradicate the result of their stupidity.

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar stated that he now performs at least two surgeries a month related to tattoo removal. "Any surgery to get rid of a tattoo will definitely leave you with scars and the scars are not necessarily better than those caused by dodgy laser removal," Dr Kumar said. "They are still going to be disfigured, compared to what they would be in the first place."


Obviously the best thing is to not be a stupid fool and avoid getting a tattoo at all. There are some exceptions, such as women who have undergone mastectomies and breast reconstruction having areolas tattooed over the scars. Of course that is very desirable and helps those victims of cancer deal better with the trauma of having such radical surgery. But getting a tattoo - or a body covered in them - for no other reason than to make a social statement is sheer idiocy because in most decent and respectable high-earning professions, having a tattoo is not acceptable and will preclude those tattooed people from ever gaining employment in such lines of work.

The bottom line is that if you want to decorate your body, make sure that you can easily remove the decoration if needed. Body piercing in certain places is as bad as tattoos. An eyebrow ring or even worse, a nose ring, will not get a person far with an employer, but those devices can be inserted and removed at will. There are plenty of very realistic fake tattoos out there for people who really wish to look like bogans, but can be washed or peeled off with ease to get rid of that bogan image later. So there is no need for permanent tattoos that are so difficult to eradicate and smart people will never get them in the first place.