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In 2011, Melbourne broadcaster Derryn Hinch was sentenced to five months strict home detention for having the temerity to publicly name a scumbag paedophile and warn the general public about him. In 2013, Hinch was again punished with a $100,000 fine for breaching a suppression order in regard to the scumbag who murdered beautiful TV presenter Jill Meagher.

In the past, Hinch had served time in jail for naming notorious paedophile priest Michael Glennon. Hotheads salutes Hinch for his guts and bravery for performing this valuable public service and highlighting what an utter ass the law can be. However, Hinch could have done all that without risking any prosecution, especially these days with the power of the Internet at his disposal.

For Hinch and anybody else who wants to avoid risking imprisonment for violating court suppression orders and naming paedophiles, criminals or anybody else, there is a way to do this. There may be laws in Australia that make it a criminal offence to name paedophiles whose identities are suppressed by court order, but there is no law that prohibits a person from naming a place where the details of such paedophiles is available to everybody.


The trick to this is to put the suppressed information out of the jurisdiction of Australian law and cover your connection to it completely. With the Internet, this is easy. Follow these tips and you should be able to expose and shame paedophiles and other scumbags to the whole world without any fear of being prosecuted or jailed.

    1. Open a webmail account at one of the many free webmail services, preferably not anything in Australian, British or US jurisdiction. There are many of these in China, Russia and some third world nations. Or even use an email account attached to your offshore website. But NEVER ever send any emails to that offshore friend that mention paedophiles or anything connected with that website. Give your friend the username and password so he can log into that email account.

    2. When you want to leave instructions for your offshore friend, log into the webmail account. Write your instructions in an email but DO NOT send it. Save it as a draft in the Draft folder. You can even encrypt it using any of the really good free encryption programs, giving only your offshore friend the decryption key.

    3. You can send your offshore friend an innocuous email to his regular email account with a code word that will indicate that he should log into that webmail dead drop account.

    4. When your offshore friend logs into that email account, he will see the message stored in the Drafts folder. He can read it and follow the instructions and update the website with the details and then delete the draft. He can also do the same for you - write a message, save it as a draft and when you log into that account, you can read it and then delete it. The beauty of this is that no emails are actually transmitted, so no emails can be intercepted, copied or used as evidence against you.

    5. Providing that your username and password are not compromised and you access the account through an anonymous proxy server or a VPN, nobody will be the wiser and there will be not a shred of evidence to connect you to that website or the data on it. Without hard evidence, you cannot be prosecuted.

The one thing that the authorities in Australia can do is to seize your computer in order to try and find incriminating evidence that will link you to that offshore website. However, there are some steps that you can take to completely eliminate the risk of this. This is what you should do to completely inoculate yourself against prosecution.


No court can ever convict you without hard evidence. If there is nothing linking you to that offshore paedophile-exposing website, no email traffic with those details to your offshore friend who is operating that website on your behalf, no incriminating evidence on your computer and the authorities not being able to get their hands on your removable device such as that microSD card, then you can't be prosecuted.

Of course it goes without saying that you should never make any statements or admissions to authorities. Whatever questions they ask, just tell them that you will not make any statements without your lawyer present and even if the lawyer is present, don't answer any questions. You are not required to assist authorities to prosecute you. Give them nothing and never be intimidated by them. Apart from stating your name and address, there are only two words that you need to say to police - NO COMMENT.

There is also another very good ploy to use if you are questioned by police. In 2011, Justice Stephen Kaye of the Victorian Supreme Court made the following ruling:

What is very sad is that Justice Stephen Kaye was the judge who imposed the $100,000 fine on Derryn Hinch, something that Hotheads considers to be a complete miscarriage of justice and our opinion of Kaye has been substantially lowered.

So if you are confronted by police who want to question you, all you have to do is to merely ask, "Am I under arrest?" If the cops say "No", then you are free to just walk away. If the cops then try to detain you, read them that ruling by Judge Kaye and tell them in no uncertain terms that you have the legal right to go about your business without dealing with them and if they try and stop you from doing so, you will take civil legal action against them for illegal detention.


The laws and suppression orders that protect those paedophiles and other criminal grubs are ludicrous and should be repealed. However, until this is done, people who are concerned about child molesters and serial rapists being allowed to freely prowl through the community and have the opportunity to stalk and molest more kids should expose them and their whereabouts at every opportunity, but need to protect themselves against those stupid laws.

Hotheads believes that there is no cure for paedophiles and other sexual predators. Virtually all convicted paedophiles get out of jail and molest more children. Most rapists get out of jail and rape again. There is only one cure for paedophilia and other sex crimes and that is execution. Unfortunately, Australia prefers to let these predators roam the streets and continue to perpetrate their evil crimes, so the concerned public have to take matters into their own hands. Derryn Hinch has done this and paid the penalty for trying to protect people from these bastards.

But the methods outlined here can completely negate the stupid laws that protect paedophiles and sexual predators at the expense of their victims and also protect the brave people such as Hinch from prosecution.