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Sergio Redegalli

Courageous Newtown glass artist Sergio Redegalli painted a mural asking for people to "Say No To The Burqa" on his private property. Apart from a number of acts of vandalism by people who objected to Sergio's sentiments and some failed attempts by various people, including Fiona Byrne, the Mayor of Marrickville to force him to remove the mural, Muslim woman Cigdem Aydemir went to the police and then the council to try to make the complaint, but as the mural was painted on private property, neither could intervene. She then lodged a complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) on the grounds that the mural incited racial and religious hatred. She alleged that the mural amounted to ethno-religious vilification.

It was obvious that Aydemir had no grounds for her complaint, but what was truly amazing was that she applied for and received legal aid, yet Sergio was denied the same funding and had to fund his defence of these ridiculous allegations from his own pocket. Eventually when the ADB came to its senses and realised that there really was no case against Sergio, it instructed NSW Legal Aid to contact him and on behalf of Aydemir, offering to discontinue the proceedings as long as she was not obliged to pay costs.

Sergio stated that he would agree, only if he received an apology and reimbursement of more than $2000 and rightly so. The allegations made by Aydemi were preposterous and without foundation. Firstly, a move to ban the burqa has nothing to do with religion. Muslims may wear burqas, but this is not required or mandated by Islam.

Secondly, Aydemir's inference that the mural engendered racial hatred is just stupid, because the burqa has nothing to do with race and if she claims that Islam is a race, then she's a fool. A religion is based on nothing more than a belief in a mythical Skyfairy and anybody of any race can choose to believe such nonsense or not. There's nothing racial about religion, but Muslims in particular have a very nasty habit of trying to play the racism card whenever their vile death cult is criticised or threatened by exposure to the truth.

The most unfair action came when the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal then claimed that Sergio had to pay $500 costs, even though he was not charged or convicted of any offence and the complainant Aydemir had tried to discontinue her proceedings against him. At this time, Sergio is holding his position, refusing to pay the $500 and still demanding $2000 and maybe more as compensation for his legal costs in defending this matter, which should have never even been considered by the ADB in the first place.

Would the Anti-Discrimination Board or the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal prosecute a person for ridiculing somebody who believed in Santa Claus? Of course not, because even these politically correct, highly racist and discriminatory authorities would be laughed into ridicule by the entire planet. Yet it could be argued that Santa Claus is an integral part of the Christian faith in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Notwithstanding the fact that the fat jolly bewhiskered Santa we all know is nothing more than a marketing tool that was used by the Coca Cola Company in the 1930s, ridiculing people for their belief in this fictional figure could be indeed be construed as ethno-religious vilification under the ridiculous anti-discrimination laws, just like the preposterous and completely unfounded allegations of Cigdem Aydemir against Sergio's mural, when the burqa is not even required by her religion.


On 20 September 2011, on the first anniversary of his painting of the "Say No To Burqas" mural, Sergio repainted it and I had the pleasure of meeting him at his studio in Newtown on the day. Sergio is a pleasant and very talented artist who is very apprehensive about the creeping Islamisation of Australia and especially the security aspects that people pose when wearing full face disguises in public, such as the burqa. I fully support Sergio in his position and will post further information on the ADB matter as it comes to hand.

Sergio Redegalli's second anniversary mural
Sergio Redegalli's second anniversary Say No To Burqas mural, repainted on 20 September 2012

On 20 September 2012, Sergio repainted a second anniversary version of his Ban The Burqa mural, this time with two burqa-wearing figures. Sergio wrote to me and stated, "It is hard to believe that two years have passed so fast, so many attacks on my right to express my opinion via vandalism, abuse, physical attacks, acts of terror against my studio and my income. However, the positives are greater than all the negatives, just knowing that I am not alone, that the new friends that I have made in the last 2 years have given me much support and hope that Islam will be stopped before it can do any more damage to our Western free societies."

Not only has Sergio been the victim of abuse and terror from Muslims and their supporters, he has really been badly victimised by the ADB. In actual fact it is easy to prove that tribunals such as the ADB and VCAT actually institutionalise racism, based on some of their disgusting rulings. They have no business dictating anything about racism or vilification because they actually enshrine these vile practices. I am still waiting for the ADB and VCAT to prosecute some Aborigines for racially vilifying white people, which they often do, but of course that won't happen. It appears that only white people can be racist, according to the politically correct racist rulings of these tribunals.

For instance, I know of one person who lodged a formal written complaint to the NSW ADB in May 2012, complaining about the vicious exhortations of racism, discrimination, hatred and incitement to genocide contained in the Koran. However, to this day, this person has still not received any sort of adequate response. In other words, the ADB seemed to have no problem persecuting Sergio Redagalli about his Say No To Burqas mural, but seems to be very reticent to address the genocidal filth in the Koran.


Channel Seven News item on 02 April 2012

In April 2012, a furore erupted outside NSW state parliament when a group of non-Muslim men and women, including Sergio Redegalli, showed up dressed in burqas. They were calling for Australia to ban the wearing of burqas and niqabs on the grounds that these garments were a security risk. A number of Muslim men confronted the protesters, shouted at them and tried to intimidate them into removing their burqas.

Security and police were called when the Muslim men started scuffling with the burqa-clad protesters, where one Muslim actually assaulted a protester and ripped off his burqa. The protesters entered premises where the wearing of motorcycle helmets were banned, such as banks, pubs and even high security courts without being challenged to identify themselves. However, the protesters were stopped at Parliament House by security personnel.

Sergio stated that anybody thinking that something was suspicious about burqa wearers would instantly be put in a position to be called a racist. A female protester said that it was a good thing that the security personnel at parliament house were doing their job by challenging burqa wearers. She stated that people did not know who or what was under a burqa.

The burqa-clad protesters stated that this exercise proved their point that nobody knows how to handle the sensitivities around the niqab and burqa. Zubeida Raihman, a spokesperson for the Muslim Women's National Network, stated that because Australia is a democratic nation, that people have the freedom of choice to wear whatever they like.

This sort of protest has been a long time coming, however it did not go nearly as far as it should have. The security risks of burqas is very easy to see, especially in sensitive areas such as banks, courts and airport terminals, where in virtually every case, people wearing burqas are allowed to enter without question or challenge, whereas a person entering those places wearing a balaclava would be jumped upon immediately.

What Sergio and these brave protesters should have done was put on balaclavas and overcoats and follow a burqa-clad person into a bank, a high security courthouse and an airport terminal, taking video footage for evidence. And when those balaclava-clad people were stopped by security people demanding that they remove the balaclavas, the protesters would have refused to do so until those security personnel demanded that the burqa wearers removed their full-face disguises first. It would have been very interesting to see what the banks, courts and airport security people would do if the balaclava wearers threatened to sue them for discrimination.

But this protest by Sergio and his friends really exposed the utter hypocrisy of Muslims, who fought and scuffled with them and demanded that they remove those hideous garments, yet the spokesperson for the Muslim Women's National Network, stated that because Australia is a democratic nation, that people had the freedom of choice to wear whatever they liked. Obviously those Muslim thugs who tried to intimidate the protesters did not subscribe to this principle that the protesters also had the right to wear whatever they liked.


In January 2013, Sergio unveiled a new anti-Islamic mural on the wall of his Newtown studio.

Sergio Redegalli's latest mural
Sergio Redegalli's latest mural, repainted in February 2013

This mural was attacked three times in January according to Sergio, who thinks that this probably happened only after the loony Socialists/Muslims came back from their holidays. However, Sergio expects that the rabid Muslims and their Communist stooges in the Sydney area will again try and deface this mural, because that is what they are - vandals and destroyers and suppressors of free speech and opinion.


Being literally of the same mind as Sergio Redegalli, I and the Hotheads subscribers heartily endorse and support this very courageous man for his public stance against the scourge of Islam and its vile trappings. Sergio is exactly the sort of person that Australia needs, to expose this filthy Islamic death cult and the existential risk it brings to Australia and the rest of the civilised world.