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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

Ayatollah Khomeini - the Iranian Muslim cretin who advocated terrorism, mutilation, paedophilia and bestiality and placed a death sentence 
on author Salman Rushdie

A few years ago, the late and unlamented Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi boasted that within a generation, most of Europe would become Islamic. This would be accomplished without firing a single shot. Of course Gaddafi did not refer to the numerous acts of terrorism that Muslims constantly perpetrate against their secular host nations, but the message was very clear. Muslims would immigrate to secular nations, outpopulate the non-Muslim citizens and eventually once they had the numbers, subjugate those nations to Islam and Sharia law.

Many skeptics scoffed at such rantings from a person whom they considered to be a tinpot dictator, but the fact of the matter is that Gaddafi was not boasting at all. What he stated about the Muslim invasion of secular European nations was the unvarnished truth. Muslims are deliberately shunning living in their Islamic paradises where they can practise Sharia law and exercise their religion with no problems. Instead, they are encouraged to deliberately immigrate to secular western nations in order to outpopulate the citizens and subvert those nations to Islam. This is not a fantasy and the results are clear to see.


Most non-Muslims have very little idea of the barbarism of Sharia. Here is a very small sample of what this repulsive doctrine is about.


Unfortunately, the creeping Islamic invasion of secular western nations has already been lost. For example, in Australia there is not one single politician that has the guts to try and implement measures that will stop this malignant cancer. The only way to prevent the eventual Islamisation of nations such as Australia is to declare Islam to not be a religion, but a virulent political system and ban it. Of course no politician would do that.

Muslims are using the misguided tolerance and the insane concept of religious freedom to allow them to invade by stealth, multiply by having many children paid for by taxpayer funds and bleeding nations dry while they eventually subvert nations by increasing their numbers until they can implement Sharia by political action or by force.

It is sad to see proud nations such as Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and others succumb slowly to this repulsive takeover by Muslims. The worst thing is that politicians who can see what is happening to their nations and try to do something about it are howled down by misguided fools in their communities and even prosecuted under idiotic racial discrimination laws, for example Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Until a lot of changes are made in secular western nations, the war against Islam has already been lost and eventually Muslims will take control of those secular western nations, including Australia and impose their filthy doctrine on all non-Muslims. Websites such as Hotheads have been warning of this for years and the evidence of creeping Islamisation is there for all too see. Unfortunately, there are none so blind as those that will not see - and the majority of people in secular western nations are going to be blind and politically correct until they fall under the yoke of Islam by force.


The Islamic conquest of the secular world by stealth is being accomplished by trying to prevent negative views of Islam by curtailing freedom of speech. In Muslim nations, criticism of Islam and its paedophile bogus prophet Mohammed carries an automatic death penalty, but in secular nations such as the USA, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other non-Islamic nations, criticism or ridicule of Islam is not illegal.

But the Islamic invasion by stealth is doing its best to try and stop people from knowing the truth about this appalling doctrine of death or criticising it in any way, so there are moves to make Islamophobia or criticism of Islam illegal, all the way to the United Nations and down to individual secular nations. Even US President Barack Obama, often accused of being a closet Muslim, has stated on a number of occasions that he wants to protect Islam, something that is actually forbidden in the US Constitution.

This short clip from a documentary called Silent Conquest clearly shows exactly what Muslims are trying to do to stifle and eradicate any form of criticism or denigration of their filthy religion, aided and abetted even by the President of the USA. This is utter insanity, because there is absolutely no doubt about the overwhelming evidence and the activities and terrorism of Muslims showing how dangerous this death cult really is and how it is invading and usurping the democracies of the world.


These posters have appeared in many British cities to establish Sharia or no-go zones for non-Muslims

BRITAIN - Muslims have reached a level of population where they are demanding autonomy and insisting that whole cities and towns be ruled under Sharia law. A group called Muslims Against The Crusades named the British cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London as fully autonomous enclaves to be ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operated entirely outside British jurisprudence. There are already 82 Sharia law courts operating in Britain, Islamic banking is on the increase and British non-Muslims are terrified at this creeping Islamification of their nation. British Security Service MI5 has estimated that more than 4000 groups of Muslims in Britain pose a direct threat to national security. The most popular name for baby boys is not John, Paul or Thomas, but Mohammed. Many areas settled by Muslims have virtually become no-go zones for non-Muslims, who are spat upon, denigrated and often assaulted if they venture into those ghettoes. In 2005, home-grown Muslim terrorists killed 52 people and injured 700 others in the London Transport bombings.

FRANCE - Whole areas of Paris and other French cities are no-go areas for non-Muslims and police are too scared to even patrol in them for fear of their lives. At last count, there were 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS) and a complete list of the ZUS can be found on a French government website SIG Du Secretariat Général Du CIV, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated 5 million Muslims live in the ZUS, over which the French state has literally lost control. Muslim immigrants are taking control of other parts of France too. Until a law was passed in 2011 preventing praying in the street, thousands of Muslims in many French cities were closing off streets and sidewalks and by extension, closing down local businesses and trapping non-Muslim residents in their homes and offices to accommodate overflowing crowds for Friday prayers. In December 2008, Muslim terrorists planted bombs in the renowned Printemps Hausmann department store in Paris.

GERMANY - Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut revealed that Muslim immigrants are imposing no-go zones in cities across Germany at an alarming rate. He stated about those no-go zones, "Our colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves. We know that these areas exist. Even worse, in these areas, crimes no longer result in charges. They are left to themselves. Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the picture." In other words, Muslims are imposing their will on the German people by means of terror and intimidation and breaking the law at will without any fear of punishment.

BELGIUM - In the capital Brussels, which is 20% Muslim, several immigrant neighbourhoods have become no-go zones for police officers, who frequently are pelted with rocks by Muslim youth. In the Kuregem district of Brussels, which often resembles an urban war zone, police are forced to patrol the area with two police cars: one car to carry out the patrols and another car to prevent the first car from being attacked. In the Molenbeek district of Brussels, police have been ordered not to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in public during the Islamic month of Ramadan, so as not to offend Muslims or cause them to be attacked.

HOLLAND - Muslims have already murdered a prominent politician and a famous film maker for daring to speak out about the Islamic invasion of their nation. The Dutch are increasingly apprehensive about the rise of militant Islam and the terrorist acts, intimidation and violence that it brings. To demonstrate that Holland was being taken over by Muslims imposing their own areas, a Dutch court ordered the government to release to the public a politically incorrect list of 40 no-go zones where non-Muslims literally could only enter under threat of being injured or killed. The top five Muslim problem neighbourhoods are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

DENMARK - Muslims have rioted and destroyed property because a Danish newspaper dared to print some cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. People were killed and Muslims made attempts on the lives of cartoonists who drew those depictions. Muslims are only 4% of Denmark's 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists. Muslim violence threatens Denmark's approximately 6,000 Jews, who increasingly depend on police protection. Jewish parents were told by one school principal that she could not guarantee their children's safety and were advised to attend another institution.

SWEDEN - The non-Muslim residents of Malmø are fleeing for their lives, being driven out by deliberate campaigns of violence, intimidation and terror by the now 25% Muslim population, of which 80% are unemployed and receiving welfare. Vandalism by Muslims is rampant. In one instance, all of the 600 windows at one of the schools in Malmø were broken during the summer holiday. Window smashing by Muslims costs the city millions every year. City buses have been forced to avoid the immigrant ghetto, as they are met with Muslim youths throwing rocks or bottles at them if they enter. A Muslim boy of Afghan origin was caught making plans to blow up his own school. People working at the emergency ward at the major hospital in Malmø receive threats every day from Muslims. Islamic patients with knives or guns are commonplace.

USA - The FBI routinely arrests Muslims planning to commit acts of terrorism. American Muslims preach how Islam and Sharia law is going to take over the USA and turn it into an Islamic nation. Muslims in the USA are around 1.5% of the entire population, so they do not yet have the numbers or the momentum to create no-go zones and demand Sharia law as they have done in Britain and France, however as their numbers grow, this will occur.

CANADA - Police and intelligence services often arrest Muslims planning to commit acts of terrorism. As in the USA, the Muslim population is quite small, so there is not yet a problem, however as their numbers increase, problems that Muslims cause for the Canadian non-Muslims will also increase exponentially.

INDIA - There have been many atrocities committed by Indian Muslims against their fellow citizens over the decades. In a Muslim terrorist attack in August 2003, many people were killed after two powerful explosions struck the city of Mumbai within minutes of each other. Nearly 150 people were injured, many seriously, by the double car bombing. Hours later, police found nine detonators in a railway tunnel north of Bombay. The target appeared to have been a train taking Hindus to a religious festival. In November 2008, Islamic extremists calling themselves the Deccan Mujaheddin, launched a coordinated attack against both Indians and foreigners in Mumbai, slaughtering over 160 innocent people and wounding hundreds more. They also attacked a Jewish centre in Mumbai, where they captured and deliberately murdered five hostages in cold blood.

PHILIPPINES - The Moro Islamic Liberation Front have been fighting a bloody insurgency for decades, kidnapping and slaughtering innocent people in their campaign for an autonomous Muslim region in Mindanao under Sharia law.

THAILAND - Muslim separatist groups have been waging an insurgency to create an autonomous Muslim region under Sharia law. They have massacred many innocent Thais, using terrorism and committing atrocities such as kidnapping and beheading people to push their cause.

RUSSIA - Muslim terrorists who want the province of Chechnya to become a separate Islamic state have committed a litany of atrocities for many years, including the massacre of innocent schoolchildren and bombings in crowded areas of Moscow.


There is actually not one secular nation that is not affected adversely by Muslims. Muslims in those nations have contributed nothing positive whatsoever and in all cases, they have caused nothing but trouble.

This clearly indicates that allowing Islam to flourish in secular nations will lead to insurmountable problems for their populations, including the very real risk that as Muslim numbers grow to the point where they can exert pressure by use of violence and intimidation, the entire fabric of their societies will be destroyed. This is what is happening when Muslim numbers reach that 5% threshold and above.

Of course when the Muslim numbers in those nations reach 10% to 20%, they can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, killings and the burning of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. If their numbers grow to over 25%, as in Malmø Sweden, non-Muslims will be forced to flee for their lives from their own homes in their own nations.


When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the usual treatment is to try and kill the cancer before it kills the patient. There are very few instances where a cancer will miraculously vanish. In nearly every case, if the cancer is not caught at an early stage and eradicated, it will eventually kill the sufferer, usually involving much pain and agony.

The analogy of a cancer sufferer to a secular nation infested by increasing numbers of Muslims is very valid. In every case where Muslims in secular nations have been allowed to increase their numbers for whatever reason, those nations have experienced trouble in the form of terrorism, violence, intimidation, establishment of no-go areas for non-Muslims and calls for Sharia law to be imposed on all citizens, not just Muslims.

Unfortunately, most secular nations conform to the principles of freedom of religion, thus very mistakenly recognise Islam as a religion and not a political movement bent on taking over the world. So they tend to allow Muslims to infiltrate and outbreed the non-Muslims until the numbers grow to the point of no return and non-Muslims are displaced from their own nations.


Canada is very similar to Australia in its system of government and its freedoms. It is a member of the British Commonwealth and its people enjoy the same lifestyle as Australians. So what is happening in Canada parallels what is happening in Australia, especially in the way both nations appease Muslims who not only have the stated goal of conquering both nations and imposing Sharia on them, but softening up the non-Muslim populations by making more and more demands to accommodate their filthy religion and political system. This video clip from Canada perfectly demonstrates how this works and how stupid Canadians are to appease Muslims in any way.

What is happening in Canada can be seen in Australia, where governments at all levels and local councils have been kowtowing to Muslim demands, such as installing footbaths and Islamic prayer rooms, having segregated swimming sessions at public pools (funded by ratepayers of course) and many other impositions and accommodations. The sad truth is that as long as secular nations keep appeasing these Muslim bastards, the quicker the creeping cancer of Islam will infect those nations and eventually kill them.


Very simply put, just like Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and other secular nations, Australia is being invaded by stealth by Muslims. This nation has been designated as the next soft target for a Muslim takeover, as the terrorist organisation Hizb-Ut-Tahrir has stated on its website and in its declaration of aims to turn Australia into a Sharia law nation that is part of a global Islamic Caliphate. At the moment, Muslims comprise only around 1.8% of the population, so they do not yet have the numbers to establish and fortify their no-go zones and intimidate the non-Muslims.

But as in those other secular western nations, Muslim numbers are growing much faster than the non-Muslim population through legal and illegal immigration and having more children, mostly paid for by Australia's generous welfare system and the effect of this is already being felt by the greater Australian community.


Hard statistics prove that Muslims in Australia already commit a far higher incidence of crime than non-Muslims, are on welfare and receive social service payments far more than any other religious or ethnic group in proportion to their numbers and they are already engaged in forcing their will onto the nation. This is how they are softening up Australia until their numbers grow to that deadly 5% threshold.

Then there are the demands from Muslims who want special consideration and treatment in all spheres of life. Again, this is all part of the softening-up strategy.

The idea of this is to get the host community to become accustomed to Muslim buildings, customs, holidays, dress and food. Muslims try to make it appear that these are just benign requests to accommodate religious beliefs, but the demands to accommodate Muslim practices at the disadvantage of the majority of non-Muslims are becoming more strident every day. Of course Australians, in their misguided tolerance of the failed doctrine of multiculturalism, do not realise that this is part of the softening-up process, to prepare Australia for the real subjugation and eventual takeover, either by political numbers or by force and terrorism.


The story of Tracy Beeling, a young British girl from the town of Luton is a graphic example of how Britain is succumbing to the Muslim invasion. The girl left Luton for some years, then returned to find that her average British town had been invaded by rabid Muslims calling for death to police, death to infidels, imposition of Sharia law and other alien concepts.

Here are British citizens screaming "UK, go to hell", British police, go to hell", protesting about the arrest of a woman who tried to set off a bomb in Stockholm Sweden, as if bombing innocent people was not a crime, but arresting a perpetrator was the crime. The confrontation between the young British girl who was modestly dressed and the Muslim burqa-clad female who accused her of looking naked on the street and trying to seduce somebody was quite startling.

Here is a Muslim idiot dressed in a head-to-foot disguise telling a pretty British girl on a British street in a British town that she is immodestly dressed in order to seduce somebody. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this is how moronic these Muslims are. Also interesting is the clown walking behind Tracy carrying the placard reading, "Sharia - The Solution For UK".

But what really nails down the deadly creeping cancer that is Islam is the confrontation between Tracy and a Muslim marcher. He stated that in Islam, he is not required to respect the law of the land in which he lives. Another Muslim blatantly stated that if the law of the land is Islamic, Muslims would respect it. Obviously the reverse is the case, that in secular nations such as Britain, the law of the land will not be respected by Muslims.

This Muslim imbecile inferred that there were only two classes of people - Muslims and disbelievers and the disbelievers will go to hell and be fuel for the hellfire. At the end, Tracy stated that she was completely gutted, obviously to see her home town and indeed her entire nation being invaded and slowly subjugated by a barbaric death cult disguised as a religion.

The problem is that it is not just happening in Britain. The same scenes are played out in most European nations and slowly, but with increasing momentum, these scenes will be played out in Australia. Muslims use the tolerance and religious freedom of secular nations to invade them and poison their societies, firstly by pretending to be peaceful and benign, then show their true colours as rabid lunatics spreading their death cult by intimidation and force when their numbers increase.

The people of Australia have always been a very laid-back tolerant lot and have accepted immigrants from all over the world as valuable contributors to the Australian landscape. However, Islam is the game-changer, where Muslims not only refuse to integrate and assimilate as other migrants have done previously, but are part of the insidious and vicious invasion of Australia by stealth, in order to eventually subjugate the nation to Islam and Sharia law.


Two cases from the USA clearly show how Sharia is incompatible with Australian law and how it would hurt women and girls. In Australia and most secular western nations, child custody is generally determined on the basis of the best interests of the child. Custody of the child is apportioned jointly or sole custody is granted to one parent if a court is convinced that the other parent is unfit. However, under Sharia, the father always gets custody of a child, completely regardless of any other circumstances.

A prominent case, Hosain vs Malik, was decided in 1996 when an American court in Maryland awarded full custody of a daughter to her father, enforcing a court order from Pakistan, an Islamic country that follows Sharia law. Although the mother in the custody battle was never deemed unfit and the daughter was afraid of her father, an alleged substance abuser and batterer, the US court enforced Sharia requirements. The child’s attorney was not present at the custody hearing to advocate for the child and no input was sought from the daughter, as is standard in US custody cases.

In Hosain v. Malik, the husband’s attorney twisted the best interest of the child to argue that in Pakistan the well-being of the child is facilitated by adherence to Islamic teaching, which mandates awarding custody to the father. The girl was sent back to Pakistan with her father, violating her right to a relationship with her mother and violating the mother’s rights as a parent. Further, the father accused his ex-wife of adultery, which meant that if she returned to Pakistan, she could face imprisonment, lashing or even death by stoning under Sharia.

In June 2009, a divorced Muslim woman who was raped and assaulted by her husband, requested a restraining order from a New Jersey family court. The presiding judge denied the woman’s request and stated that the court believed that the husband was operating under his Sharia law belief that his demand to have sex whenever he desired was not prohibited. The husband’s imam testified at the trial to affirm that under Sharia, a wife is required to comply with her husband’s sexual demands.

According to New Jersey law, coerced sex between married persons is considered rape regardless of whatever an imam or other religious cleric might declare is religiously sanctioned. Thirteen months later, the decision was overturned; but in the interim, the woman endured the stress of living without protection from a violent man whose right to rape, sanctioned by Sharia, had been upheld by an American court.


Well-known American journalist Janet Levy observed: "Sharia is Allah’s law, and stands above all man-made laws. This immutable Islamic legal doctrine derives from the Koran and other sacred Islamic texts, interpretations and rulings. It mandates gender apartheid, religious discrimination, Muslim supremacy, cruel punishments and the denial of free speech and religion. Requirements are detailed for every aspect of life, from the correct use of the toilet, to the treatment of non-Muslims, to proper wife-beating techniques."

"Islamic doctrine recognises men as superior to women in matters of civil arbitration and thus promotes the unequal treatment of women. Under Sharia, the list of inequalities include: a woman’s testimony is valued at half that of a man’s, she may be convicted of sexual misconduct if she is raped unless she produces four male witnesses, she receives half the inheritance of male offspring, her husband may freely divorce her without providing for her, she may be raped with impunity, and she may be beaten by her husband. All these abuses, which violate US (and Australian) laws for equal treatment of the sexes, are perfectly acceptable under Sharia law."


To demonstrate how far Muslims have tried to impose their will on a secular nation, in 2006, Britain's biggest fun park, Alton Towers, planned to stage a Muslim-only day. There would no music, alcohol or gambling. Instead there would be prayer areas, Muslim stalls and all food served would be Halal. The organisers, Islamic Leisure, billed it the First National Muslim Fun Day and tickets could only be bought through their website. Non-Muslims phoning the fun park were refused tickets.

But in a backlash, the Muslim-only day was cancelled after Islamic Leisure, who had hoped to attract 28,000 Muslims, had managed to sell less than 1,000 tickets. An Alton Towers spokesman stated that at least the park would be open to the general public. But this event was just another softening-up attempt to impose Islamic Apartheid onto the people of Britain by excluding non-Muslims from an event in a fun park that was normally available to the general public.


In Australia, Muslims are creating a completely alternate and alien society. A report in 2008 stated that the Islamic community planned to build a Muslim-only housing development and recreation centre as part of a $10 million complex in Rivervale, Western Australia. Islamic Council of WA spokesman Rahim Ghauri said that the group had an architect-designed concept plan for a six-storey housing development, an underground carpark and a hall for weddings, conferences and religious and recreational activities.

Ghauri rejected claims the housing would further isolate sectors of the Muslim community from mainstream society, claiming the venue would be used to teach Islamic youth how to become good Australian citizens. The Council's religious advisor, Abdul Jalil Ahmad, who once tried to set up a sharia court in WA to settle disputes in the Muslim community through an incorporated body, stated that he planned to live in the 20-unit complex on the community’s 1280 square metre Malvern Street block.

This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Muslims have no desire to integrate into the societies to which they have immigrated. The statements from Rahim Ghauri can be considered only as a pile of unmitigated garbage and a deliberate attempt to whitewash his very discriminatory position, which is typical of Muslims in secular nations.

Would Muslims tolerate a Jewish-only or Christian-only residential complex that excluded them? Of course not, because wherever Muslims go, they expect every other culture to subjugate itself to Islam. Muslims demand the right to do whatever they want and go wherever they want, but scream racism or discrimination if they are not given special consideration. Yet Muslims practice racism, discrimination and vilification as a matter of course as part of their filthy death cult.


With most diseases such as cancer, early detection and removal gives sufferers the best chance to beat it. Once a cancer takes hold and spreads through the body, the sufferer has literally no chance at survival. It is the same with the creeping Islamic invasion. While the Muslim population is below 5%, it can be dealt with and in most cases, prevented from exerting its insidious influence over the host nation. But if the population of Muslims is not curtailed and diminished and is allowed to grow, it will eventually kill the culture and lifestyle of that host nation. So what can a nation like Australia do to stop this creeping cancer? Here are some ways.


Although the doctrine of multiculturalism has now been shown to be a complete failure in all secular western nations, it will take time to eradicate this stupid policy of tolerating the intolerant. Governments are reluctant to deal with people from foreign cultures and religions, even when those people can be seen to be working against the interests of the host nations. But in Australia, we the people can do our part to push the message that Islam is a deadly cancer that has the aim of destroying this nation and subverting it to Sharia law. This is what every Australian should do.


One inherent freedom that is guaranteed by common law and even the UN Convention On Human Rights is freedom of association. People do not have to associate with those whom they find unpalatable. Despite all the idiotic anti-discrimination laws, people do have the right to choose the people whom they wish to be with and they have the right to shun and avoid people whom they find distasteful.

Thus people who operate businesses have the right to refuse service or to sell goods to people with whom they do not wish to deal. To that effect, if businesses such as restaurants do not wish to comply with Halal requirements or other Islamic demands, then they should indicate this with a notice:


All businesses that detest Muslims should display the following sign and notice prominently at their entrances.

Very simply put, if somebody in a burqa walks into your store or restaurant, you are well within your rights to throw them out. If somebody walks into your restaurant and demands Halal food, tell them to get lost and that every food item on the menu may - or deliberately contain - traces of pork. You have the right to refuse service to anybody and you don't even have to give a reason. So if you do not wish to deal with Muslims, if somebody who is obviously Muslim walks into your store or restaurant, you can demand that they leave immediately and if they don't, you can call the police and have them arrested for trespassing.

Every private person, business owner, tradesman or anybody else has the common law right of free association. You have every right to make your business a Muslim-Free Zone. Why the hell would you want to have anything to do with people who follow a doctrine that requires them to hate Christians and Jews and to kill them if they do not convert to Islam? Why would you want to deal with people who worship a genocidal paedophile called Mohammed as the ultimate example of a perfect man, when according to Islam's most holy writings (Koran and Hadiths), Mohammed was a mass murderer and a serial child molester who forced a 6-year-old girl to marry him and had sex with her when she was only 9 years old? Mohammed was a dirty old paedophile and anybody who worships this monster is not fit to be called a human being.

If you don't like Muslims for whatever reason - and there are a million valid reasons - you cannot be forced to deal with them in any way. A good example is that of a Jew being forced by the Racial Discrimination Act or any anti-discrimination law to employ a Nazi. It simply would not be tolerated, so if you do not wish to employ, or do business with, or associate with Muslims in any way, then you have that right, despite all those idiotic politically correct anti-discrimination tribunals that try to socially engineer our lives to our detriment.


Everybody has to keep in mind that Islam is not a religion, but an entire political system that has the stated aim of infiltrating every secular western nation and subverting it to Islam. This is stated on most Muslim websites, boasted about by Islamic radical organisations such as Hizb-Ut-Tahrir and the evidence of its success can be seen in Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden and other nations that are suffering massive problems, including violence and terrorism from Muslims.

Burying one's head in the sand under the banner of politically correct multiculturalism and tolerance will only lead to the destruction of the lifestyle and freedoms of nations that allow creeping Islamisation to occur. Like so many western secular nations, Australia is being invaded by stealth and softened-up for the eventual imposition of an Islamic state. Obviously this is going to take some time, because of the relatively low numbers of Muslims in the community, but they are growing at an inordinate rate, assisted by the influx of boatpeople and other illegal and legal immigrants from Muslim nations and a much higher birthrate than non-Muslims.

Australia has to wake up to this menace, observe what Muslims have done to other secular nations and act to stop the invasion before it kills Australia and our way of life.