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Literally every day, there is a story in the media about Catholic clerics such as priests, bishops and occasionally archbishops being caught committing child molestation. From the barrage of news items about this, any reasonable person could only come to one conclusion, that it would be far safer to keep one's children a long way from any Catholic clergy or Christian Brother.

But why do Catholic clergy have such a massive predilection for paedophilia? It is not hard to work out. The main reason is the requirement for Catholic clergy to be celibate and of course this flies in the face of the laws of nature and natural human instinct. Coupled with the instilled guilt that stops these clergymen from partaking of normal sexual relations and thus releasing normal human driving forces, those clergymen sublimate these normal urges and they manifest themselves in a desire to have sex with children, especially boys.


Note that 30% of all accusations included in these figures were not investigated as they were deemed unsubstantiated (10%) or because the accused priest was dead or inactive (20%). They do not include allegations that were "unfounded" or later recanted.

All these figures are widely suspected to be grossly underestimated. For example, the late Father Tom Economus, former President of the Linkup, a national survivors' advocacy group, said back in the mid-90s that he knew of 1,400 insurance claims on the books and that the Church has paid out over $1 billion in liability with an estimated $500 million pending.

He also said that over 800 priests had been removed from ministry and that there might be as many as 5,000 with allegations against them, which is not that far off. He often claimed that by far the most calls he received from all victims of any kind of clergy abuse were those from males who suffered abuse in their youth in the Catholic Church. Certainly the numbers, which show that the highest number of victims were 12 year old boys and that 80% of the abuse was homosexual in nature, validate that anecdotal evidence, too. In fact, while the numbers of young children and girls did not vary much, the report shows an astounding six-fold increase in the abuse of boys aged 11-17 between the 1950s and 70s. And the figures for males stayed high through the 1980s.


These instances are culled from media reports and are the tip of the iceberg.

Of course the majority of paedophilia cases against Catholic clergy are not reported because the victims are either too embarrassed or scared to take action against the perpetrators or the Catholic Church.


The huge Royal Commission into child sex abuse in 2013 uncovered an incredible litany of paedophilia by Catholic priests and Christian Brothers. The Catholic Church admitted paying at least $43 million in hush money to victims of its paedophile priests. It was the first time that the church had been forced to reveal the extent of compensation paid to victims, although it did not include out-of-court settlements or other payments made outside the church's Towards Healing process.

Towards Healing, set up in 1996 to act as a way for people to tell their stories, receive pastoral care, an apology and reparation but in some cases, they had to sign a deed agreeing to keep the details secret and even promise not to make disparaging remarks about the church.

Counsel assisting the commission, Gail Furness SC, said that between January 1996 and September 2013, $43 million had been paid by all church authorities with the Christian Brothers the most notorious. The second largest number of complaints were made against the Marist Brothers and then the De La Salle Brothers. In that time, 2215 victims had approached the Towards Healing process and 1700 people went ahead with it, although not all were pursued or substantiated.

The most complaints, 43%, were made against religious brothers, 21% against diocesan priests and 14% against religious priests. Most of the abuse happened between 1950 to 1980 in orphanages and schools. Furness said that the highest compensation was $850,000 paid to the victim of a Sydney diocese priest.

The Royal Commission merely confirmed what most sensible people already knew, that the Catholic Church was a seething hotbed of child molesters and it could be concluded that the only reason that most people became priests and Christian Brothers was because it gave them the opportunity to be amongst and control vulnerable kids. With the revelations that have come out of this Royal Commission, every member of the Catholic clergy should be considered to be a paedophile unless proven otherwise and anybody who entrusts their kids into the hands of the Catholic Church is putting them at grave risk of being sexually molested.


In August 2011, rapist Christian Brother Robert Best was jailed for 14 years and nine months after pleading guilty to abusing 11 Victorian boys. Best, 70, pleaded guilty to 27 sexual assaults of boys at schools he taught at between 1969 and 1988. Best initially contested the charges, with his defence funded by the Catholic Church. The offences occurred at St Leo's Christian Brothers College at Box Hill, St Joseph's College in Geelong and St Alipius primary school at Ballarat where, as the principal, he raped a nine-year-old student.

Judge Punshon told Best that he caused a great deal of human damage and misery. He said the victim impact statements were a salutary and powerful reminder of the devastating and long-lasting effect that sexual offending can have.

Judge Punshon said that Best's offending was a grave breach of trust, due to his role as a teacher and spiritual guide. "Because of your power and position of authority, victims who were young and immature commonly felt powerless and unable to complain, either at all or effectively. Every one of your victims was a vulnerable student." he said.

Since 1996, six juries have convicted Best of sexual assaults against young boys. At the time of this sentencing, Best was already in jail serving four separate terms for indecent assaults against boys at his schools.

Robert Best is just the tip of the iceberg. The Catholic Church is riddled with child molesters and as seen in this case, Best's defence was funded by the Catholic Church. No parents should ever delude themselves that their children are safe in the care, or even the proximity of any Catholic clergy or even Catholic laymen. The criminal records are littered with such people, masquerading as benign religious people, but really using the Catholic Church as cover for their disgusting predatory paedophilia.

The one very clear conclusion to which a reasonable person could arrive is the fact that there is no cure for paedophilia except death. There are very few instances of paedophiles ceasing to prey on children after being caught and convicted of these offences. Therefore the only solution that can deal properly with convicted paedophiles is either a life sentence in jail with no prospect of release, or the death penalty. Unfortunately, keeping a paedophile in jail for decades is money wasted, therefore the only real effective solution for these bastards is to execute them and solve the problem permanently.


In April 2011, a retired Catholic bishop stated that some priests do not view the molestation of boys as a breach of their celibacy vows. Geoffrey Robinson, the former auxiliary bishop of Sydney, blamed the absence of women from church life as a catalyst for the sexual abuse crisis enveloping the faith.

In a magazine interview, Robinson said that boys suffered more than girls at the hands of paedophile priests, partly because they were more available to them, with nuns tending to play a greater role in the religious education of young girls. There was also a view among some offenders with whom he had worked, that a priest's celibacy vows weren't broken if a boy was involved.

"We've met it often enough to see it as a factor," he told the magazine. "That's what the vow of celibacy refers to, being married. If it's not an adult woman, then somehow they're not breaking their vow."

This revelation by a retired bishop only reinforces what everybody knows, that the Catholic clergy considers paedophilia to be normal practice. It is logical to assume that many people become priests to give them the opportunity to engage in child molestation in a well-protected environment, simply because it is well known that the Catholic Church has a long history of shielding paedophile priests from the law.

Like most religious organisations that use denial of normal physical functions and guilt to control people, the Catholic Church instituted celibacy to control the clergy. However, suppressing normal human behaviour, especially something as strong as the sexual and reproductive instinct always manifests itself in aberrant behaviour, such as the extraordinary prevalence of priests who are paedophiles.


When confronted by almost daily news reports about paedophile Catholic clergy, Christian Brothers and other Catholic functionaries, any reasonable person could only come to the conclusion that paedophilia is an integral part of the Catholic Church. It is a well-known and proven fact that the highest echelons of the Catholic Church have done everything in their power to protect paedophiles within their ranks, which makes them as guilty of this heinous crime as the perpetrators.

Seeing the statistics and news reports, it is far safer for people to regard every Catholic clergyman as a paedophile until proven innocent. Anybody who entrusts their children to Catholic clergy would have to be insane. To think that these people, who make their living from peddling stupid and unsubstantiated fairytales about a mythical Skydaddy, are given special privileges in most societies is a sick joke.

Despite the ridiculous laws about religious vilification, nobody should hesitate to vilify an organisation that is riddled with paedophiles and which protects them from the law where possible. Nobody should hesitate to vilify people who support this disgusting activity. Nobody should fear being prosecuted for vilifying Catholic clergy and the Catholic Church, because the litany of crimes against humanity committed by this filthy organisation, from the torture and murder during the Spanish Inquisition, the persecution of scientists such as Copernicus and many others, the murder or imprisonment of critics and many other travesties are an indictment and proof that such an organisation and its acolytes are only worthy of contempt and vilification.