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Trash The Koran

CHRISTIANITY - The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a woman who was made from a rib was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

Although man has managed to drop down out of the trees and evolve to a much higher intellectual level than his primate ancestors, amazingly he is still insecure and ignorant enough to require the patronage of totally mythical entities to govern his life and his society.

It could be expected that ignorant peasants of 2000 years ago would attribute even the simplest natural phenomena to a supreme being, but it is almost beyond belief to see that the incredible scientific discoveries and advances in knowledge, especially in the past century, have not been enough to show that religions have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever.

Legendary US author and philosopher Mark Twain

Legendary US author and philosopher Mark Twain

When people talk about faith, what they really mean is: "I don't know." But they can't admit this to themselves or to others, so they hide behind words like faith and belief.


Just about everybody has received scam emails from somebody in Nigeria or other African nation, promising to send them millions of dollars as an inheritance from a total stranger, an over-invoiced contract or a diverted sum of money by an alleged bank manager. Of course what happens is that this money does not exist and the people sending the emails are just swindlers who play on the greed of people to scam an advance payment out of them and keep squeezing money out of them until the suckers wake up or go broke.

Organised religion works exactly the same way as all those African advance fee scams. All religions promise their victims that they will enjoy an afterlife when they die - go to heaven or some such place. In exchange, the operators of organised religions ask that the victims pay them money to support their lavish lifestyles. But African scammers don't have those millions of dollars to send to their victims and organised religions cannot send anybody to heaven to enjoy an afterlife because there is no such thing.

This is the basis of all scams and all religions - promising victims something that they cannot deliver, in exchange for fleecing them. The crazy thing is that most of the people in the world just cannot see this. Even the ones who understand how the African advance fee scams work and would never fall for them, still traipse off to churches, temples, synagogues and mosques and fill the pockets of the scammers who put on fancy hats and robes and claim to have a direct line to a mythical deity and a key to a non-existent heaven.

Think about it. Would you believe a Nigerian who says in an email that he promises to transfer millions of dollars to you if only you pay a small amount as a delivery fee or for a clearance document? Of course not. So why the hell would you believe a person in a fancy outfit and a silly hat who promises to guarantee you an afterlife in heaven in exchange for you believing his line of bullshit, doing what he says and contributing to his upkeep and lifestyle? But people do - and they support the greatest scam the world has ever seen - organised religion.


Most people seem to have enormous difficulty in understanding the difference between race, nationality and religion and tend to believe that if for instance a person is born into a Catholic, Jewish or Islamic family, that person automatically becomes a Catholic, Jew or Muslim. This is completely preposterous, as no newborn child even understands the concept of religion, let alone any other philosophical concepts. Therefore logically, a newborn child is completely devoid of any religious belief and only acquires such a belief as a result of indoctrination.

People need to completely understand the differences between race, nationality and religion, as these are the three completely separate states that affect virtually everybody on the planet.


The United Nations (UN) does not define racism, however it does define racial discrimination. In a completely misguided and patently false definition, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination states:

This is just sheer idiocy and it is just WRONG because the UN defines discrimination based on religion and national origin as being racial. Of course any rational person knows that religion, nationality and ethnicity has nothing whatsoever to do with race, therefore the UN definition is literally not worth the paper on which it is printed. The problem is that many religious, national and ethnic groups use the term "racism" as a psychological weapon whenever somebody criticises their religion or their nationality.


Nearly all religions have a platform that tries to enforce adherence by birth. For instance, most newborn babies born to Catholics are immediately recognised as being Catholic, although obviously they have absolutely no concept of God, Jesus Christ and all the other Catholic claptrap. They are baptised, given communion and then thoroughly indoctrinated and brainwashed that they are inherently evil because they have inherited "Original Sin" and therefore must grovel to an imaginary deity for the rest of their lives to atone for this and assure their places in the equally mythical heaven.

Of course literally all religions apply this ridiculous concept to their newborns. Muslims will have children that automatically become Muslims from birth, Hindus, Sikhs and all the rest of the world's cockamamy religions and cults apply this system, which is why religions continue to gather adherents as populations increase. However, as the world slowly becomes more enlightened, religions are losing their followings when people discover the utter stupidity of having an entrenched belief in an imaginary friend when there is no evidence to support such a belief.

Religions use the completely false premise that religion is inherited, obviously to try to maintain their number of followers. Although people may truly believe that religion is inherited, this has no basis in fact. For instance, the Jews have a very peculiar and illogical belief that if a child has a Jewish mother, that child is automatically Jewish. Of course this is completely ludicrous, simply because that newborn child has no concept of Judaism or any other religion whatsoever and only acquires it by indoctrination and subsequent belief.

But if that child chooses not to believe in Judaism, he cannot be a Jew, because like all religions, Judaism is NOT genetically inherited like race - it is merely a state of mind and just a particular version of a belief in an imaginary friend. Judaism is NOT a nationality either. There are many people born in Israel who are not Jews, but people who are born into Jewish families anywhere on the planet can automatically become citizens of Israel, whether they believe in Judaism or not. This should NEVER be confused with religion, as this situation is purely the result of a political decision of the Israeli government.


Many people who profess to be of the Jewish faith describe themselves as secular Jews, that is, Jews that do not practise Judaism or believe in the Jewish God Hashem, Yahweh or Adonai. This has to be one of the most preposterously ridiculous and illogical concepts ever, simply because a secular Jew cannot exist.

It is easy to see that the term "secular Jew" is completely contradictory. One cannot be secular and still believe in any religion and one cannot be a Jew and disbelieve in, or not practise Judaism. Sure, plenty of people who claim to be secular Jews follow known Jewish cultural practices. But eating matzos, having a mezuzah stuck on a doorframe, eating chicken soup and gefilte fish and exclaiming "Oy Vey" at opportune moments does not make a person a Jew if he does not believe in the Jewish God or follow Talmudic doctrine to the letter.

It would be exactly the same situation if a white Caucasian person went into the Australian bush, joined a tribe of Aborigines and ate witchetty grubs and yams, danced at corroborees, played a didgeridoo, tossed a boomerang and adopted every Aboriginal custom. Doing all of that would never make that person an Aborigine, no matter what, because Aboriginality is entirely dependent on race, not custom or practice, even if the Australian government deems it to be so. Aboriginality is not political because it relies on ancestry and DNA, not eating grubs and playing a didgeridoo.

So the reality is that no person can be a secular Jew. If he believes in that Jewish God and follows orthodox Jewish doctrine, then he is a Jew. And if he doesn't believe in that Jewish God, he can eat all the matzos and gefilte fish under the sun, spin a million dreidls and sing Hava Nagila all day and night and he will never be a Jew, secular or not.

Of course this stems from the ludicrous ideology that Judaism is a race and is inherited. Judaism is nothing more than a belief system that can be learned, adopted or discarded at a whim. But at the end of the day, either a person is a Jew by virtue of his belief in the Jewish God or he is not a Jew. Therefore there is no such thing as a secular Jew and Judaism is not transmitted by DNA.

The same goes for that white Caucasian person who claims to be an Aborigine because he hangs out with indigenous people and indulges in Aboriginal customs and practices. He can dance naked around a fire during a corroboree day and night, but he will never be an Aborigine in a million years and it is grossly stupid to refer to this person as being an Aborigine, merely because he identifies with this race.


Brainwashing is an effective tool for moulding the credulous impressionable minds of children, as seen in the innumerable fanatical Muslims emerging from madrassas in Pakistan and other Islamic nations, where they are constantly indoctrinated from birth to believe only in Allah and their reward in heaven if they spend their lives killing non-Muslims. When such people happily strap bombs onto their bodies and set out to massacre innocent people because they think that such vile acts will deliver them to heaven, that well-stocked brothel in the sky, complete with 72 virgins and milk and honey, without one shred of evidence to support this utterly stupid notion, then brainwashing and indoctrination obviously works well.

Of course none of those Islamic leaders who preach this crap to their gullible followers ever strap on those suicide vests and kill themselves for their stupid religion - they just send out those inbred morons who have been fed a load of garbage about sacrificing their lives so that they can go to that mythical paradise and receive their mythical rewards.

The Catholics have always had a doctrine of brainwashing, as evidenced by the quote from Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, who stated, "Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man." Catholics are renowned for their high level of indoctrination and very heavy emphasis on running Catholic schools, where daily recitation of prayers and repetition of catechisms coupled with strict discipline, hopefully produces generation after generation of loyal Catholics. When natural bodily functions and biological urges are proscribed as sins, many malleable people are manipulated by their guilt at succumbing to these pressures and thus become slaves to the Catholic Church, because this organisation offers absolution for those sins that really are not sins at all.


Unlike a person's race, which cannot be altered by any means, religion can be adopted or renounced. A person can become a Muslim merely by stating the words "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" three times. However in many Islamic nations, the penalty for apostasy, the act of renouncing Islam, is death. This is so stupid as to beggar belief. For instance, even if a person in Afghanistan is forced to appear as a devout Muslim for his safety, he may in fact be a dedicated Atheist and have complete contempt for Islam. The same goes for any other religion. A person can renounce his faith and be an Atheist merely by ceasing to believe in a supreme deity and there is nothing anybody else can do about it to change that person's thought processes.


The most fundamental observation of all religions is that since time immemorial to the present day, there has never ever been one solitary shred of evidence to show that there is any form of supreme being. Notwithstanding this total lack of any hard evidence, religion has become the biggest business of all time, making vast sums of money and giving immense power and influence to a relatively small group of people who are willing to propagate the most preposterous fairy stories as immutable truth.

One thing that all religions have in common is the demand for absolute blind faith from their adherents, even when any sane logical person could only come to the inescapable conclusion that there is no basis for that faith. Somehow, religions and sects always seem to have plenty of devotees who swallow their rubbish and seem to easily part with their money to support the charlatans who run the religious circuses all over the world.

There seems to be only one logical reason for religious belief and this is that people are scared of dying and like to think that after they expire, that is not the end of their existence. Although there has never been any evidence to support an afterlife and the "near death experience" has been totally debunked by being duplicated thousands of times in laboratories, all of the major religions keep their core of followers by promising them eternal life.

In a handwritten letter to philosopher Eric Gutkind, one of the greatest scientific minds of all times, Albert Einstein, wrote that the idea of religion was a product of human weakness. Einstein discussed his views on religion, including calling the Bible a collection of honourable but still primitive legends which were nevertheless pretty childish. Of course Einstein was perfectly correct, as there has never been any evidence of a god and the stories in all religious writings are just nonsensical fantasies.

As for Islam, everything in this death cult originates from the uncorroborated testimony of one paedophile, and paedophiles are notorious liars and conmen. Despite the Muslims trying to pull the "Abrahamic Religions" taqiyya tactic, Islam is not a continuation of Judeo-Christian religion. It is a garbled plagiarism of Jewish and Christian scriptures, which is in many respects a contradiction and corruption of the originals.

Muslims revere Mohammed because very few acknowledge the truth about him, that he was a mass-murdering, genocidal maniac and serial child molester and this filthy bastard is revered and worshipped by every Muslim, which explains their terrorism and criminality. Yet none of them have ever seen Allah or proven that there is an afterlife with virgins for every male who is stupid enough to kill himself while committing a terrorist act.


Of course, these religions exact a high price for this mythical path to heaven. Devotees must live their lives subjugated by religious dogma, restrain themselves from performing natural functions and most of all, increase the wealth and power of the people who control these religions. However when these priests, imams, rabbis and other religious scam artists are confronted with gaping holes or hard evidence that what is written in their religious tracts is just nonsense, they insist that these documents were written by divine inspiration and are not to be questioned, or that one must have blind faith.

When most religious people are asked to provide some proof to substantiate their dogma, they invariably pull out their main religious document such as the Christian Bible, Koran or Torah and quote passages from it as some sort of evidence that the contents are absolutely true. When it is pointed out to them that the document accused of being false cannot itself be used to prove that its contents are factual, but must be supported by hard external evidence, these people just cannot understand the simple logic of that.

So far no religious devotees have managed to offer any hard proof to support their beliefs and it is quite amazing that people cannot see how illogical and irrational their blind faith really is to any sane person who requires some evidence to support a belief or theory. On the other hand, there are uncountable instances where those who claim the protection and favours of their Gods are dispatched to the afterlife in the most grisly fashion, certainly not in any way that a benevolent supreme being would inflict upon devout devotees.


In many nations, including Australia, it is an offence to vilify religion or to discriminate against people on the basis of their religious beliefs. This is a preposterously stupid state of affairs, because for absolutely no good reason, ridiculing somebody's belief in one fairy story is protected by law because that particular fairy happens to be some form of mythical supreme being. Yet it is not illegal to ridicule anybody because they believe in gnomes, goblins, dragons, unicorns and other fictional beings.

Employers are not permitted to discriminate against people on the basis of their religious beliefs, even though a person holding illogical beliefs without substance could be considered to be irrational on that basis alone. It may be an offence to denigrate or ridicule people because of their religious beliefs, but the truth is that such people really are idiots, because they follow doctrines that have no basis in reality.


Nobody would be prosecuted if they ridiculed people for being Nazis, or that they believed in alien shape-changing lizards that have assumed the personas of the President of the USA, the Prime Minister of Australia and other powerful international figures, so that they could control the world in an attempt to conquer us. A normal sane person would certainly consider somebody who holds such a belief to be quite mad, however plenty of fools abound, such as those slavish followers of the amazingly ridiculous theories of former English soccer player David Icke, who has carved out a lucrative career by conning gullible suckers into buying his books and recordings about this utter rubbish.

But if somebody states that he firmly believes that there is some supreme all-powerful deity that he calls God, Allah or Yahweh that created our universe and miraculously caused all sorts of phenomena that are known to be just natural occurrences, or came to earth and impregnated a virgin who then had a child that could perform miracles, then people are expected to respect a person for this. Yet, there is absolutely no difference in utter stupidity between the person believing in shape-changing alien lizards and a person believing in some all-powerful imaginary friend that nobody has ever seen or heard, but who listens to his every imprecation from a mythical heaven.

Even worse is the entrenched concept in society that the purveyors of such nonsensical garbage should be held in high esteem and given all sorts of benefits and concessions. These priests, pastors, rabbis, imams and other religious are either fools or crooks. If they actually believe the nonsense that they spout about their imaginary friends, then they are fools. However, if they are in the religion business because it is a nice way to make an easy living and they don't believe the claptrap that they spout to their followers, then they are simply cheap crooks and conmen.

When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called INSANITY
When many people suffer from the same delusion, it is called RELIGION


The entire basis of Judeo-Christian religions can be summed up in one sentence, which points out how completely ridiculous it is, when analysed dispassionately. Read and absorb it, because it reveals how utterly preposterous the entire cornerstones of such religions really are.

The Judeo-Christian God Explains Himself - Folks, it's like this. I created man and woman with original sin. Then I destroyed most of them for sinning. Then I impregnated a woman with myself without her permission so that I could be born. Then I killed myself as a sacrifice to myself to save all of you from the sin that I gave you in the first place.

Salvation consists of an act of symbolic cannibalism and surrendering to a spiritual master in the sky through an act of telepathic capitulation, to overcome the taint acquired by a woman made from a rib, who was convinced by a talking snake to eat the fruit from a magic tree.

Can you believe that billions of people believe this utter bullshit and base their entire lives on it? That's what Christians and Jews do. Muslims are far worse. They cannot do a solitary thing without referring to their stupid death cult of Islam. Everything they do, everything they eat and everything that they even think has to be based on observance to Islam. They can't even go to the toilet without reciting prayers and performing rituals and even being required to wipe their backsides with a certain hand. Then they grovel on the ground and lift those backsides to the sky five times a day to pray to their mythical skydaddy Allah.

Other religions are no better. Hindus have a multitude of deities and worship cows that roam around all over the place while those Hindus starve. They take ritual dips in the filthy Ganges River and wonder why so many die of terrible diseases and their various gods never manage to save them from those afflictions. Sikhs are not allowed to cut their hair and thus are stuck with wearing turbans. Sikhs are also required to wear silver bracelets and carry a ceremonial knife called a Kirpan.

That's how all religions work to keep their followers faithful. They impose ridiculously stupid rituals and requirements on the devotees, who are made to feel very guilty if they don't do all those idiotic things. It's purely and simply psychological blackmail and the worst thing is - it works.

Government tribunals persecute people for scoffing at religion

Yet politically correct instrumentalities such as the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) have the power to persecute people for merely stating the truth, that people who believe in imaginary friends such as God, Allah and Jesus are delusional fools who are potentially dangerous because of those beliefs. However none of the religious complainants are ever required to prove conclusively to that same tribunal that their imaginary friends actually exist. In other words, people can spout any sort of utter crap under the flag of a mainstream religion and if anybody dares to scoff at it, they can be dragged before some tribunal and prosecuted.

Just look at world history to see the massive death and destruction wreaked as a result of the religious beliefs of such fanatics to understand why the ridiculing of religion should never be an offence. All religions are a pox on humanity and have held back civilisation, science, medicine and most human endeavours for no other reason than a bunch of stupid, ignorant and completely unfounded beliefs.


There is absolutely no logical basis why people should not be permitted to discriminate against fools who hold stupid unfounded beliefs. For instance if I interviewed a person for a job and he told me that he believed in alien lizards taking over the world, I would definitely eliminate him from contention on the basis that he was a deluded and gullible idiot who could be an utter menace to my business because of his irrational beliefs.

But I would feel exactly the same about a person who told me that he believed in some supernatural entity called God, who created the universe in 7 days, impregnated a married virgin that had a son who was executed by crucifixion and was resurrected back to life. I don't see any difference between the idiot who believes in alien lizards and the idiot who believes in that mythical God.

I would also treat with contempt a Muslim who reveres a serial paedophile who claimed to be a prophet of a God that instructed him to loot, pillage, plunder, rape, torture and murder innocent human beings, in order to further the interests of his religion. I would never show any respect to a person who believed that any person who decided to renounce his particular brand of insanity should be killed.


In 2013, it was found that religious people are less intelligent than non-believers, according to a review of 63 scientific studies. Miron Zuckerman led a team at the University of Rochester who found a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity in 53 out of 63 studies. The group found that it wasn't because intelligent people know better, but often because they are better placed to offer themselves the psychological benefits offered by religion.

"Intelligent people typically spend more time in school - a form of self-regulation that may yield long-term benefits," the researchers write. "More intelligent people get higher level jobs and better employment and higher salary may lead to higher self-esteem, and encourage personal control beliefs."

The paper, published in the academic journal Personality and Social Psychology Review, quoted a 1916 study which found that 58% of randomly selected scientists in the USA expressed disbelief in, or doubt regarding the existence of God and this proportion rose to nearly 70% for the most eminent scientists. The researchers concluded that people possessing the functions that religion provides are likely to adopt atheism, people lacking these very functions, for example the poor and helpless, are likely to adopt religion.

This research came to the same conclusions that any sane and rational person would arrive at - that people who believe in invisible deities for which there is not a shred of evidence must be stupid to do so, therefore obviously less intelligent than people who don't worship and grovel to these non-existent creatures.


In April 2014, a 21-year old man died after being crushed by a crucifix erected in honour of Pope John Paul II in northern Italy. Marco Gusmini was killed instantly and one other man taken to hospital. Part of the 30 metre high sculpture collapsed at a ceremony ahead of the Pope's canonisation. John Paul II and his predecessor. It is not the first death caused by a falling crucifix in Italy. In 2004, a 72-year old woman had been crushed to death by a 7ft-tall metal crucifix in the town of Sant'Onofrio in the south of the country.

These are only two examples of a myriad of religious symbols, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples collapsing or catching fire and killing people. If a god existed, would he permit these incidents killing his most devout acolytes? Of course not. This is the lunacy of religion, where believers will completely dismiss hard facts and excuse these so-called "Acts of God" as being this mythical god's will. In other words, this god's will kills people with god's own symbols and houses of religion. Of course people who believe such crap are just delusional.


The most frequently lightning-struck objects in the world are religious statues and houses of worship. It seems that the imaginary God really dislikes churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and religious icons.

Statue of Christ in Rio Di Janeiro in Brazil being broken by an Act of God

In January 2014, a so-called Act of God - lightning - broken a finger off the right hand of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Father Omar, rector of the shrine that holds the statue, stated that lightning frequently strikes the 30-metre-high statue, a symbol of Rio that overlooks the Brazilian city from the peak of the 700-metre Corcovado mountain. Its right hand had been damaged some time ago, but the finger finally broke off in a storm.

"They say lightning does not strike the same spot twice. But with the Christ it does," the priest said. A lightning rod and other equipment are in place to protect the image, but they do not always do the trick, he said.

But why would a statue of Jesus Christ need protection from Acts of God, such as a lightning rod and other equipment? Of course Father Omar wouldn't be able to answer such a question, because his stupid religious dogma cannot fathom that there is no God and lightning does what it has always done and strike the highest and most convenient object between it and the ground. But this lightning strike upon Jesus shows the utter nonsense of religion and so-called Acts of God that are merely natural phenomena.

In June 2010, a lightning bolt struck a 62-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ outside a church in Monroe, Ohio USA and the statue erupted in flames. All that remained was a charred steel skeleton. In 2008, lightning singed the fingers and eyebrows of Christ the Redeemer, the 130-foot Jesus statue that stands over Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In 2007, a bolt blasted the 33-foot Jesus statue at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado USA. One of Jesus's arms fell off.

In the USA, the Notre Dame de Chicago's Virgin Mary burst into flames from her perch atop the church's dome in 1978. A bolt that struck St Joan of Arc's statue in New Orleans sliced her brandished staff in half. Statues of the Angel Moroni, which frequently top Mormon churches, have been hit by lightning with such frequency (Moroni's horn is particularly susceptible) that the Salt Lake Tribune once fretted over their safety in a front-page story.

In February 2011, the New Zealand city of Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake, one of those many alleged Acts of God that occur on a daily basis. Among the destruction, the Christchurch Cathedral, this house of God, was very badly damaged, losing its entire spire.

This merely proves that if there is a God (which there is not), then this mythical deity does not think much of the very symbols that worship him. But these incidents merely highlight the utter stupidity of people who believe that this God is benevolent, whereas everything that happens on the planet proves otherwise.


The collective insanity of a large proportion of the human race can be seen when accidents occur and they are never blamed on God. Yet when people who are affected by such accidents are rescued by other people, these are invariably attributed to acts of God.

For instance, in August 2010, 33 miners in Chile were trapped underground after the mine they were working collapsed. It took 63 days before an ingenious method was devised by engineers and used to rescue those miners and bring them to the surface. As with most of these types of occurrences, there was an outpouring of religious fervour, with their rescue attributed to God. Even the miners praised God for their rescue.

However, the question that has never been answered is - where was God for 63 days while the miners were trapped underground and suffering? If this God had such amazing powers, why were those miners not suddenly transported back to the surface by this God on the day the mine collapsed? Why did this alleged God do nothing, but left it to a group of engineers and other experts to drill a hole and lower a special cage to bring each miner to the surface?

This sort of idiotic thought is commonplace. When a disaster happens and people are rescued, they fall on their knees and pray to some mythical creature for their salvation, yet in every single case, it was just other people who saved them. This syndrome can only be attributed to a form of collective insanity.


Despite the fact that they consider themselves to be the "Chosen People", the Jews have been persecuted, hounded and murdered for thousands of years, most recently in the most horrible ways by the Nazis and plagued by anti-Semitism all over the world and constant turmoil in their "Promised Land" of Israel. The only conclusion that can be arrived at is that if this is what their God allows to happen to the "Chosen People", then they would be far better off being Atheists and unchosen.

For instance, 6 million Jews were massacred by the Nazis in World War Two. Why did their almighty and all-powerful God not smite the Nazis on the spot before any Jewish lives were snuffed out? The logical and truthful answer is that there was no God to save them and it took the Allied powers 6 years to defeat the Nazis and release the Jewish survivors of the concentration camps, but not before the Nazis slaughtered 6 million of them. So much for God.


The Christians also have their share of misery and no amount of divine intervention seems to prevent them from dying in the most awful ways, irrespective of their devotion to their faith. One of the best examples of a so-called "Act of God" was the tornado that tore through a small midwestern US town one Sunday, totally bypassing every building and inflicting absolutely no damage or injury until it reached the town's church. The tornado then totally annihilated the church, not only literally reducing it to matchsticks but also killing every man, woman and child who were praying inside. It would be interesting to hear the explanation for this "Act of God" from the elders of that church, if any of them survived.

Tidal wave annihilates Christians

Another good example of an "Act of God" is that of the tidal wave in July 1998 that struck Papua New Guinea, killing thousands of people, most of them devout Christians and rendering tens of thousands of people homeless and destitute. The most ludicrous sight was the local priest on the TV news asking the world to pray and begging for assistance to rectify the damage and try to help people who survived this holocaust, but somehow he did not get any aid whatsoever from his imaginary friend, God.

God does not protect against major accidents

In January 2001, a Salvation Army van was involved in a collision with a truck near Chicago in the USA. Ten people, all of them undoubtedly devout Christians were killed when the Salvo's van veered across the road. Unless the driver wanted to commit suicide and take his passengers with him, the obvious conclusion is that the crash was caused by - you guessed it - an "Act of God." When the Salvos pray to their God at the funerals for their colleagues, maybe they should ask this mythical deity why they died in the first place, when they were such devout Christians.

God did not save 3000 people at the WTC

After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York in September 2001, where so many thousands of people were killed, it was amazing to see the Americans flocking into churches to pray. The logical question would be, if the God to whom most Americans pray was actually real, why did such a supposedly powerful and benevolent deity allow so many devoutly religious people to perish in such a ghastly fashion? It is ludicrous to see so many mealy-mouthed hypocritical phoneys such as ministers of religion coming out and asking people to pray to a supposedly all-powerful God that should have stopped such tragedies from occurring in the first place.

God watches while cathedral burns

The Christians of New York were again inflicted with another "Act of God" in December 2001, when their oldest and most revered cathedral was totally destroyed when it burned to the ground. One must wonder about the sort of explanation that the local churchmen could offer as to why a building devoted to worship of their God should be demolished by the very entity to whom it is dedicated.

God watches more Christians wiped out in accidents

In June 2002, a bus carrying youngsters to a church camp crashed into a pillar, killing the driver and four passengers. US authorities said there were also multiple injuries in the accident, which happened about 30 miles east of Dallas, Texas. "There were bodies and blood and things everywhere," said Todd Von Helms, a youth minister in another church group heading to the same camp. "I asked our youths to turn their heads and not to look. It's probably the worst thing I've ever witnessed." Here is yet another example of virtually daily occurrences where devoutly religious people are wiped out. It would be interesting to hear Van Helms explain this tragedy in terms of his so-called loving God looking after worshippers.

In July 2002, at least 19 pilgrims died and 32 pilgrims were injured when a bus flipped over at a roundabout near Hungary's Lake Balaton resort. The Polish pilgrims, including a priest, were on their way to Medjugorje, a shrine to the Virgin Mary in Bosnia. A spokesman stated that it was certain that there would be further casualties. So much for God taking care of his devout followers.

In August 2002 on a highway in Mexico, a bus crashed through a toll booth after its brakes apparently failed. The accident killed 35 pilgrims and injured 20, who were all members of The Light Of The World, a Christian church. They were on their way to take part in a massive annual re-enactment of the Last Supper. Did these devout Christian pilgrims deserve to die in such a way, apparently from an act of God such as brake failure? What were their sins, that they had to be removed from this existence? How is the head of their church going to explain this one?

Devout occupants of churches killed by Acts of God

In December 2003, nine people, including a priest and five children, were killed when lightning struck the church they were attending in Swaziland. The victims were attending a service of the Zionist Church at Mankayane, about 70 kilometres southwest of the capital when the incident happened. Lightning directly hit the church, killing the 58-year-old priest, five children, two men and a woman. Three of the nine came from a single family - a mother with her two children. I wonder how the new priest is going to explain the demise of his predecessor and some of the presumably very devout worshippers by this act of God.

In January 2004, a 13th century Ethiopian church hewn out of rock collapsed, killing at least 15 people attending a service to commemorate an Orthodox Christian saint, state radio said. Tens of thousands of worshippers flock to the church from across northern Ethiopia to pray and give alms on the festival of Saint Gabriel, an important date in the calendar of Ethiopia's Orthodox Church. But how is the Orthodox Church going to explain this act of God to all of the survivors?

In September 2014, 45 devout Christians died in a collapsed guesthouse at a church in Nigeria. The building was on the campus of renowned Nigerian preacher TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations. The collapse was most likely caused by construction to add two stories to the four-story structure without any fortification of the foundations. It would be rather amusing to see this Nigerian preacher try to explain why his God decided to kill all those innocent Christians and destroy his church. God does work in mysterious ways, mostly killing his followers.

God fails to save devout Christians again

In July 2007, at least twenty-five Polish pilgrims died when their bus crashed today through safety barriers and plunged about 40 meters into a mountain stream near Grenoble in eastern France. The Poles are some of the most staunchly devout Catholics on the planet, so it seems that their devotion to their fictional God has secured those pilgrims a spot in their fictional heaven.

In August 2008, at least 14 people were killed in the US state of Texas after a bus carrying a Vietnamese church group crashed off a bridge into a ravine. The bus, carrying 55 people, slid off the highway express bridge in Sherman town. Police said the bus was chartered by Vietnamese Catholics from Houston who were on a pilgrimage to Missouri. More than 40 others were injured and several of them were in a critical condition. So much for God loving his flock.

Toddler drowns in baptismal font

In February 2012, a toddler died after being found submerged in a baptismal font at an Indianapolis church in the USA. Employees told police that they found the child underwater in the 60cm deep baptismal pool at the Praise Fellowship Assembly of God church. The boy, identified as Juan Cardenas, was taken to the St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital, where he died. So this loving God that Christians adore allowed this innocent child to drown in a baptismal font in the House of God? This incident alone demonstrates the utter stupidity of believing in this mythical Skydaddy, where every occurrence such as this tragedy proves that no God exists.

Bus crash kills 24 church members

In March 2013, 24 people in a church group were killed in South Africa in a double-decker bus crash in a mountainous pass near Cape Town. The bus was bringing people back to Cape Town's township of Khayelitsha from a church gathering in eastern Mpumalanga. Obviously their God wanted them to die right there and then and of course the members of their church group back home will pray to this Skydaddy, which will do absolutely no good whatsoever.

Bus crash kills members of Afro-Brazilian religions

In March 2015, At least 49 members of Afro-Brazilian religions were killed when the brakes on their bus failed and it plunged 400 metres into a wooded area. The victims were going to take part in a religious gathering at a seaside resort. It seems that all the gods which those people worshipped could not do something as simple as keep their bus from crashing and killing them.


Of course the Christians do not mind suffering, as the whole basis of their religion is that they are automatically sinful and must flagellate themselves all their lives and deny themselves the most normal and basic human functions to be eligible for their entry to heaven. A result of this denial of basic natural human nature such as the reproductive instinct is the high incidence of child molestation by supposedly celibate Catholic priests and Christian Brother teachers who transmute their repressed urges into disgusting acts of paedophilia. Virtually not one week goes by without one or more of these religious leaders being arrested and charged with sodomy and other sexual crimes against children.

Priests cannot be trusted by their own churches

In fact it has come to the point where Catholic priests are now so mistrusted, even by their own church, that in England and Wales the Catholic Church has decreed that traditional wooden confessionals will give way to glass boxes to prevent child abuse. Both confessors and priests will be visible during the acts of contrition, however the booths will be soundproof. This alone is a damning indictment on the clergy.

Literally every day, news reports expose child molestation and other sexually deviate and criminal acts by Christian clergy and the massive compensation payouts by Catholic churches in the USA, Britain and Australia merely reveal the tip of the iceberg. It has been clearly shown how the upper hierarchy of the Catholic Church has protected known paedophile priests and Christian Brothers and tried to buy off their victims to shut them up.

When looking at a Catholic priest, the thought that now runs through many people's minds is not how pious the man might be, but how many children he might have molested. Knowing this, would any sane parents entrust their children to a Catholic priest or Christian Brother? Probably only if those parents were themselves insane. Going on their evil track record and copious news exposés, a normal person would be wise to assume that every member of the clergy is a paedophile unless proven otherwise.


Other major religions have credibility problems. Every year during the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca by devout Muslims, there are many reports of devotees being killed in the most horrific ways. One incident occurred a few years ago when literally thousands of pilgrims were crushed to death in a crowd riot in Mecca. Another example was the 1600 devout Muslims journeying on a pilgrimage on a ferry that sank, killing them all. In March 2001, 35 devout Muslim pilgrims were crushed to death in a stampede during the ritual "Stoning of Satan" in an area near Mecca.

Allah blinks, Muslims die

In December 2001 in Jordan, a bus carrying Muslim pilgrims returning from the Hajj in Mecca careered off the road, crashed and exploded, killing 52 extremely devout Muslims. There is no end to the litany of horrific deaths suffered by Muslims each year, especially those who have gone to the effort of making the pilgrimage to Mecca, but it appears that Allah ritually kills off his most loyal adherents for no particular reason. It would be interesting to hear the explanation for these "Acts of God" from the Ayatollahs, Sheiks and Imams.

In August 2002, a bus carrying Muslim pilgrims returning from a religious festival ran off a Turkish highway and overturned, killing 29 passengers. The pilgrims were on their way back from an annual festival held in the central province of Nevsehir. The brakes on the bus failed and it swerved off a steep slope at the edge of the road before overturning. At least six other vehicles, including another passenger bus and a truck, were involved in the ensuing chain-reaction crash. So how are those Muslim clerics going to explain why Allah decided to kill off 29 of his most devoted followers by wiping them out in such a horrific accident?

Being the most devout Muslims means nothing to Allah

Of all the rabid religious fundamentalists in the world, the Taliban of Afghanistan were the most devout, imposing strict Sharia law and following the Koran to the letter. With all their constant supplication to Allah, one would think that such devotion would be returned by their God, however it is strange that Allah did nothing to protect the Taliban from the constant bombing by the Great Satan USA in the latter part of 2001 and their overthrow as rulers of Afghanistan.

Muslim pilgrims taken to Allah

In December 2002 a collision between a truck and a bus carrying Muslims to the holy city of Mecca killed 19 pilgrims, mostly Egyptians, and injured 22. Police in Saudi Arabia said 10 Egyptians died in the crash along with two Jordanians and a Saudi, a Sudanese and a Syrian. The bus was heading from al-Kharj to Mecca when it collided head-on with the truck near Riyadh. And as usual, during the annual Hajj in Mecca in February 2003, 14 of Allah's most faithful devotees were killed during the ritual "stoning of Satan" such deaths becoming an ongoing feature of the pilgrimage. So much for Allah taking care of his most devout followers.

Wholesale destruction of Muslims by Act of Allah

In December 2003, an earthquake in Iran destroyed the city of Bam and killed 41,000 people, presumably devout Muslims. Although constantly threatened by Iran's policy of its eradication, Israel offered to send aid and assistance, however the Iranians stated that it was better for any survivors trapped in the rubble to die, rather than accept assistance from Israel, which clearly demonstrates the lack of compassion that Iranians have for their very own people. It was also stated by some Iranian mullahs that the earthquake was an act of God, which shows that Allah seems intent on dispatching his most devout followers en-masse.

In February 2004, 251 devout Muslim pilgrims were crushed to death in a stampede during the Hajj ritual of stoning the devil. A spokesperson for the Saudi government stated that "all precautions were taken but this is God's will". Muslims shout "Allah Akhbar", God is great, however it seems that Allah has a preoccupation with dispatching his most devoted followers from this existence with increasing rapidity.

In December 2004, a tsunami hit parts of Indonesia, Thailand and other Pacific Rim nations, killing over 225,000 Muslims. Presumably it was Allah's will that sent these hapless but devout people to heaven. It was amazing to hear Muslim imams stating that the tsunami was sent to punish these people because they were sinful. With such logic, it seems that every Muslim on the planet is sinful, because such occurrences happen to them with monotonous regularity.

Ramadan is no insulation against death

In September 2008, at least 23 Indonesians were crushed to death while trying to collect $4.25 in cash handouts from a rich family at a charity event marking the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, officials said. Eight were critically injured in the stampede. It just goes to show that their imaginary friend Allah must have either been looking the other way, or wanted these people to die.

Muslims slaughter Muslims and there's not a sign of Allah anywhere

In November 2010, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a mosque in Pakistan, demolishing the building and killing at least 68 devout Muslim worshippers. Attacks on mosques re commonplace and Muslims are slaughtered by their fellow Muslims with regular monotony. So where is Allah? Why isn't this allegedly all-powerful god looking after his most fervent devotees and allowing houses of worship to be reduced to rubble? Of course the logical answer is that there is no Allah and the people who believe in this imaginary creature are ignorant and gullible fools.

This type of scenario is played out daily around the world, with death and destruction from volcanos erupting, landslides burying whole towns, floods, famines, plagues, pestilences, car crashes, stampedes and other "Acts of God" but there never seems to be a valid explanation by religious leaders whose flocks are decimated by these lethal occurrences but they offer prayers to God anyway. It never seems to occur to them that their prayers are absolutely futile.


Hindus and Buddhists suffer the same fate, with constant reports of war, famine, drowning, fire and other "Acts of God" sending devotees to their deaths, such as that devastating earthquake in India in early 2001 that killed hundreds of thousands of presumably devout Hindus and Sikhs. This is apart from the mass suicides of members of religious cults and all the wars and murders committed in the name of religion. A sane logical person can only draw one conclusion - that with such Gods as your friends, you don't need any enemies.

Hindu devotees killed by an Act of Shiva

For instance, in one of many such incidents each year, in March 2010, 63 people, all of them women and children, were crushed to death in a stampede at a temple in northern India. The crowd had gathered for a religious festival. About 10,000 people were gathered at the Hindu temple in Pratapgarh, to collect free clothes and food that were being handed out by a local holy man. The stampede began when a large metal gate fell onto some of the devotees. Not a single adult male was crushed in the stampede, as women and children were in the front of the surging crowd. Obviously whatever gods these Hindus pray to didn't think very highly of them and dropped that gate on them and sparked off that deadly stampede.

In March 2015, at least 10 Hindu pilgrims were killed and 40 injured in a stampede during the Astami Snan bathing ritual in the Old Brahmaputra River at Langalbandh. The annual religious ceremony had received large numbers of visitors around the time of the incident.

Similar reports about mass deaths at religious events emanate from India on a very regular basis, which only shows that despite the strong religious beliefs of Hindus, their mythical gods just don't care about them.

Then there are those millions of innocent people who are born with the most horrific afflictions such as blindness, deafness, quadriplegia and physical and mental deformities. There are those who are involved in accidents that leave them permanently disabled or as living human vegetables, occasionally happening because of "Acts of God" or those who contract the most disgusting and painful diseases such as cancer. Seeing such people, many of them devout religious believers suffering in the most grotesque and horrible way, one would have to question whether a benevolent God would allow such misery and suffering to afflict innocent people, especially his devotees.


A great deal of amusement can be obtained from the many cults that are forever predicting the end of the world and have the temerity to nominate the dates of such Armageddons. So far thousands of such predictions have been made but for all the efforts of these doomsayers, the world is still here and all they have is huge amounts of egg on their collective faces.

The one thing in common that these doomsday cults seem to exhibit is that their leaders always insist that members transfer all their assets to the cults and the leaders before the predicted Day of Reckoning. It is amazing that these followers never seem to question why their leaders need such assets if the world will no longer exist, but if they are stupid enough to believe this nonsense in the first place, simple logic would be totally beyond them.


The anomalies in the Judeo-Christian Bible are truly amazing. For instance the change of character of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament is literally incredible. In the Old Testament, God is literally a mass murderer and torturer, killing every living thing on the planet except for Noah and his family, committing wholesale acts of genocide by destroying entire cities and killing their inhabitants, murdering the first-born children in Egypt merely to make a point, turning people into pillars of salt for looking back, demanding the sacrifice of children as was written about Abraham and his son, and so many more acts of total bastardry.

God changes from genocidal psychopath to benevolent entity

All of a sudden in the New Testament, God performs a complete metamorphosis and becomes a loving and benevolent entity who not only ceases his acts of genocide and destruction, but offers his only son as a sacrifice so that mankind may live in happiness and safety and then ascend to eternal bliss in heaven. It is as if the God in the Old and New Testaments were two totally different and opposite deities. In fact the God of the Old Testament could be considered more satanic than Old Nick himself.

Bible anomalies merely highlight stupidity

There are countless other anomalies in the Bible, which do nothing to foster credibility. There is the old paradox of Adam and Eve having two offspring, Cain and Abel. One can only conclude that the world was populated from an incestuous relationship and we are all inbred. Noah built the Ark to known dimensions and it was certainly not as big as the average ferry but he managed to fit two of every living creature on earth in it, presumably including koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, armadillos and anteaters, along with all those other animals, birds and insects that were totally unknown to his region. Just the sheer amount of fauna, not to mention the flora that exists on this planet, shows that this would be impossible.

For the average householder, it is a tedious chore to daily dispose of one dog's excrement, but the thought of Noah, his wife, his sons Japheth, Shem and Ham and their wives spending every day shovelling hundreds of tons of poop from countless hordes of animals, two by two, is mind-blowing. This is not to mention the miraculous effort required to feed these creatures from some bottomless storehouse of food on the Ark, although one can imagine that many of these beasts would eat some of the others lower in the food chain, completely negating the survival of certain species.

Obviously the authors of the Noah story did not think of those ramifications before they embarked on their flight of biblical fancy. Every page of the Judeo-Christian Bible reeks of such arrant nonsense and this goes for all the other religious works that are supposedly divinely inspired or provided by a God.


Out of all the mainstream religions, Islam is by far the most hate-filled, radical, death-promoting doctrine ever seen on this planet. Those who wonder why Muslims are the source of virtually all terrorism in the world need only read the Koran and see what Muslims believe and why they are more than willing to slaughter non-Muslims without second thoughts. Here is just a mere sample of some passages taken from an English translation of this document, complete with references to where these passages occur. In actual fact, the Koran is riddled from end to end with such hateful racist and discriminatory filth.

The source of the above quotes is Skeptics Annotated Koran. Readers who would like to see a mountain of evidence that shows why Islam is so dangerous and hateful, should visit this website, where the English translation of the Koran, complete with notes and analysis, will completely horrify any sane and logical person.


Interestingly, an extensive survey of priests and ministers in Britain revealed that at least half of them did not believe what they were preaching and amazingly, most of those admitted that they actually did not believe in God. But even more revealing was the admission by Pope Benedict XVI in July 2007, when he stated that there was substantial proof of the Theory of Evolution. He said that the evolution theory did not answer all the questions, so this did not exclude a role for God. Of course this sort of thinking is deeply flawed, simply because unlike the Theory of Evolution that is supported by mountains of hard evidence, there is not a trace of evidence to support the existence of a supreme being called God or any other such creature.

Unfortunately for all religions, nothing has emerged to show that that any of them have any basis in fact. Therefore it is a total waste of time and energy to blindly believe in any religion and people who do are fools.

Pope and Witchdoctor
Different costumes, different religions - but the same load of bullshit from all of them

Pope and Witchdoctor
One Catholic bullshit artist and one primitive native bullshit artist - different cults, same old scam

Take away the fancy robes and the pointed hat and the Pope is just another scam-artist. This man has never had a real job, but he has carved out a privileged lifestyle of unlimited wealth and palaces as homes. He has done this by simply selling a pile of steaming garbage to masses of gullible idiots who prefer to believe in an imaginary friend that listens to their every prayer instead of dealing with reality and fact. The Pope is just a racketeer who inherited the job of Capo Di Tutti Capo of the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the gullible human race and is the CEO of an organisation that could easily be described as Paedophiles Incorporated. The Pope and his fellow gangsters sell something that cannot be substantiated for a path into heaven that cannot be proven to exist and threaten recalcitrants who refuse to believe this crap with eternal punishment in a place called Hell, that also cannot be proven to exist.

There is absolutely nothing that the Pope can show that proves anything about his bogus religion and that goes for every other religious leader. They sell bullshit to extort and trick money out of stupid people to provide very cushy and palatial lifestyles for themselves. For instance, the Pope preaches humility and abstinence while living in a massive palace and waited upon hand and foot by an army of minions. All he has to do for this is to occasionally get out on a balcony and spout a pile of bullshit and travel in sumptuous extravagance around the world, where he stays in other palaces or ridiculously expensive suites in the most luxurious hotels and is wined and dined from morning to night. It's a pretty damn good gig if you don’t weaken.

Pope versus Witchdoctor - a contest in stupidity

Under the robes and religious paraphernalia, the Pope is just a little old man, nobody special at all. His fancy outfit and hat make him larger than life, which is why he and other clerics wear them. But daub the Pope's face with mud and paint, stick feathers on his head, drape an animal skin on him and put a stick with a skull on it in his hand and he's no different and no better than a witchdoctor in Haiti or Africa. It's purely a matter of degree and scope, but the witchdoctor in Haiti runs his religion with about as much credibility as the Pope does with Catholicism, or any other religious leader does with his particular brand of nonsensical rubbish.

It is truly amazing that the Catholic Church has spread its poison into the minds of over a billion people without one shred of evidence to support it claims. In fact, everything the church throws up as proof that its religion is true has been easily debunked. The Shroud of Turin was carbon-dated to the 12th century, so it couldn't have been around the body of Jesus. The myriad weeping statues of the Virgin Mary are all done with trickery and every miracle can be explained by simple scientific means and logic.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch - another clown in drag

Here is another frocked-up scammer in the form of the Russian Orthodox patriarch Kirill of Moscow. He has a variety of fancy regalia, but see him naked and he is just a wizened old man. Does he have a direct pipeline to his particular version of Skyspook? Of course not, but when Kirill puts on his fancy robes and silly hat and parades around with a handful of candles, millions of gullible idiots believe that he really represents this mythical deity and all the other supernatural figures, for which there is not one single shred of evidence to prove that they exist.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch
Another version of bullshit artist running the religion scam
Fancy Hats
Put on a fancy hat and you will suck in the gullible fools

Have you ever noticed that the representatives of religions at all levels, from the Pope down to the most primitive African witchdoctor, give themselves some sort of cachet by putting on fancy hats and robes? That's part of the religion scam, to convince gullible fools that if a person who claims to represent or have special communications privileges with whichever deity he is pushing, must be seen to be different. And what better way to do this, than to put on a stupid hat and ornate robes and especially, carry some sort of stick as a symbol of this power.

It doesn't matter which religion the scammer is pushing, he will wear a fancy hat. The Pope wears either a stupid pointy mitre, the Coptic Pope wears a variety of extremely ornate helmets, Iranian Ayatollahs wear strange turbans and even orthodox Jews in the street wear the most ridiculous fur hats that look like hairy car tyres - these are called Shtreimels. It really doesn't matter which religion it is, the perpetrators will most certainly wear ridiculous hats as part of the regalia to suck in the most stupid and gullible people.


It is truly amazing to see people praying to various gods and saints for miracle cures of terminal diseases and occasionally when a person suffering from terminal cancer enjoys a spontaneous remission, this is attributed to the power of prayer and a divine miracle. However, what is never mentioned is the massive number of terminally ill people who pray just as fervently to the same gods and saints, who die of those diseases.

The blunt truth is that every once in a while, a person with terminal cancer or other severe ailment, will enjoy a spontaneous remission - whether that person is devoutly religious or a dedicated Atheist. The fools that believe in miracle cures will always claim that such spontaneous remissions were the work of a god or saint, despite the fact that spontaneous remissions of fatal diseases also occur to people who despise religion completely.

The interesting thing to note about such "miracle cures" is that in all the millennia that religion has plagued the human race, praying to gods and saints has never resulted in an amputee's leg growing back, or a person's surgically removed eye being restored. Those "miracle" cures only happen when they can also be attributed to normal functions of the human body, but we've never seen a removed liver or spleen replaced miraculously by any god or by the power of prayer.


In his second encyclical, Herr Joseph Ratzinger, otherwise known as Pope Benedict XVI, strongly criticised modern-day Atheism, saying it had led to some of the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" ever known to mankind. Has this man totally lost the plot? He is the leader of a religious movement that has been responsible for committing or abetting some of the greatest atrocities ever perpetrated on the human race.

Yet this mealy-mouthed old prick, who presided over an organisation that ran the murderous Spanish Inquisition, suppressed scientific advancement by killing people whose discoveries did not conform to nonsensical Catholic doctrine and that aided and abetted the Nazis in World War Two, has the sanctimonious hide to preach that Atheists are cruel. One would be very hard-pressed to think of a single instance where Atheists committed atrocities because of their disbelief of religion.

Sure, people of one religion often murder people of other religions for one reason or another, often because they refuse to convert to the murderer's religion. Catholics have done this through the ages and Muslims routinely murder non-Muslims to this very day because their vile Koran exhorts them to do so. But when did an Atheist ever murder a person for his religious belief? When did an Atheist ever imprison or torture somebody because they believed in a God?

During the Soviet era, Russians certainly killed religious leaders, but it wasn't because the Russians were Atheists and wanted to eradicate religion. The Russians did this purely because those religious leaders were a threat to the political order that the Soviets enforced. But for non-political reasons, nobody can produce one instance of an Atheist murdering somebody for their religious belief. But Benedict often comes out with this sort of crap, just as all his predecessors have done, while they presided over one of the most evil organisations ever seen on this planet.

Benedict spouted, "We must do all we can to overcome suffering, but to banish it from the world is not in our power, Only God is able to do this." Oh really? What a complete load of rubbish! This clown in a pointy hat presided over a worldwide network of acolytes, whose ranks are overflowing with paedophiles, sadists, deviates and criminals, supported by millions of gullible idiots who fall for that utter rubbish about a supreme being, man born with sin and other psychological ploys designed to keep them subjugated to this moronic religion.

The world is waking up to the scam

The reason that Benedict prattled such garbage is that he realised that the jig was up. The people of the world are starting to throw off the shackles of ignorance and Benedict was desperately trying to stave off the millions defections from his church. One can just imagine Benedict discussing this with his cardinals. "Boys, they're finally onto us. It's taken these mugs a couple of thousand years to wake up to our scam, so we'd better try something to stop them taking their wealth out of our clutches. I think we should scare them with the 'Atheists Are Cruel And Evil' routine, even though there's nothing whatsoever to support this nonsense - they'll believe this, because they are mugs."

It's too late, The people are waking up and the game is up. It's time for the Pope and all those paedophiles in the Catholic Church to pack it in and scuttle off to the dark places where they all belong. If the Catholics want to apportion sin, cruelty and violations of justice, they should look around at their organisation, because the Catholic Church is one of the worst offenders in history.


There are some very good books that really tear apart the whole myth of religion with hard facts, logic, irrefutable evidence and inescapable conclusions that only a complete cretin could argue against. I recommend these books very highly and will add to the list as I discover more good reading.


Just look at world history to see the massive death and destruction wreaked as a result of religion and the belief in the existence of imaginary friends. All religions are a pox on humanity and have held back civilization, science, medicine, knowledge and most human endeavours for no good reason. The quicker the human race divests itself of the idiotic and completely unfounded belief that there is some supreme being and the quicker the human race consigns every church, mosque, synagogue and temple to the garbage heap of history, the better it will be for everybody.