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This fairly new political party is comprised of Australians who are very genuinely concerned about a number of issues, predominantly the creeping Islamic invasion of this nation and the travesty of multiculturalism. It is obvious to see that the average Australian has no idea as to the terrible danger that this nation is facing from Muslims and their repugnant and barbaric ideology, coupled with their criminality and terrorism. This has nothing to do with racism, as Islam is not - and never has been and never will be - a race.

The Party For Freedom is very worried about foreign ownership, multiculturalism, lack of assimilation by immigrants, denigration of females, especially non-Muslim women by Muslims, the destruction of the Australian social fabric by third-world immigration and a number of important issues that are either ignored by our government for politically correct reasons or they are swept under the carpet for expediency.


The Party For Freedom has a Youtube channel with some very interesting video clips that will show the sort of activities in which this party engages.

Party For Freedom Pamphlets

This beautiful and free country is being sold out from under us, with foreign nationals buying up freehold land and pushing Australians out of the market. For instance, Chinese investors are paying extraordinary amounts of money for farms, industrial properties, houses and apartments, using the wealth from destroying our industries and taking over the manufacture of goods that Australia used to make. This is so wrong, because Australians are not permitted to buy one square centimetre of Chinese property, but our idiotic politicians have allowed this one-way acquisition of property to run rampant.

However, the creeping Islamic invasion is the most dangerous threat to Australia. Muslims have made no secret of wanting to subjugate Australia to Sharia as part of a global Islamic caliphate. Every convicted terrorist in Australia is Muslim. Parts of Sydney and Melbourne look like third-world Islamic nations, with women in burqas and men in robes and skullcaps swearing and spitting at non-Muslims. The crime rate of Muslims is atrociously high in comparison with any other religious or ethnic group. These Islamic bastards have not brought one good thing to Australia and they are doing their best to destroy our way of life.

I have personally met the Party For Freedom Chairmain Nick Folkes a few times and he is a very genuine guy who is most concerned about the direction that Australia is heading. The Party For Freedom is very worth supporting, because it stands for the protection of our way of life and the preservation of the best nation in the world. You can check out its website at Party For Freedom and Hotheads heartily endorses this movement.