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Wednesday 13 February 2008 will go down in history as a day of shame, where former Labor Party Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hijacked the true sentiments of the majority of Australians and against their wishes, delivered an apology to Aborigines. Rudd abased himself to the undeserving and ungrateful Aboriginal Industry Sorry Nazis for the acts of well-meaning people who tried to save Aboriginal children from neglect, rape, starvation, abuse, deprivation and death. Instead of lauding those who were responsible for so many Aboriginal children being removed from danger, then nurtured, loved and educated to go on to lead fulfilling meaningful lives instead of premature deaths, Rudd succumbed to one of the most vicious campaigns of emotional blackmail ever seen in Australia and grovelled to the very people who should have been eternally grateful for what the white man had done for them.

For many years, the Aboriginal Industry had tried to coerce such an apology out of the Australian government for the so-called Stolen Generation, that pile of steaming rubbish that was concocted to try and extort yet more money out of the broader community. Former Prime Minister John Howard had the intestinal fortitude to tell this bunch of schemers that Australia had nothing to apologise for, therefore his government would not be saying Sorry to them. Unfortunately, Kevin Rudd, caved in, using this completely undeserved apology to the mythical Stolen Generation to obviously further his own political agenda.

It is a proven fact that those alleged Stolen Generation children were in fact mostly of mixed race, who were at mortal risk from either their Aboriginal parents or their tribes, as they were not accepted as indigenous people. The authorities of the day, then doing exactly what the current Department of Community Services (DOCS) is doing today, rescued these children from death and injury and placed them in loving foster homes, where not only did they have a chance to enjoy fulfilling lives, but they were educated and nurtured. Many of these Aboriginal kids went on to become renowned professionals, whereas if they had not been rescued, they would have probably perished before they reached their teens.


The whole Stolen Generation and Sorry Day scenario is similar to the constant propaganda that emanated daily from the administration of US President George W Bush about the mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that was the trumped-up pretext for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. No matter how many UN weapons inspectors scoured Iraq for years with unfettered access even to the palaces of Saddam Hussein and reported that there were no WMD, no matter that there was not a shred of evidence to show that Iraq had WMD, the US propaganda machine just kept grinding out the mantra of Iraq possessing WMD, seeking nuclear weapons, being 45 minutes away from launching WMD at the West and all the other nonsense that was used to demonise the government of Iraq and soften up opposition to Bush's intention to invade and occupy Iraq, no matter what.

The amazing thing was that despite all the demands for proof of WMD, George W Bush and his neocons did not produce one scrap of evidence to support the allegations, yet managed to sway the UK, Australia and a number of other nations to join the USA in the invasion of Iraq, killing at least half a million Iraqis in the process. Like the Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels, who said that if you say a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it, the nations that supported the USA in its invasion of Iraq on the basis of completely fabricated pretexts seemed to believe these lies without anything to support them, or like the UK under Prime Minister Tony Blair, actually colluded with the USA in the full knowledge that Iraq had no WMD.

This was exactly the same situation in Australia, with the Aboriginal Industry Sorry Nazis constantly bludgeoning the greater community with emotional blackmail, fabrications and distortions about the mythical Stolen Generation without being able to produce just one Aborigine who was genuinely stolen for no reason, such as being removed for reasons of safety. Eventually these scammers fooled an entire government and their politically correct sycophants that the great lie of the Stolen Generation was true, albeit with every piece of hard evidence showing the exact opposite.


The question must be asked - why would anybody want to steal Aboriginal children? What would be the purpose of that? It simply does not make sense that the Aboriginal Industry constantly claims that Aboriginal children were stolen, but never seems to be able to come up with any sort of plausible explanation as to why those children were taken.

For white families, it was not a matter of a shortage of white children for adoption. For the reason of integration in families, most white families usually prefer to adopt children of their own race, so there was no demand of any sort for Aboriginal kids to be available for adoption to white families.

It's hard to come up with a valid reason for this insane claim that Aboriginal children were stolen, There is only one explanation - that they were removed for their own safety because they were at risk of being assaulted, raped and killed by their own people. That's the only explanation that makes any logical sense and the facts and records bear this out, yet the Aboriginal Industry continues to fabricate this myth that Aboriginal children were stolen, rather than rescued.


After watching the antics of the Stolen Generation Sorry Nazis for so many years, I often wondered what the situation would be at this time, if the white man had not intervened at all, but had merely ignored the abuse, rape, starvation, deprivation, beatings and premature deaths of the very same folk who are now leading lights of the Aboriginal Industry and the Sorry Day movement.

If the white man had just left them to their fate, would the likes of Lowitja O'Donoghue, Peter Gunner, Lorna Cubillo and their friends be now suing the Australian government or the Australian people for not stepping in and removing them from such danger? Would they not be now claiming that the Australian government had a duty of care to rescue and look after them, instead of leaving them at grave risk from their own families and tribes? Actually, the biggest question is - would any of them still be alive today, if they had been left to suffer the abuse at the hands of their own people?

I bet that if this had happened, they would be launching all sorts of court actions to extort compensation from the nation. However, the white man did indeed rescue them and for his efforts, he has been subjected to every form of unjustifiable abuse and emotional blackmail imaginable. By the way, prominent Aboriginal Industry and Sorry Day activist Lowitja O'Donoghue was not stolen at all, but deliberately abandoned by her father to the nuns at Colebrook Mission. She was comprehensively exposed as an utter fraud by journalist Andrew Bolt, yet to this very day, she still claims to be one of the mythical Stolen Generation.


The little Aboriginal girl named Faith had no chance. The eight-year-old girl was bludgeoned to death by her mother with a metal pole and left to die alone and in pain. Her body had at least 50 separate bruises, cigarette burns, broken bones, cuts, welts, scars and a torn scalp. In her short but tragic life, the sweet smiling little girl endured a brutality beyond comprehension. It was the ultimate, tragic betrayal of a defenceless child lost to the system when she slipped “through the cracks” and was “invisible” to authorities.

In June 2014, Coroner Jane Bentley handed down findings of an inquest into the death of Faith in West Cairns in 2011. Child safety, police, teachers, non-government agencies and Faith's extended family all heard allegations of abuse, but none was able to save her. The report also sheds new light on the disturbing scale of child abuse, domestic violence, distrust of police, low school attendance, poor parenting, and social dysfunction in West Cairns. The two Aboriginal communities West Cairns and the Cape York township of Aurukun are at the centre of a controversial report by Stephen Smallbone, but kept secret by the State Government.

Coroner Bentley, in her findings, said: "On the day she died, she asked her mother for some Panadol to ease the pain. Her mother told her there was none. Faith asked her, 'Well, could you at least say a prayer for me?' Faith had nobody to help or protect her. She was left to die alone and in pain."

Faith died in her Westcourt unit on 28 November 2011, from multiple blunt force trauma injuries sustained when her mother struck her repeatedly with a metal vacuum pole. She was kept at home from school for a year without anyone knowing where she was. Her mother treated her like a slave. She was punched, kicked, slapped and bashed with a coathanger and metal vacuum pipe from a young age.

Faith's mother made her wear makeup and wigs to cover the cuts, bruises and chunks of hair torn from her scalp. She would also make the child stand in the corner and hop, sometimes for about an hour. After abuse allegations were first raised, Faith's mother voluntarily placed her in care, but she returned home nine days later. That was a year before she died.

The coroner said Faith's death was caused by her mother and nobody else, but added that several other factors left her in the care of her abusive mother. Coroner Bentley made six recommendations, calling for better communication and information sharing between child protection agencies. She agreed with previous reviews that found the department made incorrect decisions because of an inadequate investigation and assessment. But she said staff did the best they could under trying circumstances and was also satisfied that school staff acted appropriately. She found that it was inexplicable that none of Faith's extended family reported the abuse.

Faith's mother and stepfather both pleaded guilty in August 2013 to unlawfully killing Faith. The mother was sentenced to seven years in jail. The stepfather was sentenced to three years for failing in his duty to protect her.

It is not hard to see what caused this tragedy. Had the authorities removed Faith from her abusive and violent mother, there would have been screams of outrage from the Stolen Generation and Aboriginal Industry people, so Faith suffered the consequences, a brutal and violent death of an innocent little girl. What happened to Faith is exactly why Aboriginal kids were removed from their abusive parents and relatives back in the early 20th century that resulted in the so-called Stolen Generation accusations and subsequent blackmail (pardon the pun) of the Australian people.

There are many kids like Faith in Aboriginal communities who are being abused violently by their parents and relatives, no different than what happened to those Stolen Generation people, but now authorities are too scared to rescue them because they will be accused of stealing Aboriginal kids again. This is a terrible situation and until the Australian people completely discount the Aboriginal Industry, the Sorry Day blackmailers and the entire Aboriginal Industry, more Aboriginal kids will die needlessly.


Although the Aboriginal Industry had claimed that monetary compensation was not the goal it was seeking in regard to an apology from the government, the truth was revealed shortly after the Federal election in November 2007, when leading Aboriginal Industry spokesman Michael Mansell stated that a $1 billion fund should be established for compensation and that an apology would be meaningless without monetary payment.

The Aboriginal Industry seems to have forgotten about the $2 billion per year it received by way of the notorious Australian and Torres Strait Islands Commission, (ATSIC) which was seen by many to have been either squandered on nepotistic ventures or squirreled away into the bank accounts of some prominent folk near the top of the Aboriginal Industry pecking order, to the detriment of their fellow people, who still live in abject poverty and squalor.


Time and time again, the Stolen Generation has been proven to be a myth, however the current Labor government has now opened the floodgates for compensation claims by the Aboriginal Industry by admitting liability for previous governments saving the lives of so many Aboriginal children. But of course, the Aboriginal Industry wanted all Australians to say Sorry for this, even when most of them, including myself, were not responsible for whatever misdeeds they claim were perpetrated on them. Virtually every court case that members of the Aboriginal Industry launched to try and prove that the Stolen Generation existed has been laughed out of court, simply because the truth is that there was never a Stolen Generation at all. For instance:


Renowned journalist Andrew Bolt, who, on previous occasions had very convincingly exposed a number of prominent Aborigines who claimed to be members of the alleged Stolen Generation to be outright frauds, issued challenges to many people for them to prove their claims about this myth. Bolt discovered that nobody could manage to name just 10 of the 100,000 people who were allegedly stolen, which should have set off alarm bells instead of an apology. This is what Andrew Bolt found.


Just as an aside, it is interesting to see how certain non-indigenous people have jumped onto the Aboriginal Industry bandwagon for their own gain. For instance, among them is author Banumbir Wongar, known overseas as an Arnhem Land Aboriginal writer, but who proved to be Streten Bozic, a Serbian immigrant to Australia. There is also the young, female Indigenous novelist Wanda Koolmatrie who was unveiled as Leon Carmen, a middle-aged white male. How crazy is this?

Yet another is male Aboriginal artist Eddie Burrup, who was the imaginary creation of white female artist, the late Elizabeth Durack. But let us not forget author Mudrooroo Narogin, who is neither Aboriginal or stolen, but who has undergone a number of transformations, identifying variously as bohemian beatnik Colin Johnson and as Buddhist monk, the Reverend SA Jivaka. He has also adopted several Aboriginal names. From Colin Johnson he moved to Mudrooroo Narogin, then to Mudrooroo Nyoongah to arrive finally at Mudrooroo, but he is about as Aboriginal as Vladimir Putin of Russia.


There has been much effort from both the Aboriginal Industry and various politically correct factions in the non-Aboriginal community about achieving reconciliation, so that all parties can then live in harmony. However, there is a big problem. What is reconciliation? What does it mean? How will anybody know when reconciliation has been achieved? But ask anybody these questions and you will never get a straight answer.

The simple truth is that nobody knows exactly what this reconciliation means and what is needed to achieve it if we actually even find out what it is. So far, it has become very apparent that the Aboriginal version of reconciliation is a situation where, no matter if the white man apologises for his alleged invasion of Australia and no matter how much money the white man pays to Aborigines in compensation, there will never be a date set when the white man and the Aborigine will be reconciled and the Aboriginal Industry stops its incessant demands for compensation and special privileges.

The prolonging of the so-called reconciliation process without any definition of what it means, any notion of what is required to achieve this state, or any date when this reconciliation will be achieved, merely reinforces what we all know - that reconciliation is nothing more than a vehicle of emotional blackmail and extortion of whatever the Aboriginal Industry can squeeze out of the broader Australian community. No matter what the white man gives the Aborigine, it will never be enough and reconciliation will never be achieved.

Obviously, the setting of a cut-off date when reconciliation will be achieved will mean that the compensation gravy train will cease to run and Aborigines will have to be like all other Australians, with no special benefits accorded to them on the basis of their race. Therefore it would be madness for the Aboriginal Industry to actually achieve a recognised state of reconciliation, whatever it means.

This is why no matter that the Australian government has now said Sorry, no matter how much money or native title land is given to Aborigines, reconciliation will never be achieved. Putting it simply, reconciliation is a scam. As far as I am concerned, I have nothing against any Aborigine and I am perfectly reconciled to this. If Aborigines want to hold something against me for which I am not responsible, that's their problem. I will not be emotionally blackmailed or allow myself to be personally extorted and I consider that the broader Australian community should completely resist this ridiculous situation.


There are many Australians who think the way I do. Here are some of their apologies:

We will be only too happy to take back all of the above, dress you in loincloths and return you to the scrub, whenever you are ready.

You can really tell how sorry I and many others are about the mythical Stolen Generation, but if you can think of any other reasons why we should be sorry, feel free to email me with them. If I feel contrite enough to accept responsibility for something I had nothing to do with, then I will add these to my Sorry list.