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Most Australians delude themselves that their nation is a free country with true democracy, civil rights and freedom of action. The truth is that Australia is a long way from being a democracy and Australians are highly restricted by overbearing laws that stop them from conducting many activities that they should have the right to carry out.


The definition of democracy is rule by the people. In a true democracy, every citizen can aspire to become the Head of State by being voted into that position. Unfortunately, this cannot happen in Australia, because the Head of State is a person who is not elected by the citizenry, but has attained that position merely through an accident of birth, nothing more.

This unelected Head of State, the Queen of England, does not even reside in Australia, but has the power under the Australian Constitution to overturn laws passed by both Houses of Parliament and has the power to dismiss elected Australian governments. Under the Australian Monarchy, no Australian citizen can become the Head of State. Until Australia becomes a republic, with the Head of State directly elected by the citizenry, Australia does not have anything resembling a democracy.


Under Australia law, voting in elections is compulsory, so it is believed. Although Australian voters are forced by law to attend polling booths, our voting is done by secret ballot, therefore nobody can actually force a person to actually cast a valid vote. A person can merely deface the voting paper, deliberately make an invalid vote or even shred the ballot papers and not vote at all and there is absolutely nothing that the authorities can do about it, unless a person actually confesses to doing so.

Therefore, the law is a complete ass and compulsory voting is non-existent. The only compulsion is for voters to actually attend polling stations and have their names crossed off the electoral rolls as having attended, so that they are not fined. But this is a massive abrogation of the personal freedom of Australians to choose whether they want to go to polling booths or not.

There are many reasons why people have no desire to vote, but the current voting laws take away people's freedom to make that choice, even though the actual voting cannot be enforced. The principle of compulsion is wrong and the laws pertaining to compulsory voting should be rescinded.


In many states of Australia, it is illegal for certain businesses to trade on certain days, such as Good Friday and Christmas Day. The Australian Constitution, the highest law in the land, states:


The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

So why are people, who do not subscribe to the Christian faith and in fact may be dedicated Atheists, prohibited from trading on Christian religious holidays, such as in NSW, especially when the Australian Constitution specifically states that there cannot be a law that establishes any religion or imposes any religious observance?

Obviously, if the people of NSW are made to observe certain Christian religious days in any ways, such as being forced to abstain from conducting certain activities such as trading, even if they are not Christian, this means that NSW is indeed establishing Christianity as the state religion, in complete contravention of the Australian Constitution.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website states:


Australia does not have an official or state religion. The law does not enforce any religious doctrine, however, religious practices must conform to the law. We are free to follow any religion we choose. We are also free not to have a religion.
The NSW Shop Trading Bill 2008 forces religious observance

This asinine piece of legislation makes a complete mockery of the Australian Constitution by enforcing the Christian religion onto businesses. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill state:

The objects of this Bill are as follows:

(a) to de-regulate shop trading hours while restricting trading on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day (but only in the morning), Christmas Day and Boxing Day (restricted trading days),

(b) to enable small shops and specified other shops to trade on restricted trading days and to provide for the exemption by the Director-General of the Department of Commerce (the Director-General) of other shops from trading restrictions.

Out of all the restricted trading days, only Anzac Day is not a Christian religious day. Sundays throughout the year are also restricted trading days and of course Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. So NSW legislation enshrines the observance of Christian religious days, in complete disregard of the Australian Constitution and prevents citizens from conducting their business affairs on those days, thus establishing Christianity as the state religion.

Forced observance of religion in NSW public schools

The same goes for NSW public school system, where religious instruction (Scripture) classes are conducted in school hours. In reality, under the Australian Constitution that prohibits the establishment of any religion or imposing any religious observance, allowing Scripture classes into state schools is a direct violation of the intent of the Constitution.

What makes this situation even worse is that children are forced to attend Scripture classes unless their parents demand that they be excused from them. Instead of Scripture classes being available on an "opt-in" basis, parents have to take active measures to prevent their own children from being made to attend religious instruction classes and being forcibly indoctrinated by religious dogma. This is a complete abrogation of the principles of freedom in Australia.