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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death


Does this sound familiar? Is this not exactly what is happening to most western secular nations under the guise that the loss of our freedoms is for the sake of security against terrorism - Muslim terrorism? In the USA, since 11 September 2001, Americans have been restricted in the way they act, travel and do many things that were completely free to them. They are harassed by TSA officials and police, who grab them and literally physically assault them when patting them down to look for weapons or bombs.

The freedoms that Australians have taken for granted for so many decades have been eroded slowly, all because of Islamic terrorism, not because a despotic government wants more powers. The carefree Australian way of life is slowly vanishing under a raft of restrictions by government, along with demands by Muslims for special concessions and conditions, even to controlling the food supply by coercing and blackmailing producers into obtaining Halal certification, a disgraceful way of extorting money that most probably ends up in the hands of terrorists and at best, pays for the propagation of Islam in secular nations.

The problem is that Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a death cult and a malignant political system that is responsible for virtually all the terrorist acts in the world. Islam is a doctrine that imposes the most Draconian and barbaric punishments for acts that would attract little or no penalty in any other nation, such as an automatic death penalty for anybody who renounces Islam.

Islam can easily be compared to Nazism, however even the Nazis complied with a certain standard of human behaviour and morality. At least the Nazis respected the rules of war in most cases and treated their prisoners of war reasonably well, whereas Muslim groups such as Islamic State simply massacre their captives and rape their women and then keep them as sex slaves. Even the Nazis did not stoop to such barbarity. So it is not hard to determine that Muslims are far worse than Nazis, simply because the evidence says so.


Imagine if the Nazis decided to brand Nazism as a religion, with a version of God that supported their position on the "lesser" races, the dominance and superiority of people of the "Aryan race", whoever they happened to be and Adolf Hitler as the Messiah who was born to spread the word of the Nazi religion. Does this sound familiar? It should, because that is exactly how most religions started out.

What is the difference between the Christian messiah Jesus Christ and a Nazi messiah called Adolf Hitler? Both of them were certainly not supernatural in any way. Jesus, if historical information is correct, was a carpenter who became a rabble rouser and was executed by the Romans, who were the rulers in that part of the world. Adolf Hitler was a painter who became a rabble-rouser and eventually became Fuhrer of Germany and did not get executed, but committed suicide. But essentially, comparing Jesus Christ with Adolf Hitler is very similar, despite the peaceful leanings of one and the genocidal insanity of the other.

Then there's the so-called "Prophet" Mohammed, the founder of Islam, who for his era, was probably far worse than Adolf Hitler. Mohammed founded Islam by stealing parts of Judaism and Christianity, added to it with a pack of mytholody and outriight bullshit, gathered gullible people around him and proceeded to inflict genocide on anybody who refused to subscribe to his insanity. Unlike Hitler, Mohammed was a serial paedophile, rapist and a common thief. Yet this grubby bastard is revered by around 1.2 billion idiots that call themselves Muslims.

So there are valid comparisons that can be made between Islam and Nazism, yet Nazism would never be accepted as a religion, because it is a genocidal doctrine of hatred. But isn't that exactly what Islam is? So why is a genocidal doctrine of hatred recognised as a mainstream religion? Just because a lot of people subscribe to this insanity should be no reason for it to be recognised and even worse, afforded the same rights and privileges as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions that do not have a doctrine of genocide and hatred.

This logical reasoning is why every civilised nation should immediately stop recognising Islam as a religion and ban it as a very dangerous doctrine that can only cause suffering. We see the despicable deeds of Muslims carrying out daily atrocities in the name of this virulent death cult and that should be more than enough for sensible people to recognise that Islam is a death cult that must be banned completely, along with its followers.