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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death


Ever since Islam was founded by that mass-murdering genocidal paedophile known as the (fake) Prophet Mohammed, Muslims have been trying to exterminate the Jews. Mohammed and his gangsters killed nearly one thousand Quraizi Jews, merely because they refused to convert to Islam, his personal brand of insanity. The world has seen the same thing happen to the Yazidi sect in Iraq in August 2014, when over 500 of these gentle people were slaughtered by Muslim terrorist militants from the Islamic State for refusing to convert to Islam. So nothing has changed.

But what have Muslims contributed to the well-being and advancement of the human race? In truth - nothing. One of the best tests is to go through the ages and see what Muslims have produced that has any value. They claim to have invented algebra, however that has been disputed. The English word "algebra" derives from the Arabic. So does "sugar", from the Arabic "sukkar", but that doesn't mean that Muslims invented sugar.

The word "algebra" stems from the Arabic word "al-jabr", from the name of the treatise Book on Addition and Subtraction after the Method of the Indians, written by the 9th-century Persian mathematician Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, who translated, formalised and commented on ancient Indian and Greek works. But it is doubtful that al-Khwarizmi was a Muslim, as historical data indicates that he was an adherent to the Zoroastrian religion. So this is another example of Muslims hijacking something discovered by a non-Muslim and claiming it for their own. The truth is that Muslims have contributed virtually nothing towards science.


Dr Farrukh Saleem is the Pakistani Executive Director of the Center for Research and Security Studies, a think tank established in 2007 and an Islamabad-based freelance columnist.He wrote the following article. Hotheads slightly modified it for readability.


There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa. For every single Jew in the world, there are 100 Muslims. Yet Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why? Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole of humanity.
Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims, other than Peace Prizes.

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to the Jewish faith include:
Here are just a few famous Jewish politicians.
In the US media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer (CNN), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer (Washington Post), Henry Grunwald (Editor-in-chief Time Magazine), Katherine Graham (Publisher of The Washington Post), Joseph Lelyveld (Executive Editor, The New York Times) and Max Frankel (New York Times).

The most beneficent philanthropist in the history of the world is George Soros, a Jew who has so far donated a colossal $4 billion, most of which has gone as aid to scientists and universities around the world. Second to George Soros is Walter Annenberg, another Jew who has built a hundred libraries by donating an estimated $2 billion.

In the sporting world, at the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by winning seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medallist. Tennis champion Boris Becker is Jewish.

The list of Jewish film and TV stars is beynd counting, but an incomplete list is elsewhere on this page. The entire US film and entertainment industry was virtually invented and established by Jews.




There are an estimated 1,476,233,470 Muslims on the face of the planet - one billion in Asia, 400 million in Africa, 44 million in Europe and six million in the Americas. Every fifth human being is a Muslim. For every single Hindu, there are two Muslims, for every Buddhist there are two Muslims and for every Jew there are one hundred Muslims. Ever wondered why Muslims are so powerless?

Here is why. There are 57 member-countries of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and all of them put together have around 500 universities; one university for every three million Muslims. The USA has 5,758 universities and India has 8,407. In 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong University compiled an 'Academic Ranking of World Universities' and intriguingly, not one university from Muslim-majority states was in the top 500.

As per data collected by the UNDP, literacy in the Christian world stands at nearly 90% and 15 Christian-majority states have a literacy rate of 100%. As a sharp contrast, a Muslim-majority state has an average literacy rate of around 40% and there is no Muslim-majority state with a literacy rate of 100%.

Some 98% of the 'literates' in the Christian world had completed primary school, while less than 50% of the 'literates' in the Muslim world did the same. Around 40% of the 'literates' in the Christian world attended university while no more than 2% of the 'literates' in the Muslim world did the same.

Muslim-majority countries have 230 scientists per one million Muslims. The USA has 4,000 scientists per million and Japan has 5,000 per million.

In the entire Arab world, the total number of full-time researchers is 35,000 and there are only 50 technicians per one million Arabs. Iin the Christian world, there are up to 1,000 technicians per one million. Furthermore, the Muslim world spends only 0.2% of its GDP on research and development, while the Christian world spends around 5% of its GDP, 25 times as much.

Conclusion: The Muslim world lacks the capacity to produce knowledge.

Daily newspapers per 1,000 people and number of book titles per million are two indicators of whether knowledge is being diffused in a society. In Pakistan, there are 23 daily newspapers per 1,000 people while the same ratio in Singapore is 360. In Egypt, the number of book titlesd per million is 20, whereas in Britain, the number of book titles per million stands at 2,000 - that is 100 times more books per million in Britain than in Egypt.

Conclusion: The Muslim world is failing to diffuse knowledge.

Exports of high technology products as a percentage of total exports are an important indicator of knowledge application. Pakistan's export of high technology products as a percentage of total exports stands at 1%. The same for Saudi Arabia is 0.3%, Kuwait, Morocco and Algeria are all at 0.3%, while Singapore is at 58%.

Conclusion: The Muslim world is failing to apply knowledge.

Why are Muslims powerless?

Because they aren't producing knowledge, because they aren't diffusing knowledge and because they aren't applying knowledge. And the future belongs to knowledge-based societies.

Interestingly, the combined annual GDP of 57 OIC-countries is under $2 trillion. The USA alone produces goods and services worth $12 trillion, China $8 trillion, Japan $3.8 trillion and Germany $2.4 trillion on a purchasing power parity basis.

Oil-rich Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar collectively produce goods and services (mostly oil) worth $500 billion. Catholic Spain alone produces goods and services worth over $1 trillion, Catholic Poland $489 billion and Buddhist Thailand $545 billion. Muslim GDP as a percentage of world GDP is fast declining.

So why are Muslims so powerless?

Answer: Lack of education. All they do is shout to Allah the whole day and blame everyone else for their multiple failures.

In 2014, there were 1.2 billion Muslims in the world out of 7 billion people. Muslims comprise around 17% of the world's population. So how many Muslims have won a Nobel Prize? Yes folks, 11 of them out of 1.2 BILLION Muslims on the planet. But how many of those were for something useful to humanity and not those Peace and Literature prizes? Well, a whole TWO Muslims out of the 1.2 billion managed to win such Nobel Prizes, one for physics and one for chemistry and the only reason that they managed to do this was because they were working in a non-Muslim environment. That is one person per 600 million people. That's all - and it's pathetic beyond belief to see that so many people produced so little.


In 2014, there were around 14 million Jews in the world out of 7 billion people. Jews comprise around 0.2% of the world's population, a completely insignificant number. Yet the Jews have made more contributions to the advancement of the human race than any other group, whether by nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other criteria. So how many Nobel Prizes, apart from Peace and Literature, have been won by Jews, out of the 14 million of them? Here's a small list up to 2013.

That is a total of 178 Jewish Nobel Laureates in the fields that really matter. And that is one out of around 79,000 Jews.

To put this into perspective, if the same percentage of Jewish Nobel Prize winners was applied to to the population of Australia, this nation would have produced 291 Nobel Laureates. But if the same percentage of Muslim Nobel Prize winners was applied to Australia's population, the result would be 3/100ths of one person, maybe his toenail at best.


Nobody. Well come on, name one. The truth is that over the 14 centuries that Muslims have existed, they have contributed nothing worthwhile to the human race. Muslims have not discovered anything, have not invented anything, have not cured any diseases, have not created anything of any substance. Unfortunately for the world, Muslims have given us unmitigated terrorism, violence, barbarism and the most dangerous doctrine that the world has ever faced.


Here are a few well-known Nobel Laureates who have made a phenomenal contribution to the human race.

Most Jewish Nobel Prize winners are not household names, but they have discovered or invented some of the most important things in the history of the human race in the fields of science, medicine, economics and many other areas. Then there is entertainment. Most people have absolutely no idea of the immense contribution to every facet of entertainment that Jews have made. Hollywood would not exist without Jews. Here is a small sample of the famous Jews in show business and related fields.

That is only a very small list of Jews in show business and related arts. How many Muslims could be listed? Maybe a very small few.


A search of the Internet has not unearthed any Australian Muslims of any major significance, apart from those who are known to have links to Islamic terrorism or some imams who have denigrated Australia and its people.


In 1933, a beautiful young Austrian woman took off her clothes for a movie director. She ran through the woods, naked. She swam in a lake, naked. Pushing well beyond the social norms of the period. The most popular movie in 1933 was King Kong. But everyone in Hollywood was talking about that scandalous movie with the gorgeous, young Austrian woman.

Louis B Mayer, of the giant studio MGM, said that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. The film was banned practically everywhere, which of course made it even more popular and valuable. Mussolini reportedly refused to sell his copy at any price.

The star of the film, called Ecstasy, was Hedwig Kiesler. She said that the secret of her beauty was "to stand there and look stupid." In reality, Kiesler was anything but stupid. She was a genius. She'd grown up as the only child of a prominent Jewish banker. She was a mathematics prodigy. She excelled at science. As she grew older, she became ruthless, using all the power her body and mind gave her.

Between the sexual roles she played, her tremendous beauty and the power of her intellect, Kiesler would confound the men in her life including her six husbands, two of the most ruthless dictators of the 20th century and one of the greatest movie producers in history. Her beauty made her rich for a time. She is said to have made and spent $30 million in her life. But her greatest accomplishment resulted from her intellect, and her invention continues to shape the world we live in today.

You see, this young Austrian starlet would take one of the most valuable technologies ever developed right from under Hitler's nose. After fleeing to America, she not only became a major Hollywood star, her name sits on one of the most important patents ever granted by the US Patent Office.

Today, when you use your cell phone or, over the next few years, as you experience super-fast wireless Internet access via something called "long-term evolution" or "LTE" technology, you'll be using an extension of the technology a 20- year-old actress first conceived while sitting at dinner with Hitler.

At the time she made Ecstasy, Kiesler was married to one of the richest men in Austria. Friedrich Mandl was Austria's leading arms maker. His firm would become a key supplier to the Nazis. Mandl used his beautiful young wife as a showpiece at important business dinners with representatives of the Austrian, Italian and German fascist forces.

One of Mandl's favourite topics at these gatherings - which included meals with Hitler and Mussolini - was the technology surrounding radio-controlled missiles and torpedoes. Wireless weapons offered far greater ranges than the wire-controlled alternatives that prevailed at the time. Kiesler sat through these dinners "looking stupid," while absorbing everything she heard.

As a Jew, Kiesler hated the Nazis. She abhorred her husband's business ambitions. Mandl responded to his wilful wife by imprisoning her in his castle, Schloss Schwarzenau. In 1937, she managed to escape. She drugged her maid, sneaked out of the castle wearing the maid's clothes and sold her jewellery to finance a trip to London. She got out just in time.

In 1938, Germany annexed Austria. The Nazis seized Mandl's factory. He was half Jewish. Mandl fled to Brazil. Later, he became an adviser to Argentina's iconic populist president, Juan Peron.

In London, Kiesler arranged a meeting with Louis B Mayer. She signed a long-term contract with him, becoming one of MGM's biggest stars. She appeared in more than 20 films. She was a co-star to Clark Gable, Judy Garland and even Bob Hope. Each of her first seven MGM movies was a blockbuster.

But Kiesler cared far more about fighting the Nazis than about making movies. At the height of her fame, in 1942, she developed a new kind of communications system, optimised for sending coded messages that couldn't be jammed. She was building a system that would allow torpedoes and guided bombs to always reach their targets. She was building a system to kill Nazis.

By the 1940s, both the Nazis and the Allied forces were using the kind of single-frequency radio-controlled technology Kiesler's ex-husband had been peddling. The drawback of this technology was that the enemy could find the appropriate frequency and jam or intercept the signal, thereby interfering with the missile's intended path.

Kiesler's key innovation was to "change the channel." It was a way of encoding a message across a broad area of the wireless spectrum. If one part of the spectrum was jammed, the message would still get through on one of the other frequencies being used. The problem was, she could not figure out how to synchronize the frequency changes on both the receiver and the transmitter. To solve the problem, she turned to perhaps the world's first techno-musician, George Anthiel.

Anthiel was an acquaintance of Kiesler who achieved some notoriety for creating intricate musical compositions. He synchronised his melodies across twelve player pianos, producing stereophonic sounds no one had ever heard before. Kiesler incorporated Anthiel's technology for synchronising his player pianos. Then, she was able to synchronise the frequency changes between a weapon's receiver and its transmitter.

On 11 August 1942, US Patent No 2,292,387 was granted to Antheil and Hedy Kiesler Markey, which was Kiesler's married name at the time. Most of you won't recognise the name Kiesler.

And no one would remember the name Hedy Markey. But it's a fair bet than anyone reading this newsletter of a certain age will remember one of the great beauties of Hollywood's golden age - Hedy Lamarr. That's the name Louis B Mayer gave to his prize actress. That's the name his movie company made famous.

Meanwhile, almost no one knows Hedwig Kiesler – aka Hedy Lamarr - was one of the great pioneers of wireless communications. Her technology was developed by the US Navy, which has used it ever since. You are probably using Lamarr's technology, too. Her patent sits at the foundation of spread spectrum technology, which you use every day when you log on to a Wi-Fi network or make calls with your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

It lies at the heart of the massive investments being made right now in so-called fourth-generation LTE wireless technology. This next generation of cell phones and cell towers will provide tremendous increases to wireless network speed and quality, by spreading wireless signals across the entire available spectrum. This kind of encoding is only possible using the kind of frequency switching that Hedwig Kiesler invented. And now you know the rest of the story.

Has there been just one single Muslim in the past 100 years who has performed the amazing feat that one Jewish film star achieved? No. With the massive Muslim population, one woulld be hard-pressed to think of one Muslim who has contributed anything to medicine, science and virtually any field of endeavour. It's a disgrace that can be totally blamed on Islam that suppresses any form of achievement in its insane insistence that Muslims think of nothing else but this filthy death cult.

Every Muslim who uses a cell phone, Wi-Fi Internet, Bluetooth and many other forms of communication can thank the Jewish Hedy Lamarr, the genius who was a major Hollywood film star of her era.


Here are just a few famous Australian Jews that have made a significant difference to this nation.

Here are a few prominent Australian Jews in various fields.


With the hatred that Muslims have always exhibited towards the Jews since the foundation of Islam 1400 years ago, it is quite interesting to observe how Muslims have hijacked so many Jewish customs and practices. Halal is literally identical to Kosher law. Circumcision was a Jewish practice for at least 1000 years before Islam was founded. A number of Jewish historical figures feature prominently in Islamic holy books. The so-called Prophet Mohammed wasn't clever enough to invent an entirely new religion, so he cobbled together bits and pieces from Judaism and Christianity and then claimed them for his filthy death cult.

Judaism predates Islam by at least 3000 years, so Muslims cannot argue that they invented Halal, circumcision and other Jewish historical rituals and practices. However, Muslims also hijacked ancient Jewish names, which is rather amazing, considering that they hate the Jews so much that one would think that they wouldn't use Jewish names, but here are a few of them.

Some Muslims have claimed that the above names are originally Islamic, however that is easily proven to be a lie. All those names have been found in the Jewish Torah and Talmud, which predates Islam by centuries. But this sort of disinformation is typical of Muslims.


There are 1.2 billion Muslims, who have done absolutely nothing for the human race, but are hell-bent on trying to exterminate the small number of Jews who have done so much. If for instance the Muslims succeed in wiping the Jews out, this planet will regress at least a thousand years. But if every Muslim vanished from the face of the earth, nobody would miss them in the slightest, because they are useless retards who have only given the human race terrorism, barbarity, genocide, rape, paedophilia, repression and a creeping death cult that wants to bring this planet back to the darkest of dark ages.


I make no apology whatsoever for supporting Israel and its right to exist. I am an Atheist and detest all religions because they are stupid myths without foundation in fact. However, I acknowledge the fact that Judaism is by far the oldest of the Abrahamic religions and that Jews have occupied the area now known as Israel for at least 5000 years. Christianity is only a little older than 2000 years and Islam is not even 1400 years old.

This means that the Jews, having lived and occupied in that area now known as Israel for over five millennia, have every right to still live there and call it their nation. Even though Christians claim it to be the birth of Jesus Christ, they often fail to acknowledge that Jesus (if he actually existed) was a Jew. Muslims have absolutely no legitimate claim on one square millimetre of Israel because Mohammed, the barbaric, genocidal paedophile founder of Islam, had never even been there and there is not even a mention of the area in the Koran, apart from one veiled reference to "the farthest mosque" that could have been anywhere in the then known world.

In fact, the whole story of the "farthest mosque" being the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is a load of utter garbage. Mohammed was born in the year 570 and died in 632. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was not built until well after Mohammed's death, so he could not have travelled to this "farthest mosque", where he allegedly departed the world on a horse, another really stupid fable. But the Muslims, having latched onto this nonsensical "farthest mosque" fiction, claim that Jerusalem belongs to Islam. But Muslims claim that every place belongs to them and they have a doctrine that states that once Muslims move into an area, it becomes Islamic forever.

The first thing that Israel needs to do is to completely demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque that was built on top of Solomon's Temple, as Muslims always build mosques on top of churches and synagogues wherever they invade and conquer lands. The best way to show Muslims that they are not going to get away with this sort of vandalism is to demolish every mosque that was constructed on top of an establishment of another religion.

Disregarding the baloney of Muslim claims, Israel was provably the original land of the Jews from 5000 years ago, Israel must be acknowledged as the rightful nation of the Jews and its right to exist in its present state must be upheld to the utmost. This is the Hotheads position, based on historical fact, not religious nonsense and dogma. I abhor the claim of Muslims that they are entitled to any part of Israel and as far as I am concerned, the Israelis have every right to defend themselves and their nation to the extreme.

But the most important thing of all to understand in the debate about Muslims vs Jews is that Jews have given far more to the world than the world has given to them. If all the Jews had never existed, the world would still be in the Dark Ages, as much of the contributions to knowledge, science, medicine, economics, entertainment and other important fields came from that very small minority that were the Jews. But if every Muslim had never existed, the world would be a safer and happier place. We would not have Islamic terrorism and all the barbarism that Muslims inflict upon the human race. As for worthwhile contributions to the world from Muslims, it is hard to think of one solitary thing of benefit that Muslims have brought in their entire 1400 years of existence.


Since the 1960s, there has been a constant battle over the tiny sliver of territory that Israel occupies as the Jewish homeland. Despite the fact that historical facts prove that there has been a continuous Jewish presence in what is now known as Israel for over 3000 years, Arabs have done their best to demonise Jews for having the temerity to exist, let alone live in Israel.

One of the most idiotic arguments that Arabs have used in this matter is to claim that the area of land now called Israel should be the nation of Palestine. In fact in all of history there has never been an autonomous nation of Palestine, there is no Palestinian language and there has never been a Palestinian currency or government. But one of the most telling proofs is the admission of one of the most senior leaders of the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organisation.


On 31 March 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organisation executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here's what he said:

So there it is, right out of the mouth of one of the chief organisers of the PLO, that bunch of terrorists who, along with a few splinter groups, hijacked aircraft, murdered innocent people and terrorised the world into recognising a myth. That's the truth - the Palestinian people don't exist and they never did. Those alleged Palestinians are mostly just Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians. Unfortunately the PLO has shown the world and other terrorist groups that terror sometimes actually achieves its goals.


Here is a quote from somebody who should know more about the issue of Palestinians than most people.

These are blatant admissions from top PLO terrorists that Palestinians are a complete fabrication. The absurdity of this whole situation is that much of the world gives these criminals recognition, even when these alleged Palestinians admit that the Palestinian people do not exist, but are really Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians and others. As PLO leader Zahir Muhsein stated, the invention of the Palestinians and their territorial claims is nothing more than a device to destroy Israel.


One of the arguments used by Arabs is that Israel is "occupying" Arab lands, but without ever admitting that some areas like the Gaza Strip, West Bank and the Golan Heights were seized by Israel as a direct result of decades of deliberate war against it by various Arab nations. So here is the truth about who is occupying which nations.

Here is a map of tiny Israel and the areas that it had to occupy to stop Arabs from launching attacks on it.

Israel and occupied territories

Apart from the historical and legal justification that the Israelis had for occupying those areas, this will give you an idea of the size of those areas. The total area of the Gaza Strip, West Bank and the Golan Heights is 7,368 square kilometres. By comparison, the Madrid, the capital city of Spain is considerably larger at 8,028 square kilometres. This is the total extent of Israeli so-called occupation. So let's look at Arab-Muslim occupation and conquest on this map.

Arab-Muslim global occupation and conquest

See the arrow pointing at tiny Israel? That is ALL of Israel, not just these "occupied" territories. It's almost invisible on this world map, yet the Arab-Muslims continue to call for the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of Israel. They want the entire Middle East for themselves and cannot bear the thought that there are people living in their historical homeland that existed thousands of years before Islam was founded in the 7th century by that genocidal serial paedophile Mohammed.

So the next time anybody makes a noise about Israeli "occupation", just show them these two maps and ask them to justify this global Arab-Muslim cancer that has infested so many nations.