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Australia has always been a land that is based on immigration, right from when the First Fleet landed in 1788 to the present day. In the modern era up to the 1970s, immigrants came from all over the world and built a strong, prosperous and modern nation that is one of the most highly regarded countries in the world.

Up to the 1970s, migrants were welcomed and encouraged to integrate and assimilate into the broad Australian mainstream and almost without exception, this is what they did. Australia benefited greatly from the cultures, music, food and other interesting facets that these immigrants brought with them. From a cuisine based on bland British food, Australia saw an explosion of Italian, Greek, French, German, Thai and Chinese restaurants that added so much to the Australian way of life.

The non-English-speaking migrants that came to Australia up to the 1970s may have had difficulty with the English language, but they did their best and became proud Australians. Many of them started very successful businesses and became respected pillars of the community. Their children didn't think of themselves as anything but Australians.

Although many migrants who arrived in Australia prior to the 1970s did in fact congregate in particular areas for reasons of being close to family and friends from their home nations, they still assimilated and considered themselves to be Australian. Such areas as Leichhardt in Sydney and Carlton in Melbourne became heavily populated by Italian immigrants who became proud Australians and the benefit to Australia was enormous.

Norton Street Leichhardt and Lygon Street Carlton are icons of Italian cuisine, with fantastic restaurants and other stores that attract people from all over Australia. But Italian immigrants spread all over the nation and out to country areas, bringing their wonderful food and music with them. They established wineries and changed the face of the food industry. The Greeks and Maltese did the same and their children, very proud and patriotic Australians, have made an enormous contribution to this nation.

In more recent times, white and ethnic Indian people from South Africa and Zimbabwe have fled the repressive regimes in those nations and immigrated to Australia. Virtually all of these people are highly educated, completely fluent in English and are motivated to succeed. They have integrated wonderfully into Australian society, many of them have established very successful businesses and their crime rate is almost non-existent.


But in 1972, after decades of Liberal Party rule, the Whitlam Labor government was elected. Apart from a hell-bent effort to economically destroy Australia with disastrous policies based on a misconceived concept of socialism bordering on communism, Whitlam's regime appointed a man who literally single-handedly changed the face of Australia for the worse and his legacy is affecting this nation to this day in the most detrimental manner. That man was the Whitlam government's Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby.

Grassby's policies began the transformation of an Anglo-centric, or at least Euro-centric Australia, to one that welcomed literally anybody from every part of the globe, including those with repugnant cultures that were totally alien to civilisation as we know it. When those migrants arrived, they were no longer pressed into jettisoning every bit of their culture to assimilate into the mainstream Anglo-Celtic community. In fact they were encouraged to retain their own cultures and habits instead of adopting the Australian way of life, even though these people had sought to come to Australia to escape those cultures and other problems in their former homelands.


Al Grassby's reign saw a homogenous Australia transformed into a nation of ghettoes, populated by immigrants who were literally told that they did not have to learn English, as all government services would be available in their languages, with interpreters close by to assist them. Because they could not speak English and were not made to do so, many immigrants clustered together in close proximity to other immigrants who spoke the same language and retained the same culture. This resulted in many areas that literally became ghettoes, from which some immigrants who could not speak English would not even venture.

Some areas that were notorious ghettoes have managed to transform themselves into interesting places to go. John Street Cabramatta in Sydney is the home of the Vietnamese community, however although it was almost a no-go area before, the Vietnamese community has welcomed all people into what was a notorious ghetto. Dixon Street Sydney is Chinatown and tourists from all over the world flock there for the cuisine and the atmosphere.


Unfortunately, under Grassby's doctrine, certain immigrants were invited to Australia, people whose religion and culural beliefs would not allow them to integrate nor assimilate into the broad Australian mainstream. These immigrants have made it very well-known that they have no intention of ever being Australians and raising their children as Australians either. These immigrants are Muslims.

Australia now has suburbs which have almost become no-go areas for Australians. A walk down Haldon Street in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba will be a cultural shock to most Australians, with the sight of store signs only in Arabic, most women dressed in confronting burqas and hostile stares at any non-Muslim interlopers from the Muslim men. In fact it has been reported by real estate agents that non-Muslims living in those areas are intimidated into selling their properties so that Muslims can buy them and move into the areas, making them even more no-go than before.


According to official statistics and research, Muslim immigrants and their offspring have an inordinately high crime rate, as compared to other immigrant groups. Their unemployment rate is also very high in comparison to other groups and this may explain the preponderance of these people for criminal activity. This is also seen in many secular western nations where large numbers of Muslims have immigrated, such as Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. In fact, Muslim immigrants have been caught plotting terrorist attacks on Australians and every person in Australian jails who has been convicted of terrorism offences is a Muslim.

But although Muslims are at the forefront of cultural and religious problems in Australia, other racial and cultural groups who have immigrated to Australia because of the multiculturalism legacy of Al Grassby are also causing massive problems to this nation.

Although white and ethnic Indian immigrants from South Africa and Zimbabwe have become highly valued contributors to Australian society, immigrants from other parts of Africa are causing massive problems, in particular the black Sudanese who are mostly Muslim. For instance, a Victorian Police spokesman stated in April 2011 that Sudanese-born people in that state are the most violent ethnic group. A Victoria Police spokesman stated in April 2011 that it was a way of life for Sudanese to carry weapons and they were accustomed to a dog-eat-dog lifestyle, with no respect for police and human life.


In July 2011, a man who claimed it was culturally acceptable for him to have a sexual relationship with a primary-school child who later bore him a son was sentenced to 10 years in jail. The 31-year-old, now classified as a paedophile, claimed that his cultural background meant age was not a relevant factor in choosing a wife or sexual partner, the County Court in Melbourne heard.

In sentencing the man, who migrated as a refugee from a north-Asian country, Judge Lisa Hannan said his continued sexual relationship with the girl, from the age of eight until she fell pregnant, was repulsive and defied morality. The court heard that the man was married to an adult at the time of the offences and already had a child.

The court heard that the man, who pleaded guilty to charges of persistent sexual abuse of a minor and child stealing, had told authorities that in his cultural background, there were no restrictions on age for a relationship. But Judge Hannan said the man knew he was breaking Australian law, that he initially lied about having sex with the child and attempted to procure an abortion before a baby was born in 2010. "You knew what you were doing was wrong," the judge said.

The fact that this disgusting bastard used the defence that his culture allowed him to be a paedophile shows that the policy of multiculturalism has encouraged immigrants to assume that they can bring their filthy practices with them. Instead of encouraging immigrants to integrate and assimilate into mainstream Australian society, the government encourages these people to bring their abhorrent traditions with them. Hence we see paedophilia, clitoridectomy, repression of women, ghettoisation and many other alien practices that literally did not exist until that idiot Al Grassby decided that separatism was better than integration.

All prospective immigrants should be given a strong warning about such matters and told in no uncertain terms that if they wish to live in Australia, then they have to adopt Australian culture and leave their abhorrent cultural practices in their homelands. They should be made to sign a binding document that they understand this and if they commit any offences based on cultural practices that are not acceptable or illegal, then they will immediately be jailed if necessary and then deported, never to return.


In 2011, President Nicholas Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany declared that multiculturalism was a failure. Although they did not have the guts to blame the entire problem on Muslims, their statements were a veiled attack on the Muslim invasions of their nations. It was an indictment of a badly failed social experiment that was even then in the process of destroying their nations from within. Sarkozy and Merkel came to the conclusion that separatism, ghettoisation and the Muslim push for dominance would eventually tear their nations apart unless something was done to curb this trend.

The problem with multiculturalism is that it does not take into account human nature and the desire of people to live in a homogenous unified society. The truth is that most people are far happier living among others of the same culture and even race. This may not be politically correct, but it's the truth. Most mainstream Australians who are English-speaking white Caucasians are more comfortable with other English-speaking white Caucasians, even if they come from other parts of the world, such as Britain or South Africa. Those Australians are far less comfortable when confronted by non-English-speaking Muslim women wearing burqas or black Somalians armed with machetes.

Australia has always welcomed immigrants, but the Grassby days have changed the criteria for immigrants to the point where those coming to settle in this nation know that they can bring their alien cultures here and force them upon the Australian mainstream, with disastrous results. This has to be stopped. The policy of multiculturalism must be completely renounced.

These should be the criteria imposed on all prospective immigrants.

Multiculturalism is a proven failure and must be renounced. No nation can survive as a loose confederation of ghettoes or devolve into tribalism. Every Australian should work towards a unified, homogenous society and completely reject the disastrous doctrine of the thankfully dead Al Grassby, whose stupidity has wreaked such havoc on Australia.