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LATEST NEWS - The black box flight recorders from Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 were recovered around 22 July 2014. In September 2014, Dutch experts stated that the aircraft broke up in mid-air after being hit by objects that "pierced the plane at high velocity. Some news correspondents stated that this matched claims that MH-17 was hit by missile shrapnel, however photographs clearly show holes in the cockpit area that could only have been made by high velocity bullets.

The Dutch report was very reticent in stating that the holes were made by shrapnel from a missile, which tends to indicate that the Dutch are somehow being coerced into continuing the narrative that pro-Russian rebels fired a missile at MH-17, when conclusive photographic evidence which was subsequently deleted from Internet reports clearly show bullet holes in that aircraft's fuselage.

The report from Dutch experts states that the plane "broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-velocity objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside". The photos definitely show bullet holes and it is very suspicious that they were quickly deleted from official reports on the Internet. What is worse is that the Dutch investigators refuse to admit what they can see with their own eyes.

It was also discovered that some passengers in the MH-17 wreckage were found to be wearing oxygen masks. This literally proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this airliner was attacked and shot down by a Ukrainian fighter aircraft, because no military aircraft from any other nation were in the vicinity. If the airliner was hit by a missile, the fuselage would have ruptured on the spot, killing all the passengers and crew instantly by catastrophic depressurisation before they had a chance to even reach for oxygen masks.

However, if bullets from a fighter aircraft hit the fuselage, this would have triggered a slower depressurisation that would have deployed the oxygen masks and the passengers would have had time to put them on. This is exactly what was found in the MH-17 wreckage, completely debunking the official US-led narrative that a Russian missile had brought down this airliner.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak swallowed this fairytale and welcomed the report, saying that it "leads to the strong suspicion that a surface-to-air missile brought MH-17 down". However, the rebel leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, stated that the separatists did not have the capability to shoot down the plane. Ukraine's government and several Western leaders said that there was strong evidence that pro-Russian separatists shot down the plane with an anti-aircraft system known as Buk.

However, in mid-November 2014, Russia released a satellite image that clearly shows a fighter aircraft firing an air-to-air missile at a twin-engined airliner. Although this image has been denounced by some as a fake, the scenario and the evidence correlates with the Russian version of events that claim that a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down MH-17. The satellite image clearly reveals the planform of that fighter aircraft that appears to be a Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker, an aircraft in the the Ukrainian Air Force.

In March 2015, a preliminary Dutch report again said that the aircraft broke up after being penetrated by "high-velocity objects". Yet again, the Dutch Safety Board did not specify the involvement of a Russian-made Buk launcher and its final report will not be released until October 2015.

It seems that the political agenda of the USA and western nations to demonise Russia is the reason that they are ignoring the hard evidence of the bullet holes that would indicate that MH-17 was indeed shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet. If it was proven that a Ukrainian jet shot down this civilian airliner, the Ukrainians would be demonised by the rest of the world and the entire tide of the conflict would turn again Ukraine, something that the USA and its cronies are dreading.

Ever since the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH-17 crashed in the Ukraine in July 2014, there have been many theories expounded about exactly what happened. The western media and politicians were very quick to blame Russia and its president Vladimir Putin for providing the missile that allegedly shot down this airliner, however many cracks seem to be appearing in the official western narrative of this incident. Hotheads is not a conspiracy theorist, but is concerned in real conspiracies. Hotheads has researched and exposed many disgraceful acts that were once denigrated as conspiracy theories, but were since proven to be completely factual. The conjecture surrounding MH-17 is now raising many questions that seem to debunk the official version of the incident.

Interesting video with many disturbing theories

The most dramatic of these theories claims that MH-17 was really the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 MH-370 that disappeared in March 2014. There were claims made that this aircraft was actually hijacked by remote control by the USA, who had convinced Boeing to install override features to lock the pilots out of the flight controls and fly aircraft by remote control, ostensibly to thwart hijackers who managed to break into flight decks and take over the aircraft.

This theory is not as outlandish as it sounds, considering that the Americans have very sophisticated remote control abilities with their drone program and could do that with commercial airliners if the manufacturers were asked or coerced into fitting such override devices into their aircraft, even without the knowledge of the buyers. There has also been much speculation that such remote control override devices were fitted to the aircraft that struck the World Trade Centre towers in 2001 and that there were no passengers on board those aircraft. There is much evidence to support this.

After the World Trade Centre atrocity, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted a successful flight demonstration at the behest of the White House of such a capability, using a Boeing 757 flight test aircraft, the same type of aircraft that was used in that event. This proved that the USA had the capability of completely flying a complex airliner by remote control.


On top of that, one of the pilots of MH-370 managed to make a very brief cellphone connection during the time that the aircraft had been diverted from its flight-planned course and was flying very low past Malaysia. Of all people, pilots know that cellphone calls cannot be made from high-flying aircraft, but there is a chance of making such calls from aircraft at very low altitude. The only reason a pilot would even try to make a cellphone call is if the aircraft's normal radio communications systems had been disabled by remote control, along with the flight controls.


Then there are the eyewitnesses in the southern tip of the Maldives who saw a large airliner in Malaysian Airlines livery flying at a very low altitude at the time when no Malaysian Airlines aircraft should have been in the area. In fact the time of the sighting was within 10 minutes of the estimated flight time from the last recorded point of contact of MH-370 to the Maldives.


There was also the record of one of the passenger's cellphone call from the US military base on the island of Diego Garcia, including the GPS coordinates that showed that the call had been made from an aircraft hanger at the military airport. Along with the stories of cargo on board this flight that the USA wanted to intercept because of its classified sensitivity, the various pieces of evidence and eyewitness reports start to come together and make some sense.

But imagine if this was all factual and MH-370 was remotely controlled and made to land at Diego Garcia, the Americans would have to somehow dispose of the evidence - the aircraft and the passengers. Well we know from 9/11 and other US false flag operations that the Americans don't think much of killing people to suit their nefarious ends, but aircraft can be difficult to deal with. Even on Diego Garcia, there would be many people who would see a Boeing 777 in Malaysian Airlines livery being taken apart and any one of them could blow the whistle on it. But if that aircraft was substituted for another Malaysian Airlines flight a little later on, who would suspect that aircraft were switched? Well, a few people did suspect that and they have come up with some compelling evidence of this.


One very enterprising person managed to get an uploaded photo that was taken by a passenger on MH-370 that showed a blocked-out window. This is not normal on Boeing 777 aircraft. However, this person noticed a photo of the wreckage of MH-17 in the Ukraine and saw that the same window in the same position on that aircraft had been blocked out. Being even more enterprising, this person managed to get photos of all Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft and the only ones in the entire fleet with a blocked-out window in that position were MH-370 and MH-17. In other words, MH-370 and MH-17 could have been the same Boeing 777.


Some of the photos of the MH-17 wreckage show the cockpit area riddled with holes. These were not anything like the jagged holes made by shrapnel - these were round holes, exactly like 0.30 calibre machine gun bullets would make. Many of the holes had their edges bent outwards as if the bullets had been fired through the aircraft and emerged from the other side. Of course Boeing 777 aircraft are actually made of fairly flimsy aluminium alloy and a high-velocity machine gun bullet would go through an aircraft like it was made of Swiss cheese.

Cockpit area of MH-17 showing distinct bullet holes

Do those round holes look like something that a missile might have caused? Of course not. And what in the Ukraine area fires 0.30 calibre machine gun bullets at aroound 30,000 feet? None other than Ukranian Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker jet fighters, one of which was seen flying in close proximity to MH-17 just before it crashed.


In mid-November 2014, Russia released a satellite image that clearly shows a fighter aircraft firing what appears to be an air-to-air missile at an airliner. One could imagine that after that fighter aircraft then closed distance with the airliner and shot at it with its machine guns. However, many experts have denounced this image as being fake, however the hard evidence of the bullet holes and shrapnel damage to MH-17 is conducive to a fighter jet firing on that airliner.

Satellite photo of fighter jet shooting at airliner

The planform of that fighter jet can be clearly seen and it appears to be a Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker, an aircraft that is part of the Ukrainian Air Force. Compare that planform of a Sukhoi SU-27 below to the enlarged image of the fighter aircraft in the bottom right corner in the satellite photo and it is hard to deny that the aircraft in that photo is not a Sukhoi SU-27 that is firing that missile directly at the airliner.

Planform of a Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker

So the bullet holes and shrapnel damage are easily explained and the story of the Russian surface-to-air missile fired by separatist rebels simply does not stand up to scrutiny or the hard evidence that has emerged. Whether the satellite image is real or fake, the damage to MH-17 is certainly very real.


The real story of MH-17 and MH-370 will eventually be revealed, however it is truly amazing that the truth about so many of these incidents somehow manage to be covered up by governments. It is not a matter of crazy conspiracy theories when there is so much evidence that needs explaining, exactly like the incredible mountain of evidence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the World Trade Centre atrocity in 2001 could have only been committed by the Americans, nobody else. Yet the official story, which has been proven to be nothing but a complete fiction, is the one accepted by most people and the perpetrators have got away with their crime.

But in the case of MH-370, what is truly amazing is that every aircraft transmits signals from its transponders, as well as continuous data from its turbine engines. Yet it seems that nobody has managed to track MH-370 from its last point of contact beyond claiming that it might have crashed somewhere into the Indian Ocean. A person who loses his iPhone can track it to literally any place on earth and recover it, yet all the fancy technology and resources of worldwide aviation authorities and governments could not track MH-370. Of course the most likely reason for this is that all those entities did not want MH-370 to be found.


It seems very convenient at a time of heightened tensions between the USA and Russia, that a narrative emanating from the USA that MH-17 was allegedly shot down by pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine would allow the Americans to sell the idea to the world that NATO had to have a presence in Ukraine to protect the inhabitants against Russian annexation, especially after the Russians had annexed Crimea. But the Crimean people voted 94% to be annexed by Russia and the Americans, although not recognising this free ballot because it was an inconvenient truth, nevertheless had to resign themselves to that fact.

The truth is that the USA wants to assume total control of the world and its assets. The Americans have troops and military bases in three-quarters of the world's nations. Why? What other nation comes remotely close to this? On top of that, the Americans have staged a myriad of false flag and illegal covert operations in order to create pretexts to interfere in other nations or openly wage war on them. However, what stands in the way of the Americans and their global aspirations are two nuclear weapons nations that refuse to be intimidated - Russia and China.

So the Americans need to create pretexts in wavering nations such as Ukraine, to try and bring them into the NATO fold as a buffer against Russia. NATO is already making noises about being the military arm of the United Nations and with the Americans having a military presence in over 140 nations, it is only a matter of time before they expand NATO into a global military force. Again, they will have to contend with opposition from Russia and China, so the Americans have to create threats. A civil airliner such as Malaysian Airlines MH-17 allegedly shot down by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine creates a good pretext for the Americans to offer to base NATO forces in that country and put down the pro-Russian rebellion.

This incident is far from closed and Hotheads will add to this - and of course correct anything that may be erroneous as the facts reveal themselves. But never ever forget the litany of factually proven false flag operations that the Americans have conducted over the decades and understand that this could very well be another one.