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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

Nobody in their right mind would criticise a person for hating Nazis and their genocidal aims of subjugating the world, as experienced during the terrifying rise and fall of the Third Reich in Europe. Nobody would ever be dragged before a court or tribunal for describing a Nazi as a revolting and murderous person who should be shunned, avoided and discriminated against. Nobody who discriminated against a Nazi would ever be accused of racism. In any case, Nazism is not a race, but merely a dreadful ideology.

So why is it a crime to hate and denigrate Islam and its Muslim followers? Islam is a repugnant ideology of death and repression that is far more dangerous that Nazism ever was. Muslims have the desire to subjugate the world to Sharia. Muslims commit virtually all the terrorist acts in the world. Islam's most holy book, the Koran, is crammed with hateful and genocidal exhortations that Muslims believe.

So why the hell are we expected to respect Islam and Muslims, when it is clear that this repulsive ideology and its demented followers are more evil than the Nazis? Why are we expected to show respect to the so-called Prophet Mohammed, when the most holy Islamic writings describe him as a mass-murdering, genocidal, paedophile lunatic? Why are we expected to be tolerant of Muslims who believe that they have to "Kill disbelievers wherever you find them" and other vile exhortations? Well, the truth is that we should never ever respect the dreadful ideology of Islam and we should never accept anybody who follows it.


In recent politically correct times and probably because of the idiotic United Nations definition of racism, the Australian Racial Discrimination Act has enshrined the completely wrongful concept that racism encompasses ethnicity and religion. This has led to the media labelling acts against Muslims of discrimination, denigration, criticism and hatred as racism, which is completely wrongful. Islam is no more a race than is Nazism or any other ideology, however Muslims have adopted and exploited this completely wrong concept and scream "racism" whenever they are criticised.

The mass media and political leaders are also guilty of this by referring to acts against Muslims as racism. These acts may be defined by some as bigotry, but even this definition has to be rejected because this cannot possibly be racist. Islam is a religion, not a race. A person is not a bigot because he shuns and avoids people who follow a doctrine that exhorts them to subjugate ort kill that person merely because he refuses to believe in their doctrine. It's not bigotry to hate Muslims, it's just a matter of sellf-preservation. It's not Islamophobia when they really want to kill you.


The people of the world, especially Australians, have to fight and oppose this nonsensical concept that Islam is a race and that we have to respect it because it is a religion. Here is a hypothesis. If a bunch of Nazis declared that their hateful ideology was a religion, their messiah was Adolf Hitler, his disciples were Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Rudolf Hess and Reinhard Heydrich and their most holy book was Mein Kampf, would we be expected to show tolerance and respect to them? Would we then be expected to treat Nazism as a race? Would we be prosecuted under the Racial Vilification Act if we discriminated against Nazis and exhorted people to hate them?

The above hypothetical situation is laughable beyond belief, however just substitute the word "Islam" for Nazism, the name "Mohammed" for Adolf Hitler and the word "Koran" for Mein Kampf. The description of that Nazi ideology is exactly the same as the definition of Islam, yet we are able to denigrate and encourage people to hate Nazis, but we are committing an offence if we denigrate and encourage people to hate Muslims. Their philosophy of hatred, repression, terrorism, misogyny, paedophilia, bestiality and other completely unacceptable practices are considered to be sacrosanct because these bastards call this ideology a religion.

As long as Australia's stupid and wrongful laws treat this creeping cancer of Islam as a religion and even worse, as a race, this revolting creed will be a protected species instead of being exterminated like vermin. This is why we have to oppose this concept that Islam is a race, because it is simply not true. Not only is it not true, but it allows the people to be fooled into believing this lie and tolerating the intolerant bastards called Muslims. So we have to overturn this nonsense.


When closely examined, the ideologies of Islam and Nazism are very similar.

So what is the difference between Nazis and Muslims? Virtually no difference at all in terms of ideology. The difference is that we would never be prosecuted for denigrating and encouraging people to hate Nazis, but we could be prosecuted for denigrating and encouraging people to hate Muslims. When examining the hard facts about Nazis and Muslims this is an idiotic situation. Anybody who follows an ideology that exhorts them to massacre people because they refuse to convert to Islam should be hated and denigrated and there should never be a law that makes this illegal.

We have to do something to overturn this stupid and unjust politically correct garbage. We have to get the Racial Discrimination Act scrapped completely because it is wrong when it asserts that religion and ethicity has anything to with race. We have to get all those anti-discrimination acts that make it illegal for us to discriminate against Muslims scrapped completely. We would never be prosecuted for refusing a job to a Nazi, but we are liable to be prosecuted for refusing to employ a Muslim and that is wrong.

We have to stop this indoctrination of people that is making them believe that Islam is a race and that we are required to respect this malignant death cult merely because it labels itself as a religion. No ideology that is as hateful as Islam should be given any respect at all. We have to stare down anybody who claims that acting against Muslims is racist. We have to be very politically incorrect and challenge anybody to try and prosecute us for denigrating Muslims for their stupid and hateful beliefs.


As the Hotheads spokesman, I have continually described Islam as a malignant creeping cancer that needs to be exterminated. I have denigrated Muslims for following and supporting this vile doctrine and I have encouraged others to do the same. Here is an excerpt from the Racial Vilification Act 1996, Section 18C, which has been the subject of much debate.

For the public record, I say here and now that I deliberately engage in conduct that offends, insults, humiliates and intimidates Muslims. I deliberately encourage and incite others to do the same. The Racial Vilification Act states that I should not do this on the grounds of race, colour or national or ethnic origin of my targets. It does NOT - I repeat - NOT state that I cannot offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate people because they follow Islam and they are Muslims.

I do not engage in abusing and denigrating people because of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin. Therefore the way Section 18C is written, I cannot be prosecuted under this law for abusing and denigrating Muslims because of their adherence to Islam. I don't give a shit about a person's race, colour, nationality or ethnicity and I have never discriminated against anybody on those grounds, simply because it is stupid to hold something against people over which they have no control. Nobody can choose their race, colour, nationality or ethnicity.

However, people can choose their beliefs and if those beliefs involve following a doctrine that exhorts them to "Kill all disbelievers wherever you find them" and other despicable dictates, then I have every right to offend and insult such vile bastards. Not only that, when I see Muslims actually committing atrocities and terrorism all over the world, I have a right to condemn and vilify this death cult and every last one of its followers and that is exactly what I do and I encourage and incite others to do the same.

If Muslims or the benighted authorities want to try and prosecute me for offending them or their abhorrent creeping death cult of Islam, they can give it their best shot. I can easily show any court or tribunal that Islam is the most vile, dangerous and repulsive doctrine ever inflicted on the world and anybody who follows and supports this evil doctrine deserves to be vilified, denigrated, offended, insulted and humiliated. I consider that it is impossible to vilify any further the most offensively vile pile of bullshit superstition and crap ever seen on this planet, however I will be most pleased to prove this in any venue.