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Before black Africans had contact with outsiders, not one black African society had invented the wheel and no blacks had a written language or a calendar. No blacks had built a two storey building or a mechanical device or had domesticated any beast of burden. After 60,000 years, the blacks of Africa were still in the Stone Age. Those are indisputable facts and have nothing to do with racism.

Black Africa has now been in contact with the outside world for hundreds of years, but it is still the continent where are found the countries with the most poverty, the shortest life expectancy and the lowest levels of economic development. Many people allege that Africa is poor because it was colonised and exploited by Europeans. That is not true. Not one black African nation had anything resembling wealth or an economy. Black Africans were nothing more than primitive tribesmen. The most extensively colonised parts, such as South Africa, Ivory Coast and Nigeria are now the most advanced parts of Africa. Ethiopia and Liberia, which were never colonised, are among the poorest places in Africa.

The first country in the Western Hemisphere to become independent when the USA freed itself from Britain was Haiti, which has almost an entirely African population. It has been independent for almost 200 years. However, it has a profile of poverty, disease, corruption and under-development that makes it a perfect match for black Africa.

Haiti's history is very different from that of African countries and it is 6,500 kilometres away from Africa, but African people have brought a typically African society to the New World. Wherever blacks live outside of Africa among people of other races, they show a general pattern of generally less successful behaviour. This is true of Canada and Britain that never had a history of slavery.


So the issue is whether black and white people have different levels of ability. In the USA, there are about 16,000 different school districts. There is not a single one where black students perform at the same level as whites. It is stupid to allege that every one of those 16,000 school districts is run by racists who are trying to keep black people down.

The obvious rational explanation is that there are racial differences in intelligence. Blacks and whites separated from their common ancestors at least 60,000 years ago and since that time, the two groups have evolved in completely different ways, in their appearances and physiology.

The brain is an organ and in terms of evolution, as the two races evolved, obviously the brain size of the two races evolved as well. A couple of well-respected academics stated, "The biological equality of human races is about as likely as a fistful of silver dollars landing on edge when dropped." In other words, it's impossible.


This can be seen in the difference between white and black development over the past 60,000 years. Whites in Europe advanced through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Agricultural Age, the Renaissance, Mechanical Age, Steam Age, Motoring Age, Aviation Age, Electronics Age, Technology Age, Atomic Age and now the Space Age.

In that time, what did the blacks of Africa achieve in all those millennia? The sad truth is - absolutely nothing. Until white man made contact with them, the blacks of Africa had not progressed one iota. They had not worked out how to measure time. They had not even invented the wheel. One would think that an African black might have observed a stone rolling down a hill and thought that such motion could be utilised to save labour. But no - in 60,000 years, not one black African had a glimmer of anything that might have triggered the making of something as ludicrously simple as a wheel.


IQ testing has proven time and time again that in general, whites have always achieved higher scores than blacks, by around 15 points or so. Even when IQ tests were devised that were completely devoid of pre-knowledge and were based simply on things like pattern recognition, the same 15 point IQ difference was observed. Many hundreds of studies have been conducted into this matter and in each case, the same conclusions were made.

Raven's Progressive Matrices is one of the most reliable tests of intelligence and does not even use language, so there can be no bias. Yet in this test and a number of other intelligence tests that cannot possibly be regarded as biased, whites always do significantly better than blacks on average.

The people who do complain about bias in IQ tests never explain why north-east Asians do better than whites in those tests. They wouldn't dare argue that those tests are biased in favour of Asians. The fact is that on average, Asians have a higher IQ than whites and a distinctly higher IQ than blacks. We see this in Australian schools, where Asians generally do better academically than whites.


Looking at the hard evidence with an open mind and not being scared of being labelled a racist, a rational person would find that the facts are impossible to deny. And those facts show that whites are on average more intelligent than blacks and Asians are on average more intelligent than whites.

For those who claim that blacks seem to be less intelligent because of their environment and living in disadvantaged areas, this can easily be examined by studying black kids who have been raised by middle to upper class whites in middle to upper class areas. In fact in the 1970s, two scientists actually did that research and found black children who had been adopted as babies by upper middle class whites and they tested their IQs at various ages.

When the children were small, they had IQ as high as that of white children, but when they were 17 or 18, their IQs had dropped to just two or three points above the average black school. Possibly spending their formative years in white families might have raised their IQ a bit, but it certainly did not eliminate the 15 point black-white difference.

There was another factor that showed that environment did not count for much. In 2009, black students from families that had incomes of more than $160,000 per year got lower average SAT scores than whites from families that earned less than $20,000 per year. That is a stunning refutation of the idea that a deprived environment explains low black IQ and poor academic performance.


There is strict biological data that is difficult to argue with. Researcher Professor Bruce Lan in 2009 found that gene variants associated with brain growth. The researcher suggested that these gene variants that appeared relatively recently in humans, could have played a direct role him the development of human civilisation.

The University of Chicago used Professor Lan's research to apply for a patent to use this research in gene-based intelligence tests. It was interesting that the research found that these gene variants are common in Europeans, but rare in Africans. However, political pressure was applied to Professor Lan and he stopped his research, stating, "It was getting too controversial." The University dropped its patent application for an IQ test based on DNA. Once scientist who never backed down was Felipe Rushton of the University of Ontario. He pointed out that there is a well-known correlation between brain size and intelligence. In general, the bigger your brain, the smarter you are.

Professor Rushton showed with MRI and CAT scans, that Asians and Europeans have considerably larger brains than Africans or Australian Aborigines. In fact on average, Chinese have 200 millilitres of brain than Kenyans, which is nearly a cup of brain matter and that is a lot of brain tissue. And brain tissue has a very solid correlation of size with intelligence.


There is simply no room for doubt that there are racial differences in average intelligence and the evidence is strong that there is a biological basis for these differences. The fact is that equal outcomes in life are just not possible when different groups have different abilities. Our society is constantly telling blacks that they are just as smart as whites and the only reason they fail in school is because of white racism and oppression. But the hard and indisputable scientific facts show that on average, whites are considerably more intelligent than blacks.

This research and the conclusions have absolutely nothing to do with racism. One merely has to look at the difference between the white race of Europe and the blacks of Africa who spent their entire existence before contact with the white race in the Stone Age and had not even invented the wheel, whereas the white race in Europe achieved the level of scientific and technological progress that we have in the world today.

It is not racist to examine hard indisputable facts and draw inescapable conclusions from them. However, it is wrong to have people try to suppress those hard indisputable facts on the grounds that they are politically incorrect or unpalatable to blacks.


Associate Professor Drew Fraser from Macquarie University was castigated for daring to say that that importing Sudanese refugees threatened to turn Australia into "a colony of the Third World" and "Experience everywhere in the world shows us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and other social problems".

Following an outcry from Sydney's Sudanese community, Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor Dianne Yerbury decided to suspend Fraser from teaching any further at the campus on the grounds that the race debate was "threatening to spill over into the classroom" and was "affecting the university's ability to operate effectively." Macquarie University offered to pay out the final year of his contract but Fraser declined, describing the offer as a "dishonourable discharge".

And was Professor Fraser right? Of course he was right on the money. Look at what is happening in Melbourne, with Sudanese and their kids rampaging around in violent gangs, committing home invasions, carjackings, robberies and assaults in the street and terrorising entire suburbs.

Look at the reports of African gangsters terrorising and assaulting innocent people on the street and demanding their phones and wallets and assaulting them if they refused to hand over their possessions and money. The governors of Macquarie University should be sending a grovelling apology to Professor Fraser for the way that this so-called centre of learning and its Vice-Chancellor tried to suppress the truth for the sake of political correctness.


There are hard and incontrovertible facts that show us that black Africans are not as intelligent as European whites. Those facts prove that black Africans didn't even have the brains to invent the wheel and only moved out of the Stone Age upon contact with white Europeans. Incontrovertible research tells us that blacks have - on average - lower IQ than whites and Asians. The same research proves that Australian Aborigines have a median IQ of around 60, which is literally at the level of a retarded moron. And no amount of political correctness and false accusations of racism will erase those facts and the evidence.

It is not racist to tell the indisputable truth that is based on intensive research and study, even though it may be unpalatable to certain people. You can try and put lipstick on a pig, but it will always remain a pig. You should never discriminate against anybody on the basis of race or colour, but being non-discriminatory does not mean that you have to ignore the fact that on average, blacks are less intelligent than whites, especially when all the intensive research and studies prove it beyond a shadow of doubt.

Asians had a high level of civilisation and on average, they are very intelligent people. But even so, it was the white man that brought the industrial age to them. Asians didn't invent the motor car, the steam engine or the aircraft. They didn't invent radio communications, TV, electronics or computers. The closest that Asians got to that was the abacus, whereas whites such as Charles Babbage invented the first computer.


According to many studies, it has been found that in the white European race, Ashkenazi Jews are on average the most intelligent. Obviously religion is not passed to offspring by DNA, as religion is just a belief system without provable foundation. The higher average intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews can really only be attributed to the historical and cultural obsession that Ashkenazi Jews have always had for education and achievement. This is evidenced by the highly disproportionate number of Jews who have been awarded Nobel Prizes in the important fields of science, medicine and economics.

This is reflected in the lack of Jewish sporting achievement, as Jews are very under-represented in most sports on a per-capita basis. Apart from any genetic considerations, Jews are far more interested in intellectual pursuits, rather than sporting prowess, although there have been some outstanding Jewish athletes. Here are a few of them:

As well, despite their tiny global population of just 16 million, inventions and innovations by Jews far exceed those of all other groups on a proportional basis. The sheer number of scientific and medical discoveries, research and advancement from Israel, a tiny nation with less than 7 million Jews is simply staggering.


In this modern era of political correctness, there is this notion that everybody in the world is equal. That is so far from the truth that it is laughable. People are not ants and they have varying levels of intelligence, aspirations, desires and needs. if you think that all people are equal, why is it that white Europeans put the human race on the Moon and are exploring the far reaches of the universe, when the blacks of Africa were still in the Stone Age when the white Europeans came and settled on that continent? Why is it that white Europeans invented literally everything that we have and enjoy, while black Africans didn't even manage to invent the wheel in their entire 60,000 years of existence?

The truth is that on average, Europeans are far more advanced and intelligent than black Africans and that is proven beyond a shadow of doubt by the many IQ tests that have been conducted on the various races, as well as just looking at historical facts. To put an average white European and an average black African side by side and claim that they are equal in intelligence is really stupid, because it is denying hard fact. The average white European Ashkenazi Jew has almost double the IQ of the average black African and the comparison of historical advancement proves it.

The thing is that facts are not racist and I do not intend to ever be racist. That does not mean that I am required to overlook or ignore factual data about the differences in intelligence of various races. It is not hard to prove, merely by listing advancements in technology by black Africans. It's time that the world stopped playing stupid games and just acknowledged that different races developed differently and that people are not all equal.


So yes, it really is good to be proud to be white, because the white race is the one that has given the world literally every advancement that we enjoy today. Your white ancestors made this planet what it is today and that is why you live with all the fantastic appliances, technology, medical treatment and superbly comfortable lifestyle that you now enjoy. If you had relied on the blacks of Africa, you would also be living in the Stone Age. So be proud to be white and don't be scared to scream it from the rooftops.