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The Hotheads Award
The coveted Hotheads Awards recognises various achievements, both noble and ignoble and recipients should feel gratified to be blessed by such honours. Hotheads hopes that these Awards are taken in the spirit that is intended. Recipients have the right to to denote that the Hotheads Award has been bestowed upon them by putting the honour after their names, for example, George W Bush HA. If receipients are awarded multiple Hotheads Awards, they can display this after their names, for example, George W Bush HAHA.

The winner for the second time is - Judge Mordecai Bromberg of the Federal Court

A Tamil couple, Priya and Nadesalingam Murugappan, came illegally to Australia in 2012 and 2013. Nadesalingam was not a refugee or an asylum seeker, as he was safely living and working in Qatar when he decided to pay people smugglers to get him to Australia. Priya was also quite safely living in India when she did the same, conspiring with criminals to get her to Australia. Priya brought along one child and the couple hooked up and had a child in Australia.

Their case for asylum was quite obviously found to be completely bogus, but shortly before an order preventing their forcible removal to Sri Lanka expired, failed Labor candidate and leftist Federal Court judge Mordecai Bromberg announced that the family had a legal case that needed to be decided at trial. He said that there was no power to remove one of the family's daughters, Tharunicaa, from the country under the Migration Acta as she had made a valid visa application.

Tharunicaa, despite being Australian-born, would normally also be refused refugee status due to legislation blocking children of asylum seekers who arrive by boat from accessing the nation's protection. But Bromberg ruled that Tharunicaa was legally entitled to apply for a protection visa during a short period in 2017 when her mother's visa application was not yet finalised, following a determination by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

So after the Andrew Bolt debacle, where Bromberg ruled that a bunch of lily-white "Aborigines" with maybe (or maybe not) a poofteenth of Aboriginal DNA were defamed after being called out by Bolt, Bromberg has done it again - cost Australia millions of dollars by preventing a couple of bogus asylum seekers from scamming this nation and being quite rightly kicked out on their arses. And Tharunicaa's visa application should have been assessed and refused on the spot. It is obvious that the ploy to keep these Tamil scammers in Australia is based on nothing more than a legal fiddling of the visa system by some sharp lawyers, but it hopefully it is doomed to fail.

Judge Mordecai Bromberg is the best reason in the world why the Australian government needs to change the Constitution and the law allowing judges to remain in place, when they make the most asinine and ridiculous rulings that affect our nation. The law should allow for the removal of people like Bromberg if it is obvious to that their rulings are ridiculously flawed and untenable.

The winner is - Donald Trump, President of the USA

When Trump was running for President of the USA, he made a number of promises. He promised to "Make America Great Again". He promised to try and stop Islamic terrorism by restricting travel from Islamic nations that were known to harbour Muslim terrorists. He promised to do something about the massive problem of illegal aliens who were infiltrating the USA via from Mexico.

Trump won the election and became US President and started carrying out his promises, as he had the mandate from the electorate to do so. Despite being pilloried, criticised, denigrated and defamed by the lunatic left of US politics and opposed even by his own Republicans, Trump managed to achieve some notable results.

For the first time since the Korean War, Trump managed to have meetings with the North Korean leader, something that had never been achieved by any other US President. He also persuaded large international companies to open their manufacturing facilities in the USA, thus creating new jobs for Americans. He hit China with import tariffs to stop the dumping of cheap Chinese garbage that was costing American jobs. He did many other things, all for the benefit of the USA.

Hotheads congratulates President Donald Trump for doing his best to carry out his election promises, despite being the most sabotaged president in history. The difference with Trump is that he is not a politician, therefore he is not accustomed to breaking promises and he is not used to doing backroom deals like sleazy political operators. Yes, Trump has made mistakes, but at the end of the day, he has shown that he loves his country and wants to indeed "Make America Great Again" and there surely is nothing wrong with that.

The winner is - Professor Greg Craven and the Australian Catholic University

In May 2015, the Australian Catholic University announced that it would recognise executed serial drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran by introducing scholarships in their memory. Vice Chancellor Professor Greg Craven stated, "We did this because ACU is committed to the dignity of the human person, and that applies equally to all human beings: victims as well as to those who have been convicted of crimes."

One can only imagine the deranged mental processes of somebody who desires to sanctify two serial criminals whose drugs destroyed the lives of many Australians and probably led to the deaths of a number of them. It is unfortunate that academics such as Professor Craven seem to live in the airy-fairy world of academe, where they don't see the consequences of the acts of scum like Chan and Sukamaran and Chan. Based on Craven's actions in regard to drug traffickers, one could reasonably speculate that his next effort could be to eulogise Ivan Milat for services to backpackers.

The winner is - Jan Morgan, US shooting range owner

This courageous woman operates an indoor shooting range in the US state of Arkansas. Fed up with the murderous atrocities committed by Muslims in the USA and elsewhere, she decided to abandon all political correctness and make her business a "Muslim-Free Zone". Of course Jan Morgan's quite factually correct position is that she cannot be accused of racism, because Islam is not a race, therefore if she bans Muslims from her business, she is exercising her free right of association, but certainly not on racial grounds.

Hotheads congratulates Jan Morgan on having more guts and certainly a bigger pair of balls (metaphorically speaking) than just about any political leaders in secular nations, who have spent so long grovelling and kowtowing to the same Muslim bastards who have expressed their desire to turn their nations into repressive and barbaric Islamic Sharia shit-holes. Every business person should take Jan Morgan's lead and refuse to do business with people who believe that it is their duty to kill anybody who does not convert to their filthy death cult.

The winner is - Jeremy Clarkson, host of English TV show Top Gear

English journalist Jeremy Clarkson is the main presenter of TV show Top Gear, which was seen in over 100 countries and had a regular audience of over 350 million viewers. These astounding figures prove that Clarkson's irreverent, politically incorrect and often grubby humour were the features that made Top Gear such a raging success. Clarkson, along with the other two presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, indulged in banter that has offended many strait-laced critics.

Clarkson has landed in hot water for his antics. One of his most recent comments was looking at a slanting bridge with an Asian man on it and stating that there was a slope on it. This raised the ire of Indian actress Somi Guha, who complained that this comment was racist because some people refer to Asians as slopes. Then Clarkson jumped into the pot of boiling water again when he compared two sports cars by reciting the children's poem "Eeny meeny miney moe, catch a nigger by the toe."

Furious critics were affronted by this allegedly use of the word 'nigger' and demanded that Clarkson be sacked by the BBC, even though that word is commonly used in everyday language by black people in the USA. Clarkson did apologise for it, but Hotheads considers that pandering to these critics was completely unjustified. Clarkson should have told them to drop dead and not watch his show if they did not like the way he presented it.

In any case, the BBC was crazy enough to sack the man who fronts what is probably by far the most successful show in the BBC's history. Clarkson and his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond left the BBC and this stupid organisation lost the best and most successful show in its history. Hotheads salutes Clarkson for his irreverent, zany, politically incorrect, but extremely witty humour and presents him with this prestigious award.

The winner is - Clifton Chatman, deceased armed robber

During a street robbery, this 16-year-old teenage idiot was shot dead by a bullet fired by his accomplice which ricocheted off their victim's face. Clifton Chatman was killed by the deflected bullet in the Bernal Heights neighbourhood of San Francisco. A group of suspects, including Chatman, had robbed a man of his phone at about 11pm on 14 December 2013. One of the suspects pulled out a handgun and opened fire, despite the victim complying with their demands. The bullet glanced off the victim's face and hit Chatman, with the 16-year-old pronounced dead at the scene. The robbery victim was admitted to hospital for treatment, but is expected to survive his injuries.

This is another one of those incidents where justice was served much better than anything any US court could have done. Instead of Chatman being arrested and given expensive counselling because of some perceived psychological three-letter acronym invented by a tame psychiatrist and then let loose on the streets again, he was very nicely dispatched to the cemetery by his accomplice, where he will never ever rob anybody again. This posthumous Hotheads Award is richly deserved by Chatman and we can only hope that his fate is shared by many more thugs like him.

The winners are - Kevin Rudd, former Labor Party leader and Bob Carr, former senator

In September 2013, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stood for election as the candidate for the electorate of Griffith in Queenland. By doing so, he expressly promised the voters of that electorate that he would represent them for the entire next term of parliament. However, on the very first day that parliament resumed in November, only two months after the election, Rudd resigned from parliament, thus proving that he is still a dirty dishonourable liar by breaking his commitment to the voters of Griffith and also forcing a by-election that will cost a vast amount of taxpayer money. Rudd should be sued by the people of Griffith for his duplicity and dishonesty.

Senator Bob Carr did the same after being elected in September 2013, but he did not even have the grace to wait until parliament had commenced. Carr bailed out just one month after being elected, proving that he is a duplicitous bastard for standing for election in the first place, knowing that he would only stay in parliament if Labor won the election. This is typical Labor Party petulance and was also seen when Paul Keating resigned from parliament literally within moments of Labor being defeated, even though Keating won his seat and promised his constituency to represent them for the term of the parliament.

This chicanery merely proves that Labor politicians cannot be trusted. Well we all knew that anyway, with the myriad of scandals and corruption of Labor figures being paraded in various Royal Commissions and politicians such as Rudd, Carr and Keating being well-deserving recipients of the Hotheads Pissing On People Award. These politicians are filthy lying scum and that's about the best anybody can say about them.

The winner is - Kevin Rudd, former Labor Party leader

After being deposed by another dirty serial liar, Julia Gillard, Labor Party figure Kevin Rudd stalked Gillard for three years, undermining her at every opportunity, while promising to never ever challenge her for the leadership of the Labor Party. Of course Hotheads always expected that Rudd's treachery, dishonesty, bastardry and unmitigated ambition would eventually overwhelm any sense of decency that Rudd might possess and Rudd didn't disappoint us, proving that he has not one shred of decency in his entire body.

So breaking his firm promise not to challenge Gillard, Rudd did exactly that, which only showed the nation what an unmitigated liar and treacherous bastard this man is. The only reason that Rudd managed to do this was because those other treacherous bastards in the parliamentary Labor Party were so scared to lose their own featherbedded jobs, that they voted in the person who was the most despised politician in the party.

So Rudd is deservedly the outstanding winner of the Hotheads Treachery And Bastardry Award and we can only expect more of the same from him. Fortunately, the Australian electorate threw the despicable Rudd and his Labor Party out on their collective ears in the September 2013 election. Good riddance to these scumbags.

The winner is - Derryn Hinch, broadcaster

In some jurisdictions, there is a really stupid law that stops people from publicly naming convicted paedophiles, in the misbegotten belief that doing so will somehow disadvantage their victims. Of course any rational person knows that no paedophiles have ever reformed and when released from prison, they just go out and molest more victims. However, the idiotic law that tries to prevent the public knowing who these grubs are merely plays into their hands and gives them the opportunity to go into the community anonymously and prey on more children for their perversity.

In confronting this insane attempt at suppression, TV and radio broadcaster Derryn Hinch has very courageously named and shamed convicted paedophiles in order to protect potential victims from these predators and for that, he was thrown into jail a number of times. In April 2012, even though Hinch was recovering from a liver transplant, he had the guts to name a recently convicted child molester, defying the court's suppression orders and risking being convicted of contempt of court again.

Hotheads salutes Derryn Hinch for his brave efforts in trying to protect vulnerable children from child molesters by naming them so at least the public will know who they are and understand that they will never ever be reformed and thus always pose a danger to children. In doing so, Hotheads condemns in the strongest terms the idiots who formulated these suppression laws that play into the hands of paedophiles.

The winner is - Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas

It has been a long-held delusion held by quasi-communist unions in Australia that only unionists have the right to strike, in order to blackmail and sabotage the businesses of their employers. However, in late October 2011, these lefties received a very large shock when one of those employers, the airline Qantas, became so fed up with the deliberate campaign of rolling strikes and intimidation by unionists, that its CEO Alan Joyce decided to give these unionists a taste of their own medicine by grounding the entire airline and locking these militants out of their jobs.

Of course the rabidly left-wing government could have done something about the sabotage activities of the unionists many weeks, even months ago, but refused to act, however as soon as Qantas took its unprecedented grounding and lockout action, the Gillard government immediately stepped in and forced the issue in its union-dominated Fair Work Australia tribunal that ordered all strikes to cease and Qantas start normal operations again until negotiations could resume to resolve the problems. Julia Gillard claimed that her action was made under the national interests provisions of the Fair Work Australia Act, but it seems that national interest was never an issue when unions were slowly killing the Australian icon Qantas for such a long time.

Hotheads is extremely proud to bestow this coveted award onto Alan Joyce for exhibiting a gigantic backbone in staring down the militant unionists and showing them and the Laborite Gillard government that private companies also have the right to go on strike if they see fit. This action was a phenomenal victory for Alan Joyce over the unions and he is a most worthy recipient of the Hotheads Award.

The winner is - Andrew Bolt, journalist and commentator

This intrepid journalist previously exposed bogus leading Sorry Day and Aboriginal Industry activists who falsely claimed that they were members of the mythical Stolen Generation when they were not stolen at all, but abandoned by their parents.

In 2011, Bolt was sued by a bunch of lily-white people for stating that they used their smidgin of Aboriginal DNA to further their careers. Although a High Court decision was made against Bolt, what he said was the unvarnished truth and for that, he richly deserves this Hotheads Award.

The winner is - Judge Mordecai Bromberg of the Australian High Court

Bromberg presided over the case of nine white plaintiffs who had small traces of Aboriginal DNA and ruled that journalist Andrew Bolt racially vilified them by alleging that they identified as Aborigines to further their careers and lives. Bromberg ruled that Bolt did indeed racially vilify these plaintiffs because he had the temerity to use flowery terms in his discourses, instead of writing about the facts of the matter in dispassionate and forensically boring terminology.

What Bromberg did was to sanctify in the High Court that people who had fifteen-sixteenths white Caucasian DNA and only one-sixteenth Aboriginal DNA could rightfully identify themselves as Aborigines. If Bromberg declared that a glass with fifteen-sixteenths water and only one-sixteenth beer could rightfully be identified as a glass of beer and sold as such for the benefit of the seller, he would be laughed off the planet. If he ruled that somebody who questioned this in flowery terms was guilty of vilification of the seller, he would probably be carted off to the nearest asylum.

Even though no costs or other punitive action was levied against Bolt, Bromberg has been deemed a worthy recipient of this Hotheads Award for his ruling that will help to stifle freedom of speech in the interest of political correctness, kowtowing to the Aboriginal Industry and demonstrating yet again that the law is an ass. Hotheads firmly believes that this failed Labor political candidate and left-leaning judge is an utter disgrace.

The winner is - Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister

Prior to the 2010 federal election, Gillard unequivocally stated, "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead" and within one month of winning the election, Gillard announced the imposition of a carbon tax. Since then, Gillard has lied about the impact of this stupid tax, its effect on the Australian people, its alleged purpose of reducing pollution without any means of showing that it will do so and other travesties.

Gillard lied again when she accused opposition leader Tony Abbott of not wanting offshore processing of bogus asylum seekers because he rejected her asinine Malaysian Solution, when Abbott clearly supported offshore processing of boatpeople in Nauru, a solution that was implemented by the previous Liberal government, which worked and stopped the illegal boatpeople completely. However, Gillard did not castigate her political ally, Greens leader Bob Brown, who was vehemently opposed to Gillard's offshore processing plan and ensured that his party voted against Gillard's legislation.

Gillard's serial lying saw her electoral rating become the lowest in Australian political history. We know that all politicians lie as a matter of course, but Gillard has raised the bar beyond anything Australians have ever seen and has made serial lying by a politician into an art form. She rightfully beats any other contenders for this coveted Hotheads Award by a country mile. Gillard was knifed in the back by her Labor adversary Kevin Rudd and deposed as Prime Minister and has now very deservedly vanished into oblivion.

The winner is - Keysar Trad, Islamic spokesman

For years, Islamic mouthpiece Keysar Trad has leapt to the defence of his fellow Muslims, such as Sheik Hilaly, when they have been caught out denigrating Australia and its people. Trad has invariably used what Hotheads calls the 3-M Ploy - Misunderstood, Misquoted and Misinterpreted.

It's impossible to misunderstand the vile statements of Hilaly, when he referred to Australian women as "uncovered meat" and his denigration of Australia in his speech in Egypt, but Keysar Trad, always the faithful mouthpiece, has invoked the 3-M Ploy for Hilaly and others who have done the same, thus Trad deserves this Hotheads Award, even though Hotheads was tempted to award it to Hilaly as the Hotheads Revolting Bastard Of The Year.

The winner is - George W Bush, former US President

There is no worthier recipient than this former President of the USA. Bush and his cohorts organised and executed the 9/11 false flag operation to give the USA an open-ended pretext to wage war on anybody and everybody and invaded Afghanistan, even though no Afghans were allegedly involved in the 9/11 incident. Bush then deliberately fomented a war against Iraq on the basis of deliberately fabricated pretexts and became responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, merely to annex and steal Iraq's oil. Bush is truly the outstanding recipient of this Hotheads Award.

The winner is - Lyndon Baines Johnson, former US President

Recently declassified documents and video clips have revealed that the USA staged the bogus Gulf Of Tonkin false flag operation to foment a pretext to attack North Vietnam and thus started the Vietnam War that killed 60,000 Americans, 500 Australians and around 3 million Vietnamese. The USA imprisoned many conscientious objectors who refused to fight in this illegal war and tried to destroy the careers of countless others, such as legendary boxer Mohammed Ali, who refused to make war on the Vietnamese.

Johnson ordered the carpet bombing of Vietnam that killed countless innocent Vietnamese and sanctioned the use of the deadly Agent Orange chemical that permanently destroyed the health and lives of so many people. Johnson also ordered the illegal attacks on Cambodia and Laos that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

One cannot think of a worthier recipient of this Hotheads Award than the mass-murdering Lyndon Johnson, but a good runner-up would be Cambodian leader Pol Pot. The problem is that although Pol Pot ordered the genocide of more than one million Cambodians, Lyndon Johnson was responsible for slaughtering more than triple that number by his war criminality, so Johnson is far more deserving of this Hotheads Award.

The winner is - Al Grassby, former minister in the Whitlam Labor government

Grassby was the imbecile who foisted the thoroughly discredited policy of multiculturalism onto Australia. Prior to this, immigrants were encouraged to assimilate and integrate and to bring only the beneficial aspects of their former cultures with them to Australia. Until Grassby came along, the Australia that we knew was a magnificent homogenous nation, but Grassby was determined to destroy this and he succeeded.

Now Australia is well and truly ghettoised, with enclaves of immigrants and their offspring living in states of Apartheid, especially Muslims who have brought an extraordinary amount of criminal activity with them in relation to their numbers, as well as endemic terrorism against Australians. Thankfully, the unlamented Grassby is dead, but he is still worthy of this Hotheads Award and he will be hard to beat in future years.

The winner is - Sergio Redegalli, Newtown glass artist

Redegalli painted a "Say No To Burqas" mural on the wall of his Newtown studio. Despite complaints and pressure from Islamic figures, the former greenie Mayor of Newtown Fiona Byrne and being prosecuted by the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) for alleged racial and religious hatred, Redegalli stared them all down until they caved in. This was a remarkable display of courage from one man in the face of threats from Islamists, as well as craven politically correct politicians and racist bodies such as the ADB.

In April 2012, Redegalli and some friends dressed up in burqas and entered banks and courthouses, where entering wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet was prohibited without being challenged, to demonstrate the security risk that such facial disguises posed. Even though Redegalli and his friends were confronted by some Muslim thugs complaining and even assaulting the group for their stance, they bravely stood their ground. Hotheads is proud to bestow this Award on Redegalli and deservedly so.