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Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician and is the leader of the conservative Party for Freedom that became the second-largest political party in Holland in 2011 because of the concern of the Dutch people that Holland was being invaded and IsIamicised by stealth.

WIlders has been a member of the Dutch parliament since 1998. He is well-known for his struggle against the failed doctrine of multiculturalism and for free speech in the Netherlands. His efforts to broadcast his movie Fitna, which is critical of Islam, have been opposed by many politically correct Dutch politicians and of course by the Muslims that have invaded Holland with their vile ideology of death.

Even the United Nations Secretary General criticised Wilders and called for the film to be censored, but made the compleely contradictory statement that "the right of freedom of expression is not at stake here." So why should Fitna be censored if Wilders has the right of freedom of expression? That statement just showed the complete illogic of the UN Secretary General and how he was abasing himself to Muslim pressure.

Wilders wrote, "Islam is primarily a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion. I feel sorry for the Arab, Persian, Indian and Indonesian peoples who have to live under the yoke of Islam. It is a belief system that marks apostates for death, forces critics into hiding and denies our Western tradition of individual freedom. Without freedom, there can be no prosperity and no pursuit of happiness. More Islam means less life, less liberty and less happiness."


Geert Wilders - Fitna

Here is Fitna, the short movie that Geert Wilders made. All it does is take quotes from the Koran and put it next to video clips of (in order of appearance):


This movie, with its Koranic quotes next to Muslim atrocities and murderous intent, merely shows the truth about this vile barbaric death cult. There is not one single untruth in this entire movie.

Did Wilders invent any of the material in Fitna? Of course not. Wilders did not write the Koran, he merely used the repulsive genocidal quotes from it that proved conclusively why this book is no better than Adolf Hitller's Mein Kampf. He didn't script the the statements of Muslims who condemned themselves by their own words. He didn't shoot the video clips of Islamic atrocities. He did not write the newspaper headlines about Islamic atrocities.

None of the material used in Fitna is untrue. But people like WIlders who use the truth to expose the reality of Islam are made the targets of death threats and persecution. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who spoke out about Muslim atrocities and repulsive Islamic practices, has been under a death threat from Islamists for many years.


WIlders merely had the temerity to point out the idiotic policy of multiculturalism that had infected Europe and allowed the influx of so many Muslims, who in the main, had no intention of integrating, assimilating and co-existing with the people of their host nations. Instead, the Muslims brought terrorism, hatred, unemployment and apartheid. But because Wilders pointed this out, which was nothing more than the blatant truth, he was persecuted, hounded and his life has been constantly threatened to this day.

Wilders was invited to show Fitna to the British House of Lords, but the British Home Office banned him from entering Britain on the grounds of public security. In other words, the British government caved in to appease the large Islamic population of Britain and so disgracefully denied Wilders the right to express his opinions on Islam.


The most disgusting act perpetrated on a politician by his own government in recent memory occurred when some Dutch Muslims accused Wilders of fomenting hatred against Islam and and discrimination against Muslims with his movie Fitna and articles he had written. Incredibly, although the movie and his articles clearly do nothing more than demonstrate the real truth about Islam, its adherents and the Koran, it seemed as though none of the Dutch prosecutors had even watched the movie or read those articles and determined that they were totally factual. So Wilders was charged with criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups and inciting hatred and discrimination.

At his trial, Wilders faced five counts of criminal offences. The first charge was of criminally insulting Muslims because of their religion. The remaining four charges pertained to incitement of hatred and discrimination of Muslims, Moroccans and other non-Western immigrants because of their race or ethnicity. These charges stemmed from articles Wilders had written between 2006 and 2008, as well as his film Fitna. These statements included a call for a ban on the Koran, warnings against an Islamic invasion, and a tsunami of Islamisation. He also labeled Islam a fascist religion, described Dutch-Moroccan youths as violent and compared the Koran with Hitler's Mein Kampf. He has also referred to Mohammed as the devil.

The judges in the first trial were removed due to perceived bias against Wilders, so a retrial began in February 2011. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service, after initially refusing to prosecute Wilders because it did not consider his statements illegal, was ordered by a court of appeal to prosecute him nonetheless. During the process, they argued that Wilders should be acquitted on all counts.

On 23 June 2011, Wilders was acquitted of all charges, with Judge Marcel van Oosten noting that his statements, although gross and denigrating, had not given rise to hatred against Muslims and as such, were acceptable within the context of public debate. Van Oosten also said that Wilders's statements were on the edge of legal acceptability.


Wilders called for a ban on the Koran. How on earth can that be wrong, when the Koran incites people to murder others on the basis of their religion? How can this be wrong, when the Koran calls for the automatic death penalty for any Muslim who renounces Islam? How can this be wrong, when Europe is being flooded by Muslims - a tsunami - who refuse to assimilate or integrate and who call for all of Europe to be placed under Sharia law? If somebody published a book calling for the murder of Muslims because of their religion, they would be prosecuted and jailed.

How can it be wrong to describe Dutch-Moroccan youths as violent when a massively disproportionate number of them are in Dutch jails charged with violent criminal offences? How can it be wrong to compare the Koran with Hitler's book Mein Kampf, when both books call for the genocide of Jews? How can it be wrong to refer to Mohammed as the devil when it is written in the Koran that Mohammed was a genocidal, mass-murdering serial paedophile?

In other words, everything that Geert Wilders wrote or stated about Islam and Muslims is the stone-cold truth. Judge Marcel van Oosten said that the statements of Wilders were gross and denigrating, but how can telling the stone-cold truth be gross and denigrating? When has telling the truth about anything been unacceptable? Judge van Oosten is obviously another politically correct hack who would rather believe the massive lie that Islam is the Religion of Peace, when Wilders proved beyond a shadow of doubt by the use of hard facts that Islam is the completely repulsive doctrine of death.


In 2012, the Q Society arranged for Wilders to come to Australia on a speaking tour. Although the Labor government allowed a number of radical Islamic preachers to come to Australia and preach jihad and overthrow of the Australian democratic system without impediment, the government deliberately delayed Wilders's visa to the point where the tour had to be abandoned. This was an utter disgrace, considering that Wilders is a member of the Dutch parliament and issuing a speedy visa to a politician of a democratic European nation should never have been a problem.

Nevertheless, eventually Wilders did obtain a visa and in February 2013, he toured Australia, speaking to packed houses everywhere he went. The usual lunatic left-wing rent-a-crowd such as the ferals from the Socialist Alliance protested wherever Wilders was booked to speak, screaming that he was a racist. Obviously these unemployables have no idea of the difference between race and religion. Muslims were also present, screaming the same nonsense. However, none of this intimidated the attendees, who packed the venues to listen to the important message that Wilders delivered.

There was a huge problem with venues, where many cancelled the speaking events because of intimidation and even threats of violence. Ferals such as the Socialist Alliance always claim to stand for freedom of speech and expression, but their activities against Wilders and others merely proves that they will support those freedoms only if they express their particular ideology and all other expressions should be suppressed.

The same goes for the Muslims who demand that jihadist terrorism-supporting advocates be allowed to come to Australia and preach their messages of hate, death and destruction, but when a person who wants to tour Australia and expose the filthy death cult that is Islam and all the problems that Muslim immigration has brought to secular nations, Muslims scream accusations of racism against them, even when it is obvious that Islam is not a race. But of course, they will never allow facts to get in the way of their fantasies.

In any case, Wilders's speaking tour was a raging success and he proved that the silent majority supported his position, simply because everything he has ever said has been the unvarnished truth. Wilders has never allowed the stupidity of political correctness to stifle his right to object to the Islamification by stealth of Holland and other European nations and he has made it his mission to alert the world to this deadly creeping cancer of Islam. It can only be hoped that Wilders comes here again and the people of Australia not just listen to what he has to say, but do something to prevent this nation falling victim to the same fate that has befallen so many European nations.


Geert Wilders is one of the bravest men on earth. He has confronted the vile accusations, the death threats from Muslims and the attacks from his own countrymen for many years in order to warn the world about the creeping cancer of Islam. Wilders really does not have to do this, because there are plenty of Muslims declaring their intentions to subjugate the entire world all over the internet and their terrorism and barbarity are exposed by the fact that we now have instant global communication via the Internet and satellite news media.

Muslims literally prove their violent and intolerant nature by making those death threats against Wilders. In Holland, Muslims already murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh for speaking against Islam, so for them to threaten to murder Wilders because he vilified and denigrated them for being violent is a sick joke, when their own actions show that his allegations are completely valid.

Wilders is often labelled as being extremist and far right-wing. This is complete and utter nonsense. What Wilders has done is identify an existential threat to his nation and indeed the entire secular world and has set out to alert as many people as possible to this menace.


Is a surgeon being extremist and far right-wing by trying to remove a cancer from a patient to stop him being killed by the tumour? Of course not and nobody would ever say that. However, Geert Wilders has identified the creeping and deadly cancer that is Islam and is advocating a cure. That is not extremist or right-wing - it is merely an attempt by Wilders to save secular freedom-loving nations from the oppressive, barbaric, repulsive death cult that is Islam - and rightly so.

All people who value their right to live in tolerant, benevolent and freedom-loving societies must support Geert Wilders and most importantly, heed his message and act according to it. Ignoring this important message will only lead to the destruction of life and liberty.


Geert Wilders interviewed by Kathleen Walters of Newsmax

Here is a great interview of Wilders by Kathleen Walters of Newsmax. However, after you watch this interview, you should go to Youtube and watch the other speeches and interviews that Geert Wilders has made. If you treasure your freedom and are concerned about losing it, it would be very surprising if you do not stand up and cheer after every video clip. Here are a few good links:

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