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US politician Otto Passman, US politician once stated, "Foreign aid involves taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries." No truer words were ever spoken. First-world nations hand out billions of dollars each year to nations ruled by dictators and their cronies, who misappropriate the money and live like kings while the general populations of those nations remain poor and hungry.

Australia is one of those nations that grabs the hard-earned money that citizens pay in taxes and other imposts and then hands it out to nations that should never receive a cent for any reason. At the same time that Australia hands out those billions of dollars annually, it pays a fortune in interest on its massive debt. In 2014, Australia was paying a whopping $1 BILLION per month - $12 BILLION per year just in servicing the interest on its debt, while at the same time, it was handing out all that money to other nations. This is not only an utter disgrace, but it is stupid beyond belief.


In 2013-2014, Australia has provided direct cash aid to the following nations.


In 2013, statistics showed that there were over 105,000 homeless people in Australia. According to the Smith Family, 13% of Australians - 2.86 million people - live in poverty. That is one in eight people. Yet this nation allows Aussies to live like this while it sends billions of dollars to shit-hole dictatorships in Africa and other places and belligerent militaristic Islamic nations like Indonesia that has been scamming Australia for many years with its people-smuggling racket and punishing Australians with completely disproportionate jail terms while letting Islamic terrorists like Abu Bakar Bashir off with token punishment for his role in the mass murder of Australians.

The truth is that charity begins at home. Until there is no person living in poverty here and no homeless person living on the streets, not one single cent should be sent to another foreign nation in aid. The really stupid part about Australian foreign aid is that we actually borrow money and pay massive interest on it so that we can send foreign aid to nations that either do not need it or to nations ruled by tyrants who grab the money for themselves.

As Otto Passman said, foreign aid involves taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries and this is exactly what Australia has so foolishly been doing, merely to make this nation look good in the eyes of other nations. Well to hell with looking good. We should look good in the eyes of our own people by getting them out of poverty and not worrying about other nations. Let them get themselves out of poverty. It's not our fault that they are poor because of their corrupt politics, wars and tribal conflicts.

On top of that, not one cent in foreign aid should be spent until the Australian economy is completely in surplus and Australia's foreign debt is completely paid off. Right now this nation is forking out 1 billion just in interest every month and it is insane to be handing money to other nations when Australia is borrowing that money and paying interest on it. This has to stop.