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Again, another brilliant article. Thank you so much – you a like a breath of fresh air.

Bob Cotton

I just love your website and all that it stands for. Along with Quadrant Online, this is without doubt the best the best website on the Internet and I believe Australians are finally waking up to the scourge of islam and are finding the courage to speak out. I fear it is to late but I have hope.

Ross Veale

Dear Hotheads owner,

Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude and also my congratulations for the content of your site.

Although I am not from Australia and have no business or connection with Australia in any way, I could not help myself but spend 3 evenings reading every article you have written. I really admired your clear and concise views, based on hard facts and logic rather than misplaced sentiment.

Especially your articles regarding narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, migration and your criticism regarding discrimination laws that actually propagate incrimination had the most well-constructed arguments that I have ever read. And while you focus on Australia, of course, I believe this kind of developed thought and most of the arguments you present can be applied to many other places in the developed world as well.

I bumped on this site completely by accident, while searching for some research papers regarding the sea conditions around Australia and the south-hemisphere in general. It was, actually, a lucky accident!

Thank you again and please keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Marios Nikolaidis, Physical Oceanographer & Computer Scientist

Thank you for all the work you put into your site. I find it to be very informative and full of nothing but the truth. Keep up the good work brother.

BJ Wood

Thanks Hotheads, I love your site. I am doing whatever I can to boycott Halal certification and Muslims. Voting ALA too. Love your work.

Grace Begley

I came across this article just now - Muslims In Australia - and I must admit it has been written perfectly. This article raged a fire inside of me - the religion itself makes me so angry but you have done a fantastic job at portraying them exactly as the animals they are - Australia's tolerance for these fucks is disgusting. Thanks for the great read though!!

Kathryn Gniot

Just like to say that I was directed to your site recently. I can only say one thing - Excellent. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

Jordan (website visitor)

As always, I just love and very much appreciate your posts - thanks again for including me in the emails. You are incredible how well you word and structure your messages - very articulate, intelligent and so well said.

Hotheads Subscriber (name suppressed for privacy)

Well constructed and positive website that tells the truth about some of the lies, stupidity and cowardice being generated in Australia by the ongoing pathetrc series of Australian Governments.

Damien Fitzgerald

Keep up the good work and just to let you know I really look forward to seeing the information from Hotheads in my inbox! Regards,

Ross Veale

Love your informative site. Keep up the good work.

Rod Wood

Just found your page. Will you run for Prime Minister? For once I would vote. Cheers, keep up the good work.

Rab and Christine Sutherland

Hotheads received the following email from a person who called himself Mick Arif in regard to the Private Area of the website that has now been removed anyway:
Trying to access the ‘Private Area’ of which I have been to before but I have forgotten my username & p/word. Could you please give me some information as to what it is… Thank you.

Mr.Mick Arif
Hotheads Response - Of course this clown thought that Hotheads would be silly enough to give him access to the Private Area without first checking him out. But he was wrong. Here was the reply from Hotheads:

Hi Mick,

Good try but it won’t work. You have never accessed the private area of Hotheads You have never had a username or password for Hotheads under the name or email account you are using in this email. Bad luck. You have to be a lot smarter and wiser to catch me out.

The Hotheads Webmaster

I just want to say that I've just discovered your site and only have read a small amount of the content there. What I have seen is absolutely dead on truth, amazing. I love your work and will support your site as long as it lasts.

William N

Your Muslim article is one of the most unbiased and down-to-earth piece of information that I have read in almost 10 years!

Justin Cramond

Hi, whoever wrote the piece on "aboriginal issues" is a well informed genius, who should immediately stand in his electorate. The whole thing was totally correct and was like reading my mind... Well done.

Michael Kirkham

Could you remove my name Patrick Alilovic from your list of accused on this website. I have never been accused of anything other than a traffic offence, going through a red light and contesting it in the Braodmeadows Magistrate court last year. Some facts - I was born into a catholic family. My heritage is catholic. Myself, I am an atheist. So as far as I'm concerned all religious people are beyond my understanding.

Should my name not be removed ASAP I will be getting to the bottom of this scandelous and defamatory website and taking appropriate legal action.

Thanks, Patrick

Patrick Alilovic

Hotheads Response - Alilovic was listed to appear at Broadmeadows Court in January 2012 and his name duly appeared on the Accused list, which is published by the court in the public domain, thus being made available to be published by any other entity, including Hotheads.

Hotheads responded to Alilovic and informed him that if his name (or anybody else's name) was excised from this list, for instance all the non-Islamic defendants, then Hotheads could quite rightly be accused of trying to make that court list appear as though only Muslims were the defendants. This would not only be untruthful and misleading, but would expose Hotheads to punitive action in one of the many anti-discrimination tribunals.

Hotheads tried to explain to Alilovic that his name appearing on the list was not defamatory or slanderous and that was fairly obvious to the ordinary reader and that is one of the tests required for defamation. Hotheads did not accuse Alilovic of anything whatsoever and it was not the fault of Hotheads that his name appeared on that court list.

However, to try and allay any of Alilovic's concerns, Hotheads even offered him a remedy by placing a notice above that court list, specifically stating that he was merely in court to contest a traffic offence and that he was not being defamed by being on the list, but merely mentioned there because that is the way that the list was published by the Victorian legal system in the public domain. Alilovic refused to see our point of publishing the utter truth and he threatened Hotheads with another email.

If your not interested in removing my name, and removing the explicit and implicit implication of having my name included with all the other names in the context you have, I'm happy to test your argument in Court. Are you? Who can we issue the writ to?

Thanks, Patrick

Patrick Alilovic

Hotheads Response - Hotheads does not take kindly to threats of lawsuits or any other kind of legal action, simply because we consider that we have the legal right and the responsibility to publish the truth as we see it and offer editorial comment when it is necessary. So despite trying our best to accommodate Alilovic by placing a notice above that court list and then being threatened with legal action, we at Hotheads now consider Alilovic to be a person in an adversarial position.

We informed Alilovic that he had absolutely no grounds to take legal action against Hotheads because there was no defamation against him and he would be foolish to spend many thousands of dollars in legal fees on a matter that had no hope of success. Because of his threats, Alilovic was informed that the disclaimer would be removed and that he could proceed in any way he chose, but that if he took court action against Hotheads and lost, we would pursue him for ever penny, both in actual costs and also in exemplary damages.

I'd just like to say that I stumbled across your website and I think it is fantastic. I read your article on saying sorry to indigenous persons, and you have expressed exactly how myself and many others feel. I am sick of people naming people who share this view as a "racist". I also enjoyed your article on banning the burqa in Australia. Keep up the great posts. I will continue to check out your site!

Natalie Astaras

(Editor's note - the following diatribe has been edited down because it was far too long and stupid to present here, but here is the gist of the feedback from a very annoyed Muslim. Hotheads will dissect each paragraph.)

I went through you hateful post "" and was really shocked by this post and the hate and all the baseless crap that you have posted in your website without any understanding of Islam, or any modren day society (that produce ciriminals regardless of their faith, any faith, tell me you dpmt have any rapist and murdrer in Chritian faith, Jewish faith, hindu faith or any other).

Hotheads Rebuttal - Firstly, this Muslim cannot spell or write properly. So he's a bit ignorant, but we can forgive him for this, because he already suffers from a mental illness by believing in mythical beings. Anyway, this Muslim is shocked by the articles on the Hotheads Islamic Menace section, yet he cannot refute one single thing in any of them. This is always the problem for Muslims, that they hate people who expose their filthy death cult and complain that those people are Islamophobes, but they cannot refute any of the facts that are stated on the Hotheads website.

This Muslim states that he went for morning prayer at his mosque and somebody had thrown the ribcage of a pig inside.So one would have to ask the question - why didn't Allah stop this dastardly infidel from doing this? Allah always seems to be absent whenever Muslims are wiped out in various tragedies, mosques are destroyed or desecrated or anything else detrimental that happens to Muslims. Going to the mosque and praying to Allah seems rather futile. But I digress. He continues his diatribe.... I thought unlike america or europe ALL Australians were the most "civilised" people in western world who know what the tolerance is and understand how to put human values on top of everything and love thier fellow australian regarless thier faith, but after having experiece this morning and going through your post its all changed.

Hotheads Rebuttal - Here is a Muslim, a member of the most intolerant death cult on the planet, complaining that we Australians are intolerant. Obviously this fool has forgotten about all those wonderful Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, where churches and synagogues are banned, the possession of bibles and torahs is illegal and even minor crimes are punished with amputations or stonings. The point of this is that Australians should never tolerate the intolerant and Muslims who refuse to assimilate and integrate and whose numbers have an unenviable record of serious crime and terrorism should be exposed. Unfortunately, this Muslim fool who is complaining to Hotheads is like the rest of them - he chooses to ignore why we have good reason to be intolerant of Islam and its followers. He continues....
You simply have following facts and when next time look into mirror will be able to cleary see that in reflection there is no sane human but a mad dog standing with full of hate shit in his skull.. these are the fact.

- you are stubborn hateful person.
- you are not educated and neither have understanding
- all you overiding concern in post is to smear filth against Islam and Muslim
- you are cowered enough to NOT to post your name, address or identitiy

Hotheads Rebuttal - This Muslim gets rather incoherent here - he seems to be complaining that I am following facts and hopefully that's exactly what the Hotheads website is all about - delivering nothing but factual material. But he claims the following:

He says that I am a stubborn and hateful person. Well, we at Hotheads are always open to listen to reasoned argument, but it's hard to not be stubborn in defending factual material. If Hotheads states that Islam is a death cult, this is easy to prove. The Koran is riddled with exhortations inciting Muslims to kill non-Muslims. And the problem is that this is exactly what Muslims do all over the world with their murderous Jihadism. What is there not to hate about Islam, that calls Jews pigs, or exhorts Muslims to hate and kill Christians?

He says that I am not educated and don't have understanding. We at Hotheads understand Islamic terrorism very well, such as rioting over cartoons, stoning of women, amputations for theft, clitoridectomy, beheadings of schoolgirls, the attempted murder of a schoolgirl by the Taliban because she wanted an education - yes, we understand this at Hotheads very well. We understand what Islam is all about and we understand exactly what Muslims do in its name.

He says that our over-riding concern is to smear filth against Islam and Muslims. Well who needs to smear filth over Islam and Muslims when they do such a damn good job of this themselves? All Hotheads has done is to list all the depravities of Islam and quote facts, even excerpts from the Koran and fatwas and comments from Islamic imams and spokespeople. They are all factual. But of course Muslims really hate hearing the facts about their repulsive death cult and accuse people of smearing Islam for doing nothing more than stating the truth. Note that this Muslim fool still has not refuted anything that Hotheads has said.

For example, here are a couple of fatwas issued by not only the highest Islamic cleric in his nation at the time, but his nation's leader, as follows:

"A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than 7, other sexual act such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and having pleasure is allowed."
Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran, condoning and endorsing paedophilia.

"A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine."
Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran, endorsing and condoning bestiality.

Does this Muslim fool think that Hotheads has to go out of its way to smear Islam when its leaders are such depraved imbeciles? And never forget that a fatwa is a religious edict that makes the action described within it completely legal. So according to Muslims, paedophilia and bestiality are jus fine. Of course Mohammed was a paedophile and this is documented in the Sura, revered by Muslims as the true recount of the life of this so-called prophet. So if it's all right for Mohammed to be a paedophile, Muslims think that this is all right for the rest of them.

But this is the best bit - he claims that I am coward enough to not post my name, address or identity. Here is how this Muslim idiot submitted his posting to Hotheads.

first_name: Same
surname: Human

So he is calling Hotheads gutless, yet he didn't have the guts to post his own correct details. What an idiot. However, there is a good reason why Hotheads contributors are anonymous and that reason is that we have families, wives and children and we do not want to expose them to the sort of rabid jihadism of Muslims. We know of a number of critics of Islam in Australia who have had Muslim thugs threaten their loved ones, so we try and safeguard our families from people who think nothing of trying to kill cartoonists for drawing pictures of that paedophile Mohammed.

This is the difference between us and them. We non-Muslims don't threaten or kill Muslims because we don't like their filthy excuse of a religion, but they would injure or kill us for doing nothing more than giving a reasoned critique of their death cult. So we stay anonymous to safeguard our loved ones, but this Muslim foo's gutlessness in giving a false name and email merely exposes him as a hypocrite. But he gets more incoherent and illogical. Read on....
Let me tell you the world you call "free" is NOT free afterall because if full of the slaves of SATAN like you who follow thier master. ("free (of brains)" world master is usa and their master is israel) Your mater is spreading mischief in this world by installing those "dictators" in Islamic contries to suck their blood and oil out, as to your friggin "democracy" it is a system where 6 out of 10 people (among which 6 are like you and 4 are sane) decide that they want to eat shit and rest 4 being compelled under this system, have to.. this is democracy in nut shell.. about the rape and stuff, it is your free world's doctrine to make every single women a sex object, roaming nearly naked in every street, of course this going to entice people like you to do an animal act what is called rape.

Hotheads Rebuttal - I have not corrected his spelling or grammatical errors, but the gist of this paragraph is that this Muslim fool obviously does not approve of democracy, therefore he is already a danger to Australia, because he would obviously approve of Sharia law being forced on us. He is also very obviously intimidated and petrified of the sexuality of women, a typical Muslim problem and this is why Muslims subjugate women, cut off their sexual organs and cover them in head-to-foot bags.

The rest of this idiot's ramblings are not worth posting or commenting upon. But the only conclusion that Hotheads can arrive at is that this Muslim did not refute one single thing on the Hotheads website and he didn't have the guts to identify himself. He exposed himself as an irrational fool who suffers from a mental illness because he believes in a mythical Skydaddy and talks to him five times per day. He's another fifth columnist potential Islamic jihadist, a menace to this nation.

I have just come upon your website tonight and I applaud you for presenting the hard facts on the Muslim presence in this country. I thought that I was reading verbatim my take on this very serious problem. I have always said that there is no such thing as a 'moderate Muslim'. They all look to Mohammed for inspiration and he was a thief, a rapist, a paedophile and a murderer. How can anyone who thinks a guy like that is worth following be called 'moderate'.

I won't tolerate these people when I see them in my local shopping centre. I've just served a 12 month good behaviour bond for approaching them and putting the question to them: "What are you doing in my country?" They don't expect a stranger to do this, They generally reply: "because i want to live here" and I say: "But you hate us, so why are you here in my country?" It generally escalates from here and they do their nana, which proves my point that they are an intolerant lot. If we all did this when we see them in our local streets and shopping centres, then what is the govt. going to do? Put us all in gaol for speaking the truth?

We must all act now with one voice and in accord. If you approach them calmly and simply put the truth to them, then we are doing our duty as good and true citizens. If we don't then we are cowards and it will mean that our children will be fighting these ugly, barbarians in the streets with guns. Our forefathers were prepared to fight to preserve our freedom in two world wars, what are we prepared to do to preserve our children's. Our vilification laws are a joke!!!

The racist card the left use against anyone who stands up to speak the truth must be totally ignored and those who are accused a 'racist' when speaking the truth should wear it as a badge of honour.

I am happy to talk to anyone who is of like mind. We must throw off the yoke of sheep, stand up and be proud of our nation and our heritage and act now.

Tony Gibson

I feel sorry you have to hide behind a computer screen to express your opinions. It's sad society doesn't accept your opinions enough to publish your work in a real place, like a newspaper or official website. In fact I feel sorry for you because anyone who gives you the time of day - just like I did, in fact loses 10 minutes of their life they can never get back, which technically makes you an intellectual thief. Maybe if you were more educated you might know - if you present facts clearly without emotive language, cite your references, then maybe your readers can make up their own minds about the topic. The way you write is technically what you call propaganda - it's one-sided, and you clearly haven't been educated properly about both sides of the story. It also appears you have never met an Aboriginal person, and for that you come across as racist. Good luck for your future, I hope one day you realise that you're making no good contribution to society and should get a proper education. Yours sincerely, N.B. Age: 22. P.S. I'm Aboriginal.

Anonymous via Hotheads Contact Form - 21-02-2012

Hotheads Rebuttal - Isn't this a hoot - this moron accuses Hotheads of hiding behind a computer screen, yet does not have the balls to identify himself. This is the pot calling the kettle black - and funnily enough, this clown claims to be black. As expected, he could not find any factual errors, presumably about the Aboriginal Industry, the Sorry Day scam and all the rest of the travesties and emotional blackmail that we Australians have suffered since the Aboriginal Industry figured out a way to extract more money and concessions out of the Australian taxpayer.

This clueless ignoramus states that society doesn't accept the opinions of Hotheads enough to publish them in a real place like a newspaper or official website. In fact the opinions of Hotheads have been published in many mainstream media outlets, often on a daily basis. And what does he mean by "official websites?" What the hell is this website - unofficial? Doesn't it exist? This website is just as real and official as the Washington Post or the New York Times. It has its own domain name and exists on the Internet and that's all there is to it.

This hero accuses Hotheads of writing propaganda. We make no apology for viewing our opinions. We are not here to pander to political correctness or public opinion. We are here to reveal the truth about many topics, such as the Sorry Day scam. We certainly are one-sided and opinionated and we don't answer to anybody. People have the choice to completely ignore Hotheads if they don't like what we say. But we believe strongly in what we say and we believe that we are telling the unvarnished truth about the topics we cover.

Sure the people who write the various Hotheads articles remain anonymous. We have seen what happens to people who criticise Muslims and Aborigines and we really don't want to go to the extent of shooting anybody who shows up threatening us. We have done it before and it's messy and it's just not worth the trouble.

Keep up the good work. It appears that we are the only sane people left in this once great society.

John Thompson

I just want to say thank you, what you are doing is aspiring to give Australia back to the Aussies. You're exposing all these things that the Aborigines, Muslims and countless waves of other immigrants are trying to oppress. You are a champion, good on ya mate.

Joshua Buchanan

I've never seen a site where 99% of my own frustrations have been aired so fluently. This site gives me hope that there are sensible people out there can see past the bullshit.

John Anderson

I am a true Australian who cares about our way of life. My family have all contributed to the development of our way of life since 1840. My forefathers would roll over in their graves if they knew the damage being done today. I am witnessing the destruction by the left and the fools of our society who actively aid in the systematic destruction of a decent way of life. Australia needs our help NOW. Your website is a credit to you. Well done.

John (Victoria)