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Four Arabic Words Every Infidel Must Know - How Muslims deliberately deceive the Infidel

Why Islam Creates Monsters - An enlightening essay by Danish psychologist Dr Nicolai Sennels

Muslim Inbreeding - Danish psychologist Dr Nicolai Sennels shows why many Muslims are either crazy or retarded

Twenty-First Century Islamic Warfare - A dire message to all Australians and the people of other secular nations

The Hijra - US journalist Janet Levy describes the Muslim Doctrine Of Immigration

Europe Succumbs To Islam - The creeping Islamisation of Europe

Twisting Islam To Justify Pure Evil - Australian journalist Paul Sheehan exposes the evil of Islam

Geert Wilders - Dutch politician's first speech to Holland's parliament regarding Islam

Geert Wilders - Dutch politician's speech in New York City regarding Islam

Geert Wilders - Dutch politician's speech to the Netherlands Parliament in 2014

Susan McAllen - The effects of Muslim infiltration of Denmark

Terrorism and Islam - A terrific analysis of Islamification and its ramifications on the world, by Dr Peter Hammond

Why Are Jews So Powerful? - Dr Farrukh Saleem highlights the reasons for Muslim ignorance.

All European Life Died In Auschwitz - Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez shows the difference between Jews and Muslims.

Muslim Bigots Impose Blasphemy Laws On Victoria
Of Towering Infernos, False Flags And Terrorism - The hoax of 9/11 and other US false flag operations

9/11 Was A Hoax - The American Government Killed Its Own People

Wolfowitz - "Iraq War Was About Oil"

The Iranian Oil Bourse - Fascinating article about how the Americans have forced the world to use US dollars

US Aggression - Detailed article analysing American overt and covert action against other nations

Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order - Frightening analysis of how the world really works by Richard Moore

Extraordinary Times - US financial analyst Richard C Cook exposes the world's corrupt financial system

The Cancer of Corruption - Terrific analysis by G Asgar Mitha of US interference and corruption around the world

A Timeline Of CIA Atrocities - Fantastic revelation of CIA illegal activity over the decades by Steve Kangas

The End Of Dollar Hegemony - Exposť of the US Dollar scam by American Congressman Ron Paul

The US Federal Reserve's War Against The Human Race - Fantastic and informative article by Joe Schembrie

Understanding The US-Iran Crisis - Enlightening article by Phyllis Bennis

ABC Rear Vision Program on Iran - The reasons why Iran hates the USA

Bipartisan Policy - Bomb-Bomb Iran - How the USA, UNSC and IAEA are conspiring to find pretexts for a war on Iran.

US Military Interventions - More than a century of illegal US aggression and interference in other nations.

US Foreign Military Bases - American global colonisation by military presence.

The Secret Wars Of The CIA - How 6 million people were killed in secret CIA wars, by top-ranked CIA official John Stockwell.

Operation Northwoods - How the USA planned to commit atrocities and mass murder and blame it on Castro
Speech By Principal of Canadian High School - A must-read for any educationalist

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - The full text of this very important international treaty