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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

If you want to completely fuck up any industry or business in a secular western nation, what would be the easiest way? Simple - employ Muslims. Having these bastards refuse to serve your customers, or create problems because of their idiotic death cult is just not worth it.

There are many instances of this, like the recent story from Britain where a Muslim cashier refused to check out the purchase of a bottle of wine for a customer. There was the example of the growing religious demands of Muslim workers at a car factory in Paris that contributed to the plantís closure in 2013. Wherever Muslims are employed, they demand special treatment, facilities like prayer rooms, Islamic toilets, they demand to be allowed to pray during working times and they refuse to handle alcohol or pork products and much more.

Muslims make up only 1% of the population of the USA, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints. Even outside of the fear of drawing an Islamic attack, avoiding conflict with Muslim employees affects both a company's image and its liability to lawsuits by activist groups. When special interest activist groups put pressure on businesses to give into their demands, businesses will often succumb to the blackmail, rather than face bad publicity. Businesses placating Muslim demands is one of the objectives of the US Hamas-affiliated CAIR. Masquerading as a civil liberties organisation for Muslims, CAIR pressures businesses into accommodating the most trivial of Muslim practices advocated for in Sharia law.

For example, these Islamic pressure groups defend Muslim taxi drivers who refuse service to individuals with seeing-eye dogs because dog saliva is considered unclean or impure in Islam. In addition, dogs get blamed for repelling angels, annulling prayers and other stigmas that are inherent in Islamic texts, such as:

This is how utterly stupid the situation is, where employees who believe this bullshit can affect businesses to the point of sending them out of business. The worst thing is that various politically correct tribunals force companies to accede to those idiotic demands. The US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has pursued a wide range of disputes, including whether Muslims can be fired for refusing to handle pork or alcohol at work. In many instances, the courts have said they cannot.

What should businesses do - cater to Muslim religious demands in order to avoid complaints, or get rid of these scumbags? The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states, "An employer does not have to accommodate an employee's religious beliefs or practices if doing so would cause undue hardship to the employer." Furthermore, trying to pacify Sharia-compliant Muslims is useless, since Sharia is an all-encompassing ideology that dictates not just clothing and diet, but includes rules for speech, prayer, banking and commerce.

In its disgraceful efforts to appease its Muslim workers, JP Morgan Chase provides transportation to mosques and other places of worship for employees in offices not big enough to have prayer rooms. Alcohol wasnít served at a recent party at a New York architecture firm because a new staff member who was Muslim wouldn't feel comfortable attending if it were, according to the office manager. At Accenture Plc, the corporate calendar is organised to prevent events from conflicting with Muslim holidays, as well as those of other faiths.

In addition, one goal of the Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield Q&A session in Newark in 2015 was to dispel concerns that Islam is a dangerous faith. Since, when did it become the job of a health insurance network to advocate for Islamic apologists? Is that not the job of clerics and believers of the faith? For that matter, when did employers become a free taxi service to the local place of worship?

No other religion demands such accommodations. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and people of other religions seem to have no problems in working without requiring prayer sessions, special toilets and dispensation from handling particular products or anything else. Only Muslims demand these things. It is frightening how so many companies all over the western world are willing to go to outstanding lengths to appease a tiny percentage of the population because some Muslim activists shout the loudest. They would be far better off refusing to employ them in the first place and they would have more than enough reason to ban all Muslims from their workplaces.


The obvious solution to all these issues is to never employ Muslims under any circumstances. Why would any sane employer take on people who would make such demands? And then there are the legal issues. Many anti-discrimination laws have been passed to try and force employers to take on Muslims, however these should be completely ignored. After all, we all have an inherent right to freedom of association and if we do not want to associate with Muslims, no law should ever force us to do so.

Such idiotic laws can easily be contested. Imagine any anti-discrimination or other tribunal demanding that a Jew must employ Nazis if they apply for jobs. Such a ruling would be treated with utter contempt and easily ignored. So the same goes for Muslims, who believe the same doctrine as Nazis, that Jews must be exterminated and just as bad, that Christians must be killed if they do not convert to Islam. These Muslim bastards follow a faith that incites genocide and they cannot deny this, as their most holy book, the Koran, says this in black and white and that is what Muslims fervently believe.


My method of dealing with a Muslim applying for a job with my business would go something like this.

And if they did answer that they were Muslim vermin, this sort of scenario would ensue.

And that is how every job interview with a Muslim should go. There is no way on earth that any anti-discrimination tribunal would dare force me to employ a Muslim. In any case, I actually told the Human Rights Commission and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board in writing that I would never employ a Muslim or have any dealings with them.

They threatened me with prosecution, so I dared them to give it their best shot and I would turn their kangaroo courts into a public spectacle, with me subpoenaing the Grand Mufti and other prominent Muslims and cross-examining them under oath as to their genocidal paedophile and why all Muslims must worship such a despicable genocidal nutbag.

I know that there have been a number of official complaints lodged against me, but so far, none of those arseholes have dared move against me because they know that I will expose the filth of Islam and the vermin who follow it for the whole nation to see and that is the last thing that they want.

So my advice is to never ever employ Muslims under any circumstances and if any of these kangaroo courts try to deal with you on the basis of complaints from Muslims, it will be very easy to show these politically correct fools that they have no right to try and force you to deal with vermin.