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In recent times, there has been this push to ban what is called "Cultural Appropriation". Apparently it is now a sin for people of one race or culture to adopt clothing and grooming styles from other races, such as white girls plaiting their hair in corn rows, or even - shock-horror - white men wearing negro-style clothing or even worse, getting into "blackface" or wearing their hair in dreadlocks.

The one very noticeable thing about this whole "Cultural Appropriation" issue is that it is invariably targeted at white people misappropriating the cultural styles and artefacts of other races, especially black people. This is incredibly stupid, simply because it's such a biased, racist and one-sided one-way street, where loony left-wing Social Justice Warriors accuse white people of stealing the culture of blacks and Asians, but blacks and Asians are never accused of stealing white man's culture, inventions, styles and innovations.


Let's examine who has appropriated whose culture and artefacts. Firstly, ask yourself this - of all the things that surround you, technology, transport, science, medicine, electronics and computers, modern clothing - literally everything - hHow much of that was given to the human race by blacks or Asians?

The answer is simple - almost none of it. Look around your environment. Then think about this.

One could spend weeks listing everything that was invented and developed by the white man and there is not much of anything that was developed by blacks and Asians - not the technologically advanced Asians today, but Asians let's say 100 years ago, if we are discussing culture. The Asian technological advancement of the modern era only came about because of white man's input.


The truth is that blacks and Asians all use white man's cultural and technological advancements. So in fact it is blacks and Asians who have literally completely appropriated everything that the white man has to offer. So let's look at who is appropriating whose culture.

We have already seen that Social Justice Warriors are bitching about white girls misappropriating the culture of blacks by wearing their hair in corn rows. So are other cultures misappropriating styles of the white man? You better believe it.

Again, one could spend a lot of time listing all the cultural appropriations that blacks and Asians have hijacked from the white man. So let's examine the consequences for non-whites if they were forced to completely relinquish the white man's culture.

They would not be permitted to use any technology, such as TV, radio, telephones, mobile phones, drive cars, walk on modern roads, use anything electrical whatsoever, wear any modern clothes, buy prepared food - in fact buy any food from modern supermarkets. They would not be permitted to fly in aircraft, sail in modern ships, wear watches - the list goes on.

If we were to have a war of "Cultural Appropriation" and whites were forced to relinquish all black and Asian culture, we wouldn't feel a thing. But if blacks and Asians had to relinquish all things invented and developed by white people, they would be virtually back in the Stone Age.

So this whole bullshit "Cultural Appropriation" crap has to be fought and destroyed because it's just another racist attack on white people. If any of those lunatics described as Social Justice Warriors ever lay this garbage on you, this article has more than enough ammunition to destroy them completely - and you should do so at every opportunity.


This is not racism. In fact racism is stupid, because nobody chooses their race, therefore it is idiotic to hold this against people. It's the same as holding nationality against people, because they don't have a choice where they were born and who were their parents.

But normal sensible people are becoming completely fed up with this constant attack on the Caucasian race by loony left-wing arseholes. It's always the same - only white people can be racist. White people cop it from Muslim vermin who accuse them of racism, despite the fact that Islam is not a race, but just a barbaric death cult.

White people cop it from blacks when they dress up in blackface, even though imitating blacks is actually a compliment to them, but they are too stupid to see it. White people even get criticised if they offer fried chicken to black people, as recently happened in a KFC advertisement where a white person offered a black guy a piece of KFC chicken. How anybody could remotely construe this as being racist is totally beyond comprehension - but they did. KFC had to apologise and remove the advertisement, something that they should never have done.


White people seem to apologise for every perceived racist slight against blacks and Asians, even when there is no racist intent at all. White people constantly pillory and flagellate themselves every time some arsehole accuses them of anything, even if it has no basis in fact. White people grovel to everybody for no reason at all. It's insane.

This is what is happening these days and it should not be tolerated. Everybody should adopt the same stance and if one of these politically correct arseholes comes up and bitches about the fact that white people wear their hair in corn rows or dreadlocks, or that they are wearing a Batik shirt that belongs to another race, those white people should tell them to get stuffed and piss off.

Whites have just as much right to be proud of being white as any other race has to be proud of its heritage. But the truth is that since the Industrial Revolution, white people have created the modern world without any input from blacks or Asians. And even more so, the truth is that blacks and Asians have benefited from this and have appropriated the white man's culture almost completely.

So white people should be proud of this and proud of being white. This means no disrespect for any other race, but the fact is that other races have to show the white man respect too, instead of denigrating us and accusing them of "Cultural Appropriation", because if we weigh up who has appropriated whose culture, the scales are well and truly on the side of the white man. Enough is enough.