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Once upon a time, people admired and lauded war heroes, pioneers of medicine, scientists, gifted artists, brave explorers and people of talent, courage and daring. If people were to be idolised, it was because they actually accomplished something extraordinary or they had abilities far above the average person or performed acts of humanitarianism. But not any more.

In modern times, the cult of celebritology has taken hold, where the lives and activities of actors, models and just people who happen to be wealthy, no matter how minor or untalented, are scrutinised and reported by all sorts of media. There is a literal mountain of publications, usually found at supermarket checkouts and waiting rooms, devoted entirely to the inane goings-on of people, whose claim to fame is that they role-play on TV or in the movies, or are fabulously rich by accident of birth or are merely the partners or ex-partners of some minor nonentities. These publications are virtually only purchased by stupid women.


If you are going to run a fashion parade, you can hire any number of skinny boobless bumless catwalk models from modelling agencies. These girls and occasionally mostly gay boys will work all day, throwing on and off various garments and parading up and down the catwalk for a couple of hundred dollars each. It doesn't make any difference to the clothes as to who is wearing them, as long as the products look good.

The same goes for photographic models. There are any number of stunningly beautiful girls and handsome buffed-up guys on the books of modelling agencies that can be hired for a couple of hundred dollars per day for photo shoots for advertising brochures and advertisements. Pick up any flyer that is inserted into newspapers and you will find a gorgeous girl draped around a car, TV or a kitchen appliance. It's called eye candy, but the object of the exercise is to merely add atmosphere to the selling of the product.

However, the cult of the supermodel has seen the emergence of women who are no different or more talented than the average $200 per day human clotheshorse, but who earn obscene amounts of money for doing nothing more than parading on a catwalk or doing a photo shoot for cosmetics or other products. One well-known so-called supermodel, Linda Evangelista, once said that she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day.

Stupid people see these women, whose only attribute is that they have nice faces and skinny bodies and they buy the products that they are spruiking, whether the products are any good or not. For example, would you buy a car because Kate Moss says that it's good? What the hell does Kate Moss know about cars? Would you buy a toaster just because Megan Gale endorses it? Same thing - what the hell does Gale know about toasters, apart from the fact that she might have one in her kitchen? Most of these supermodels will endorse anything for money.

In 2007, so-called supermodel Kate Moss earned around $9 million. But for what? Is Moss able to sing or act? Apparently not. Is Moss able to perform important work, such as brain surgery? Obviously not. So why did Moss earn that amazing sum of money? The answer is that she showed up for photographic shoots, endorsed products which she probably had never used and occasionally paraded up and down a catwalk modelling clothes that only imbeciles would buy and wear. The crazy thing about this is that there are tens of thousands of girls far better looking than Moss, who can be hired for a pittance from modelling agencies that will do as good a job as Moss.

The same goes for all supermodels. They are being paid obscene amounts of money for doing something that any good-looking girl can do for a couple of hundred dollars a day. But why are they commanding such massive fees? The main reason is because people are stupid and have been conditioned to think of these women as being something special. These idiots think that if somebody like Kate Moss or Elle McPherson is endorsing a product, that it must be good. But these celebrities endorse some of the most rotten things imaginable - junk food, faulty cars, corrupt politicians, almost anything that they get paid for endorsing and the morons in society fall for it.


Who is Paris Hilton? Mostly everybody recognises that name because it is often plastered all over newspapers and celebrity magazines, along with her photograph. Paparazzi chase her everywhere, snapping away to catch her doing anything at all that could be used in celebritology magazines. Paris Hilton eating, Paris Hilton sleeping, Paris Hilton farting, Paris Hilton defecating, Paris Hilton having sex or Paris Hilton picking her nose is all grist for the mill.

But who is Paris Hilton? The sad truth is that Hilton is just a useless bimbo who, by sheer accident of birth, happened to inherit a massive fortune from the estate of hotelier Conrad Hilton. So she is a celebrity only because she is an heiress and a so-called media personality appearing on a TV reality show that only a moron would watch. Her main claim to fame is not something of which any normal person would be proud. In 2003, she was filmed performing oral sex with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, which he released to the public. So now the whole planet knows how Paris Hilton does blowjobs. Big deal - a lot of women do blowjobs.

But why does Paris Hilton command so much attention? Why does she get paid massive amounts of money just to show up at parties? Does she contribute anything worthwhile to the world? No she does not, but because average people are stupid and have no lives themselves, they elevate bimbos like Paris Hilton to celebrity status and follow the minutiae of their sordid lives by buying celebritology magazines and the myriad of women's publications that also glorify people who are absolutely worthless in reality, but just happen to be filthy rich by reason of an accident of fate.


The utter stupidity of people, mainly females, is exemplified by the sheer number of celebritology publications that are available. Every doctor's waiting room and supermarket checkout is festooned with magazines that document the trivial and inconsequential lives of actors, models, TV presenters and useless bimbos. Just to demonstrate the fluff that such magazines publish, here are the by-lines of some articles from the Australian celebritology magazine Who from June 2011.

The average male would find it hard to understand why women spend money buying this utter garbage. Can people really be that obsessed with why actress Jennifer Aniston is lucky or happy? Does it matter? Is the world going to end because Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard break up, whoever the hell they are? But Jen And Justin Double Date with Jason And Amanda? Does crap like this deserve publication? Obviously it does, because hordes of idiots spend money on useless celebritology magazines such as Who. These are really Bimbology magazines, glorifying useless bimbos and their hangers-on.

Even allegedly well-respected magazines such as Women's Weekly are riddled with this rubbish about so-called celebrities. For instance here are some headlines from the news section of the June 2011 issue of this magazine.

So Shane Warne has had some cosmetic makeover. Big deal. And who cares about Prince Harry and who he is gunning for? Or why Prince Harry is blushing? Obviously Women's Weekly seems to think so, because this magazine spends extraordinary amounts of money for photographs of Warnie without wrinkles or Prince Harry blushing and other such fluff. But it must be paying off, because this magazine sells to hordes of mindless women who have nothing in their own lives and must live their fantasies through the mostly inane activities of actors and bimbos who would be described as nothing more than low-life sluts and whores if they weren't filthy rich.


The unfortunate thing about this is that this celebritology cult is not completely restricted to women when it comes to endorsing and spruiking products. For instance, well-known footballers and cricketers have been seen flogging insurance. But does that make those insurance policies any better, than if a regular but anonymous voice-over announcer had spruiked them?

One would imagine that if legendary Formula One driver Michael Schumacher lauded the fine attributes of a car that he personally owned, then there would be some credibility, but what credibility did Elle McPherson have when she endorsed a couple of Fiat vehicles? What the hell does she know about these cars? Does McPherson own and drive a Fiat? One cannot imagine it. Lotus Motor Company has used so-called supermodel Naomi Campbell to endorse their Evora vehicle, but apart from the possibility that Campbell may have driven this car, what the hell would she know about it or whether it is a good car or a complete bomb?

Anybody who buys a car on the basis that it is endorsed by a model or purchases insurance because a cricketer is spruiking it is a complete fool. But the sad truth is that such marketing does work and morons do purchase goods and services only because some footballer or actor says that those products are good. This is despite the fact that those alleged celebrities only do it for the fee they are paid and generally don't give a damn about the products that they are flogging. And in many cases, those products are complete duds and the only ones who are burned are those fools who believed the crap that those celebrities read about them from the teleprompters or the scripts they were handed by the advertising agency copywriters.


The cult of celebritology is increasing, with social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter opening up opportunities for mindless fools to slavishly idolise people who are not leaders in important fields such as medicine, science or pursuits that benefit the human race. Out there are millions of morons following every move of so-called celebrities telling the world what they just ate for lunch, when they last had cosmetic surgery, put on a few kilos, farted or picked their noses.

The movie Idiocracy is a wonderful portrayal of the degeneration of the human race and after observing the moronic way that people are obsessed with nonentities that happen to be in positions of fame through accidents of birth or lousy acting, then one can only come to the conclusion that this planet will look like the disaster in Idiocracy, but a lot sooner than 500 years in the future.