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In the years before political correctness became a blight on modern society, school children learned to sort out their social problems. Generally, when there was a dispute between kids, they either talked it out or resolved it with a scuffle and then shook hands and walked away.

However, in the modern era of psychologists and counsellors being deployed in every case of conflict in schools, children are being constantly taught not to defend themselves against any form of attack, but to suffer the injuries that bullies inflict on them and then go and complain to school authorities. They are taught to not deal with problems, but to become tattletales, earning the derision of their fellow students. The worst thing about this is that the school authorities cannot do a lot to deter bullying, but merely suspend perpetrators, or in extreme cases, expel them.

One of the big errors that these do-gooder educators make is that in most cases of bullying they even suspend the victim, which not only is grossly unjust, but victimises the victim even more. In other words, the victim is punished for just being the victim of assault.


Zeman Elementary School in Nebraska USA issued a flyer about bullying that contained the most preposterously stupid and dangerous ideas imaginable. It seems like the school administrators prefer bullied students to not take any action to defend themselves, but to consider that they deserve the thuggery that bullies inflict upon them. Here are the items on this flyer.

Not surprisingly, the response from parents of children who were given the flyer was immediate. The deluge of angry complaints to the school resulted in an apology letter from the school's principal stating that the flyer contained incorrect information regarding how to handle bullying situations. Incorrect information has to be the understatement of the century. This idiocy runs counter to everything that sensible people would imagine.

As the epitome of insane political correctness, this flyer has to be about the most dangerous document ever produced for schoolkids and in fact for anybody who is being victimised or assaulted. It advises victims to not only accept the beatings, humiliation, insults and antagonism that bullies inflict on them, let alone physical injuries, but to treat their tormentors as their friends and to believe that they deserve this treatment. Any parent receiving such a document should demand the immediate dismissal of the author, because it is obvious that this person is completely irrational and insane to come up with this utter crap.

There is only one way to treat bullies and that is to completely resist their thuggery. All children should be sent to martial arts or boxing classes and taught not only to defend themselves, but to inflict some real hurt onto anybody who attacks them for no reason. The best defence is offence and bullies will be deterred by feeling some real pain from their intended victims. People should never ever treat aggressors as their friends, nor ever try to appease them.


In March 2011, Chifley College schoolboy Casey Heynes was bullied and attacked by fellow student Richard Gale. A video clip of the incident shows Gale repeatedly punching Heynes in the face, dancing around like a boxer and punching him to the body. Heynes had been suffering such torment and bullying for over three years.

Casey's behaviour was most commendable. At first, he suffered the assault passively, merely putting up his arm to ward off the punches by Gale. He didn't strike back or say anything aggressive or provocative. In other words, he did what those moronic psychologists and counsellors had taught him - to be a professional victim.

But finally after more punches from Gale, Heynes had suffered enough. He launched himself at Gale, picked him up and literally slam-dunked him to the concrete, injuring Gale's leg on a raised garden border. Then instead of beating the living crap out of that bully for those years of torment, in a highly restrained manner, Casey just walked away.

The entire incident was captured on video on another student's smartphone and was placed on the Internet. This video clip says much more than a million words and proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Richard Gale was the aggressor.

Casey Heynes being attacked by Richard Gale

The reaction to this incident was quite amazing. Richard Gale, the bully who assaulted Casey Heynes, was suspended by the school, but amazingly, Heynes was also suspended. Apparently it is now policy in schools in cases of bullying to suspend both the bully and the victim.

However, the tide of support for Casey Heynes was remarkable. The video clip went viral on the Internet and literally everybody who responded commented that Heynes was a hero and he did the right thing by defending himself against such a scurrilous and unprovoked attack. Many people commented that the bully got away lightly and that Heynes should have punished him a lot more.

Of course as expected, do-gooder psychologists and counsellors stated that Casey should have done nothing to defend himself, but should have tried to walk away and report it to Chifley College authorities. But these views were howled down by the tsunami of Casey Heynes supporters around the world.

There is one very disturbing aspect to this incident and that is the role of the child who videoed the event. How did this child know that this was going to happen? Was this just a lucky moment where the child just happened to have his phone camera switched to video and took the clip, or was the attack on Casey prearranged and premeditated so as to get it on video? To any person watching the video clip, these questions spring to mind immediately.


Apart from all the other stupid politically correct idiocies that modern society has endured, such as the rewriting of history, the banning of icons such as golliwogs on the grounds of racial discrimination and other moronic acts perpetrated on us by academics and dreamers who obviously don't live in the real world, bullying has now become a major issue.

According to current school policies, bullying is not to be tolerated, however the remedies applied by schools do not solve the problem. In fact in many cases, those policies exacerbate the problem because bullies are not dissuaded from continuing their aggressive and violent intimidation of others. They are merely suspended for a few days and then they can go back to their bullying ways - and they know it.

The greatest travesty with those school policies is that the victims of bullying are also suspended. In other words, the schools punish them for being victims and suspend them merely for being there as punching bags for bullies. This is reminiscent of the stupid and discriminatory laws in Saudi Arabia, where foreign motorists involved in accidents with Saudi citizens are always in the wrong, even when the Saudi citizens caused the accidents, because the foreigners should not have been in Saudi Arabia, even when the Saudis invited them to be there.

In other words, the victim of the bully then becomes the victim of the school and is punished for it by suspension. This is what happened to Casey Heynes. He was the victim, but he was suspended by Chifley College for being the victim. One could not imagine a more unjust and more ludicrous situation.


The first thing that everybody has to recognise is that instructing children to not defend themselves against attackers is wrong. If children are taught to just stand there and allow themselves to be attacked and not protect themselves, they will become professional victims who will suffer bullying and intimidation without learning to deal with these situations. They will have no self-esteem and they will be too scared to stand up for themselves in confrontations, whether verbal or physical, for the rest of their lives.

What these do-gooder new-age psychologists and counsellors do not seem to understand is that if a person allows himself to be attacked, an injury that he suffers might seriously affect him for the rest of his life. Imagine a kid whose greatest ambition is to be an airline or military pilot has his eye knocked out in a bullying attack because he did not defend himself. What good would it do him to run to school authorities and complain, when he could have averted such a horrendous injury in the first place by defending himself?

It is the ABSOLUTE LEGAL RIGHT of all people to defend themselves against attack in any way possible, including even killing the attackers. A person's safety is paramount in such situations and of course logic dictates that bullies and thugs will never suffer anything in the way of retaliation from their victims if they don't initiate the attacks in the first place.

Parents of school children have an obligation to teach their kids how to look after themselves at all times, because in most cases, nobody in authority will be there to protect them when they are being bullied and victimised. People need to also know that in many cases, one cannot talk one's way out of danger and in such instances, the best form of defence is attack. Nobody should ever be mindful of the consequences if they attack a bully who is assaulting them. No jury in the world will ever convict a person who fought back against an unjustified attack.

All parents should completely dismiss the stupid and illogical dictates of do-gooder psychologists and counsellors in regard to bullying. Parents should do the following to protect their children and to teach them to protect themselves for the rest of their lives.


People have to completely resist this wave of idiotic political correctness that is sweeping the nation, trying to intimidate people into becoming professional victims of everything. People are being intimidated by false accusations of racism when criticising religions and cultures that have nothing to do with race. People are intimidated into not voicing their legitimate concerns, lest they be accused of some form of discrimination.

People are being dissuaded and even prevented from protecting themselves in any way against assault, robbery, home invasions and other unlawful violence. For instance, the citizens of Australia have been completely disarmed by the current draconian firearms laws and now only the criminals have guns. So the crooks know that they can attack literally anybody with impunity, being confident in the knowledge that the victims have nothing with which to defend themselves with against the crook's guns.

The sheer illogic of this is mindblowing. When police are asked why they carry guns, the stock answer is - police need guns to protect themselves. Why? Are police the usual victims of armed holdups? Do armed robbers ever try to rob police stations? Are police mugged while walking down the street? Of course not. But even though police are not the victims of such crimes, they claim they need guns to protect themselves.

However, business owners, petrol station operators, bank tellers, late-night convenience stores and even home occupants who are at risk from home invasion - they are the people who need the most protection from armed criminals. But those people have been completely emasculated by the current firearms laws that ensure that only criminals can be armed. This situation has to be remedied, but it does reflect on the bullying in schools, because something can be done about this.


People may not be allowed to arm themselves with guns to protect themselves against criminals, but they can learn to defend themselves with whatever is at hand. If a home invader is stabbed and killed by his victim with a kitchen knife, no jury will ever convict him. Who knows what that home invader might have in mind. He might just want money or he may have the intention of killing the entire family. Nobody should ever have to take a chance on this, but should act first by either incapacitating the home invader or dispatching him to the cemetery. The safety of honest law-abiding people is paramount and far above any consideration for criminals.

In the same way, school kids can arm themselves against bullies by being taught how to box, use karate and other forms of martial arts and most of all, be encouraged and supported by their parents to NEVER EVER tolerate bullying by turning the other cheek, because that generally results in the other cheek being assaulted as well.

The Casey Heynes incident should be a wake-up call for all parents to encourage their children to take proactive measures to protect themselves in every way possible. If it involves learning to fight and then beating the living crap out of bullies that assault them, so be it. Those bullies would never suffer such consequences if they had not initiated the attacks. They don't have a leg to stand on and hopefully, if they continue their bullying activity, somebody will break that leg for them and teach them a sorely deserved lesson.