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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death


In one way or another, Muslims have waged war against non-Muslims for 1400 years, ever since that mass-murdering serial paedophile Mohammed invented his death cult. Throughout history, wherever Muslims have gone, there has been trouble, terrorism, barbarism and all the other problems that Muslims perpetrate. These bastards believe in only one thing - the conquest and subjugation of non-Muslims and killing those who refuse to submit to that filthy death cult called Islam.

In modern politically correct times, Muslims have been allowed to enter and settle in secular western nations and that has been the greatest mistake that these countries have made. Muslims have no intention of assimilating or integrating into any society. It's their way or the highway. It's either succumb to Islam or die. Muslims back up this doctrine by intimidation and terrorism. Knowing this, the people of secular nations will either have to stop Muslims from proliferating or get rid of them out of their nations, because if they don't do this, eventually they will find themselves embroiled in a civil war with these bastards.


Despite the rubbish spouted by the various anti-discrimination bodies and the threats of legal action by the loony-left Human Rights Commission and state anti-discrimination tribunals, in Australia, people have the right to choose their friends and acquaintances and especially the right of free association. Therefore, if a person has the right to associate with certain people, it also means that he has the right to boycott those with whom he does not wish to associate. There have been a number of anti-discrimination laws in place for years, however anybody with any degree of rationality can destroy any demand by a tribunal trying to force him to associate or do business with somebody whom he does not like. Here are some things that can be done to boycott Muslims in every way.


If you own a business or company, simply refuse to deal with Muslims. If a person walks in and is obviously a Muslim, just throw him out. Tell the bastard that you have no intention of dealing with a person who believes that he has to kill you if you don't convert to his vile death cult. If a woman in a hijab or even worse, in a burqa or niqab walks in, throw her out too. There is no law that demands that people are compelled to do business with somebody they don't like, whether they are Muslims, Nazis or Santa Claus. We all have certain human rights and one of the most important rights is that of free association. No tribunal in the world would ever force a Jew to do business with a Nazi or neo-Nazi, therefore no person can be forced to do business with Muslims or anybody else that they dislike.

One of the easiest ways to dissuade Muslims from entering your business is to merely erect a sign stating the following:

These premises and all contents have traces of pork

If anybody complains that you are racist, ask them when Islam became a race. If somebody complains that you are a bigoted Islamophobe, tell them proudly that you certainly are a bigot against people who believe that they have to kill you if you don't convert to Islam and who cause virtually all the world's terrorist attacks. If they argue that only a few extremist Muslims do this, tell them that there's no such thing as extremist or moderate Muslims, but just Muslims who all read and believe in the incitements in the Koran to kill disbelievers and to hate Christians and Jews.

For those who state that only a handful of extremist Muslims are terrorists, they need to be reminded that only around 7% of Germans were card-carrying Nazis and look at what they did to the world. It's the same with Muslims. Not all of them are putting on suicide vests or slaughtering innocent people, as was seen in the January 2015 massacre of journalists by Muslims at the French Charlie Hebdo newspaper, merely because some of them drew cartoons of Mohammed. But all Muslims subscribe to the ideology that they are required to kill disbelievers. So no matter what, keep Muslims out of your business completely. Make it a Muslim-Free Zone.


People have the right of free association. Therefore you should never have a Muslim as a friend or even as an acquaintance. The Koran states that Muslims should never have Christians or Jews as friends and if this vile book is still permitted to be published, then Hotheads can say the same thing about Muslims with complete impunity. So Hotheads says that you should keep Muslims out of your house, your work and in fact your entire life.

Muslims working in places that sell alcoholic liquor, such as supermarkets, have boycotted the handling of alcoholic drinks. That's fine and hopefully they should get sacked for this, but if they can boycott alcoholic drinks, we can boycott Muslims. Just never deal with Muslims in any way. If you are working in a business and a Muslim walks in, ignore them completely. If they come up to you and demand that you serve them, just stare them down and tell them that you don't deal with people who believe that they have to hate Christians and Jews and who believe that they have to kill non-Muslims if they don't convert to Islam. Just tell them to piss off and never come back.


Australia is supposedly a democratic nation whose people have certain rights and these rights are also guaranteed by the UN Charter Of Human Rights, to which Australia is a signatory. Therefore Australians have the right to freedom of speech and expression and most importantly, freedom of association. Therefore we have the freedom to NOT associate with those who we see as threats to us, those who are known to hate us for our beliefs, those who follow a doctrine that exhorts them to kill us if we don't succumb to their idiotic death cult and many other things.

So if we have all these rights, we need to exercise them to the utmost and to hell with political correctness. We need to do everything we can to make life as unpleasant as possible for Muslims. After all, they danced in the street on 11 September 2001 when they believed that Islamic terrorists killed 3000 Americans in New York City. After all, every terrorist in our jails is a Muslim. After all, every terrorist act committed in Australia was perpetrated by Muslims. So why the hell should we associate with, or do business with these Muslim bastards?

Just do your part to help Australia and stop it from becoming like those European nations that are falling to Islam. Make your life and your business a Muslim-Free Zone and pay absolutely no attention to the various anti-discrimination laws. We have the right to discriminate against people whose aim is to subjugate us, terrorise us or kill us.


In March 2014, it was reported that Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airlines Etihad has an official travel-route map that shows all surrounding countries, including Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus, but not Israel, the Jewish state or its major cities. Etihad, which partners with Virgin Australia, also has refused to transport any Israelis who arenít allowed in the United Arab Emirates. In 2010, it even began teaching its flight agents how to identify Israeli travellers by their "accents and traits", according to the BBC.

There is absolutely no reason why any normal people would want to travel with these anti-Semitic bastards or even go to any Islamic nation. Muslims are repulsive arseholes who follow a doctrine that requires them to "kill all disbelievers wherever you find them" and their filthy book the Koran denigrates Christians and Jews. Not only that, Muslims worship and revere their so called "Prophet" Mohammed, who was a genocidal, mass-murdering serial paedophile. So why would any right-minded person want anything to do with such people, let alone go to their barbaric nations or to use any of their services?

There are plenty of excellent airlines that offer terrific service without being arseholes like Etihad. I ask all people to completely boycott Etihad and its partners and send them a message telling them what a pack of pricks they really are

Here is a list of Etihad's airline partners - don't fly with them. Deny these bastards your money if they choose to partner with an airline whose bosses would like to see Israel wiped off the map.


This airline has also stuck its grubby fingers into many other travel and business areas, such as hotels, car rental companies, shopping centres and even telecommunications. I ask everybody to check if the companies they are about to deal with have anything to do with Etihad and if they do, boycott them and most importantly, tell them why you won't do business with them.

If you are going to fly in Australia, avoid Qantas and Virgin Australia. If these airlines are going to partner with a pack of anti-Semite bastards, then don't let them profit from this. Don't bank with Citibank or HSBC - they are Etihad partners.


Here are a few Muslim-owned airlines operating in Australia. Boycott them all and never put your money into their pockets.


Airlines like Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways and other Muslim-owned airlines need to be completely shunned in every way. I hope that everybody who reads this will never ever fly with them or do business with its partners. We need to fight Islam and its repugnant followers at every step of the way and boycotting their businesses completely is a great way to do this for starters.