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In the USA, 94% of blacks who are murdered are killed by blacks. Most white people in the USA are murdered by blacks. In Australia, Aboriginal kids are raped, sexually assaulted and murdered by Aborigines. Aboriginal women are frequently beaten, sometimes to the point of death. Since the "Black Lives Matter" pandemic that has hit the USA, we have seen countless video clips of blacks rioting, looting, vandalising, assaulting innocent white people and even killing them. We have seen how one incident of a black man killed by a white police officer triggered nationwide anarchy and wanton destruction committed by blacks.

And after all that, these blacks are demanding that white people get on their knees and beg for forgiveness. They don't seem to understand that white people have been killed by black cops and nobody protested. Nobody rioted, looted and vandalised when black cop Mohammed Noor killed Australian woman Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota USA. Yes that's right - it's the same city where gun-toting drug-pushing serial criminal George Floyd was killed by a white police officer and this resulted in nationwide riots, looting and vandalism by blacks.

Well, as far as I am concerned, after seeing so many video clips of blacks and their destructive and murderous ways, I have come to the conclusion that you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the monkey. Whites and blacks in the USA have lived in an uneasy coexistence, but it seems that it only takes a small incident to turn those blacks into sub-human apes.

The same has happened in Australia on a smaller scale. This nation allowed thousands of Sudanese and Somalis to live in Australia because they claimed to be refugees and asylum seekers. So how did these African blacks repay this nation for its generosity? Ask any resident of Melbourne. Those blacks have been terrorising whole swathes of that city, committing violent armed home invasions, carjacking, robberies, assaults and murders, as well as perpetrating massive welfare frauds. It was a colossal mistake by Australia for allowing these blacks to live here, because they have proved by their own actions that they are nothing more than animals who live by the law of the jungle and have complete disregard for civilised behaviour.

The more I see what is going on in the USA with this ongoing violent anarchy and realising that the entire "Black Lives Matter" is nothing more than a pretext by Marxist agitators to destroy the USA, I am now of the opinion that the old South African regime had the right idea by imposing Apartheid. I can see that despite the best efforts of whites to give blacks every opportunity to succeed, there is no real middle ground. The most obvious solution might appear to be racist, but total segregation may be the answer for the well-being of both blacks and whites.

I used to be the most non-racist person of all, accepting every person of every race as an equal and never discriminating against anybody. However, I can see that blacks systematically discriminate against whites, wantonly attack them for being white, destroy their stores, burn their cars and commit a myriad of crimes against them merely because they are white. Therefore these blacks have turned me into a racist who does not want blacks in my nation and it is entirely the fault of blacks that they have done this to me by their own actions.

So if black lives don't matter to blacks, then they don't matter to me. If Aboriginal kids' lives don't matter to Aborigines, then they don't matter to me. The truth is that all lives should matter, but they obviously don't matter to black people, so they should not expect me to care about them - and by their own actions, they have made me completely unsympathetic to them. The fact is that if blacks and Aborigines vanished from the face of this planet, there would be a lot less trouble.