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Most Australians think that they have certain inalienable legal rights, but they are wrong. Most of the Australian Constitution deals with the structure of government and not with the rights of the Australian people. The Constitution empowers the government to make laws that completely abrogate many rights that citizens should have without question in a modern civilised democratic society. Of course Australia is not a democracy, simply because no citizen has the right to become Head of State and that position is reserved for an unelected foreigner who attains that privileged position purely by accident of birth.

What Australian people really need is a definitive Bill Of Rights, similar to the USA's first ten amendments to the US Constitution that is popularly known as their Bill Of Rights. We have all seen Americans exercising their various rights under those Amendments and we the people of Australia need something very similar that is completely unimpeachable and irrevocable. We need to redraft our Constitution and codify our legal rights as part of it, so that there will never be any doubt as to what we can or cannot do. I suggest the following:


This is a work in progress. More items for this Bill Of Rights will be added if required.