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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

Trash The Koran

There have been many evil books produced over the centuries. Some inspired the most vile forms of genocide, such as Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" that culminated in the most devastating war in the history of the human race. Some were completely bogus and were produced to foment hatred against people, such as the notorious "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" that purported to outline a Jewish global domination conspiracy.

But one book stands head and shoulders above all of these in terms of sheer evil and that book is the Koran. This repulsive piece of stomach-churning filth exhorts its followers to commit the most despicable acts of murder, torture, repression and other crimes against humanity, yet it is tolerated and even protected because it purports to be the religious doctrine and holy book of a particular faith.

Any normal person who reads the Koran, apart from the Muslims who believe its preposterous contents, could only be horrified at the incitements for Muslims to commit atrocities against non-Muslims. The problem is that virtually all non-Muslims don't get a chance to study the Koran and thus do not realise the vile filth that this document espouses. This article will reveal a mere fraction of the evil that is contained within the Koran.


Most religious tracts contain stories about their particular religions, their morals, their teachings and other such material. But not the Koran. Most non-Muslims think of the Koran as a guide on how to be a Muslim. Not true. The Koran is actually a book of death. It is a jihadist instruction manual.

This vile book deals mostly with vilification of non-Muslims and the various ways of either converting them to Islam or killing them. The Koran consists of three parts, the Hadith, which are the traditions of Islam, the Sura, which is the biography of Mohammed and the Koran itself. Here are the percentages of the contents of the Koran that pertain to "kafirs" - non-Muslims and what to do to them and how to treat them.

Koran Toilet Paper

Among a litany of vile hate-riddled diatribes, the Koran contains the following:

The truth is that the Koran is literally an operational manual for Muslims to instruct and guide them in dealing with non-Muslims and showing how to subjugate them. Not only that, the Koran has very little in it about Allah - only 14%. On the other hand, the Koran has a whopping 84% about Mohammed, that vile genocidal paedophile.

There is absolutely no doubt that these and many other exhortations in the Koran are offensive and illegal under Australian hate laws and the Crimes Act for inciting murder, hatred and violence. So why is the Koran still freely available? Why has it not been banned?

A Hotheads subscriber made an application to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to have the Koran banned as hate literature that incited people to kill others and commit genocide, incited hatred of non-Muslims such as Christians and Jews, as can be seen by the above exhortations. His application was rejected on the grounds that the Koran was a religious document and was thus exempt from the laws governing hate literature and hate speech. This is not good enough. No document that advocates hatred and genocide should be exempt from the law.

So if it is good enough for Muslims to publish and sell the Koran, which advocates hatred and genocide against Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims, I demand the right to do exactly the same in regard to Muslims, by paraphrasing the Koran against them. If they don't like it, they can try and make a formal complaint against me to any anti-discrimination kangaroo court, whereupon I will proceed to wipe the floor with them and destroy them and their filthy death cult with ease. So here goes - my Death To Muslims paraphrasing, taken straight from the Koran and turned against those bastards.


All that was done to the above statements that were extracted from the Koran was to substitute the word "Muslims" for Christians, Jews and disbelievers and substitute the word "God" for Allah. If our legal system makes the Koran exempt from being banned for advocating hatred and genocide against Christian, Jews and other non-Muslims, what I publish in rebuttal should be exempt too. On top of that, the UN Convention on Human Rights gives me the right of free expression. Australia is a signatory to that treaty and it has been ratified by the government, therefore it is legally enforceable. So that is exactly what is being exercised here.

So if anybody, including police and all those politically correct, discriminatory and very racist tribunals have the temerity to try and prosecute me over the above exercise on the grounds of religious vilification or any other reason, I will only defend myself to the highest extent in any court, but will only remove this reference when the Koran is completely banned on the same grounds.


Whenever somebody complains about the evils of the Koran or desecrates it by burning it or flushing it down a toilet, Muslims immediately threaten death and destruction on those who even talk about doing this. Yet Muslims routinely desecrate and vilify many important and sacred symbols of non-Muslims such as Christian bibles and Jewish Torahs and think nothing of it, as if they had the right to do so. The Americans hold their flag to be sacred, yet almost every day, there are news reports of Muslims burning the US flag.

Burning Christian Bible
A Christian Bible being burned by Muslims in Gaza

Burning US Flag
A US flag being burned by Muslims in London

Burning US Flag
A US flag being burned by Muslims in Pakistan

So if Muslims consider it to be a normal pastime to desecrate and burn the flag of the USA, which is sacred to Americans, why do they get genocidal about Americans or any other people burning Korans, as they did when US pastor Terry Jones did this? But of course with Muslims, it is a one-way street, where they consider that they have the right to desecrate the holy icons of non-Muslims, but get completely and insanely rabid if that filthy piece of garbage called the Koran is desecrated in any way.

Desecrating Christian bibles is commonplace for Muslims. For instance, in 2006 in Melbourne, two Muslim students blatantly urinated on, spat on, then burned a Christian Bible. If some Christian students had then urinated on, spat on, then burned a Koran, there would have been blood flowing in the streets, not just in Melbourne, but in many places, as outraged Muslims vented their outrage, just as they have done whenever their precious death cult has been criticised or lampooned, such as by cartoonists in Denmark.

Muslims often desecrate the Jewish Torah and the completely intolerant Saudi authorities routinely confiscate Christian bibles and crucifixes and destroy them, but Muslims are always outraged when a Koran is destroyed in the same way and they riot and threaten death to the perpetrators.

I consider that the Koran is an evil, genocidal and vile instruction manual for the slaughter of non-Muslims, the denigration and enslavement of women and far more dangerous than Adolf Hitler's disgusting book "Mein Kampf" and every copy of the Koran should be burned. I applaud anybody who does this and makes absolutely no apology for my position.


For a very comprehensive analysis of the Koran, browse the following website - Skeptics Annotated Quran - and study through the various sections. It is pointless to individually list the evil items, as there are far too many of them and this page would become a book in itself if this was done.

In particular, the following sections will give the reader an insight into the utter stupidity, illogic and outright offensive exhortations in this vile book.

Many of the other sections in the Skeptics Annotated Quran highlight the nonsense, historical errors and outright bullshit that this book contains, yet Muslims are required to believe it as being the authenticated word of their mythical deity Allah and their genocidal paedophile prophet Mohammed. The more one reads this rubbish, the more astounded one becomes at the fact that there are still so many ignorant, deluded and mentally ill people on this planet who believe it.


Once reasonable thinking people read the Koran and analyse the hatred, the filth, the misogynism and the exhortations to commit genocide and terrorism, they will then understand why Muslims are so readily willing to commit acts of terror and the most repugnant atrocities in the name of their death cult.

This evil book should be completely banned in every civilised nation and every copy of it should be destroyed. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities in it and it is nothing but an instruction manual of hatred and death.