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Because of its comments about Islam and Muslims, Hotheads has occasionally been threatened with legal action under the Racial Vilification Act and various anti-discrimination laws, however none of the kangaroo courts that administer these preposterous and repressive laws have had the guts to prosecute me. The fact is that everything that Hotheads has said about Islam, Muslims and their so-called genocidal serial paedophile figurehead Mohammed is the truth - and telling the truth about something is not an offence. Neither is expressing an honestly held opinion. So if anybody thinks that they have grounds to complain about Hotheads under the various anti-racial and anti-discrimination acts, go right ahead, because Hotheads will tear them and the depraved and repugnant death cult of Islam apart in any court, tribunal or other forum.

I set up the Hotheads website to expose the various issues and problems facing Australia and the rest of the world. In these politically correct times, many organisations and tribunals seek to suppress the truth about certain issues and people are cowed into silence in fear of being threatened or prosecuted for stating the bleeding obvious about political, religious and social matters or even raising such matters in public.

The opinions expressed here come from me, a very concerned Australian who looks at his nation and the rest of the world and sees past the lies and spin, fake news, travesties of justice, stupidities, political correctness, fabrications, aggression, scams, political nonsense, the global and local Islamic menace, the emotional blackmail perpetrated by the Aboriginal Industry and many other areas of concern. I hope that you will appreciate my comments and learn something from my writings, understanding that every item has been thoroughly researched to the best of my ability and backed by facts, figures, data and inescapable logic.

I am not afraid to express my opinions via this forum. I consider that freedom of speech, expression and opinion are sacrosanct and are enshrined in Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, to which Australia is a signatory. Because of this UN treaty, my right to those freedoms overrides any Australian law that tries to curtail or repress them.

ARTICLE 19 - Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

My opinions on the Hotheads website are thus protected by international law and treaty and I have every right to publish them, even if they annoy and enrage some people or organisations. The facts and data that are used to back up my opinions and analysis of events are as accurate as possible. There are many things that need to be said and this website exists to provide me with that facility.



The Hotheads website is completely funded and operated by me, the founder and webmaster. It does not accept advertising and does not sell anything. Hotheads does not seek or accept donations. Hotheads has no allegiance to any organisation and has no ties with any political parties or religious or other groups. Obviously I am philosophically aligned with various entities with the same views and opinions and support them, but Hotheads remains completely independent.

I will not be coerced, bullied or intimidated by any person, organisation or tribunal into suppressing my personally held opinions and commentaries on any matters whatsoever and will fight any attempts to compel me to cease publishing those opinions and commentaries on the Hotheads website or anywhere else. I will defend this website and my right to freedom of speech and expression to the utmost in any place, including any courts of law and any of those politically correct kangaroo courts erroneously called anti-discrimination tribunals. In any case, those courts and tribunals enshrine racism and discrimination. Nobody has the right to not be offended.


In Australia, there are some very repressive laws that prohibit people from publishing information that is suppressed by courts and governments. Many of those suppression orders protect dangerous criminals such as paedophiles. Some brave people have been severely punished by our idiotic legal system for exposing these scumbags. I applaud such heroes and I consider that Hotheads has a right and a responsibility to make such information available if it is for the benefit and protection of the Australian public.

Therefore, if such suppressed information is published on overseas websites that are out of Australian jurisdiction, links to that information will be placed on the Hotheads website. There is no law against this if the actual information is not published in Australia. A line of text that happens to also be a hypertext link is not illegal. This may legally bypass Australian suppression orders, but if paedophiles and other recidivist criminal scumbags think that they will get away with courts concealing their identities and other details, they have got another thing coming if I can help it.

I will fight tooth and claw to protect my right to publish links to any website I like. Obviously there will never ever be links to child pornography, Nazi or pro-Muslim websites, but Hotheads will do its best to assist with the exposure of criminals, terrorists, paedophiles and other scumbags.


Because of the threat of violence and even death to people who stand against the murderous fanatics of the growing global Islamic menace, including friends and associates of mine and myself, by those bastards who use threats and intimidation against anybody who exposes the filth of their death cult called Islam and their terrorism and criminality, I am forced to protect my loved ones from such scum, thus I will endeavour to remain anonymous.

When crazed Muslims such as the unlamented maniac Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issue death sentences against people whom they perceive to insult their Islamic death cult and Muslims attempt to kill those people, when courts so wrongly prosecute renowned journalists for having the temerity to expose the bogus Aboriginal Industry and when warmongering nations such as the USA kill innocent people in so many ways to shut them up, it is incumbent for me to try and protect myself and my loved ones to the best of my ability.

In an ideal world, everybody would be able to freely express their opinions. However with the rampant political correctness in our society, backed up by tribunals that do their best to stifle free speech and opinion and fanatical Muslim lunatics and terrorists, I need to guard my identity to try and spare myself from these kangaroo courts and crazies.

But let it be said that if any of these politically correct tribunals try and act against me, I will gladly fight them in any forum or court and expose them as a pack of racist and discriminatory fools. The same goes for Muslims who do not like Hotheads exposing their filthy and murderous doctrine and terrorism and try to force me to stop publishing their litany of crimes by the use of lawsuits, legal action or complaints to various anti-discrimination tribunals.


I make no apology whatsoever for supporting Israel and its right to exist. Although I am an Atheist and detest all religions because they are stupid myths without foundation in fact, I acknowledge the fact that Judaism is by far the oldest of the Abrahamic religions and that Jews have occupied the area now known as Israel for at least 5000 years. Christianity is only a little older than 2000 years and Islam is not even 1400 years old.

This means that even though their religion is just as silly as all other religions, the Jews, having lived and occupied in that area now known as Israel for so long have every right to still live there and call it their nation. Even though Christians claim it to be the birth of Jesus Christ, they often fail to acknowledge that Jesus (if he actually existed) was a Jew.

Muslims have absolutely no legitimate claim on one square millimetre of Israel because Mohammed, the founder of Islam, had never even been there and there is not even a mention of the area in the Koran, apart from one veiled reference to "the farthest mosque" that could have been anywhere in the then known world. But Muslims, being retarded inbred lunatics, will try to lay claim to anything that is not theirs and as such, their claims should be thoroughly ignored.

Therefore, being the original land of the Jews from at least 5000 years ago, Israel must be acknowledged as the rightful nation of the Jews and its right to exist in its present state must be upheld to the utmost. As far as I am concerned, the Israelis have every right to defend themselves and their nation to the extreme. This is the Hotheads position, based on historical fact, not religious nonsense and dogma.

I abhor the claim of Muslims that they are entitled to any part of Israel and I consider that the first thing that Israel needs to do is to completely demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque that was built on top of Solomon's Temple, as Muslims always build mosques on top of churches and synagogues wherever they invade and conquer lands. The best way to show Muslims that they are not going to get away with this sort of vandalism and conquest is to demolish every mosque that was constructed on top of any house of another religion.


Muslims follow and believe in the following doctrine that is in their holy book, the Koran. No real Muslim will ever state that he does not believe what is written in the Koran or that he would not follow it to the letter, apart from their practice of Taqiyya and Kitman, the Muslim Doctrine Of Lying. Here is just a very small sample of the exhortations in the Koran that Muslims follow.

Why on earth would any sane person ever wish to associate or participate in business with people who believe and support this repulsive garbage? I consider myself to be a sane and normal person who upholds my absolute right to refuse to associate with Muslims because they believe and fervently follow these murderous edicts in their Koran and they worship and revere as their most holy person a filthy warmongering mass-murdering serial paedophile called Mohammed. They are no better than the committed Nazis who worship Adolf Hitler and his murderous reign of genocide and may even be worse, if the atrocities and terrorism committed by fundamental Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and many other parts of the world are any example.

Therefore, I proudly declare that I will never knowingly:

If any of these politically correct kangaroo courts masquerading as anti-discrimination tribunals wish to try and prosecute me for actively shunning Muslims and discriminating against them, they can try and give it their best shot. I have more than enough ammunition to show any of these tribunals why nobody in their right mind would want to associate with people who believe that it is their religious duty to kill non-Muslims including myself, merely because they don't follow that filthy doctrine called Islam.

We all have the right of free association and I uphold that right, despite all the idiotic racial vilification and anti-discrimination laws. Why the hell should Australians suffer under stupid laws that force people such as employers to hire somebody with whom they do not wish to associate or employ? Imagine the Fair Work Ombudsman trying to prosecute a Jewish employer for refusing to employ a Nazi skinhead. He would be laughed out of existence.

So what's the difference between a Nazi who believes Hitler's book Mein Kampf that mandates the extermination of all Jews and a Muslim who believes in Mohammed's book the Koran that mandates the extermination of "disbelievers", including all non-Muslims who refuse to convert to Islam? Philosophically, Nazis and Muslims are exactly the same and should be treated as such. Fundamentally, Muslims are worse than Nazis because not only do they violate every standard of civilised behaviour, they enshrine dreadful practices such as clitoridectomy, amputation for petty crimes and an automatic death penalty for any person who decides to renounce their filthy death cult religion.

Thus, not only do I completely refuse to have any dealings with Muslims, I encourage and exhort every person to do exactly the same - boycott those Muslim bastards in every way. Treat them like disease-ridden lepers. If they believe that they have the right to slaughter us, merely because we refuse to follow their repugnant filth, then every sane person should treat Muslims like utter vermin.


I have observed in the past couple of decades that Aborigines have been practising endemic racism against the rest of the Australian population. From the bogus Sorry Day and Stolen Generation emotional blackmail and lies, to the institutionalised discrimination inflicted by governments against non-Aborigines, I find this to be repugnant and therefore I will practise the same sort of discrimination against Aborigines until this course of deliberate racism ceases.

For instance, the NSW Department of Education has a policy that priority for employment is given to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants if they are residents of NSW. Its definition of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is "a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, who identifies as such and is accepted as such by the community with which he or she lives". Not that the person is really an Aborigine, as long as the person identifies as such.

The stupidity of this doctrine is beyond belief. Would you get away with saying, "Yes sir, this glass of water identifies as being a glass of beer, so you have to pay for a glass of beer." This is politically correct insanity gone mad and nobody should ever tolerate it. But then there are all those racist Aboriginal institutions. There are Koori courts that treat crimes by Aborigines far more leniently than the same crimes committed by non-Aborigines. The Aboriginal Legal Service only gives legal aid to Aborigines, but Aborigines can avail themselves of normal Legal Aid. This is institutionalised racism.

Then there are all the blatantly racist university facilities only for Aborigines and racist organisations, such as the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association, Indigenous Dentists' Association of Australia and the Tranby Aboriginal College. Imagine the outcry if there was an Australian Caucasian Doctors Association, a Caucasian Dentists Association or a Tranby Caucasian University. There would be screams of racism coming from all sides, but when Aboriginals practise racism, that seems to be acceptable.

Of course the most blatant display of racism by Aborigines is the Aboriginal flag that is even recognised by all Australian governments. This banner is a gross insult to all non-Aboriginal Australians, because it represents people of only one race and that is divisive as well as being racist. Aborigines would be the first to complain if people flew a Caucasian flag and demanded that it be recognised by governments. The Aboriginal flag is a racist banner and is definitely not acceptable to me.

Racism works against all races and there is no exception. But if Aborigines and federal and state government practise racism, then I am entitled to practise my version of it, even though it sticks in my craw to do it because I am not a racist by any means. So the Hotheads policy is that I will never employ Aborigines or deal with them until they abandon their racist flag, their racist organisations, their racist indigenous football teams and anything that excludes people of other races. Racism in any form is unacceptable, but I have the right to do to them what they do to me.


That is why all those idiotic racial vilification and anti-discrimination laws should be completely ignored and that is exactly what I do. I have challenged the loony left bunch of idiots called the Human Rights Commission, the Fair Work Ombudsman and all the state anti-discrimination tribunals to try and prosecute me for deliberately refusing to employ or otherwise deal or associate with Muslims or Nazis and I don't think that these authorities have the guts to try and force me to do otherwise.

Furthermore, I openly challenge any court or tribunal to try and force me to employ either a Nazi or a Muslim or stop me encouraging others to do the same. I also openly challenge anybody to try and prosecute me for expressing my strong and correctly-held opinion of Islam and Muslims. I am quite entitled to hate and denigrate people who adhere to a doctrine of genocide, paedophilia, sexual perversions and murder, the results of which can be seen in news reports every single day. I openly encourage others to hate, detest and boycott Muslims in every way for all the reasons expressed here and if somebody thinks that they can prosecute me for pointing out the truth about Muslims to others and encouraging them to feel the way I do, then they can try and give it their best shot.

I would be most interested to see how any of these stupid anti-discrimination tribunals try to defend Islam and the people who adhere to this filthy death cult. It would be quite a challenge for them to defend the indefensible with the massive mountain of criminality and terrorism committed by Muslims all over the world on a daily basis, all in the name of their repugnant creed, but I am very willing to take them on at any time if they try and prosecute me for telling the blatant truth.

For those clowns who do not know the difference between race and religion, Islam is NOT a race, never was a race and never will be a race. Islam is merely a vile political system masquerading as a religion, therefore any criticism of it and its followers cannot possibly be racist. Therefore I will never ever permit myself to be accused of being a racist for criticising and discriminating against people of any race or nationality who follow that repugnant crap called Islam. They can try and play the race card against me as much as they like, but it won't work.

As for vilifying religion, well I cannot see any reason not to criticise and denigrate something that is based on a complete fiction and used to fool the majority of the world into sustaining organisations who use this crap to control people and fleece them of their money. I do not have to offer any respect whatsoever to any religion or its purveyors because I consider them to be crooks and conmen. I do not have to offer any respect to the followers of religion, because I consider them to be gullible fools who believe in mythical beings and ridiculously stupid fairy stories. I do not respect people who believe in ghosts, the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, so I do not respect anybody who believes in some version of a supreme being, for which there has never been one shred of evidence to prove its existence.

So if any of those stupid anti-discrimination tribunals want to prosecute me for vilifying or denigrating religion and its believers, especially Islam and Muslims, they can give it their best shot, but of course they will have to prove that I am denigrating something that really exists and the gullible fools who believe in that mythical something. Some may call what I do a "Hate Crime" but I will cheerfully admit to hating Muslims and Nazis and inciting people to hate them to - for a million damn good reasons.


The Hotheads website reflects the personal opinions of me, its owner and Webmaster, backed up by information from various sources that is believed to be as accurate as possible.

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Every effort is made by me to keep the Hotheads website up and running smoothly. However, no responsibility or liability will be taken for the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical or any other issues whatsoever.

As the Hotheads Webmaster, I do not owe any duty of care or responsibility to any person, organisation, religious or any other group or any other entity. If people find the Hotheads website offensive, they have the freedom of choice of not visiting it again. Nobody has the right to not be offended. Essentially, if you don't like Hotheads, fuck off and don't come back.