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There is no such thing as moderate Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims
It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death








It is fascinating to see Muslims claiming that Islam had a "Golden Age" and that Muslims had given so many benefits to the world. This is just a pack of provable lies. Here are the facts:

It is an indictment upon Islam that knowledge and innovation have been stifled by this filthy death cult. For instance, In 2003 there were only 171 patents granted to Saudis, compared to 16,328 patents by South Korea. Saudi Arabia's population is around 29 million people and South Korea's population is around 50 million. If things were equal and proportionality was considered, the Saudis should have had three fifths of the number of patents granted to South Korea. But in fact, the Saudis managed to achieve less than 1% of patents when compared with South Korea and this can only be attributed to their barbaric religion of Islam stifling anything that does not conform with the rubbish in the Koran.

Real Islam

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Well, it is insane to allow Muslims to enter and settle in secular nations because the same outcome is experienced every time - acts of terrorism, violence, hatred and a markedly increased crime rate, apart from the fact that Muslims refuse to integrate and assimilate into those societies.

The people in the USA, most European countries and even Australia and New Zealand are insane, because they will not face the fact that whenever Muslims are allowed to enter and settle into their nations, they cause terrorism and crime. Thinking that one day this will change is truly insane and continuing to allow Muslims to be in the same nation as non-Muslims is to invite more terrorism.

If Muslims are so peaceful, why are so many people afraid to offend them?

Islam promises spiritual benefits from being a member of the cult, namely avoidance of hell and entry into paradise, which in Islam's case is a well-appointed brothel in the sky.

If we could convince the Chinese that the testicles of Muslims are aphrodisiacs, within a few years they will have disappeared.


The so-called "Prophet" Mohammed was the original Muslim. He is the one who invented and defined Islam. The Koran identifies him as the original Muslim and tells all Muslims to emulate him. Mohammed is the standard, the rôle model, the norm, so emulating him is not radical or extreme. The Koran and the Sunnah of Mohammed describe him as a warlord, a thief, a liar, a slaver, a torturer, a rapist, a paedophile and a mass murderer.

So all that Muslim terrorists do when committing their atrocities is emulating their hero Mohammed. They are not radical Muslims or extreme Muslims, but merely Muslims following Islam as it is directed to be practised. No wonder they are worse than animals when they consider this lunatic Mohammed to be their perfect person and the one to be followed in words and actions. It just explains why Muslims are far more dangerous than the Nazis of World War Two.


In December 2014, Sydney suffered its first major terrorist attack that succeeded for a while, when Muslim criminal Man Haron Monis seized control of the Lindt Café in the heart of Martin Place in Sydney and held 17 hostages at gunpoint until police eventually stormed the café and thankfully killed Monis.

Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed put on an exhibition for the media and condemned the Lindt Cafe siege, in the opinion of Hotheads, probably practising Taqiyya, the Muslim Doctrine of Deception. But this is the same Muslim clown who sent a statement to the Federal Senate in October 2014, claiming that Australia's new anti-terror laws inhibited his religious freedom.

Think about that comment for a moment. He said that anti-terror laws inhibit his religious freedom. In other words, what this cretin is saying is that his religious freedom relies on him being able to practise or support terrorism, because anti-terror laws would inhibit him from doing this. Why would any patriotic and law-abiding person complain about anti-terrorism laws that are in place to try and prevent terrorism attacks?

This repugnant Grand Mufti merely confirmed what we all know, that these Muslim bastards don't want anything to impede their ability to commit acts of terrorism or curtail their support of terrorist groups. This is why this whole dirty and dangerous death cult of Islam should be wiped out from Australia and every other civilised nation, because Islam is barbarism and terrorism and its followers are backward retards who worship a genocidal paedophile. But the Grand Mufti's own words condemn him and his citizenship, if he has it, should be cancelled and he should be thrown out of Australia on his ear.


As Muslims like to point out, Muslims are not the only terrorists in the world. That's right. But what they never admit is that over 99% of terrorist activities globally are committed by Muslims. The Australian National Security website in 2014 listed the following terrorist organisations. Are there any non-Muslim groups there? Of course not. Only Muslims are a threat to Australia, nobody else.



It is a sad fact that surveys have proven that out of all the nations in the world Asian and Middle Eastern countries are among the most intolerant. While most Western countries are not religiously intolerant, all Muslim countries surveyed were found to be extremely intolerant of religions other than Islam.

These include Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Maldives, Yemen, Eritrea, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Malaysia. France receives a dishonourable mention because France has the largest Muslim population of any nation in Europe. The most religiously tolerant countries in the world include the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia and New Zealand. What do they have in common? Not a single one of these nations is Muslim.

Surveys like these have serious implications for a multicultural society being constructed with Muslim immigration. It is painfully clear that importing large numbers of Muslim immigrants does not lead to tolerance. It leads to intolerance. Not surprisingly, France, the only Western country on the racist list, has been subjected to large scale Muslim settlement leading to conflict and violence perpetrated by Muslims.

We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. How stupid is that?


The definition of a phobia is a persistent irrational fear of something. Well, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam, when their record of ongoing atrocities is observed. There is nothing irrational about fearing people, whose own book of worship contains over 100 verses instructing them to kill non-Muslims, commit genocide and subjugate the planet to their repulsive and perverted ideology. There is nothing irrational about fearing all Muslims, because they all believe in this doctrine, despite claiming that they are peaceful.

ISLAMOPHOBIA - Being afraid of a religion whose stated goal is to wipe my people off the face of the planet.
Jeremy Silbert

Of course whenever Islam and the atrocities committed by its followers are criticised, Muslims will accuse the critics of racism, despite the fact that Islam is not a race, never has been and never will be a race. It's just a repugnant, murderous and perverted ideology. When the racism card has been played out to no avail, Muslims will then accuse critics of that politically correct slander - Islamophobia. But it is not a phobia to be afraid of people who really are trying to kill you, as evidenced by the daily litany of atrocities Muslims commit against non-Muslims all over the world.

Is there just one nation where Muslims dominate, where freedom of religion, freedom of speech and equality under the law prevail? The answer: No, there is not one Islamic nation that remotely allows those fundamental human rights.

Kill Them Who Draw Mohammed
The Religion of Peace at work.

The great lie propagated by Muslim spokesmen is that Islam is a peaceful religion. This could not be further from the truth. The violence, degradation and denigration, mass murder, terrorism, assault, intimidation and other disgraceful acts perpetrated by Muslims, ordered and encouraged by their leaders and by that evil book the Koran, proves that Islam is the most dangerous death cult on the planet and by far the biggest menace to civilised society.

In modern times, Muslims have been opposed to non-Muslims as a matter of course, not just in an ideological way, but in pure hatred and viciousness. For instance, in 1786, Thomas Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France and John Quincy Adams, then the American ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Dey (ruler) of Algiers ambassador to Britain. During the meeting, Jefferson and Adams asked the Dey's ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

The two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam was founded on the laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners and that every Muslim who should be slain in battle was sure to go to paradise.

This encounter, more than 220 years ago, merely shows that Muslims were already looking for ways to conquer the non-Muslim world and impose their filthy Sharia on people who had no interest in the barbaric cult of Islam. So way back then, Muslims were stating that they had the right and the duty to make war upon non-Muslims for no other reason that they were not Muslims. And nothing has changed to this very day.

Virtually all the religions in the world preach love and peace, but Islam's doctrine is hatred, bigotry, murder, terrorism, forced conversion and many other atrocities and that is the difference. Tolerance for religion is one thing, but there should never be tolerance for a barbaric death cult that foments violence and terrorism wherever it is allowed to fester. This is the truth, backed up by countless acts of terrorism and murder by Muslims since this disgusting cult was founded by its prophet Mohammed. Pick up a newspaper and literally on any given day there will be a report on Muslim terrorism, criminality or intolerance.

Well-known Bangladeshi Muslim woman Taslima Nasrin, who was exiled from her country for her outspoken criticism of the treatment of Muslim women, told a conference on religion in Melbourne in March 2010 that there was no difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism. In other words, even she recognises that there is no such thing as moderate Islam and this concept is nothing more than a ruse to lull western secular nations into a false sense of security while the Muslim invasion proceeds apace.

"Without the shield of religion to hide behind, Islam would be banned in the civilised world as a political ideology of hate and we have no obligation to make allowances for it, any more than we do for Nazism."
British journalist and commentator Pat Condell


The Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq have highlighted the atrocities that Muslims perpetrate. This French video clip proves that Muslims have no regard for life, the law or any semblance of humanity. The murderous crimes, including a Syrian rebel chopping out and eating the heart of a Syrian soldier, merely prove conclusively that barbaric Muslim bastards should never be permitted to live among civilised people.

Syrian rebel chopping out and eating the heart of a Syrian soldier

Another terrible atrocity was the violent rape by 20 Muslims of a young girl. She was then murdered by these vile animals, who again violated her body by hammering a large crucifix into her mouth. What was her crime? She was a Christian and that crucifix was a grisly message to all Christians in Syria.

Young Christian girl raped and murdered by Muslims
Young Christian girl raped and murdered by Muslims.

A clear demonstration of how little children have been raised by terrorists to hate and kill non-Muslims can be seen in this photo of a young girl in Iraq. She is parading around in front of other kids while proudly holding the decapitated head of a Christian, even as an onlooker takes a photo of this barbarity.

Young girl parading around with head of decapitated Christian
Muslim girl parading with the decapitated head of a Christian.

One of the most idiotic things that the USA has done is to decide to provide arms to these bastards. Sure, President Assad of Syria is a tyrant, but at least he runs a secular nation where people are free to follow whatever religion they choose and wear whatever they like. These vile Syrian rebels are trying to overthrow Assad and impose a strict Islamic Sharia state, where only Muslims will be tolerated, women will be completely subjugated and have to be covered up in burqas and their sexual organs mutilated permanently. People who commit petty crimes or even worse, who are merely accused of petty crimes that are not proven, will find their arms and legs chopped off.

Suspected thief having hand cut off
Before and after - suspected thief having his hand lopped off by Syrian Muslim terrorists.

Here is one of the victims of Syrian Islamic terrorists having his hand cut off. The photo on the right has had the end of this victim's severed arm blocked out for the sake of good taste. This man was not tried or convicted of theft, but merely suspected of it, so he will spend the rest of his life as a disabled cripple. This is typical of what these Islamic bastards do, in their fanatical pursuit of their repugnant death cult, but what is worse is that the Americans are supporting, arming and funding them in order to depose a secular government.

Muslims beheading innocent children

Muslims are so far beyond barbarism with their atrocities that it is hard to understand how such people can even live with themselves. Nevertheless, Muslims seem to have absolutely no morality whatsoever and will engage in the most vile and barbaric acts in the name of their repulsive death cult of Islam and their aims of domination. One can understand adults battling other adults in war, but no sane person could ever understand or condone the deliberate execution of children by Syrian rebels affiliated with Al-Qaeda, as this video clip graphically shows.

Syrian rebels executing innocent young children.

Can the Americans get any more stupid than to arm these rebels, who are Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front Islamic terrorists, the very people who they have been fighting in Afghanistan for so many years? Arming radical Muslims to try and overthrow a secular state and creating an anti-American Islamic Sharia nation is insanity, but this is what the Americans do best, shooting themselves in the foot.


To demonstrate the utter barbarity and bastardry of Muslims, here is a video clip that should make any normal member of the human race boil with anger. A woman is accused of adultery and the accusation from some Muslim bastard is not proven, so a local imam reads out the charges. The woman is made to kneel and when the imam has finished, the insane bastard standing next to him just pulls out a pistol and shoots the woman in the head, killing her instantly.

Woman accused of adultery - not proven - is summarily shot in the head

Here is a video clip from Afghanistan, where a young girl was stoned to death for refusing to marry a Muslim scumbag. This is a typical method that Muslim vermin use to murder a female for merely not wanting to be forcibly married.

Woman accused of adultery - not proven - is summarily shot in the head

This is how the so-called Religion Of Peace operates and exactly how it will be if Muslims are allowed to proliferate in secular nations. These are the sort of sub-human scum that Israel has been fighting. These Muslims have no morals, scruples or any vestige of humanity. They are not fit to belong to the human race and one can only hope that one day, a group of civilised nations will hunt them down and exterminate them like the vermin that they are.


This pack of Muslim terrorists are the government of the Palestinian Territories, that piece of land that Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), George Habash and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) and other terrorist groups had annexed with the help of the USA and other nations who proved that Islamic terrorism did work. Watch this video clip.

The video shows Hamas thugs throwing wood onto a fire in a pit. Then they pour flammable accelerant over some people that they have seized and then proceed to set fire to them and push them into that pit, where they are burned to death. Can there be any more horrific proof of the way Muslim treat each other? Can there be anything more barbaric than what is seen in this video clip and many other videos of Muslims and their murderous activities?

HAMAS thugs killing and dragging victim behind motorcycle
HAMAS thugs killing and dragging their victim behind a motorcycle.

The above graphic photo shows exactly the way that these Muslim HAMAS thugs act against their fellow Muslims, let alone against any Jews that they capture. These bastards tied the victim's feet by rope to the back of a motorcycle and dragged him through the streets of Gaza. And these are the animals who want to annihilate the Israelis. It's a shame that the Israelis worry too much about world opinion to go in and eradicate every one of these HAMAS vermin from the face of the planet.

There are mountains of hard evidence to prove that Islam is certainly not the Religion Of Peace, as many Muslims and their apologists constantly tout. This evidence merely reinforces the fact that these vile Muslim bastards do not deserve to exist. Anybody who commits these sorts of atrocities is less than sub-human and even animals do not act in such barbarous ways.


In 21st century Amsterdam, you are free to smoke marijuana, visit brothels and sex clubs and pick out a half-naked sex partner from the front window of her shop. But you can be put on trial for expressing the wrong opinion about a paedophilic rapist and murderer called Mohammed who died in the seventh century. This is what happened to Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who was persecuted by his own government for telling the truth to the world.

Wilders, who watched the Islamification of his nation, this creeping invasion by stealth, made a short movie called Fitna. Approximately 17 minutes in length, the movie shows selected excerpts from Suras of the Koran, interspersed with media clips and newspaper cuttings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims. The film clearly demonstrates that the Koran exhorts its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings.

Fitna - Movie about Islam by Geert Wilders

The film shows that Islam encourages acts of terrorism, anti-Semitism, violence against women, violence and subjugation of non-Muslims and against homosexuals and Islamic universalism. A large part of the film details the influence of Islam on the Netherlands. The film was published on the internet in 2008. As a result, Wilders was prosecuted by his own nation for hate speech, where in fact all he did was point out the truth about Islam.

Of course Wilders was aquitted, however due to continuing death threats from Muslims, which actually proved his argument that Islam was just a barbaric death cult, Wilders achieved his aim, which showed the world the true face of Islam and its followers with hard facts. Wilders has been interviewed many times and his speeches are inspiring, however this interview shows his logical and rational position in regard to Islam. But Wilders is being far too tolerant when he describes Muslims as being mostly law-abiding. The truth is that all Muslims would become jihadists if they had a chance.

Interview with Geert Wilders

One of the reasons why Muslims act in the way they do, apart from their inbreeding that was documented by Dr Nicolai Sennels, is purely because of lack of proper education. Most Muslims around the world are only taught the Koran instead of receiving a proper broad, factual and rounded learning experience. So they come out of the madrassas and grow up brainwashed and ignorant and this is reflected in their lack of achievement on the global stage.

Some Islamic scholars and journalists have incurred the wrath of Muslims by pointing out that Muslims comprise nearly one quarter of the world's population, yet have contributed a negligible amount to the advancement of the human race. The truth hurts and this is clearly shown by an article called Why Are Jews So Powerful? written by Dr Farrukh Saleem, an Islamic columnist based in Islamabad Pakistan. He shows that although Muslims outnumber Jews by a hundred to one, the extraordinary contribution of Jews to every facet of life on Earth compared to the almost valueless efforts of Muslims is a disgrace to Islam. This article is available on the Downloads page.

Another excellent treatise by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez called All European Life Died In Auschwitz? really expands on Saleem's article by showing the massive contributions of Jews to the world, as compared to the pathetic, almost non-existent contributions by Muslims, who outnumber Jews by a whopping factor of 85. There are 85 Muslims to 1 Jew on this planet, yet Muslims have brought nothing but misery, ignorance and terrorism to the world.

But even the Nobel Prizes awarded to Muslims are mostly a joke. In 1978, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. This man was an unabashed despot and tyrant who brutally suppressed all opposition to his dictatorship until he was assassinated and replaced by another tyrant, Hosni Mubarak. Sadat only received the Peace Prize as an incentive after the USA twisted his arm to make peace with Israel.

Another completely insane Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Arab terrorist Yasser Arafat, whose Al-Fatah group was responsible for many airliner hijackings, mass murders and a myriad of terrorist acts. Arafat was allied to the terrorists who massacred Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, but he was awarded the Peace Prize because he was pressured by US President Bill Clinton to negotiate peace with Israeli President Ehud Barak, which failed because Arafat refused to negotiate in good faith. The awarding of the Peace Prize to an unabashed terrorist such as Arafat completely demeaned the Nobel Prize.

As far as the Nobel Prize for Economics or Physics goes, not one Muslim has ever won this award. That itself is an indictment on Islam and the level of abject ignorance that it breeds. When Jews are outnumbered by Muslims by 85 to 1 and manage to win 129 Nobel Prizes, as opposed to Muslims winning just 7, of which at least two were handed out to a tyrant and a terrorist, then even the most ignorant person has to see the difference that Jews have made to the world, when compared to the pittance that Muslims have contributed to humanity.


From reading the articles of Farrukh Saleem and Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez, it could be concluded that if every Muslim was eradicated from this planet in the blink of an eye, the world would not miss them in the slightest. In fact the world would be a much safer and more pleasant place. So what have 1.2 billion Muslims given the world that was of benefit to the human race?

The one and only thing that Muslims always trot out in this regard is the invention of algebra. However, it seems that even this is a false claim. Extensive research by Italian journalist Enza Ferreri has revealed that the word "algebra" stems from the Arabic word "al-jabr", from the name of the treatise Book on Addition and Subtraction after the Method of the Indians written by the 9th-century Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, who translated, formalised and commented on ancient Indian and Greek works.

Sure, the English word "algebra" derives from the Arabic. So does "sugar", from the Arabic "sukkar", but that does not mean that Muslims invented sugar. Not only that, tt is even doubtful whether al-Khwarizmi was really a Muslim. It seems that he was a Zoroastrian who was forced to convert to Islam or die because Persia had be conquered by Islamic armies and in the way that Muslim invaders always did - and still do to this day - they forcibly converted people to Islam or killed them.

So looking at what things of value to the human race Muslims have contributed, one can find nothing much at all, even with 1.2 billion of them infesting the world. It is a shocking indictment on Muslims that they want to eradicate Jews from the world, the relatively small number who have improved the knowledge of humankind to a massive degree, when Muslims have contributed literally nothing but atrocities, murder, genocide, brutality, terrorism, barbarism and are the purveyors of the most repugnant doctrine that the human race has ever seen.


To demonstrate the sort of idiotic cultist ideology of Islam, Muslims believe that they must prepare for the return of the mythical 12th Imam, Mohammed Al-Mahdi, by triggering a cataclysmic event. But who was he? The 12th Imam disappeared at the age of 5 and supposedly exists in a state of occultation, destined to return to Earth in the future. Muslims believe that he will establish a global caliphate, making all other religions submissive to Islam. The 12th Imam's return will occur only as the world is embroiled in chaos.

Virtually every religion has the belief that a redeemer will appear, or rise from the dead and change the world in favour of the particular religion of choice. The Jews have their Messiah, the Christians are still waiting for the reappearance of Jesus Christ and the Muslims await their 12th Imam. Each of the three major Abrahamic religions think that their faith is the correct one and the other religions are wrong, but they hold these beliefs without a single shred of evidence to support them.

Every tragedy that befalls those faithful followers of the three Abrahamic religions seems to happen despite the love of their particular God and the reappearance of their particular designated saviours is nothing more than a figment of their preposterous imaginations. The bottom line is that if Mohammed Al-Mahdi existed and died at the age of 5 years, that's exactly where he is going to stay - dead. And he's not coming back to do anything. Yet over 1 billion Muslims believe this claptrap, but then again, 1.5 billion Christians believe that Jesus is coming back and that is not going to happen either.


Islam is similar in many ways to other religions in respect to trying to keep adherents in the fold. Other religions will exhort followers to keep believing and to stay within those religions, however if people want to renounce them, then they are free to do so without serious penalty. However, unlike other religions, Islam literally FORCES Muslims to remain Muslims by threats of death.

It is obvious that Islam does not have much going for it, if it has to retain adherents by threatening to kill them if they decide to renounce or question this death cult. Accusations of "Islamophobia" are invariably used in attempts to stifle criticism of Islam and Muslims, but the evil of this death cult is there to see in everyday events around the world and the repressive Sharia laws in Muslim nations.


Dr Peter Hammond's book, "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam" gives a stark analysis of the menace of Islam and the need for the complacent nations of the West to stop being politically correct and not to accept the annexation of their nations by Muslims. An extract from his book Terrorism and Islam is in the Downloads section and is essential reading.


But if reading the extract does not frighten the hell out of you, to really absorb what Islamic infiltration and intolerance is doing to First World Western secular nations, look at these video clips. There are many more that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Islam is the most dangerous threat to our way of life that we have ever faced. Make sure you have your sound switched on.


Muslim thugs stoning somebody to death.

If the barbarity of Islam and its filthy Sharia law hasn't yet sunk in, watch this clip of a young girl being stoned to death in Afghanistan.

Girl being stoned to death in Afghanistan

While an imam is chanting prayers, especially disturbing is the bastard who throws a large concrete block on the young girl's head until her blood runs all over the ground and it is obvious that she is dead. What on earth could a kid of that age have done to deserve being slaughtered like this? She may have done nothing more than have been caught holding hands or kissing a boy. She could have been raped by Muslim men, then accused of being immoral, a very common occurrence in Islamic nations. In Islam, it is virtually always the fault of the female, even if she is the victim.

If you think that stoning people will kill them fairly quickly, that's not true. The sheer barbarism of Islam is exposed in its Sharia law that dictates that the rocks must not be so large as to kill immediately but must be large enough to inflict pain. These Islamic bastards even have specified this - it's mindblowing.

Listen to the person who says "Allah Akbar" at the end of the clip. So they think Allah is great and this is what Muslims should do to appease their stupid mythical god. But this is hard evidence of what passes for justice in Islamic nations under Sharia law and this is what Muslims want to impose on secular western nations.

Whenever a Muslim tells you that Islam is a benign and loving caring creed, you can direct him to these pages and ask him to explain the above video clip. Of course you will receive every conceivable excuse - but there is no possible excuse for anybody doing this to a young girl for any reason. However, this is what Muslims believe and this is what they do - a stark example of their so-called Religion Of Peace that is nothing more than a filthy depraved death cult.

Muslims support Adolf Hitler
Muslims support Adolf Hitler and Nazis.

If a Muslim wants to discuss his "Religion Of Peace" and state that his faith is tolerant and benign, just ask him to explain the above picture of a Muslim woman holding up a placard blessing that infamous Nazi genocidal maniac Adolf Hitler. A picture speaks a thousand words and the nice thing about this is that Muslims who blather on about their religion being tolerant can be confronted with pictures and video clips such as the ones on this website and many others, which prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Islam is a filthy genocidal death cult that supports mass-murder and other unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Muslim child carrying placard promoting genocide of Jews
Muslim child carrying placard supporting genocide of Jews.

The above picture from a Muslim rally in Melbourne in 2009 really demonstrates the sort of warped and evil mentality of Muslims. To use a small child in a demonstration to carry a placard stating that Jews have not learned from Hitler's genocide of their people and that they need more of the same merely shows the vindictive garbage that these Muslims actually teach their children.

Muslim children with placards calling for beheading
Muslim children with placards calling for beheading.

The above picture from a Muslim protest in Sydney in September 2012 that turned into a full-scale riot proves that Muslims train and brainwash their children into thinking that murder is the right thing to do. Imagine those childrenhaving their heads filled with hatred for all things non-Muslim from those early and very impressionable ages.

By the time those child are teenagers, they will well and truly be so warped that they will think nothing of strapping on suicide vests or building bombs and slaughtering innocent non-Muslims in the name of his Islamic death cult. And this is the problem that has now arisen in Australia and many other secular nations, that of home-grown Muslims that believe that they have the right and the duty to murder people merely for mocking their warmongering paedophile prophet Mohammed.


The hypocrisy of Muslims is simply staggering, because millions of them rioted, destroyed property and killed people because a newspaper had the temerity to publish cartoons of their filthy paedophile prophet Mohammed, yet they have no compunction calling for the genocide of people who merely follow a religion different to theirs and they indoctrinate and brainwash their children to further this despicable philosophy.

For instance, in Libya, gangs of Muslims desecrated a British military cemetery where the bodies of British soldiers who defended Libya against the German Nazis and Italian Fascists are buried. These murderous Muslim bastards accuse non-Muslims of racism, even though Islam is not a race. They bitch about anything and everything that exposes the travesties of their vile doctrine and have no hesitation in attacking non-Muslims, burning buildings, desecrating sacred symbols and killing people who show the world what Islam and its paedophile founder are all about. They scream, rant and riot whenever their despicable death cult is criticised or denigrated, as it should be, but they demand the right to desecrate and denigrate anything they like.

Muslims desecrating Australian war graves in Libya

In many Islamic nations, programs are made that are clearly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian and they denigrate and vilify non-Muslims on a daily basis. Yet Christians and Jews do not riot if their religions are mocked or insulted, even in the most vicious ways. Only barbaric Muslims find any excuse to protest, riot and even kill if somebody dares criticise or lampoon Islam and its repulsive filth.

Are these the sort of people any civilised nation needs or wants? The inordinately high proportion of criminal activity by Muslims in comparison to their numbers, their refusal to assimilate or integrate into predominantly non-Muslim societies into which they immigrate, their incessant demands for Apartheid such as segregated swimming pools, Muslim-only toilets and Halal food even in places where non-Muslims eat and their preponderance for terrorism, demonstrates that the people who follow this alien death cult are a menace to the civilised world. Muslims demand respect and tolerance for their barbaric death cult, but it is obvious to see from the copious evidence of the actions of Muslims that they have absolutely no respect for anybody else.


There seems to be a common modus operandi in the way some Islamic groups set about their quest to invade and conquer territory, especially in secular first-world Western nations. They often start by demanding the right to follow their religion without hindrance, which is generally accepted in most parts of the modern world. They then populate the areas with Muslims, usually still not a problem in most Western nations that exercise tolerance.

Once they have the numbers, the militant Muslims then demand the imposition of draconian Sharia law, which is quite repugnant to most people of democratic persuasion. However, the inherent tolerance and political correctness of Western secular nations is used against them by Muslims to gain further inroads, with the aim of eventually subjugating them.

As their numbers grow further, the Muslims demand political autonomy or even complete secession from the host country. If, unsurprisingly this is rejected, they form terrorist armies or militias such as in Kosovo, East Timor, Nigeria, Thailand and the Philippines and they foment insurrections, murdering non-Islamic people and causing untold grief and destruction. This is not a fantasy or some sort of propaganda. There are news reports every day about the atrocities that Muslims commit around the world in their quest for complete domination.


Islam, like all religions or cults, is NOT a race - it is merely a belief system in an imaginary deity and various other mythical entities and supernatural events, none of which have ever been proven to exist. Therefore, to assert that Islam has anything to do with inherited genetic characteristics is just stupid. Unfortunately, many people seem to confuse religion with race and if their religious beliefs are criticised or denigrated, they will immediately complain of racism. The most vociferous complaints seem to come from Islamic leaders, who complain of racism when Muslims are criticised for their barbaric and medieval practices, crimes or acts of terrorism.

Muslims of many different races
Muslims of many different races.

The above collage of photos immediately shoots down in flames any notion that Islam is a race. Here are six Muslims of six different races, from left to right, top to bottom, they are:

So how on earth can anybody declare that Islam is a race, when there are Muslims of a myriad races in the world and the only thing in common is their belief in a mythical god called Allah? Anybody who claims that Islam is a race and that criticising or denigrating Islam is racism is completely deluded. The worst aspect of this is that even governments and the UN equate religion with race and they are obviously very wrong. Anybody who is dragged before a court or tribunal charged with racism because he denigrated Islam can prove in a minute that Islam is not a race, therefore accusations of racism on that basis are unsustainable - and really stupid too.



For completely stupid and politically correct motives, many Western secular nations have introduced racial and religious hatred laws that make it an offence to do or say anything that exposes people to hatred and contempt on the basis of their race or religion. Of course it is completely idiotic to hate somebody for their race, obviously because nobody can control their ancestry, DNA or any other genetically inherited characteristic. However, it is unfortunate that some people do practice racial discrimination and that is a sad situation because there is no logic to it.

On the other hand, religion is nothing but a belief system in an imaginary deity and is certainly not a race and never can be, therefore racial hatred laws should never apply to it. Unfortunately, Muslims are very quick to act against anybody who dares to criticise their religion, often using the words "racism" and "Islamophobia" as part of their arsenal of weapons against even valid and truthful comments about this murderous cult.

The ludicrous concept of governments passing laws to try to stifle criticism against Islam has absolutely no merit, simply because the truth about this insane religion can so easily be proven. The Koran orders Muslims to kill non-Muslims wherever they can be found. Muslims are encouraged in the most vile and insulting terms to hate Christians and Jews. Islamic websites and magazines constantly incite Muslims to settle in secular Western nations with the aim of eventually outbreeding the non-Muslim populations and then taking control.

That unelected pack of despots, the rulers of Saudi Arabia, have spent billions of dollars earned from oil revenue to build thousands of mosques in secular Western nations and have funded the establishment of Islamic councils to act as fronts for this Islamic invasion and to use every means at their disposal to stop any criticism or dislike of Islam, while ensuring that Muslims are kept separated from the rest of the populations. Of course churches and synagogues are illegal in Saudi Arabia and the possession of a Bible or a Torah and the display of any Christian or Jewish symbol or apparel is illegal.


As for "Islamophobia", one could ask the question - why would any sane non-Muslim not intensely dislike anybody whose stated aim is to either convert them to Islam, forcibly if required, or to kill them if they refuse?

Why hould any sane non-Muslim not hate anybody who believes that non-Muslims are apes and pigs and whose holy book enshrines that concept?

Why would any sane non-Muslim not hate anybody whose stated aim is to infiltrate his secular society and forcibly impose a vile legal and political system (Sharia) that is barbaric and cruel to the extreme?

Why would any sane non-Muslim not abhor people whose belief system is underpinned by the daily atrocities committed against fellow non-Muslims, as well as Muslims who happen to follow a slightly different version of Islam?

Would any sane non-Muslim not despise a religion that treats its women like chattels and forces them to cover themselves from head-to-foot in cloth so that Muslim men would not lose control of their sexual urges, even when there is absolutely no requirement in the Koran for women to do so?

Of course the religion of Islam is to be hated, despised and shunned completely by any freedom-loving person. The Koran's requirements and exhortations are no better that Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler's vile book, "Mein Kampf". Devout Muslims literally follow the Koran to the letter, because questioning or criticising this garbage attracts an automatic death penalty. Obviously one has to wonder about any religion that cannot withstand investigation or criticism, as obviously even a cursory examination of Islam will expose it as not a religion, not a race, but a death cult that is intent on subjugating the world. What is there not to hate about Islam?

ISLAMOPHOBIA - The thought-crime that seeks to suppress legitimate criticism of Islam and demonise those who would tell the truth about Islamic aggression.


Despite the stupid laws in every state of Australia that make it an offence to discriminate against people because of their political or religious beliefs, I have no hesitation in completely ignoring those laws. For instance, I would never knowingly associate with, conduct any business with, or employ a person who declared himself to be a Nazi for obvious reasons and no court or tribunal would have the temerity to prosecute me for this.

For the same reasons, I would never knowingly associate with, conduct any business with, or employ a person who is a Muslim, simply for the fact that Muslims subscribe to a doctrine that states categorically that they are REQUIRED to "KILL DISBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM." I am definitely a disbeliever, so obviously I want nothing to do with a person who follows an evil doctrine like that.


The Koran gives the following instructions to Muslims:

According to the Koran, because I am non-Muslim, I am not to be believed nor befriended, I am an open enemy to Muslims, I am a person with whom Muslims should not make treaties (including doing business or accepting work, presumably), a liar, a person who should never be helped and a person to be shunned by Muslims.

Knowing that devout Muslims try to follow this doctrine to the letter, I do not want to have anything to do with such people. As far as I am aware, there is no law that prohibits me from eyeballing people and choosing the ones with whom I will do business - and for obvious reasons, none of them will be Muslim.

However, there are laws that prohibit me from demanding to know a prospective employee's religion, however I will do exactly that - ask what religion prospective employees what religion they are. If they refuse to answer, I will merely terminate the interview and they will be told that they will be notified if I wish to employ them. Of course the reality is that they will never get a job from me, but there is no law against me choosing people who declare themselves to be non-Muslims over people who either are Muslims or who refuse to divulge their religion.

It is understood that although the Koran was written many centuries ago and the instructions to "KILL DISBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM" and other exhortations to murder or denigrate non-Muslims are riddled throughout this evil book, the fact that Muslims commit acts of murder and terrorism all over the world every day, as instructed by the Koran, is enough for me to completely shun any person who subscribes to this doctrine, even in the modern era.


Regardless of the stupid anti-discrimination laws in Australia, I firmly believe that I have the ultimate right to choose my friends, employees and subcontractors by MY criteria, not by some idiotic laws devised by cretins who think that I should be forced to have dealings with people whose doctrine is to hate and ultimately kill me. It would be like ordering a Jew to employ a Nazi.

So why would some politically correct tribunal try to prosecute anybody for refusing to employ or do business with Muslims, whose religion is so evil that it instructs them to kill non-Muslims? Some of those tribunals are that stupid, but then I would defend myself to the utmost and NEVER retreat from this position.


Any normal compassionate person reading the Koran would be horrified at the utter savagery contained in this book. Right from the beginning, the Koran documents the activities of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, who organised at least 86 expeditions against people who either refused to follow his teachings or simply got in the way of his power-crazed ambitions. According to the Koran itself, Mohammed literally led the life of a serial killer, terrorist and rapist, who perpetrated genocide throughout Arabia. Along with the pagan Arabs, many Jews and Christians were victims of this mindless terror.

Mohammed was a man who destroyed peace wherever he went and in its place, brought carnage and death. And he did all this in the name of a God that has not been proven to exist from those days to the present time. Mohammed clearly stated in the Koran that God has instructed him and all pious Muslims to loot, pillage, plunder, rape, torture and murder innocent human beings, in order to further the interests of Islam. Muslims today cannot complain that the above description of Mohammed is denigratory or is an affront to their religion, simply because all of it is written in black and white in their very own Koran.

Here are just a few lines from the Koran that clearly show the utter medieval brutality of this religion, remembering that Muslims are required to follow the Koran literally to the letter.


Muslims claim to be tolerant of all people, however this is also a blatant lie. There are virtually no countries that are predominantly Muslim, where other religions are allowed to freely coexist. In most of these countries, the practice of other religions is either illegal or highly suppressed. These nations are amazingly hypocritical, demanding that the practice of Islam be freely allowed in all non-Islamic countries, yet preventing the practice of other religions in their own nations.

Muslims bring intolerance and discrimination to every aspect of their lives when dealing with non-Muslims. For instance, on the on-line Muslim Trading Post, the Ethics section has the following instruction:

This exhortation is echoed on many Islamic websites and is very obviously taken from the Koran. Muslims often complain about being discriminated against and scream "racism" when they imagine that they are not being treated fairly and equally, yet they enshrine and practice their vile discrimination against non-Muslims in every conceivable way and the evidence of this is abundant.


It is interesting to note that in many Muslim nations, it is a crime, punishable by death, for people to convert from Islam to any other religion, or even simply to state that they do not believe in any religion, including Islam. Of course this is stunning in its stupidity, simply because in those Muslim nations, people may be forced to act as though they follow Islam for their own safety, but nobody can force them to actually believe this nonsense if they choose not to. This merely highlights the sheer idiocy of Islamic doctrine and shows that Islam is most possibly the most intolerant religion ever seen on this planet.


In 2013, Pew Research conducted a poll of several Muslim majority countries. It asked if respondents thought those who decided to leave Islam should be put to death. Majorities in Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories, for instance, all thought a person should be killed for converting to another faith or renouncing Islam altogether. Even a majority of respondents in supposedly moderate Malaysia thought this.

The point is that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who believe that their religion dictates the death penalty for the type of liberties that stand at the foundation of liberal Western societies. What matters is that vast numbers of Muslims believe such violence is part of their faith and some are willing to violently enforce their religious view on the streets of secular nation with acts of terrorism.


A good example of this ridiculous doctrine occurs in Malaysia constantly. One court decision involved a woman who was born Muslim but had renounced Islam in 1998 to convert to Christianity. However, Sharia courts refused to recognise or accept her apostasy and punished her under Islamic law. Another controversial decision involved a Hindu-born soldier who was buried as a Muslim after Sharia courts decided that he had converted to Islam. The courts refused to hear testimony from his widow, who steadfastly insisted her spouse was not a Muslim.

In August 2008, a Malaysian court rejected a Muslim woman's appeal to convert back to Christianity. The Court of Appeal threw out Noorashikin Lim Abdullah's bid to renounce Islam on the most preposterous grounds, because she used her original Chinese name in her suit. The court said the appellant was not legally recognised because her Chinese name, Lim Yoke Khoon, no longer existed, following her conversion to Islam in 1994.


Lim married a Muslim man in 1994, converted to Islam and obtained a new identity card with her Muslim name. But she divorced three years later and wanted to convert back to Christianity. In 2003, she applied to change her name and religion on her identity card but the National Registration Department told her to she had to get permission from the Islamic Sharia Court to renounce Islam. Lim turned to the high court seeking a declaration that she was no longer a Muslim but the court ruled in 2006 that it had no jurisdiction to hear the case. In other words, Lim was in an untenable Catch-22 situation. The Sharia court would not allow her to renounce Islam and the National Registration Department could not change her name so that she could legally change her religious status in a court of law.

Malaysian courts almost always rule against people seeking to leave Islam, which is Malaysia's official religion, however the Lim matter highlights the utter stupidity of the Malaysian system. Although the courts may prevent Lim from changing her official religious status, nobody can force her to believe in Allah or any aspect of the Islamic religion. What goes on in her mind is completely beyond the control of any authority and the only way to stop her dissent in public is to kill her, which explains why in many Muslim countries it is a crime punishable by death to renounce Islam or to convert to another religion.


It is quite amazing to see how petrified Muslims are of anybody leaving their death cult, that they have instituted all sorts of dire punishments for anybody even trying to do so, even if they cease believing in Islam. This is really stupid, because it makes a mockery of the entire religion, when somebody just does not believe in Allah or the rest of the claptrap, yet is forced to be declared a Muslim for legal reasons.

This is the law about converting to Islam, according to a document issued by the Catholic Bishops Conference in Malaysia:


The sorry fact is that Islamic leaders are petrified that masses of people would abandon this stupid religion if they were not intimidated by death threats or dire punishments. The Koran has also made apostasy a capital crime, which shows how utterly idiotic this death cult can be, if it has to resort to threatening and then killing people to stop them from renouncing Islam. There is no other religion that does this, which only proves how hollow and devoid of any merit Islam happens to be.


The Sirah Rasul Allah provides a biography of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. This is what was reported in the Sirah after a particular battle:

So according to the Sirah Rasul Allah, which is official Muslim history, Mohammed, the prophet of Islam was probably the first major historical figure to develop the Nazi method of making mass murder and genocide into an industrial activity. Those Muslims who complain about the Koran being compared to Adolf Hitler's genocidal rant "Mein Kampf" don't have a leg to stand on, because both Mohammed and Hitler were genocidal maniacs beyond compare and their very own Muslim history describes the mass murder of Jews conducted by their own prophet.


The Koran is riddled with instructions for Muslims to kill or persecute Christians and Jews. Here are just a few examples from a translation of this hateful book:


According to the Koran, women are merely chattels and not worthy of consideration as humans. The Islamic view of women is so barbaric that it virtually defies description in this modern world. However, one can see why Muslim men treat women in such disgusting fashion by understanding how their religion perverts their behaviour to such an extent. After reading the Koran, it is not hard to understand why Muslim rapists such as Bilal Skaf and his gang, or the Pakistani gang rapists known as MAK and MKK committed their horrendous crimes against Australian women.

It was amazing to hear those Pakistani brothers state in court in their perverted and pathetic excuse of a defence of their actions, that their culture permitted them to sexually assault and abuse non-Muslim women in such a fashion. Read on and be prepared to feel quite ill at the utter perversity and utter stupidity contained in the Koran about women.


In yet another example of the utter viciousness that is Islam, in August 2008, five women were killed in Pakistan because they had the temerity to want to choose their own husbands. Compounding this atrocity, a provincial lawyer defended their deaths as tradition. The women, three of whom were teenagers, were shot, thrown into a ditch and buried alive, in what authorities have said they suspect were honour killings.

It is considered an insult in some conservative regions of Pakistan for women to marry without consent and rights groups say hundreds are killed by male relatives every year. The killings, which occurred after the women defied tribal elders and asked a civil court to marry at least three of them, were raised in parliament, prompting a lawyer from Baluchistan province to say, "Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid."

Israr Ullah Zehri, a lawyer who represents the province where the women died, said, "These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them," This cretin, steeped in his Islamic self-righteousness, considers that women who want the right to choose whom they marry are immoral and deserve to be murdered.

This is typical of the mindset of people who follow the death cult that is Islam and the way that women are considered as being lower than animals. To think that a lawyer who is also a politician would support such murders is staggering, but this is Islam at work.


A very clear example of the utter bastardry of Islam is the report in January 2009, where a Turkish court sentenced five members of the same family to life imprisonment for the "honour killing" of Naile Erdas, 16, who got pregnant as a result of being raped.

In its verdict, a court in the eastern city of Van sentenced the murder victim's brother to life in jail for the 2006 murder to cleanse the family honour. The girl's father, mother and two uncles were also given life sentences for instigating the murder, while a third uncle was jailed for over 16 years for failing to report the murder in one of the heaviest sentences handed down in Turkey for such a killing.

Naile Erdas became pregnant as a result of a rape but concealed her condition until she was hospitalised for a severe headache, when doctors determined she was pregnant. When the family made threats and offered bribes to get the girl back, doctors decided to keep her in the hospital and informed police and the prosecutor's office.

One week after Naile Erdas gave birth, the prosecutor agreed to send her home after the girl's father promised she would not be harmed, but she was shot dead by her brother a few hours after returning home.

In "honour killings", generally prevalent among Turkey's Kurdish community, a so-called family council names a member to murder a female relative considered to have sullied the family honour. In most cases this is because of an extra-marital affair. But there have been cases where those killed have been rape victims or women who simply talked to strange men or requested a song on the radio.

So this poor girl was raped by some slimy animal of a male, obviously a Muslim bastard who typically had no respect for a young girl and she fell pregnant. Instead of her family supporting and consoling her, they murdered her in cold blood - and for what? Was it her fault that she was raped? Of course not, but it shows the utter barbarity of Muslims who claim that their religion is peaceful, yet commit the most horrendous atrocities in the name of that death cult.


Under Islam, women are severely oppressed, treated like animals and completely subjugated by Muslim men. Islamic Sharia law allows Muslim men to beat and rape their wives and in some Islamic nations such as Afghanistan, even legally starve them in order to force them to submit to sex.

Afghan women in burqas
Afghan women in burqas. Is Osama Bin Laden under one of them?

In most Islamic nations, Muslim women are not even allowed out of their houses without being covered from head to foot and also must be chaperoned. This merely shows how completely insecure Muslim men are about women and how terrified they are of the sexuality of females - it's a form of institutionalised insanity. Of course the women are completely powerless against Muslim men, who have passed draconian laws to keep those women completely enslaved.

French Muslim woman. Is this what we want to see in Australia?

The infiltration of Muslims into secular western nations is seen dramatically in France, where Islam is now the second-largest religion. Along with this death cult, Muslims have changed the face of French society with their practice of subjugating their women by forcing them to cover themselves from head to foot in those stupid burqas. Parts of France now look like the scummier areas of Syria or Yemen.


It is most fortunate that Muslims settling in Australia are prohibited from practising some of the barbaric customs that they are happy to perpetrate on each other back in those Islamic hell-holes that they left behind. Stoning to death, amputation of limbs and other severe mutilation is of course outlawed in Australia, so Muslims cannot overtly get away with such horrible activities, however there is one absolutely dreadful custom that many Muslims still often practise in Western nations because they can get away with it unless they are reported by their victims. This disgusting practice is euphemistically called Female Circumcision, however it is far worse than this and is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as, "the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for cultural or other nontherapeutic reasons."

No Islamic male would submit to the equivalent to clitoridectomy

So-called female circumcision is certainly not the same as male circumcision, which is merely the removal of the male's foreskin, leaving the sexual organ intact and functional. Clitoridectomy is a horrifying mutilation of the female sexual organ entailing nothing less than the amputation of the clitoris. In a male, this is equivalent to chopping off most of the penis, rendering the male incapable of sexual capability and orgasm for the rest of his life. The purpose of clitoridectomy is to render females incapable of enjoying sex, in the mistaken belief that this will make them remain virgins until marriage and then stay faithful to their husbands after marriage. According to the WHO, there are an estimated 100 to 140 million females who have been subjected to this disgusting mutilation. Currently, about 3 million girls, the majority under 15 years of age, undergo this unspeakable crime every year.

Women doomed to remain unfulfilled forever

Unfortunately, by the time a Muslim girl or woman reports that she has been mutilated by clitoridectomy, it is too late and she is doomed to spend the rest of her life sexually unfulfilled, something that no Muslim male would ever contemplate. This shows that for many Muslim men, women are merely possessions that are there to be used for their sexual gratification, however women's sexual enjoyment is not to be tolerated. The Muslim male's paranoia about his wife being an object of attraction to another man is the prime reason why the medieval practice of forcing women to cover themselves in head-to-toe sacks called burqas is still prevalent in virtually all Muslim nations, apart from many other restrictions of activities that Western women take for granted and that are also enshrined in every international human rights charter.

Australia and all other Western nations need to ensure that all Muslims who come to settle in these countries are informed before entry that clitoridectomy is not just barbaric, but completely illegal and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Muslims should be strongly warned that if they perform such disgusting acts on females, that they will spend many years in prison. It is a shame that the punishment of chopping off an offending Muslim male's penis is not available under Western laws, as this would certainly bring the practice of clitoridectomy to a grinding halt overnight. But clitoridectomy is just one of many problems that Muslims bring to the West.


If anybody thinks that the Westminster system of legal justice is unfair or harsh, they are sadly mistaken. By comparison, Islamic Sharia law is so barbaric, medieval and grossly unfair that it is beyond belief. The differences in punishment for men and women are remarkable. If a man is caught committing adultery, he might probably get a few strokes of the whip, however if a woman is caught, or even accused of adultery, she is stoned to death or summarily shot. Muslims are even forbidden to convert to another religion, as this "crime" is automatically punishable by death. Below are just a few examples of the utter savagery of Islamic Sharia law.

To graphically show what an utter pack of barbaric bastards these people are, in October 2008, Muslim extremists stoned to death a 13-year-old girl for adultery after her father reported that she had been gang-raped by three men. Fifty men were brought to a stadium to stone Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow to death in front of about 1000 spectators. A truckload of stones was brought for the killing.

Amnesty International said al-Shabab militia, which controls the southern city of Kismayo in Somalia arranged for the killing and that the girl had struggled with her captors and had to be carried into the stadium. Amnesty International was told by numerous eyewitnesses that nurses were instructed to check whether the child was still alive when buried in the ground.

The human rights group said that the nurses removed her from the ground, declared that she was still alive and the girl was replaced in the hole where she had been buried for the stoning to continue. Inside the stadium, militia members opened fire when some of the witnesses to the killing attempted to save her life and shot dead a boy who was a bystander.

Amnesty said Duhulow was originally reported by witnesses as being 23 years old based on her appearance, but established from her father that she was a child. He told Amnesty that when they tried to report her rape, the child was accused of adultery and detained. None of the men accused was arrested.

Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow did not commit murder or kidnapping. This innocent 13 year old girl was brutally pack-raped, but her father made the mistake of reporting this crime to the Somali authorities. Instead of dealing with the rapists, the authorities charged Dhuhulow with adultery and she was stoned to death. Somebody reading this report would imagine that such evil happened a thousand years ago, but stoning women to death is a common occurrence in Islamic nations to this day. It merely proves that Muslims have not progressed anywhere in a millennium and still indulge in the most disgusting and murderous deeds.

Woman executed for adultery
Mullah executes a woman by shooting her in the head. Her crime? Alleged adultery.

Women beaten for being improperly dressed
Mullah beating women in the street. Their crime? Exposing an ankle or wrist.

Woman stoned to death for alleged adultery
Woman is stoned to death. Her crime? Alleged adultery.

Muslim carrying amputated hands and feet
Muslim boy carrying the amputated hands and feet of people.
Eight-year-old boy crippled under Sharia

The epitome of utter callous inexcusable cruelty and unforgivable savagery is exemplified by those Muslim bastards who sentenced an eight-year-old boy to have his arm run over by a car merely for taking some bread. One can only wonder what sort of people could do this to such a young child, who probably had no idea what he was doing. I have no reservation in saying that any person who would subject a child to being deliberately crippled for life for any reason is utter filth and has no place in the human race.

Eight-year-old boy has arm run over by car for stealing bread
Eight-year-old boy crippled by car driven over his arm. His crime? Allegedly stealing bread.

In a satirical poem titled "When," posted on Arabic reformist websites including, reformist Saudi author and journalist Wajeha Al-Huwaider laments what she regards as the conditions in the Arab world. The following are excerpts from the poem (where she uses the word "Arab", just substitute "Muslim"), which are wonderful observations on the evil doctrine of Islam:

Demand for Sharia law
Muslims in London demand Sharia law in The Netherlands.

Many Islamic groups are now demanding the right to impose a version of this inhumanity in the countries that gave them refuge in the name of humanity. It is important to completely resist this concept, as any changes to the law or territorial sovereignty must be made with the free and willing consent of the population by democratic means, not by terrorism or coercion.

If Islamic fundamentalists desire to live under Sharia law, there are a number of Islamic nations in the world where they can go. If they wish to reside among people of other religions, especially in secular sovereign nations, they do not have the right to demand that those people live under intolerable, repressive or extreme religious laws in a fundamentalist Islamic state.

However, it is obvious that Muslims immigrate to secular western nations, then attempt to outpopulate and then subjugate the non-Muslims, with the aim of converting those nations into Muslim states under their barbaric and repressive Sharia law.


The hate-riddled nature of Muslims was graphically exposed during the so-called "Religion of Peace" demonstration in London, after the publication of cartoons of Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. Here are some photos taken of these alleged peaceful Muslims.

Religion Of Peace
Muslims on their "Religion Of Peace" demonstration.

Do these people look peaceful? Is Islam really the "Religion of Peace", as they constantly would have us believe? Of course not. These photos show that Muslims are a menace to any civilised nation and the proof is right here to see, apart from their litany of terrorist acts and atrocities over many decades. Just in case those placards are hard to read, this is what some of them say:

If this sort of reaction from Muslims can come about merely from the publication of a few cartoons, then civilised people should not have to tolerate such hate-filled death-spewing barbarians anywhere in their countries. Demonstrations such as the one depicted here were staged in many nations and resulted in the deaths of innocent people and the destruction of much property, generally of Western origin.

What is truly amazing is that most of these Muslims who railed against Europe and Britain in their "Religion of Peace" demonstration moved to these countries of their own accord instead of staying in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia and other Muslim hell-holes. Why did they come to live in secular Western Judeo-Christian nations if they hate such societies? Of course the answer is that this is a long-term plan to eventually take over those nations by outbreeding non-Muslims and that is most obvious in many European nations, notably France.

Behead those who say Islam is violent
This idiotic banner proves that Islam is indeed violent and murderous.

Death to all juice
Muslim moron probably meant "DEATH TO ALL JEWS".

In a morbidly funny way, one Muslim protestor carried a banner stating "BEHEAD THOSE WHO SAY ISLAM IS VIOLENT." In other words, Muslims are encouraged to kill anybody who says that their religion is violent. How moronic is that? Their own writings and violent protests just show that Islam is a religion of illogic, hatred and death, but certainly not peaceful by any stretch of the imagination.

On the other side of the coin, one can just laugh at idiots, such as that moronic Muslim at an Islamic rally in New York City, who carried a banner proclaiming "DEATH TO ALL JUICE". Obviously this idiot did not really want to massacre any fruit, but he did not even have the intelligence to proofread his banner to call for the death of Jews.


Here is a stark example of the repression that is prevalent in some of those Islamic nations. In a very slight turnaround from the Saudi wahhabist version of stupid and medieval Sharia law that has denied Saudi citizens even the most basic freedoms that Westerners take for granted, in December 2008 it was reported that cinema has made a low-key return to Saudi Arabia after a three decade absence.

Locally produced comedy Menahi premiered in two cultural centres in Jeddah and Taif this month before mixed-gender audiences, a taboo in Saudi Arabia whose strict Islamic rules ban unrelated men and women from mixing. Showing the film was the latest attempt to introduce reforms by King Abdullah, who has said the world's largest oil exporter cannot stand still while the world changes around it. Political analysts say Alwaleed could not have gone ahead without the blessing of royals with key decision-making roles.

While the kingdom's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Shaikh did not comment on the issue, the head of Saudi Arabia's religious police displayed the utter stupidity of Sharia law when he condemned cinemas as a pernicious influence. "Our position on this is clear - ban it. That is because cinema is evil and we do not need it. We have enough evil already," said Ibrahim al-Ghaith, the head of the religious police, whose official title is the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

The religious police have wide powers to search for alcohol, drugs and prostitution, ensure shops are closed during prayer and maintain a strict system of sexual segregation in Saudi society, where women are even banned from driving.

Saudi Arabia had some movie theatres in the 1970s but the conservative clerical establishment managed to snuff out the industry. Saudi film buffs had to travel to neighbours like Bahrain to see movies in cinemas, which just shows the sort of Luddite stupidity of the Saudi version of Islam.


Egypt has long been held up as a more progressive Middle Eastern nation, but in 2010, Pew Research conducted a poll which showed that despite the fact that Egypt appeared to be more civilised than most other Middle Eastern nations, the reality was that the people of Egypt still clung to stupid barbaric concepts of Islam.

The Pew Research poll found:

Such statistics would be even more skewed towards the barbaric Islamic concepts in less developed nations with high Muslim populations. They just show that Muslims re terrified of women and sexual relationships and prefer their lives to be ruled by Islamic fundamentalists who wish to control every aspect of their lives according to a pack of utter nonsensical crap in an evil book called the Koran.


It is very apparent that certain elements of the Islamic faith are hell-bent on dominating and usurping the areas in which they have settled, in total disregard to the sovereignty of those places and the feelings or wishes of the populations. The worst aspect of this action is that these groups seem to have no regard or respect for human life in their pursuit of their ambitions.

There are constant reports of insurrections and revolutions by Islamic separatist movements all over the world. The crisis in Kosovo was caused by Islamic terrorists wishing to control what was until February 2008, legally a part of Serbia. Not content with literally forcing the annexing of Kosovo with the connivance of NATO, Albanian Islamic terrorists attacked Macedonia, trying to take control of parts of its sovereign territory because of claims that ethnic Albanians live there. Currently there are Islamic insurrections occurring in the Indian state of Kashmir, the Indonesian province of Aceh, in the Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco and many other places.

Wherever there are Muslims, there is trouble

It is blatantly self-evident that wherever Islamic fanatics operate, there is carnage, death and destruction. Apart from Kosovo, the burning and complete desecration of the major cities of East Timor, the killing of innocent tourists in Algeria and Egypt, the massacre of people of other religions in Aceh and Nigeria, the kidnapping and murder of innocent hostages by the Abu Sayyaf Islamic separatists in the Philippines and the beheadings and murders committed by Islamic separatists in Thailand are stark proof that human compassion and mercy are not in the lexicon of these groups.


Muslim fanatics seem to have no problems attacking vilifying and denigrating non-Muslims with impunity, as seen from the writings on some of their websites, however the politically correct anti-discrimination laws in Australia do not permit any sort of rebuttal. For instance, former Australian One Nation Party politician David Oldfield once wrote on a website that "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims" and he documented many atrocities that Muslims had committed. He was taken to court by Melbourne Muslim lawyer Hisam Sidaoui, who claimed that this statement and other material vilified Muslims.

Politically correct authorities defend Islam at the expense of truth

Although Oldfield's statement may have been quite broad, it was absolutely factual. Nevertheless, he was ordered by that bastion of political correctness, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, to take down the comment and other material deemed to be racially offensive, even though Islam is not a race, but merely a religion. It was clearly seen from this court action that Muslims are deeply offended by statements of fact about the more radical side of their religion, but do not object to the divisive and offensive garbage on Islamic websites that incites hatred against non-Muslims, material that would do nothing more than inspire acts of terrorism. Of course they never mention the incitement in the Koran to kill Christians and Jews wherever they are and the denigration of anybody who is not Muslim.

Another such case was that of Sergio Redegalli of Newtown in Sydney, who painted a mural on his own property stating "SAY NO TO THE BURQA" and was then summonsed by that other bastion of political correctness, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB), to explain why he should not be prosecuted for racial vilification, even though even a complete idiot knows that Islam is not a race and has nothing to do with race.

It seems that this bunch of tree-hugging boneheads at the ADB don't know the difference between genetically inherited DNA and some irrational belief in a mythical Skydaddy and wished to prosecute a person for expressing an opinion about an item of clothing that is not even required by any religion. In other words, Redegalli was being persecuted, not only on a completely false premise, but as an abrogation to his right to free speech and expression.



The massive intolerance by Muslims was seen in recent years with their rabid reaction to some fairly innocuous cartoons published in September 2005 in a Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Post, that depicted Mohammed. The reaction was predictable. Muslims all over the world rioted, resulting in the destruction of property and the deaths of over 100 people, as well as calls from Muslim leaders for the cartoonists to be killed. In a show of bravery and defiance of Muslim threats, in February 2008 Danish newspapers reprinted those cartoons to demonstrate to Muslims that Denmark was a nation that upheld the right of free speech and expression.

Mohammed Cartoon
The cartoon of Mohammed by Kurt Westergaard.

Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has been under police protection since he drew this cartoon and there have been a number of attempts on his life. Muslims slander other religions with impunity, yet react like mad dogs, usually with violence, when somebody even remotely says something they do not want to hear about their religion. The death sentence that was issued on British author Salman Rushdie by that crazed lunatic Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran was a clear demonstration of the mentality of these madmen.

In August 2007, a newspaper in Sweden published some unflattering cartoons by Lars Vilks of Mohammed and again, the reaction of Muslims was utterly predictable. Muslims responded with protests, but in typical fashion, some Muslim groups have issued rewards to any person who manages to murder the cartoonist. This is typical of these barbarians that see nothing wrong with denigrating other religions, but react with rabid violence when somebody pokes fun at, or criticises Islam.

Literally every day in Iran, Syria, Pakistan and other Islamic nations, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian articles, cartoons and diatribes that make the vile efforts of the Nazis pale by comparison, are published on an ongoing basis. Muslims seem to think they have the right to slander non-Muslims with impunity, yet when any non-Muslim satirises or criticises Islam and Mohammed, that person is threatened with death. The infamous murder of Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim who objected to Van Gogh's exposé of the treatment of Muslim women is a good example of this immense hypocrisy.


Whenever something offends Muslims, they riot, kill, burn, destroy, threaten and intimidate people without mercy. They do this over the most innocuous matters, such as the cartoons of Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. Muslim leaders immediately hit the media with condemnations and complaints.

But there is always a deafening silence when Muslims commit atrocities, such as the daily terrorist acts of murder, or when a 13 year old girl is pack-raped, then stoned to death for adultery as if it was her fault. Why did those Muslim leaders not publicly condemn all those Islamic terrorist attacks? Why did they not get their heads in the media to attack that vicious Somali Sharia court that sentenced the 13 year old girl to death by stoning, even when this is completely against Sharia law? But of course they wouldn't do that, because for Muslims, it's all one-sided. Their atrocities are quite acceptable, but the mere publication of a Mohammed cartoon can make them foam at the mouth. Not only is Islam a dirty death cult, but its followers are massive hypocrites.


British commentator Pat Condell has really got a terrific handle on Islam, the menace that it places on the civilised world and the immense one-sided hypocrisy of Muslims, who demand the unfettered right to impose their will on the cultures of the West and practise Islam and its inhuman customs with freedom, yet repress all Western influence and deny non-Muslims the right to freely practise their religions in Islamic nations.

It is hard to find a more concise and clearer take on Islam than Pat Condell's commentaries. His videos can be viewed on his website at or on Youtube and they really expose the evil and hypocrisy of Islam. Condell's incisive and penetrating critiques of Islam should not be missed.


It is more than obvious that Islam is not a religion, but a complete political system and an extremely dangerous death cult. All the evidence shows that Muslims have no desire to integrate or assimilate into non-Muslim societies, but wish to eventually subjugate those societies until there is one pan-Islamic world. It seems that they don't mind using any methods to achieve that aim, including mass murder, terrorism, intimidation and any other means. The safest thing for modern secular Western societies is to look at eradicating this menace from within their midst for the safety of their populations.

As far as being tolerant and respectful of Islam, nobody in their right minds could even find a reason for this. Why would any sane person be respectful of people who follow such a filthy death cult and whose daily litany of atrocities fill the news headlines? Who could be respectful of members of a death cult whose leaders promote and enshrine the deliberate denigration of women, bestiality, murder and paedophilia?

This is why the idiotic religious vilification laws in Australia should be completely disregarded, because Islam is a filthy death cult that should be vilified at every opportunity, just like Nazism. Anybody who is prosecuted for this would have no problem finding mountains of hard evidence to overturn any case brought against them.