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In recent years, Australians have been bombarded by the Politically Correct brigade to achieve some sort of reconciliation with Aborigines. The inescapable conclusion can only be that the vast majority of Aborigines are being used and manipulated by a small group of their leaders, very appropriately known as the Aboriginal Industry, who seem to only be interested in how much money and land they can squeeze out of the nation.

Some leading lights of the Aboriginal Industry would be hard-pressed to prove any sort of indigenous origin but they are aided and abetted by government decree that defines Aboriginality as merely feeling "Aboriginal" and not even having to be based upon heredity. A blond Viking just arrived from Norway can immediately become an Australian Aborigine if he feels like being one. Is it any wonder that so many non-Aboriginal people have jumped onto the Aboriginal Industry gravy train?


Aborigines say that they are underprivileged, that they are dispossessed and that they do not have the same rights and opportunities that white people enjoy. This is absolute and utter nonsense. The sober truth is that Aborigines are full citizens and they are entitled to all social services, pensions, education, medical treatment and every other benefit. They cannot be denied anything that is available to any other citizen of Australia.

Most unfairly, Aborigines also have a great many rights and privileges that are denied to non-Aborigines and this is reverse racism of the worst kind and a government sponsored de-facto Apartheid system. As well as the same benefits and services that all citizens receive, the minuscule (less than 2%) Aboriginal population receives additional funding of more than two billion dollars per year OVER AND ABOVE the normal benefits of other citizens. This is nearly $7000 per year for every single Aboriginal man, woman and child OVER AND ABOVE all other benefits.

This small group has many other privileges granted to them on nothing more than a racial basis. Aborigines receive free education in places where white people have to pay. They have their own taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS). Aborigines can still use the normal Legal Aid, however white people cannot avail themselves of the ALS. There are many other taxpayer-funded organisations that provide services only to Aborigines but not to white people. Is this racism or state sponsored Apartheid? You better believe it.


In December 2014, Hotheads received an email that came from a serving policeman in the Western Australian town of Broome. He described typical behaviour and attitudes of Aborigines in the Kimberley area of Australia. Here is a first-hand description of the appalling way that Aborigines live and their despicable attitude to law and order, despite everything that the white man provides.


Yesterday arvo, just about to knock off work when all hell breaks out at Town Beach, Broome. Over 150 black fellas from Halls Creek, Balgo, Broome start bluing. They've been on the gas all day. They were loaded up with cartons of beer and JDs.

First car goes in and the missiles get launched at them and the troopy is trashed. The troops beat a retreat under a barrage of rocks and cans. Second, third and fourth cars arrive and they too are smashed by the mob that stop fighting each other and turn on the boys and girls in blue.

I go in with my team and we start tipping out grog and the mob comes at us. Apparently it's our fault for turning up. In our misguided attempt to protect the innocent members of the community going about their lawful business, we have caused the mob to turn on us.

We shut all the liquor outlets and the mob go wild again. After an hour and a half we restore order. We have five wrecked cars and four injured staff. One obese woman is run over by a police car after throwing herself at the vehicle. Fortunately she is not seriously injured.

Your taxpayer funded dollars fuelled this disorder. Your taxpayer dollars will pay for the repairs, the overtime, the medical bills and the clean-up of the public park.

Next week is royalty payment week. That means, they can afford to buy cartons of JD and JB and smoke kilos of gunja. That means we will be again back at Town Beach fighting them when things get out of control. Yep, this is Paradise.

A 12-year-old has been ripping up and down the road on his brand new quad bike. As he flies past, he gives us the bird. We won't chase because of the danger to everyone else. He comes past again, flips the bird and takes off. We know where he lives and arrive in time to catch him and his mate who is riding a small trail bike.

We seize both bikes for 28 days and tell them they will be summonsed. He is full of foul language and threatens to get us. Mum comes out and is screaming because she only bought the bike today for $2500!

Whilst we load the bikes onto a trailer, a local taxpayer funded charity organisation turns up with heaps of food - TV dinners and desserts for all the people at the house.

So, she can afford to buy the little shit a quad bike but can't afford to buy them food. Why would she bother? The taxpayer is supplying her booze, rent, drugs and free mobile phone - yes, you can get a free Telstra mobile if you're the "victim" of domestic abuse.

When will any politician, or politically correct tree huggers like ‘Getup’ have the stones to investigate and stop this blatant waste and demand accountability from these people who are partying 24/7 on a taxpayer-funded junket for life?

And when they call me a white dog cunt, that's not being racist. And I'm supposed to treat them with respect when they get locked up. And the wet season hasn't even started yet.

Welcome to the Kimberley.

But do all these extra benefits and assistance help, when the Aborigines themselves refuse to help themselves, apart from those in the Aboriginal Industry who are purloining money that is not rightfully theirs? John Ah Kit, Australia's only Aboriginal minister, spoke out about the enormous shame he and other Aboriginal people felt at the anti-social behaviour of their countrymen and women, of drunks and beggars in the streets and of the lack of will from so many Aboriginal people to take charge of their own lives. "The simple fact is that it is almost impossible to find a functioning Aboriginal community anywhere in the Northern Territory," Minister Ah Kit said in a ministerial statement on 07 March 2002.

He called for an end to lies and a new era of straight-talking from Aborigines and whites about what was really happening in Aboriginal communities in the north. He stated, "Aboriginal people in the territory must escape from the cargo cult mentality of government doing everything for them, of relying on the empty rhetoric of playing the victim. We cannot pretend a community is functional when half the kids don't go to school because they have been up most of the night coping with drunken parents, or because they themselves have been up all night sniffing petrol. We cannot imagine a community is functional when less than one in 10 people can read or write, or where people are too ill through chronic disease or substance abuse to hold on to a job, let alone receive training."

Here was a prominent Aborigine verifying the truth of the matter, that notwithstanding the gigantic amounts of money and other benefits given to Aborigines over and above that available to other members of the community, none of this was helping the situation. But when members of the Aboriginal Industry are queried about where the money is going, they accuse the questioners of being racist for merely enquiring where taxpayer money is disappearing while they fill their pockets with that very money that never reaches those who need it the most.


In 2015, an eight-year internal Australian Crime Commission investigation into isolated and trouble-plagued regions that was exposed under Freedom of Information laws revealed that widespread child sexual abuse in remote Indigenous communities was often excused because of so-called "traditional beliefs".

Prominent members of some Aboriginal communities were suspected to be child sex offenders, or had protected offenders and were also suspected of drug trafficking, fraud, and stealing money from support organisations, where they held positions of authority, for gambling. The report found that alcohol and marijuana abuse remained at horrific levels, but some communities had also recorded their first fatal overdoses from pharmaceuticals, including the painkiller Fentanyl.

Child neglect remained the most common form of child abuse and resulted in children as young as five wandering the streets at night. But authorities had turned a blind eye to the rampant paedophilia and child neglect by Aborigines for decades and especially since that idiotic apology to Aborigines by former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Authorities were scared to be labelled as being racist and child stealers, so they preferred to ignore these travesties instead of rescuing sexually and physically abused children and being accused of creating another bogus Stolen Generation.


In its most ludicrous action in this area, the Australian government has defined Aboriginality as the following:

  1. That an Aboriginal person is descended from Aborigines,
  2. That the person identifies as being Aboriginal and
  3. That the person is accepted as being Aboriginal by the community.

Obviously the first point is reasonable, providing that the Aboriginal ancestry of a person has not been diluted to some infinitesimal amount. For instance a three-quarter-blood Aboriginal should quite rightly identify as Aboriginal, however it would be completely unreasonable and ridiculous for a one-quarter Aboriginal blood person to claim Aboriginality because he is 75% white and only 25% Aboriginal, being far more white than black. Why would a person of mixed blood who was predominantly white want to claim that he was black?

However, for a white person with one-tenth or even one-hundredth Aboriginal ancestry to claim that he was an Aborigine is simply ridiculous and stupid. Such a claim is no different than putting a drop of beer into a glass full of water and claiming that it was a glass of beer.

As far as the second point is concerned, a person should not be able to be considered an Aborigine just because he identifies as being Aboriginal. This is an issue of race and genetics, not a matter of politics. It doesn't matter if a Caucasian man joins an Aboriginal tribe, learns a Koori language, dances at corroborees and lives like the other Aborigines, he will still be a Caucasian with Caucasian DNA and nothing whatsoever can change this. Identifying with a different race will not change somebody's race and this is why this point is ridiculously stupid and illogical.

The third point is just as stupid. Sure, a person can be accepted as being Aboriginal by the community, but if he's not an Aborigine, he will never become one just because somebody decides that this would be nice or passes legislation to say so. In other words, the Australian legal definition of Aboriginality is so stupid and unrealistic that one has to question the sanity of the people who drafted this preposterous piece of garbage. Simply put, the laws of nature, heredity and genetics cannot be changed by legislation.

Many obviously very white people have used this definition to claim that they are Aborigines because although they lack any sort of evidence of indigenous ancestry, they can qualify for all sorts of benefits. But the most preposterous twisting of this stupid official definition is the third aspect, that a person is deemed to be Aboriginal if he is accepted as being Aboriginal by the community. So under this definition, if some lily-white Norwegian comes to Australia and inveigles himself into an Aboriginal community and they accept him as a friend, he can then claim that he is an Aborigine and climb aboard the Aboriginal Industry gravy train.

This insane concept is the same as the government passing a law to legally recognise that if a coal-black Sudanese is accepted by an enclave of pure white Caucasian Australians, he is then legally a white Caucasian. Of course that Sudanese can be granted residency or citizenship and enjoy the rights afforded to all Australians, but no matter what anybody says or does, that coal-black Sudanese will remain a Negro forever. No loony legislation will ever transform him into a Caucasian.

Notwithstanding this complete politically correct idiocy, many white people who have a microscopic piece of Aboriginal DNA from many generations ago, have claimed that they are Aboriginal, rather than being content to state that they are white Caucasians with a smidgin of Aboriginal ancestry in them from way back. Why do they do this? Well even a cursory examination of a few of these people shows that they are making a handsome living from the Aboriginal Industry, getting all sorts of taxpayer-funded benefits that would not be available to them if they did not claim to be indigenous, even when the indigenous part of them was so tiny that it was insignificant on a genetic level.

A white person claiming to really be an Aborigine because he has ⅛ Aboriginal ancestry is no different than claiming that a glass of water containing ⅛ beer is really a glass of beer.


In Australia it is an offence to advertise employment nominating or giving preference by nationality, gender or race, but guess what? Employers (federal and state governments being the worst offenders) are legally permitted to give preference to Aborigines. Is this racism? Of course it is. In recent times the NSW Government has institutionalised and legalised racism by exempting Aborigines from having to hold fishing licences while forcing white people to buy them or be fined if caught fishing without them. This is a blatant example of government reverse racism and Apartheid, nothing less.

The following is a classic example of the NSW Government committing yet another act of blatant racism against non-Aboriginals. People who wish to become teachers in the public school system of NSW will find this on their application forms:

You only need to complete this section if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Applicant
Priority for employment is given to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants if they are residents of NSW. An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, who identifies as such and is accepted as such by the community with which he or she lives.

If you are both of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, please tick both boxes.

Over the decades Aborigines have been handed so much, including free housing at enormous expense, however the hard evidence of Aborigines trashing or burning these symbols of white benevolence is abundant. Worse still, Aborigines constantly accuse white people of committing genocide and other atrocities, which are blatant lies. They bemoan the fate of some of their children, mostly half-caste, who were removed from them and fostered out to white families in order to save their lives. They call these children the "Stolen Generation" and have constantly demanded apologies and of course the usual monetary compensation for this.

The ingratitude of many of the mythical "Stolen Generation" is legendary. Many of these rescued children became doctors, lawyers and successful members of the community, whereas if they had been left with their Aboriginal families, many of them would have died before adulthood and it would have been highly unlikely that any of them would have achieved anything, let alone becoming highly paid and respected professionals.

The truth is that these children were at grave risk of disease, assault, rape and death because of the rampant alcoholism, physical abuse and disgusting living conditions of their parents and tribes and were removed for their own well-being. Because virtually all of them were of mixed blood, they were rejected by their full-blood Aborigine relatives and many of them were actually given away voluntarily by their parents. In fact some of the most rabid activists of the Aboriginal Industry owe their very survival to the white man for giving them the chance to escape the traumas of their childhoods and achieve wealth and high community status. However, in repayment they heap abuse and scorn upon those who most probably saved their lives.


In NSW, the Tertiary And Further Education Department (TAFE) promotes institutionalised racism by having a yearly award to students on a racial basis. This item appeared in a TAFE advertisement in a Sydney newspaper in September 2013.

Aboriginal student holding racist flag
Aboriginal winner of racist award holding racist flag

It is an utter disgrace that any government would grant an award that is only available to Aboriginal and Torres Straits candidates when that same government has passed anti-discrimination laws to prevent exactly this sort of racism from being perpetrated by non-government entities. The winner of this racist award is pictured holding a very racist Aboriginal flag and it obviously has not dawned on her what she is doing.

Imagine a white student winning a TAFE award and demanding to be photographed with a White Supremacy flag. Firstly, this would not be allowed and secondly, there would be howls of outrage from Aborigines about that racist banner. But what is the difference between a White Supremacy flag and the Aboriginal flag? They are both racist.

And if there is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Of The Year Award, why is there not a Caucasian Student Of The Year Award, simply on the grounds of equality? It would never happen, but all this proves is that government institutionalised racism is endemic and Aborigines like the flag-holding female in the photo aids and abets this racism.

Adam Goodes in front of racist flag
Footballer Adam Goodes standing in front of a racist Aboriginal flag

One of the most vocal complainers about racism has been Australian Of The Year winner, footballer Adam Goodes. After massive media coverage of Goodes taking umbrage at a young teenage football fan calling him an ape, Goodes has popped up all over the place whining and complaining about racism towards him and other Aborigines. The hypocrisy of this man is amazing and it just shows how completely one-sided the racism issue really is.

Adam Goodes proudly marches under that despicably racist banner, the Aboriginal flag. He plays in the racist Indigenous Round football competition. He constantly harangues and whines about racism. He claims that his mother was one of the so-called "Stolen Generation" when it has been clearly shown that no Aborigine was stolen by white people, but in fact they were rescued from abuse, rape and even death at the hands of their own families and relatives and that has been proven.

Goodes would most probably be the first to denounce a White Australia flag that only represented Caucasians and excluded Aborigines, but he happily supports a racist banner that only represents Aborigines. He would scream about racism from the rooftops about the formation of a Whites-Only Round football competition and being excluded from it because he was Aboriginal, yet he sees nothing wrong in participating in an Aborigine-only football competition.

Adam Goodes may be a talented footballer, but he is a walking example of hypocritical racism, underscoring that well-known principle that Aborigines can be as racist as they like and any criticism of this is construed and condemned as racism. Goodes might be a pleasant fellow, but his constant bleating about racism against him and Aborigines, while practising racism himself, is the epitome of double standards and is not acceptable.


The following is an extract from the Victorian Department of Justice website:

The Koori Court is a division of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria that sentences indigenous defendants. All offences that can be heard in the Magistrates’ Court, except family violence and sexual offences, can be heard in the Koori Court.

In contrast to the mainstream system, the Koori Court provides a less formal atmosphere that allows greater participation by the Aboriginal (Koori) community in the court process. The magistrate sits at a table with the participants at the court hearing, not at the bench, and discusses the matter in plain English, not in technical legal language. Koori Court Elders and/or Respected Persons, a Koori Court Officer, the defendant, and their family can all contribute to the discussions during the court hearing.

This Koori Court process aims to reduce perceptions of cultural alienation, ensure sentencing orders are appropriate to the cultural needs of Koori offenders, and assist them to address issues relating to their offending behaviour.

In other words, Aborigines who commit crimes are treated differently and usually more leniently than non-indigenous people, purely on the basis of their race. There is only one word to describe this and that word is - RACISM. By establishing a court system that treats people of one race better or differently than people of other races is nothing more than Apartheid. The Victorian government is guilty of a continuing course of Apartheid and racism by operating these Koori courts and that utterly imbecilic politically-correct loony Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) that routinely makes the most racist, divisive and discriminatory rulings imaginable.

For a nation that allegedly prides itself on egalitarianism and the Australian concept of a "fair go", the actions of state governments, especially in Victoria, proves that this is a complete myth. All state governments have institutionalised a course of racism and discrimination by pretending that they are addressing specific needs, whereas all they are doing is enshrining a legal system of Apartheid that disadvantages and discriminates against only one group - mainstream white heterosexual Australians.


The myth of the "Stolen Generation" was easily proved in the court case of Lorna Cubillo and Peter Gunner, who sued the Federal Government for their so-called "forced" removal from their parents. The evidence actually showed that they were not forcibly removed at all, but that their parents actually asked the authorities to adopt them. Not only that, four of their witnesses admitted that they were not stolen either, despite lodging claims for compensation, which amply demonstrated the blatant dishonesty of these people.

Cubillo's and Gunner's claims were dismissed and they appealed to the full bench of the Federal Court in Melbourne, however their appeal was also dismissed. The full bench upheld the original Federal Court judgement that affirmed that there was not a general policy to remove Aboriginal children, irrespective of their circumstances.

After all these court cases that cost the community an absolute fortune, Cubillo and Gunner still attempted to push their spurious "Stolen Generation" claim and took the matter to the High Court, the last avenue of appeal in Australia. As in the lower courts, the High Court quite rightfully dismissed the appeal.

These cases merely proved that the "Stolen Generation" is nothing more than a myth, one that is conveniently used as the vehicle for compensation demands. The record shows that so far, none of the "Stolen Generation" has managed to produce one shred of evidence to support their claims of being stolen, but many are still initiating lawsuits or demanding compensation from the government. Unfortunately because of the current climate of political correctness, the authorities do not seem to have the courage to prosecute these people for fraud.


A shining example of this blatant conniving and scamming by a prominent leader of the Aboriginal Industry is that of well-known Aboriginal activist Lowitja O'Donoghue, who was forced to admit that she lied to the Australian people by claiming that she was a stolen child. She also said that she was prepared to state clearly that she was not a member of the "Stolen Generation" and furthermore, she called upon Aboriginal activists to stop using the words "Stolen Generation." However as well as being a long time head of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), O'Donoghue was the co-patron of the National Sorry Day Committee. She gave countless speeches as a spokeswoman for the so-called "Stolen Generation" and often lambasted and insulted the Prime Minister and government for refusing to apologise to her and other so-called "stolen" Aboriginal children.

However after being confronted by renowned journalist Andrew Bolt, who produced hard evidence that she was not stolen at all, but voluntarily abandoned to a missionary-run home by her family, a sobbing O'Donoghue admitted that her father wanted to move on and did not want to be saddled with five children. Her explanation was that she had been loose with the word "stolen" and she was actually "removed", however this was not true either. Using the word "removed" in this context implied that O'Donoghue was taken by the missionaries, however what actually happened was that very sadly, her father thrust her onto the missionaries because he did not want her, thus abandoning her. Now that the truth has been revealed by her own confession, it would be interesting to see if O'Donoghue, after fraudulently demanding an apology from former Prime Minister John Howard for so long, will have the decency to apologise to him. But so far, all that has been heard from this lying, cheating and conniving O'Donoghue has been a deafening silence.


So although the "Stolen Generation" was completely exposed and debunked as a myth by one of its most prominent leaders, on 13 February 2008, former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd did what previous Prime Minister John Howard rightfully refused to do. Rudd apologised to Aborigines for crimes that were not committed. He made a completely open-ended apology to Aborigines for the bogus "Stolen Generation", thus admitting government liability and paving the way for massive compensation claims. What was most obvious on this day of infamy was that the Aboriginal Industry had finally succeeded in emotionally blackmailing the greater Australian community by getting it to apologise for saving the lives of countless Aboriginal children. Instead of gratitude, Australians will now pay dearly for this travesty.

This was graphically demonstrated just one day before Rudd made his infamous apology to the Aboriginal Industry. The Department of Community Services (DOCS) raided that squalid festering heap of garbage known as the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, to remove a young Aboriginal girl from her father because she was at risk of deprivation, disease and assault. The girl's mother was in jail and according to news reports, the father apparently neglected the child completely, so DOCS decided to rescue her. The reaction from the father was predictable. He claimed that DOCS was "stealing" his daughter and that she was the latest victim of the "Stolen Generation", with connotations of compensation made. It did not matter that the child was in danger - what seemed to be on the father's mind was a situation where he could have the chance to extort money from the government. This syndrome has been prevalent in the Aboriginal Industry for decades.

When the truth is revealed, it graphically shows the extent of the "Stolen Generation" myth and its shameless promulgation by leading lights of the Aboriginal Industry. After many years of indignant assertions that he was stolen, prominent Aboriginal activist Charles Perkins eventually admitted that he was not stolen at all. "Aboriginal" author Mudrooroo Narogin with that very Aboriginal name, was revealed to be neither stolen nor even Aboriginal, but was a white man called Colin Johnson. Olympian Cathy Freeman wrongly suggested that her grandmother was stolen. This just reinforces the mountain of facts that show that the "Stolen Generation" is nothing more than a fantasy, albeit a good vehicle for coercing money from the greater population by trying to make them feel responsible for acts of genocide that simply did not happen.


In recent times, accurate statistics have shown that the incidence of child abuse among Aborigines is four times that of the rest of the Australian community. So whose fault is that? Are white people forcing Aborigines to beat, rape and sometimes kill their own kids? This situation is made worse by the reticence of authorities to act to prevent Aboriginal child abuse because of the politically correct climate and the fear of promulgating another mythical "Stolen Generation" debacle in the future. This policy has had tragic consequences, with one example of a very young Aboriginal girl in Sydney being shot by one of her parents after authorities had virtually ignored a long history of physical abuse and countless pleas to have this child removed from her parents for her own safety. If this child had been white, she would have been protected from such abuse from the outset.

In fact in June 2013 in the infamous case of murdered child Keisha Weippert, it was revealed that NSW authorities had many opportunities to rescue this child from the abuses inflicted upon her before she was murdered. Community services workers had known of at least two occasions when Keisha was seriously abused, yet they allowed her to remain at home with the mother who eventually killed her. This is the tragedy, where Aboriginal children are allowed to remain in danger because authorities are too scared to be accused of racism or "stealing" those children and the result of this idiocy is tragic, as seen in the murder of Keisha Weippert.


There are many other instances of the Aboriginal Industry conniving to gain advantage, however one blatant example was the debacle known as the "Secret Women's Business." The developers of the South Australian Hindmarsh Island Marina, Tom and Wendy Chapman, required the building of a bridge to replace the ferry that ran to the mainland. The state government agreed to build the bridge, but the Federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister Robert Tickner slapped a 25 year ban on the construction, following concerns that it would desecrate a sacred site of the local Aborigine tribe. After the ban had been quashed by the Federal Court, the state government called a Royal Commission to test the validity of the tribe's spiritual beliefs.

The local Aboriginal tribe claimed that the island was used for "Secret Women's Business" that could not even be revealed to their menfolk, let alone to others. After thorough investigation, it was proven conclusively that there was no such thing as "Secret Women's Business" and the entire story was a complete fabrication and ploy to stop the bridge from being built. Some of the Aboriginal women involved confessed that it was a complete fraud. Eventually a legal action by the marina developers to force the government to build the bridge was settled and it was finally completed in March 2001, over ten years late. Amazingly to this day there are still people who claim that "Secret Women's Business" is valid, even when it has been exposed as a scam by the actual creators of the myth. This incident also highlights the gullibility of government ministers, who are willing to take a pack of lies as gospel truth if they are uttered by Aborigines.


The blatant money grab attempts by the Aboriginal Industry can be seen in the remarkable way that Aboriginal sacred or significant sites seem to always just happen to be located right on top of gold or uranium mines, or on land that has some other great monetary value. A very typical example was seen when an Aboriginal group prevented construction work on the late media mogul Kerry Packer's private golf course because there were signs of Aboriginal artefacts. One could only speculate what financial demands may have been made of Packer to allow him to proceed with his golf course. Did this happen because Packer just happened to be Australia's richest man at the time?

However by coincidence, an exploration company discovered a $100 million dollar deposit of rubies on Packer's property a good half-hour drive or at least 15 kilometres from the golf course. Very predictably, Wonnarua Tribal Council spokesman Victor Perry said that he expected to find historical Aboriginal sites at the ruby mine. Why is this not surprising? Why did not Perry make his claims before rubies were discovered? A reasonable person could only come to the conclusion that wherever anything of value is discovered, there will be often be claims made by the Aboriginal Industry of sacred sites, accompanied by the usual demands for land rights and compensation.


Many of the claims by Aborigines of having some affinity with their "sacred" tribal land are spurious to the extreme. A recent example showed this graphically, when title to a valuable parcel of "sacred" land in Queensland was handed to Aborigines, who immediately sold it for millions of dollars. It seems that this land stopped having any sacred or tribal significance to these Aborigines, who were almost falling over themselves in their haste to sell it as quickly as possible. The truth is that before white settlement of Australia, most Aborigines were nomads who roamed far and wide in search of food and lived wherever the food was most abundant. They did not have any particular affinity or claim on territory, so their assertions of having a spiritual connection with a particular tract of land are largely spurious.

Aborigines drinking alcohol
A common sight - Aborigines drinking huge amounts of alcohol, funded by welfare payments

This photograph is a typical example of the fact that many Aborigines do not care a damn about their land. Do they pick up all those empty cans and remove them? The evidence proves that they don't. They trash their own so-called sacred land without mercy, just like they vandalise and destroy the free houses they receive from the government. Piles of garbage strewn on Aboriginal settlements and areas where Aborigines sit around getting drunk are commonplace.


Many towns largely populated by Aborigines are in deep trouble. Despite the fact that Aborigines receive far more in Government benefits and concessions than white people, they seem incapable of doing anything to help themselves and most of the time, they refuse help from mainstream society. They are offered jobs, houses and lots of free amenities, yet many of them prefer to sit around all day every day and drink themselves into a blind stupor, with all the attendant violence that alcohol consumption generates.

For instance, in Alice Springs, the locals have been driven to despair by the alcohol and drug problem among Aborigines. Fed up with the violence and crime committed by Aborigines, many businesses such as KFC have simply closed up. Aboriginal kids as young as 10 years old roam the streets at midnight. Security guards are menaced by gangs of Aboriginal youths armed with knives. Businesses are being burgled and robbed around the clock by Aboriginal criminals.

The police are completely ineffectual and the Aborigines simply ignore them. In the main mall in the centre of Alice Springs, I personally saw a bunch of drunken Aboriginal men abusing, kicking and hitting their women, while police merely looked on. When I questioned the police about this disgraceful exhibition, they stated that there was a hands-off policy in regard to Aboriginal violence and drunkenness. In other words, one law for white people and another law for Aborigines.

Aborigines are often seen along the riverbeds in drinking camps, shouting and abusing each other and passers-by, fighting amongst themselves and drinking themselves into a catatonic stupor every night. There are sly-grog shops that provide them with copious amounts of alcohol, for which they pay with the funding they get from the government.

There are many such towns like Alice Springs and it seems that no matter what mainstream society does for Aborigines in the way of job opportunities and huge amounts of social services and benefits, they prefer to blame everybody but themselves for their problems, use emotional blackmail such as the bogus "Sorry Day" campaign to extort even more money and have their hands out for everything they can extort from the government and the taxpayer.


One of the biggest problems for Aboriginal children is the prevalence and the danger of petrol sniffing. Many indigenous kids who indulge in this practice suffer brain damage from the fumes travelling up their noses and dissolving fatty tissue in their brains. Permanent damage can also occur to the kidneys and liver to the point where petrol sniffers can become permanently disabled and die. But can this be blamed on the white man? Of course not - no white man has ever forced an Aboriginal kid to sniff petrol.

Petrol is a fuel and not meant to be an intoxicating narcotic. People who freely choose to use petrol as a narcotic only have themselves to blame. In an effort to reduce the epidemic of petrol sniffing in Indigenous communities, BP introduced a new petrol brand, called Opal in early 2005. It contains almost no lead and has only very low levels of the aromatic hydrocarbons that produce the euphoria sought by petrol sniffers. However, Aborigines still seem to manage to get their hands on sniffable petrol and many of them suffer the dreadful consequences of this practice. But they are completely responsible for this, not the white man.


Many apologists have blamed the extraordinarily high Aboriginal crime rate onto a lack of resources and opportunities for indigenous people. However, all Aborigines are entitled to every benefit and facility available to all Australian citizens, so there is really no excuse for the fact that the school absenteeism rate for Aboriginal kids is very high, the unemployment rate is extremely high and the ratio of Aborigines in prison compared to their numbers far exceeds any other nationality, cultural group or racial group.

Australian society provides schools in remote areas for Aborigines, free housing and many social security benefits. Aborigines have their own free legal service and all sorts of government departments and organisations to service their demands. Not only that, Aborigines are given preference in government employment over non-Aborigines and given many free privileges and licences, for which non-Aborigines either have to pay or are simply not available to them. Apart from the fact that all of these benefits targeting Aborigines only are blatantly racist, many Aborigines prefer to sit around and collect welfare benefits.

Walking the dog
An Aboriginal woman taking a charity dog full of money for a walk in Alice Springs. Is she moving it or stealing it?

The crime rate in towns highly populated by Aborigines, such as Alice Springs is out of control. The police do very little to curb public violence by Aborigines and shopkeepers are terrified of them. Shops are barred and shuttered, as seen in the photo above, simply because if they were not, there would not be one intact pane of glass or stock item left intact in those shops overnight.


Some demands by Aborigines beggar the imagination for their sheer stupidity and lack of sense. For example, an Aborigine took legal action against Kraft Foods, accusing this famous manufacturer of racial vilification. One might ask how Kraft could have possibly vilified Aborigines? The answer is that this company makes a product called Coon Cheese and this particular Aborigine declared that "coon" is a derogatory word for a black person. However the real reason this particular cheese has that name is far more innocent. Kraft researcher Dr George Coon developed it many decades ago and he was honoured by the company by having the product named after him. Will this Aborigine have the gall to demand that the hundreds of people in Australia with the surname of Coon be forced to change it?

The towns of Coonabarabran and Coonamble derived their names from Aboriginal words, but have the syllable "coon" in them. Will the Aborigines demand that they be changed? Of course not, but there is no logic or consistency to their demands in the first place. Not only that, there are constant moves by Aborigines and their supporters to change place names merely because they have the word "black" in them. For instance there has been a push to rename Blacktown, Blackall, Blackbutt, Blackburn, Blackheath, Black Rock and so many more places. Just as with the Coon cheese farce, these misguided fools refuse to acknowledge that those places were either named after white people with the extremely common English surname of Black or merely because of their geographic features and there were no racist connotations implicit in them.


Another ridiculous instance of attempted revisionism occurred when Aborigine and ATSIC councillor Stephen Hagan of Toowoomba took legal action in the Brisbane Federal Court against the trustees of a football stadium stand which was dedicated to Edwin "Nigger" Brown, Toowoomba's first rugby international player. He claimed damages to the tune of $50,000 because the word Nigger hurt his feelings. What Hagan had not conceded or simply did not seem to know is that this word is merely a corruption of Negro, the Spanish word for the colour black. Unlike the use of the word in the USA, in Australia the word "Nigger" as a derogatory term is literally unheard of.

Hagan originally demanded the renaming of the stand but just as Kraft refused to rename Coon cheese, the trustees of the stadium quite rightly refused to rename the stand on historical grounds, apart from any other considerations or attempts to rewrite history. Fortunately Justice Doug Drummond very sensibly dismissed Hagan's claim, however Hagan then took his case to the full Federal Court, which dismissed the matter. Hagan then took his case to the High Court, which also quite rightly threw it out.

Of course Hagan, having by this time cost the nation a huge amount of money in tying up the courts with this nonsense, had costs awarded against him. His response was that he had no idea how he was going to pay for his legal forays. "It could be $100,000, it could be $200,000, it could be $20,000, but I'm flat-out paying my petrol bill back to Toowoomba, so I don't know how I'm going to pay $100,000." he said. Unfortunately there seems to be a mechanism that allows such fanatics to pursue worthless cases through every legal avenue, while costing the community vast sums to indulge them.


Being very politically correct, the former NSW Labor Government placed the subject of Aboriginal History in the curriculum of the public school system. This is all very "feel-good" but from where are the information and the data coming? The only verifiable material available is that which was recorded since the white man colonised Australia a little over two hundred years ago because Aborigines had no written languages. Therefore the only information available about Aborigines prior to 1770 is anecdotal at best, stories handed down and doubtlessly embellished over hundreds of years and with few if any supporting facts to bolster them.

Currently, Aboriginal history is part of Australian History in schools, so a separate subject is not required. So is Aboriginal History just going to be the study of indigenous activity since 1770, which can be based on recorded data, or will it be the learning of hand-me-down legends and fables, passing them off as historical facts? It will be most interesting to see if the upcoming generations of Australians will be taught fables and fiction as facts to appease the god of political correctness.


There is overwhelming proof showing how Aborigines have benefited greatly from the generosity of the greater community and are still getting much more in terms of benefits, privileges and money than other races, however the Aboriginal Industry never seems content with this. They use the word "reconciliation" to try to make white people guilty for some imagined past wrongs, quite successfully squeezing money on a continuing basis out of them.

The worst aspect of it all is that NOBODY knows what reconciliation is, what it is supposed to do, when it is supposed to take effect or when it to be completed. Ask one hundred people what reconciliation is and you will get one hundred different answers. Even the politically correct politicians and Aborigines who promote reconciliation cannot define what it is, how it is supposed to work or what it is supposed to achieve in real terms, but most logical Australians conclude that this nonsense must really come to an end soon.

If indeed a final political settlement is to be achieved between Aborigines and the rest of the Australian population, then there should be a definitive date set for the moment when reconciliation is declared. From that time, Aborigines would be considered to be mainstream Australian citizens (which they are already) and entitled to no more or less than anybody else. Unfortunately this is what many members of the Aboriginal Industry do not want, because then they would have to get themselves real jobs instead of living off the money and benefits they have been raking in all these years by virtue of their emotional blackmail of the Australian people.

Most Australians personally have nothing against Aborigines, but they are thoroughly sick and tired of being constantly bludgeoned by the Aboriginal Industry and all those politically correct sycophantic do-gooders who flagellate themselves for some imaginary sins against Aborigines. The truth is that Aborigines are by law a privileged minority that enjoy not only all the benefits available to mainstream Australians, but so much more, all funded by white people and any problems they suffer are generally caused by their own hand.


Not only that, Aborigines promote divisiveness by flying their very own extremely racist Aboriginal flag, because it represents one group of people on the basis of their race and nothing else. They claim to seek reconciliation but wave their banner of division and Apartheid at every opportunity. If white people hoisted a flag that represented Caucasians only, there would be massive protests from Aborigines and doubtless legal action would ensue from those bastions of political correctness, the Anti-Discrimination Board and Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

It was wonderful to see Cathy Freeman winning a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics and nobody could ever begrudge her achievement. However, the one sour note was the fact that she ran her victory lap carrying not just the flag of Australia, but also the very racist Aboriginal flag. She has done this on other occasions, incurring the wrath of many Australians who perceive Freeman as putting her race over her nationality when representing her country. Over the years, she has been funded and supported by the entire nation and as a result, she has acquired much personal wealth and fame. It is almost inconceivable that Freeman would have achieved such a lofty athletic pinnacle without such support from the broad community. However, she was at the Olympics as a representative of Australia, meaning all citizens, not Aborigines in particular. For Freeman to have carried a banner based solely on race can only be construed by many people as a most divisive and ungrateful act.


Aborigines are very hypocritical when it comes to demanding respect for their racist flag, yet show little or no respect for the official flag of Australia. In the despicable attack on Liberal leader Tony Abbott by militant Aborigines in Canberra in 2012, a pack of these rabid fools grabbed an Australian flag and burned it. This is not by far the first time that Aborigines have desecrated the flag of this nation.

Aborigines burning the Australian flag
Aborigines burning the Australian flag.

If a pack of white Australians burned a racist Aboriginal flag in the same way, there would be screams from every Aborigine and every Sorry Day apologist about racist redneck Australians, but it seems that Aborigines can desecrate the Australian flag with little or no criticism levelled against them. Yet the Australian flag represents all Australians, while the Aboriginal flag only represents Aborigines and is obviously and blatantly racist.


A clear example of the sort of blatant racism practised by Aborigines and how they get away with it occurred in Tasmania in 2007, when a musical duo was dumped from a concert spot. Scott Wells, an Aboriginal guitarist and singer who lives at Wynyard, was originally invited by Burnie's Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) to perform at a NAIDOC (National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee) ball. Wells then invited another musician, Adrian Ainslie, of Redpa, to accompany him on the bongo drums. Ainslie just happened to be a white man.

TAC contacted Wells a few days prior to let him know he'd been dumped from the night's musical line-up. "(TAC said) Adrian couldn't play because he was white and there were other Aboriginal people that wanted to play and couldn't and it would upset them," Wells said. "I said `that's racist. You're telling me my friend can't play because he's white and that's upset me."

Wells stated that if he had known about TAC's "Aboriginal-only" policy, he never would have agreed to play in the first place. But the reaction of TAC was quite appalling. When a local newspaper approached TAC Burnie office manager Allison Cann, she said she did not see the organisation's refusal of Ainslie as a racist move. She said that Tasmania was full of Aboriginal performers, many of who were knocked back for the NAIDOC ball. Cann stated, "The whole thing that I'm sticking to is it's a celebration of Aboriginal culture, it's a time for people to get together, to see some of the fellas they haven't seen for a while. You might say it's a racist attitude, but it's not."

Based on her remarks, one could come to the conclusion that Cann must be living on another planet. Is it not racist to dump a person from a concert on the basis of race? If an Aboriginal musician was dumped from a gig because of his skin colour, nobody could deny that racism was at play and people such as Cann would be the first to scream about racism. However, this incident and the fact that TAC even has an Aboriginal-only policy is a disgrace. If an organisation was to run a concert with a Whites-only policy, it would find itself being prosecuted under any of a number of anti-discrimination laws, yet these laws only seem to work one way. The silent majority in Australia is expected to just tolerate these blatant and disgusting acts of racism from Aboriginal people.


For instance, South African white supremacists have their own flag and it just happens to depict a swastika shape with three arms. How would Aborigines feel if a white South African athlete, having won a gold medal at the Olympics, ran around carrying such a racist banner? Or what would be the reaction if a white American ran a victory lap carrying the banner of the Ku Klux Klan, or if a white British athlete carried the banner of the National Front? Such provocations would provoke howls of protest, but the very same act by Cathy Freeman not only did not even raise an eyebrow, but was officially encouraged.

Racist flags
The Aboriginal flag and the South African White Supremacist flag - both racist

By allowing Freeman to carry a political and racist banner, the International Olympic Committee broke a long-standing and important rule, one that was designed to keep politics and racism out of the Olympics. A precedent has now been set, where athletes could quite rightly insist that if Freeman was permitted to carry a political banner, then they must have an equal right to do so too. Of course this is highly unlikely to happen, as these days it seems that only black and oriental people are allowed to be racist or express views that would have any white person immediately pilloried for doing the same.

With the divisiveness and threats to the Australian community by people such as the late Charles Perkins and his ilk causing so much animosity for so long, the whole process of reconciliation is a gross waste of time and should be scrapped immediately. If Aborigines do not wish to be reconciled to the fact that they are now a part of modern Australian society, then that is just too bad for them.


It is time that the most disenfranchised community in Australia, the non-Aboriginal white majority, fought back to establish political and racial equality with Aborigines by adopting the following measures. This is not because non-Aboriginal people hold anything against Aborigines but because so many feel that there is no other way to get the message across that they are so disadvantaged. The principle of reciprocity should be established to redress this imbalance. The old saying, "What is good for the goose is good for the gander" should always apply.

Flag for Caucasian Australians in response to the Aboriginal flag
White Australian Flag for Caucasian Australians in response to the Aboriginal flag - © Hotheads

This sounds like total overkill, however with the various governments in Australia paying no heed to the non-Aboriginal majority and in many cases actively discriminating against them, there seems to be no other way to fight back except by demonstrating by firm action that non-Aboriginal people are entitled to the same rights as Aborigines. It is time that the non-Aboriginal majority stopped being the whipping boy for the Aboriginal Industry and the politically correct hand-wringers and demanded that all races be treated equally without one solitary exception.


Dear Aborigines, there are two ways to solve this issue. The first way is to give you your own country, as many of you seem to want. We will excise a piece of Australia that is virgin undeveloped land which is abundant in animal life and vegetation and that can support the entire indigenous population in this nation. We will fence it off completely. It will be called whatever you want to call it, but it will not be part of what we know to be Australia. It will be an independent sovereign nation. After all, before colonisation, Aborigines were hunter-gatherers who roamed their areas, but did not have defined boundaries anyway.

ALTERNATIVE 1 - All Aborigines will be required to move there and divest themselves of all Australian benefits. There will be no welfare, no handouts, no Sorry Day, nothing. You will be perfectly free to run around in loincloths with your boomerangs and spears and hunt kangaroos and anything else you find. But this will be your own nation, just as you want and you will live or die by your own hand. So many of you want your own independent land, free of the White Man. Well we can give it to you with no strings attached. But you will cease to be citizens of what you know is Australia and you will be on your own, just like your ancestors. Whether you survive or not will not be our problem anymore.

ALTERNATIVE 2 - This will require complete and unfettered assimilation. You will not be regarded as Aborigines, but Australian citizens. You will not be entitled to any additional considerations or benefits because of your race. You will be entitled to only get what everybody else gets and not a skerrick more. All institutions that favour Aborigines over others will be dismantled. There will be no preference for Aboriginal teachers over white teachers. There will be no more free fishing licences and any other benefits based on your race. The racist Aboriginal flag will not be recognised. The stupid Sorry apology from Kevin Rudd will be rescinded. We did NOT steal kids, we removed them because they were in danger and we still do this.

So there are your choices. You can have your own Aboriginal nation and we will push you into it after we strip you of everything Australia has given you. Then you can make of it whatever you want. Or you can become part of the Australian mainstream and renounce all benefits and advantages on the basis of race.